Friday, February 02, 2007


I have had a harsh few days. The weather has been bitter cold, with our high for Saturday of only negative 6..With the low being negative 16 and with wind chills near negative 30. I feel like kicking a damn Eskimo right now..Kicking all of them.

So Blondie had her birthday. I think it went ok, but then again, it wasn't my birthday. Her grandma, Mr Shaky's mother, sent her a card. She normally sends them money in the amount of their age in their cards..Just something fun for them she does. Only this year she got it all wrong. She put 8 dollars in Blondies card, when indeed she was birthed 7 years ago.

Blondie was confused for a few minutes, wondering if I had been lying to her all these years...I indeed have her convinced that her granmother is lacking in the knowledge of her age, not her damn mother.

Here are some pics from our birthday blow out.

that was here before school today...

This is her farm cake......She made mention that this was the bestes cake she ever did see.

No I did not make it...

This is her posing with her presents. Notice the ghetto Christmas wrappings. I suck as a mother, wrapper, and birthday wrapping paper keeper/buyer.

This is the girls..Boo insisted on having her mug shot taken too...

There are my three lil tards....The Boy was angry. I told him to shut his trap, sit down and look like he is happy gol-damnit

She is trying to squeeze her head thru the railing..But she has a fat ass head, and I did not recommend her trying again, as I did not want to have to tear the railing apart to get her brains outta there.

This is the girls playing with one of Blondies new toys. She loves those damn petshop things...She almost has the whole collection...Because I spoil my kids with material things instead of emotional, and physcial love.

So that's that I guess.

So we all know Blondie is a world class wrestler. She normally has practice on Monday and Thursday. Only for the next 8 days, wresling of all kinds is banned in this whole state...

yes, the whole state.

why you ask?

well it seems that there is a ramip virus going around the wrestling circuit. What virus u ask.


you read that right. Herpes.

I swear, if my baby comes down with herpes.....

the boys will never touch her....

I am sending her anyway.

And they are blaming this horrific outbreak on a kid from Nebraska.

Some poor disease ridden youngin from Nebraska has tainted the whole state of Minnesota's wreslting team..

I thank him greatly....Thank you kid with herpes..

Lets give three cheers to the herpes simplex virus..

Hip Hip hooray...Hip Hip hooray..Hip Hip hooray.

oh and if the damn groundhog does not tell me spring is coming, I am going to find his hole, grab him out with my bare hands, tie him to a tree, kick him, glue his eyelids shut, kidnap his wife and kids, skin him and them probably kill him..

Bee Real


Fantastagirl said...

Looks like she had a good time!

on the wrestling ban - wow - good thing it's not during state tourney's or there would be some really ticked off parents, I mean students.

Karin said...

What the heck! What kind of terrible parent allows their disease ridden child play in a sport where it will rub it's contagious disease all over other kids. I mean if your kid has open sores perhaps it is time to take them off the mat.

I am glad that Blondie loved her birthday cake. And that you were able to get her a birthday present that doesn't crap it's pants.

aatank said...

Ok this may sound a little weird, but I truely think are kids are the same or maybe we're long lost sisters. Kailey wore that exact same shirt on Thursday to school and she loves the petshop crap too. Thank god my little angel does not like physical sports. At least she won't get any diseases.

Tell that Blondie to kick them boys in the balls if they get their disease close to her.

Neurotic1 said...

Herpes- first your cat and now wrestliing. Are you sure that it is not coming from your house?

I love the cake! Blondie knows her roots. Good ol' farm land!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I know what you mean..but to me, its 8 days i dont have to leave my house from 630-730..hehe

yes, I know...who doesnt know thier kid has herpes, and it is being spread thru teens, not the small kids..thank God..

and amen on the not crapping its pants.

we both must shp at Target..hehe..Blondie loves those pet shop things..

ya, no, in school I was asked hundreds of times if u and were related..not shit..for real..

so maybe.

I very well could of come from here..I forgot about my cat having herpes in her eyes..thanks for opening that wound..hehe

Karen K. said...

It looks like Blondie enjoyed her Birthday and gifts. I guess she didn't get the pony she wanted. Maybe next year.(hehe)I noticed the cake had a pig on it and if you look close enough you will see a pile of pig feces! Bossy must have eaten that piece cause all you hear out of her mouth is SHIT! haha

JD's Rose said...

I'm confused. How do you get herpes from wresling?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

no pig shit, its grass...damn, put your glasses on..gee wiz.

JD Rose,
not that kinda herpes...not "gentail herpes"..but the cold sore variety.

Brandy said...

Herpes??? No way! How the ....? Never mind I dont think I want to know.

I am so with you on the cold. I love winter and the snow, but this damn zero below shit is for the birds.

Glad blondie had a good day! Beautiful cake!

Miss 1999 said...

I'm glad she had a great birthday! I love the cake! I can't believe that herpes is going around! Ugh!!!

Anonymous said...

kidnapping a wife and kids would be a must worsen the punishment

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

not the kind you think..the common kind like core soars and stuff..not genital..haha..its a form of chicken pox really..but still dudes, come on..

a agree on the below zero..even birds deserve better.

yes i cant belive it is either...this is why i have hand santizer and wipes on my person at all times..hehe

u come up with a good punishment..i am spent.

Raggedy said...

It looks like you all had a fabulous time.
Great pictures.
Your weather sounds so close to ours. Today:
Today...Mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of light snow. Areas of blowing snow in the afternoon. Highs zero to 5 below. Brisk. Northwest winds 15 to 20 mph. Wind chill readings 20 below to 30 below zero.
I am NOT going out there. NO WAY!
The extra dollar was the one to grow on...tee hee
Yikes on the Herpes! That is skeery.
I want an early spring.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Michele_3 said...

Awh! Cute pictures! Love that cake too, did you save me a piece?
Funny post as usual!

Herpes? ok, I think it's time for Blondie to get a new sport- Tell her that the boys are leaving their cooties everywhere and it's time to move on...Really though Yuck!

Have a good weekend girl!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

where the hell do u live?...i may come over for some hot coco..hehe

i told her that already, told here them boys are leaving cooties behind, she dont care...she says she wont get cooties..damnit..

Peggy said...

well at least the groundhog didn't see his shadow. bad news is next week is going to be even colder than this week. Wanna move to hawaii

Kelly said...

Happy late Birthday to Blondie! My little one got the same LPS treehouse for her 7th birthday. Her cake was adorable!

It is friggin freezin here tonight! It is just sad that we built a snowman three and a half damn weeks ago and it has not even melted the slightest! That is just wrong.

Cliff Morrow said...

Nebraska? You must be mistaken. We don't allow herpes in this state.
I hope for the groundhogs sake that we have an early spring.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

that groundhog got lucky this year..haha..right now though, outside its negative 14 degrees and negative 36 with the it aint doing me much good right now.

blondie loves tose pet shop things..I dont get it, seems kinda lame to me..

its -14 right now and -36 with the wind, wanna come make a snowman here..damn

well thats what they are spreading all around the news..u better get that all sorted out and make sure they do a retracking statement..hehe

Jamie Dawn said...

Blondie looks so happy. She doesn't seem to care if your wrapping sucks.

Phil, the ground hog, said that there will be an early spring. You can rejoice now, and I hope you don't freeze to death before spring arrives.

You like to complain a lot, don't you?
I think it is your calling. It's your gift. :)