Tuesday, April 11, 2006

She drives me crazy

I got this letter the other day. In this letter it states that they have been informed about my child. They would like to meet with my child. I am thinking this is my meal ticket. Mr shaky Pants makes me throw it away. I say, but they heard about our child...Come on now..

Looks like none of my bees will be on the cover of any fancy magazines.

it was 80 degrees Monday.....with a slight breeze outta the umm..sky I guess..nice day indeed
Ok I will go into some detail about my Lesbian friend thing. My Lesbian friend, whom I have been close with since circa 1988, has this friend..Girlfriend if you will. She hates me..She thinks me and my Lesbian friend are too close...Now mind you, she is the closest friend I have had, we have been threw a lot together, but kissing or anything of that nature has not been one of them. I like the boys people..

She thinks my Lesbian friend wants to have relations with me. When infact this is not the case. I am so not her type. I am a girly girl of sorts, and my Lesbian friend likes the butch girl look, with some junk in the trunk...Plus I am in no way shape or form interested in anything of that nature nor is my Lesbian friend.

I don't know why her friend would be so threanted by me. My Lesbian friend tells her that we have special bond..And that she loves me..But in the way you would love a sister...But all her friend hears is that she loves me...Its a messy situation. But it seems I have that Lesbian household in one hellofa up roar. Good thing I am back in the home land..Totally Lesbian free zone here..

Mr Shaky Pants is on a downward spiral of shaky pants, and pain....The IV in his arm that leads to his heart is not helping...

I am making funeral arraignments in the AM. His prognosis according to Bossy is not good. I am gonna go get signed up for a dating service now.

Bee Real


Fantastagirl said...

Welcome back- glad you found dresses etc -

Hope Mr. Shakey pants starts feeling better tomorrow...

Granny said...

It's no different than a heterosexual relationship. She's jealous and in this case her partner is female. If she were the same person only straight with a male partner, she would still be jealous of an old female friend of her partner's.

Some people are just wired that way.

Hope Mr. Shakey Pants starts feeling better soon.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you....well mr shaky pants seems to be getting worse, its kinda weird..

amen..I dont get it..but what can ya do?..thanks, I hope mr shaky pants gets better soon, I hate to find a new daddy for the kids..teehee

Peggy said...

be nice to king bee, he must really be stressing with the shakes by now. you have excitement everywhere you go... getting a girl jealous of you in one weekend.... only you

Kendra Lynn said...

Hey there.
Haven't heard from ya in awhile, but I"m glad your trip home was NOT uneventful. :)
I'm sorry to hear that the hubby is still not well.
Still praying. Let me know if there is anything I can do. :(


vani said...

sorry about mr. shakypants. don't sign yourself up for the dating service just yet- i'm sure he'll start to feel better soon! and your lesbian friends, 'friend' needs to just get over it.

Cliff Morrow said...

Man, this is way outta this farmers league.
Good luck with your husband.

Badoozie said...

sorry to hear of mr. shakey pants decline. and as to the "other" issue, I am speechless

JD's Rose said...

She sounds like way too much work. Your friend needs to ditch her girl, and unfortunately until your friend figures this out for herself, you are just going to have to sit back and watch. That sucks. You'll be there to pick up the pieces when the time is needed.


mom of 3 girls said...

Well glad u made it back all in one peice and got all the business taken care of.

As for the lesbian friend thing I will keep my mouth shut on that one lmao!!! I dont think u want my 2 cents worth.......

I hope they find out what is wrong with mr. shakey pants soon.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

only me is right..you guys wouldnt belive half the stories I hold:)

hey girl..I know I havent been around a whole lot. but thanks for your contuine prayers:)

so your saying i should wait to start dating?..r u sure?

well its kinda outta my league too, so dont feel bad:)

speechless..you..well that is a first..
it really is kinda crazy, i have so many stories none of you would belive..trust me.

i know she needs to ditch her..she said the only reason she is with her is becasue she knows she wont leave..how lame. she said she isnt even in love with her..oh well..not my life I guess huh?

no please enlighten me..i need to hear your two cents..haha

Babble said...

Gah I just wrote this long comment about my friend Paul who is gay and me but then bloggers desided to be stupid.

Anyways, Tell the old man he is suppose to get better not worse!!

Michele_3 said...

Sounds like lesbian friend needs to find a new girlfriend-what about trust? sounds like there is none...

So sorry about hubby getting worse, what are the Dr's saying about it? Do you think the IV thing is making it worse?
Hope he gets better!
take care you!

Felecia said...

Welcome home, bossy! I think your friend's *friend* is suffering from emotional jealousy; my husband occassionally suffers from it too. Emotional jealousy, commonly mistaken for plain old "you wanna do that person so I'm mad" jealousy, overcomes a persons need to be the rock and shoulder for their mate. THEY want to be the person to share every emotion. Not that life-long friend (i.e. "you have ME NOW!")

The lesbian thing just confuses matters is all:)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

blogger sucks sometimes..
well i dont think the old man listnes:)

well I dont know if the iv is making it worse, but it sure as heck isnt making it any better..he feels worse now, but we arent sure if its the progession of whatever he ahs, or the IV..he goes back to the doc tommorw, hopefully they will know something then.

AMEN sista..I dont get the whole thing myself..I mean the girl knows I am NOT a lesbain, so she should be comfortable knowing that we are toghter, wouldnt ya think?..she is so stupid anyway, I am just a homwrecker for lesbains I guess..such as life..

nice day we are having huh?..it was 79 here yesterday:)

Marel Lecone said...

Goodness, I hope that your husband feels better soon. What in the world are those docs doing? As for your friend's girl, she is just insecure just like alot of people in relationships. But, then again, she might have a sixth sense about things so there you go! haha Talk to you later. :)

Choppzs said...

thanks for the shoutout!! Can't get on much, the old FIL likes to sit on the puter for hours and chat and do his I have no life crap on it. So therefore, I can never get on to do anything. Only a week left....damn!! lol (oh and don't comment about this on my blog, he likes to read it!! lol)

Working Mom said...

No trust, no relationship...isn't that how it works? Your friend will figure it out soon.

Sorry to here about hubby. I hope he starts feeling better soon!

angel, jr. said...

I hope Mr. Shakey pants feels better soon.
I think that people get threatened over the smallest situations when they are insecure about themselves and their relationships. Lesbian number 2 needs to get over it quickly or her relationship will be over quicker.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

you just cracked me up:)

oh, the pesky FIL..I hear ya girl:)

well you would think she would figure it out..this has been going on for 5 plus years..she isnt even in love with her..its a really odd realtioship if you ask me..

thanks on the mr shaky pants thing..and for the lesbain thing..you are right on:)

Jamie Dawn said...

Your poor hubby. I feel so badly for him and for you too, because I know this is wearing on you.
It's time to kick some doctor butt and find out what's wrong!!

You go on vacation and cause lesbian fights.
You are just trouble EVERYwhere, aren't you??!!

Jerry said...

You ever notice you don't hear the words "happy-go-lucky" and "lesbian" in the same sentence? Well, except for Ellen DeGeneres. They do tend to be a moody lot. I knew a lesbian in Texas who wore a button to work that said: "If they can send a man to the moon, why not send them all?"

Poor Mr. Shakey Pants. I can't imagine walking around an active household with an IV in my arm. Ouch!