Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pink houses

I know, I am breaking my cardinal rule of not posting on Saturday, but heck, its a slow day.

I went and did my Easter shopping. I went light this year...My bill was $109..Then with my discount it was $98. So there suckas.

I will be working in the Jewelry dept. This place will allow me all the time off I need for the up coming wedding, plus work around my schooling in the fall, and it gets me out f the house..What more could you ask for?...Besides a billion dollar winning lotto ticket?

So when we pulled in the driveway from our shopping, Blondie Bee was hopping around in the front yard, in her shorts..Yes its summer here, suck it people. Anyhoo, I told Mr Shaky pants to put the crap in the garage and we would bring it in later. I would go entertain the wee ones so they did not come peeking out to see the crap.

Well after we got in the house, I neglected my post. Blondie Bee darted out of doors without my knowledge.

I got Boo Bee a big ole bouncy ball. she loves balls and naked dolls..Not sure Blondie Bee spotted the ball. Then came in to ask if she could play with the ball. Lovely...

I usually buy them outside toys for Easter..Then make a big ole basket full of crap that will rot their teeth out and make them over weight in the years ahead of them...cause I am good mom..That's why!!

Here is a pic of little Boo Bee..I took this Friday afternoon.she is wearing her clothes, plus her sisters pajama top and her sisters boots..

she has fashion talent beyond her years...

she had been playing outside all day, so her face looks so dirty...I just love seeing kids all messed up..You know they are having fun when they are this dirty..Or else their parents got their water shut off...Never thought about that.

see, aint she dirty?...

We will do the yearly tradition of coloring eggs tonight. Nothing like biting into a deviled egg that has traces of pink and green on the white of it..It adds a little something..

I work Monday so I will be posting my Monday post tomorrow night..I will smother you with some Easter pics I am assuming..Nothing but pastel colored vomit..

Oh, I linked my myspace account on the side...alrighty then...I am going for my 4 mile hike around the lake in a bit. I am charging my IPOD..I may go around twice. Once with Becky Bee, and once with Mr Shaky pants..I am worried he will get tired, and I will have to carry him around on my back...

So bossy is walking 8 miles today...Don't be jealous..If you weren't lazy you could do it too:)

Happy Easter Peeps..

Bee Real<3

on our walk around the lake..( which Mr shaky pants could not finish, so I did have to haul him on my back) we spotted something weird..Now I am putting a disclaimer on here:
I am by no means saying this is common practice or that I think these type of people are bad or less important than me..Its just what I saw..Mind you, I live in the upper Midwest where seeing a Norwegian and spouting off "donchaknow" is common place..But there are more Mexican folks living here than the Scandinavians..mmaky..

now on to the story.we spotted a big Mexican family having their picnic at the lake which constsited of Mcdondalds. There were two little girls riding bikes along the path.

only wearing underwear...No pants of any kind..Just underwear..In public..Did I say JUST underwear.

maybe its just me..But I found it very odd..I mean having a picnic at the park..With McDonald's food..No homeade sandwiches of any kind..

just odd folks I tell you..

Happy Easter


Jamie Dawn said...

We already colored eggs and I posted pics of them.
We have a tradition with the egg decorating, and we use dyes and Sharpies to express ourselves.

My kids are nearly 16 and 18 now, and I went to the Dollar Tree and bought some fun stuff. Never too old to have fun! We went on the back deck and made some huge, honkin' bubbles with these big wands, and we tossed a couple of styrofoam airplanes around. I bought two kites, but there's not enough breeze for that today.

My daughter babysat for ONE little boy last night, and when they asked her what she charged, she said $10 bucks and hour. They didn't bat an eye, and they paid her $40. MAN, she's gooood!

Hope you survive your walk!

Happy Easter to you and your family.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I LOVE the Dollar Tree..there isnt any around here though..I love those planes and the bubbles..we are a big bubble family here..

well I need to go check out your eggs, if they are anything like the cookies you uys make, I am in for a treat:)

Granny said...

My Arkansas former mil used to say that kids will eat a peck of dirt in their lifetimes. She was right. We get so hung up on germs, they have no resistance to anything.

Easter egg coloring just began in my kitchen. My friend is supervising and I'm ducking in and out. I don't want to start micromanaging. Spoils the fun.

Kendra Lynn said...

Have fun walking...I took a nice walk with the girls to the park today...its only about a half an hour walk to and from, but it gets the blood pumping...that's good, right? :)
We don't color eggs here. We tried it last year, and the girls were so upset because when they tried to play withthe eggs, some of the color rubbed off on their hands. They HATE to be messy. Correction: MERRY hates to be messy. Kelsey really doesn't care.

Doug Bagley said...

I remember those days of decorating, coloring, hiding, etc. Seems there are two things in this world that never go away no matter how hard you try to rid yourself of them: fake Easter grass and those silvery fake ice cycles for one's Christmas tree, lol.
Happy Easter!

Working Mom said...

I used to work in jewelry at was actually kinda fun except at Christmas when people turn all pissy if you don't get to them within 2 seconds. Nothing like having Christmas spirit...LOL

Yep, I find that odd about the "McDonald's" picnic. And really, why would you let your kids ride around on bikes in their underwear in public? Weird.

Hope you have a great Easter. Hopefully the bunny leaves you something good!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I think all my kids have at there share of pecks of dirt thats for sure:)

our coloring went ok..messy, but we got it done;)

well my oldest just complained and said "i remeber when this use to be fun"..guess he is too old to like coloring eggs..hope he gets some rotten ones in his baslet tommorw..heehee

amen..I so hate those dang iceilces..and easter grass.ugg..we buy the paper kind, not the glossy annyoing kind..but its all the same really!!

I am going to hate holiday time, I am really not that much of a people there will be conflict:)

Kendra Lynn said...

Hmmm..McDonald's and naked children on bikes...a little bit strange. You never see the Mexican's around here doing that!
Happy Easter!

Cliff Morrow said...

And a Blessed Easter to you and your's, Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

well. little bee looks like an urchin. a homeless little waife with no one to love her. she likes her finger doesnt' she?

your observation of the large family. were they large in the sense of numbers? or were the family members themselves large? please explain. the least you could do was snap a picture.

and you do NOT need to be walking 8 miles a day. you are starting to act like you have an excercising disorder. must we have an intervention?

Wethyb said...

Ohhhh, Dollar Trees are awesome!

I'm glad you explained what Boo was wearing because I was just wondering it when I looked at the pics. She's so cute!!!!

That's so bizarre with the McDonald's and just underwear. So bizarre indeed.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

seems we have all kinds here..I thought it was odd, but what can ya do?

thank you, and happy easter to you as well sir:-)

suzie, I think that is the look she was going for..

and as far as the mexicans..BOTH:)

you wait till lil gracie starts wanting to dress boo is going through that right now..and it aint pretty!!

mal said...

oh wow posting on a Saturday? *L*

Your daughter is turning into quite the fashion plate *G*

just_tammy said...

Happy Easter! No one wants to read the rest of the message I just erased so we'll leave it at Happy Easter!

The Blog Whore said...

The Mexicans around here don't have bikes and McDonalds...

They have low riders and White Castle