Monday, April 03, 2006

Lets go Crazy

I have decided that instead of coming up with clever titles for my crappy posts, I am going to just name each post the name of songs I like.....mmmkay?

Ok, moving on..

And speaking of songs, as I was trying like mad over the weekend to download my new Prince CD into my Ipod, ( I really hate technology....It should not be so dang hard to do these things...Curse the invention of things I cant work)..It had come to my attention that when I was just a mere lil Bossy, I liked songs just because they had curse words in them..

It seemed it was the only time I could get away with using a swear word..I mean I was just just singing a song afterall..

I will give you a few lame examples of what I am speaking of..First song I loved as a kid was "Rich Girl" by Hall and Oats..Merely for the line." its a bitch girl and you've gone to far cause you know it don't matter anyway".

I would repeat this song over and over, we had the record...That was my favorite song for months and months..

Next song I use to like to jam to was Big Shot by Billy Joel..Mealier for the lyrical genius line of
"But don't come bitchin' to me"

Any song with hell or damn were pure gold. But if I had the excuse for using the B word, Bossy took full advantage of this. So my potty mouth started as wee one. Now I try to keep it cleaner..afterall, when your 2 year old says " damn it" when her block tower falls, you know you need a curse word intervention....And STAT.

As I got a little older, I would take full advantage of my love for Prince, because back in the day, his songs were doused with curse words and sex talk. Any song that said "now move your ass this way so I can work on that zipper baby" was pure gold to me..Lots of his songs had mother fu*ker. Nothing like hearing that F-bomb in a song...At one point my ole mother took all my Prince tapes away from me..I guess after she heard a song about masturbating she figured it wasn't suitable for my virgin 9 year old ears..What the heck does she know?

when I hear music that is being sent over the air waves now, all this was very tame.

In a few short days I will be heading to the "homeland"...I will be out of commision from Thursday till Sunday night. So don't get your panties in a bind, Bossy will be back..

I would go into detail about what I was wanting to spew about, but I have changed my mind..All I will say is that my lil Bees come by crazy way too easily. I really shoulda done a background check on Mr Shaky Pants family before I let him breed...I mean I have a few harmless crazies in my family....Anyway...That's all I will say..

hear is a piece of advice from ole Bossy..From me, to you..

crazy is as crazy does....Don't let one crazy spoil the bunch, but if they are all crazy, just protect yourself. The crazies will try to convert you, the more they recruit the more chocolate they get...Crazies love chocolate...

they will bring bags and goobs of it to your house, even though you tell them NOT to supply any of that garbage to your house anymore..They think they can override your authority..

If we stop producing from the coco bean..The crazies will leave..I swear..

There, take what you can from that, and be careful...There are crazies around every bloody corner

Bee Real


just_tammy said...

So now I know why I'm crazy - the love of chocolate! Still think there's more to it but if you say so... How is it we are such good stranger friends when we have so little in common?! Admit it - you like me cuz I'm a crazy chocolate lover or do I make you look sane?!

Have you heard any ghostly clown footsteps in the night or seen large clown shoe size peeping Tom footprints outside? Crazy is as crazy does. We should all pay a little closer attention to the gene pools. My poor, poor children!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

no ghost sightings or clown far..

and what we have in common is crazy people in the family, be it forgign or domstic..

domstic meaning, some coming from our bloodlines..forgen meaning we married into it..

and you just love me, and you cant help it;)

just_tammy said...

Noticed something as I was leaving blogland. You do realize you were only supposed to spring ahead one hour not one day?! You're sooo funny!

By the way, Kait has a t-shirt (from her non-chocolate loving yet insane grandma) which goes on about chocolate and ends with 'it's all mine - whahahaha!!! The thing even smells of chocolate. Definitely crosses the line! Hey, isn't it only chocolate cake you'll eat & you eat brownies as well? Is it just chocolates you have a prob with? You're going to sprain what's left of my brain, Chick! Explain please.

novaks8 said...

Oh I remember listening to some of Prince's songs and realizing what he was saying and being shocked...then playing them over and over!

I loved me some Prince.

Billy Joel...he is one of my favorites. Love that guy!

GF- everyone is crazy to some degree. Show me a normal person and I will say BullSh*t!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i wont be posting I am putting it up now..I have a job interview in the moring, and I may or maynot post afterward;)

ok moving on,
I like chocolate, in moderation, in fact thats the only type of cake ole bossy will eat..brownies, nope dont like me, I make them for the dwellers of my hive, but as for me..nahh!!

I dont like candy bars, or anything dripping in chocolate. I like white chocloate, which really can not be classified as chocolate..I like carmel..I like fruity things..I like cheesecake..

oh I do like an occassional cup of hot chocolote in the winter..

any more questions?


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hahaha...your craking me up..

I love me some Prince and Billy Joel..but I would only sleep with one of them, I will let you guess which one..haha

and true about the crazy, but some people take crazy to a whole new level...thats what I am reffering too..teehee

just_tammy said...

Thanks for clearing things up. I'm going to make your b-day next month (hey, a month from today right?)! Learned to make something last year that's going to make you forget all about turning a year older!

One more question - where are you interviewing? Is it our fav store or a call back to the hotel or some other place you haven't mentioned?

Oh, there's a blurb about Prince being on American Idol! Two of your favs together! Okay, I've taken up enough of your blog space for one day! Should of e-mailed!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

damnitalltoheck..i just had a commet all wrote and it wouldnt publish..

yes my b-day is one month from did you know that?..did I tell you?..dang your on top of things;)

Prince on AI?..I had not heard that..I can only think of like 3 songs with no sexual good luck to them if they are singing his songs..haha..

you can take up as much blog space as ya want;)..its free..teehee

Working Mom said...

Yes, the crazies are everywhere, even good ol' Florida (my family's proof of that).

Oh I loved Darlin' Nikki....dirty, I know, but that's what made it so

Good luck on your job interview. Did you not hear back from the hotel?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes darling niki..

" i knew a girl named niki I guess you could say she was a sex feine, I met her in a hotel lobby masterbating with a magaizine"..

thats the song that got my prince taken away..teehee..

Badoozie said...

wow, i'm not sure what to say. bossy? do you let your kids listen to that prince stuff? or is it for your ears only. good luck on the job interview. hope it all works out

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh heavens no...its my workout music on my Ipod..they can listen to his new stuff, its pretty tame..but they dont like it anyway..butch bee likes chirstian rock..and blondie bee likes Kids Bop..booo bee, well she likes the wiggles;)

Krystal said...

I remember my parents having a fit over the song "She Bob". They never really paid attention to the lyrics until one day they saw the music video. Then they heard the line, "They say I better stop, or I'll go blind." That was the end of that cassette.

Of course they were convinced that Prince went out into the desert where he received the lyrics for his song from satan. They got that one from church.

Then of course, K.I.S.S stood for Kids In Satan's Service. Another one from the 700 Club crowd. Rush, AC/DC, all satanic.

Hotel California and Stairway to Heaven, yup, all about satan worship.

lawbrat said...

Every time I hear Prince on the radio, I think of you. Its crazy!! ;-)

Crazies are everywhere. No matter where you go, look, hide, run, it dosent matter. They are among us!!

I hope you're doing ok.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ahh yes, the she-bop song..yes, i didnt know what the song was about till my teens..haha

hotel california is my ALL time fav song..

aww, you think of me when yuo hear Prince, thats cute;)
I know, there are more crazies in the world then us normal folk..teehee

Meow said...

Aaahh, chocolate makes you crazy ... that tells me everything. I'm a chocolate lover, I'm crazy ... OK, I can live with that !!
Hope you kiddlies are OK with the ghost and clown thing ... I'm sure it too will pass !!
I still reckon it's the Wiggles that are causing it all !!!! (And that, coming from the homeland of the Wiggles !!!)
Hope your week goes well. Take care, Meow

Jamie Dawn said...

Chocolate is divine. I guess that makes me one of those crazies you are talking about.
I'd like to bathe in chocolate!

Have a good trip this weekend.
I suppose you will post again before you leave.
You can't stay away from all of us for too long.
We are what keeps you sane.

Now, go eat some chocolate and quit your cussing!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i use to like chocloate, before it went straight to my hips;) bite your tongue..dont you know I am in love with the BLUE wiggle..I will take a lil anothony at any time;)

ok, maybe i am crazy too;)

eating choclote does not make you crazy persay..its just that crazies have been linked to it, thats all:)

I am starting to watch what i say..I am a born sailor though..

oh yes, I will be posting before I leave..give me a few hours and i will think something to post about;)

Nerdine said...

see I never listened to music for their lyrics. Most of the songs I listened to I had no clue was all about. Ofcourse I have a good explanation - they were in English, and i didn't really know English until I was about 14. First book I voluntary read in English was "Jaws" and I was 16. Norwegian music back then was lame - there was a HUGE hit called "forelska i lærern" (in love with the teacher), but that was about it...

keesh said...

I still think you need to be more specific on this family crazy thing you are talking about.
If you are still worried about people reading it, than just come to my blog and post it there :).
Love the song title idea! Great idea!

Bad news, I heard that Prince has sworn off all his old music and refuses to sing it because it is "Shamful and sinful." his words, not mine. I think he needs to get a clue. it was some of the best music ever.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i alwyas pay attention to the lyrics..some music today I cant understand a lick a what they are sayin..and most music today sucks gotta get back to the 1980's before you hear anything remotly good;)

oh it aint no big deal anymore..I am over it..

and I have heard that Prince is now a jevoha witness..which totally freaks me out..but if I am gonna have someone drop off watchtower crap I would just assume it be him:)

and I just bought his new cd, its ok..but not as good as some of his old stuff, so your right there;)

Kendra Lynn said...

Hi there.
Well..since I"ve never listened to Prince, I guess I am kind of at a loss for this post.
Growing up in a Pastor's home sort of eliminated that kind of music, if you know what I mean. :)

Felecia said...

I'm the only "straight laced" gal in a family of crazies; but when I married Andy, I realized that I prefer crazy to BORING.

Embrace the crazier (and their chocolate)... otherwise I would have nothing fun to read!!!

mom of 3 girls said...

I can relate to u, well then as children we was together all summer!! So I probably helped corupt you lmao. I use to do the same things with songs. Prince was awsome. We use to listen to him often.

Songs now a days are good to. My new favorite is ANIMALS by Nickelback. That song rocks. Talk about sex in a song. I can relate but then you know me!! lmao!!!

I would like to come and see you when u are in the homeland, but Saturday is my party and I just cant give that up lmao!!!

I have an interview then I will post about that and my weekend on my blog when I return. nothing real exciting, but I know you are waiting for an update!!

mom of 3 girls said...

Oh I forgot to post about the crazies!! Yes I can relate to the garabage food brought everytime they come to visit......Not your crazy people but Dave's LOL they always bring donuts and LOTS of them and then they are the cheap day old crap!!! No one here eats that crap then they leave it and we end up throwing it out!!! It does no good to ask them not to cause then they just bring more!!!! GRRRRRR

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well you dont know what you missed..haha..Prince rocks..well most of the time anyway;)

well there are differnt types of crazy..and these crazies are on the verge of needing hopstilzation..haha

our family is fill of crazies..but his takes the you would rather go to your swarea' then xome see your ole cuz..well fine!!


LocuTus of Borg said...

Prince rocks! I read somewhere that in the 90's he had written enough songs that he could publish one a month for like the next 10 or 20 years! He is an amazing artist - cool as ever too. I saw him on SNL a couple weeks ago.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

amen brother..amen...

I saw him on there too..there is nothing like Prince thats for sure;)

mom of 3 girls said...

well cuz, you know me, you or my life style??? mmmmmm Sorry, will you forgive me???

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hmm, if that is not a brush off, I dont know what is!!

I will just sit and cry..hope your happy..

vani said...

I just saw the new Prince video the other day, man he doesn't look a day older than when he was hot back in the 80's.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I know..I think he is the same age as my mother...and man..he looks yougner..haha

Being weird I think makes you age slowly;)..but I will take weird anyday over crazy:-)

mom of 3 girls said...

Sorry cuz dont cry to hard, I was chatting today and I am not sure I want to go to this party now!!! Oh well I will make it through lol

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hmm, i can see your gonna need to fill me in...look me up later..