Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Madman across the water

Tuesday as ole Bossy was peeling a piece of fruit, it suddenly came to me that eating an orange should not be so dang difficult. I mean you have the whole art of peeling it, then you get that white stuff stuck under your nails. Then when you break it open to peel out a slice, you get drippyness down your wrist..Then you get that stickiness..You even try and lick it off as it is dripping down your hand.

Why oh Lord why do you tempt me with an orange, yet make me get messy eating it?

Moving on,
Today me and blondie Bee had nothing better to do..So this is what we did..

I know what your thinking..

Bossy, I had no idea you were such a wiz at the sand art...

actually I am a wiz at just about anything, but I must say, Blondie did all the work. She poured the sand in, made the designs, yup..She's my crafty lil Bee..

I even cleaned up the mess, cause I am a good mom.

So Mr. Shaky pants got his cool crap in his arm yesterday. The tube leads directly to his heart..One shake could kill him...

well not really, but it sounded kinda dangerous.


Makes ya glad you don't have whatever aliment he may have huh?


And here is one last pic to wet your whistle.

This is the Bees with Becky Bee.....The Bees are suckin on popsicles..Yup, cause I am a good mom..

I leave tomorrow for the homeland. I need to pack. I may see about getting a one way ticket.

Well I need to go eat an orange, thank my lucky stars I don't have what Mr shaky pants has..And go make my OWN colored sand in a jar.

Bee Real


Karin said...

looks like fun. I am glad I don't have what Mr. SHaky Pants has too. I wouldn't want a needle in me all the time. Looks like Meg is feeling better.

The Blog Whore said...

Aw...the bees are adorable and you ARE a good mom!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yea i woudnt want a cathetor from my arm to my heart either..he says it feels totally weird, and I can see why..yikes..

i hope everyone is on the time for me to leave for 4 days..heehee

blog whore,
aww, well shucks:)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, google the words bat bite and read it. Most people don't ever know they have been bitten and it affects the central nervous system. We have friends who found bats in their attic and the whole family had to get rabies shots, just in case. It wouldn't hurt to tell the doc.

Kendra Lynn said... sand art. :) I bet my little ones would love that...I bet I would hate cleaning it up. :)
I sure hope they find out what is causing the hubby's ailments...I got seriously nauseated while looking at that pic of his arm.
(Kendra is NOT good with needles.)
Hope you have a good trip home. :)

Badoozie said...

did i miss something? does shakey pants indeed have lyme disease?

well you have fun on the crusade to the homeland, i don't supose they have any of them there new fangled computer things over there? so you can take a peek into the blogworld? share yer perspective here and there?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

serouuisly, he has been tested for it..he has been tested for some of the oddest things...I wont even go into all the crap he has been or being tested wouldnt even belive it..

thank you..sandart is should get some for you kids..I know the arm thing is pretty grusome huh?..

um, you must not of read yessterdays post then..I explained it on the bottom of that one..

I will be enjoying a bolgworld break while in the home land..I might try to hop on once and see whats going on..your not going to miss me are you?

Working Mom said...

I used to love sand art! Now I wanna go get that to do with Bug :)

I hope the pickline doesn't bother him too much. My hubby had to have his taken out after a short while (it was bothering him too much) and a port put in his chest. What kind of meds are they gonna be giving him?

Have a safe trip to the homeland! We'll miss you while you're gone :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am not sure what meds they are giving him...his nurse comes today to check it and to give him the rest of his meds for us to put in the fridge.

sand art is can get it anywhere, i got this at toys r us..but they sell it anywhere..go get some and you and bug have a sand party;)

Felecia said...

Sand art, huh? Well...for lack of experience on complimenting a person's pouring of sand and actually making it look nice, I send my deepest kudos to the kiddo. Nice job, Meg!

I'm not afraid of needles or anything, but I shuddered at the sight of poor Mr. Shakey's arm. Hope that doesn't have to hang around for too long!

Oranges always go bad at our house becasue of the very reasons you expressed; they always look good in at the market, but then comes the mess. There's gotta be an earsier way!

Michele_3 said...

love the pictures!
ouch for hubby! that doesn't look fun!
Have a safe trip, i'll be going thru Bee withdrawls while your gone.. LOL!
Take care

novaks8 said...

Yuck to the needles.

I remember Amber did a sand art at church once and was devastated when he brother shook it up.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well go get a sand art it this weekend, and post pics of it..I need proof of this..

shaky pants arm is pretty sick, the cathter goes right to his heart..that is weird, and it stays for about 2-4 weeks..lucky him..

well now if your withdrawls get to can just make a shrine and pray to it will help ease the pain:)

I second that on the needles..

Well Blondie had to make sure they were filled all the way up so no shaking could occur..she was afraid of that too;)

Choppzs said...

Well it sounds like you were much more productive then me the last couple days. I hope Mr. Bee feels better soon, especially with that icky drip thingy hanging out his arm (that would suck!) and your daughter's sand art is really neat. Can you send me some of that sand so I can bury myself in it???

~Deb said...

Wow. You better watch Blondie Bee when she gets older. She is going to be ONE looker!

What a great post---get to see your hive and all!

Ju said...

Love all the special effects on your blog...very cool!

I love sand art, not that I've ever tempted to do one myself. Look sood. They even match your daughter's shirt =)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well you will have to be careful, I have heard of people dying from being suffocated by the ssand..but ok..its your call..haha

aint she cute?..I call her mini meg..people say she looks like meg ryan..and now I have had 2 people tell me my baby boo bee looks like angelina jolie..I just cant win..

I better keep all three of them stuck in the hive huh?..thank you though;)..welcome to my hive, this hive you dont need an epi pen;)

well thank you, I did not do it, trust me..

I dont know what it is, but i Love doing kids crafts..I am weird like that...good thing at least one the bees likes doing stuf like that..thanks for stopping by, please come again;)

vani said...

you are a good momma bee. :) have a safe trip!

Jamie Dawn said...

You are a good mom, for sure.

We had a mandarin orchard for about fifteen years.
Seedless, Satsuma mandarins are EASY to peel.
No muss, no fuss.
They are the best citrus out there; I know this firsthand.
You do get those little, white strings from inside the peel though, and when Courtney was really little, she called those "bones."

Have a good time in your homeland.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you..I know I will have a good trip..bee free for 3 days;)

see this is my goal, to have my OWN orange tree..when we are neighbors , us being the southern bells we will be, will have to plant us some good citruis trees;)

Granny said...

Tangelos are good too. Almost like a large tangerine.

d said...

OMG! Poor Mr. Shaky Pants. Man, I hope they figure this all out soon. How annoying that must be to have that stuck in your arm.

I sincerely hope they find out what the hell is going on so they can help out the hubby soon. Geez.