Tuesday, April 18, 2006

livin on the edge

I have not had time in the last few days to even stop and think. When I do let my mind wander, bad things happen.

So far work has been keeping me bored stiff, and bored stiff. I wanted a job to get out of the house. Maybe meet some people..Well, I have met 3 old ,geriatric ladies..All named Irene..No joke. I have been working 6 hour shifts, which is nice, but they are only giving me one freaking 15 minute break. I can not stand that long without praying for certain death.

On a side note from this...Now I am not the bread winner..Or even any winner. I am working for a social life, as well as to have some money..For ME..I will by know means pay any bills and such..But when a multi-billion dollar company hires people, who very well may be the bread winner..You need to pay them more than 7 buck an hour..For the crap we deal with,your paying your employees nothing..Maybe it wouldn't hurt if the CEO made 1,000 bucks less a week and maybe let the real workers make a living...Just a thought you freaking schmuck's..

My mind is crazy right now. I don't know if I am coming or going most days.Why do the bees only listen if I raise my voice? Why does lil Boo bee ask me "why" when I ask her to do anything?Why must my lil doggie bee chew on my shoe?..Now blondie bees tights..Oh, maybe cuz they are laying on the floor where they shouldn't be..Ok my bad.

This is just a little "service announcement" if you will....For those of you without bees of your own, I strongly encourage genetic counseling before you do..Because it will only suck as$ years down the road when you discover you or your spouse is a carrier of some horrid, dreadful diease that will cause everyone who has it to die a slow painful death...You may have something or even be a carrier of crap you have no idea about..So for the future of making your own little spawns of genetic freakyness, or for an untimely death for your bees, I encourage you to do this..mmaky..

this is from me to you, cause Bossy cares bout the common folk..

genetic testing..just do it...For the good of all mankind.

Bee real


just_tammy said...

Like the title of this one since that's exactly how I feel right now! Beyond nuts and not lookin good to get any better.

Are you working tomorrow? If not, I may cry for help - I mean call to chat!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I should be home all day..but the way our luck goes you will call at a time I am outside or taking a pee..if i dont asnwer, just keep calling till I do:)

pack of 2 said...

I didn't know you were working...did I miss that post?

I know what you mean about pay.
Our min. wage is 7.50hr but still...

When I was a "big wig" in corp america..I still was happy when min wage would rise...my boss was always pissed. I think people need to be paid better than that!

I am curious as to what big company you are working for...email me???


JD's Rose said...

$7/hour! Is that even legal? Well, I spose it is something, which is good.

I hope that you are feeling better soon Bossy.


novaks8 said...

you crack me up

The preschool job I have been offered had better pay enough that after tuition for KP I have SOMETHING left or I am gonna say forget about it!

Granny said...

I think Federal minimum is $5 something so yes it's legal. That doesn't make it right.

Granny said...

Federal is $5.15 - two states are lower - Ohio and Kansas. How do they get away with that?

Fantastagirl said...

Sorry works sucks - but $7 is more than min. and you are right - it's not enough to support a family...but if you went to work for a company that I think you did - they will help you sign up for food stamps/state med aid etc...because they know they don't pay enough to keep you out of the poor house... but I may find myself at their door looking for a job if I don't find a full-time job soon.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i just emailed you:)

jd rose,
yup sure is legal..sucks too..:)

and thank you:-)

i hear ya..it has to be worth your time;)

dang, that aint right..how do people live on that..i dont get it..

good thing I am not supporting the family..well I would just need to finish my degree if this were the case..I am glad this is just for fun and not for food..I swear the state of our country is not good..

Marel Lecone said...

Seven is tough. At the mall, one might start out at $7.50 or $8. Then, moving to a part-time manager position, you might look at $11 or $12. Which helps. But, you have to work alot of hours to see some real cash. As for me, I just went to full-time. A promotion, if you will. I hate it some of the time and like it most of the time. I just had to do something. I need a break from being with the kids all day. So, I understand where you're coming from . . . I'll just see how it goes. Talk to you later. :)

Jamie Dawn said...

I hate to heap more bad news on you, but as the mother of teens, I can tell you that the WHY word never leaves their vocabulary.

Chin up. I'm hoping that your hubby's health problem is not as serious as you think. I'm very sad that your family is having to deal with this.

Bumbling Bav said...

It is too late for us... my 3 kids are doomed I am sure. But I KNOW they will KILL me first!

Badoozie said...

ok brassy, i have a really dumb question. you did not know about the 7 bux an hour before hand? what the heck are you doing. why don't you just sell jam online or something. maybe do some basket weaving for the natives.

Karin said...

I am sorry you are working for peanuts, that stinks but you are making more than if you worked at Wally world. I will keep the whole genetic testing thing in mind, however I am wondering if ignorance might be better in our case.

Nerdine said...

ooh - 7 bucks. That sucks!! is that minimum wage? Here the minimum for adults (over 18) is somewhere around 11 and 13 bucks an hour. in addition when you work 5 hour days you should at least have a 30 minute lunch break and 5 minutes per hour in addition to that.

I don't get lunchbreaks so I'm paid 30 minutes extra every day.

good to see you survived Easter..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

wow even 12 bucks an hour cant really support a family..this is a lesson to the kids out there..stay in school..haha..

I had a feeling "why" never left, I even find myslef still saying it..and thank you, i am sure its not as bad as they are making it out, i hope not anyway..

yup, much too late..haha

well that would take away my whole point for the job..getting out of the house:)

it is peanuts, and that is what ticks me off. as for me, it makes no diffnerce, I am not supporting anyone..but for the people who are, its just wrong..wrong i say..

maybe our money values are differnt..no way min wage here would ever be that much..I dont mind the 7 bucks, I is just free money for me,but for the millions of people who need to ma e an honest living, it bites..

Ju said...

I am so busy myself, I never realize what day of the month it is. I feel ya on the CEO's paying themselves $1000 less a week and giving it to the common folks. There nothing like busting your ass for a measley penny.

Meow said...

Sorry the job is not what you hoped for ... that's such a shame. Maybe things will get better ... you have only been there a short time. (I believe in being optimistic !!!)
Take care, meow

Working Mom said...

I'm sad now, you're making just a little bit less than me and I've been w/ my company 9 years!! How depressing...LOL

Did you find out what's wrong with hubby? Hope it's nothing serious. Email me if you want, let me know if you need my address, ok?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

its such a crock those people make that much, and pay theri employees nothing..I watcghed a show on oprah last week bout this and it pissed me off..ugg

well the job itself isnt that bad..i wish i was making more..but at least my money isnt needed to live on..thats why i married a man who has the potental to be wealthy.haha

it sucks..there is something serouisly wrong with our counrty..big time..

i use to have it, not sure if i do anymore..send me an email and then i can add it to my address book..ok?

Felecia said...

You're working at the fancy shmancy hotel in town, right? Well, it's good to know you'll be there to take care of my every whim when I visit.

Your Easter pictures were GREAT - I especially loved the last one; the black and white with the hubby and all.

I have a question... Why is it that Boo Bee graces you with a "Why?" response to every question when MY 2-yr old simply says "NO!" to everything?


Kendra Lynn said...

I hope you have a more fun day today than yesterday.
Sometimes it takes awhile to get into that new sales position, doesn't it?
I hope you start having fun.

And I hope you get a raise.


Cliff Morrow said...

You're right. We skipped the couseling and went right in to genetic experimentation. The results weren't bad, and the lab work was fun.

d said...

If everyone hd genetic testiing, no one would have kids.

And Christina - as I am sure you know - THE WHY NEVER STOPS!

My 11 year old is KILLING ME WITH WHY'S!

Nerdine said...

btw - my 11 year old nephew is still asking about just about everything - responding to almost everything I say with "Why??"
It's driving me nuts.
It may be the reason for him responding that way..? Hmm

No way could I manage on 7 bucks an hour. I earned that when I was like 15 and had a shit job cleaning in a factory. now I have an OK job and earn 21 bucks an hour. But that's low considering my education.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

no, not at the hotel..at a dept store..i didnt take the hotel job, it paid less if you can belive that..so when you come to visit, you can stay here..haha

well so far the day is crappy, but there is still time to improve..teehee..well its not the best job, but it gets me out of this house for a few hours anyway, so thatsa good thing:)

well i have seen your kids, and i must say..top notch qaulity..your sons are..*hot*..and yes, the lab experiments can be fun on a productive day..

well i can think of at least 5 people i know that should not of bred...i can see i am one of them..dang it..

i know the why doesnt stop, its all just wishful thinking on my part..haha..pretty soon i am going to invent a zapper for kids..it will be on the same line as a bug zapper..

when they say crap that annoys you, it zaps them a good one..

my first job when i was like 16 i made like 6 bucks an hour, and that was good back then..that was about 15 years ago..

my last job paid about 12 bucks an hour, and here in amercia that is still poverty...

now with my education when i finish next year..(if i go back this year)..my starting wage would be around 50,000 a year..which is way less then the hubby, but still a good living here in amereica..depending on where you live.

well just think if you had 3 small kids saying it every 20 minutes, you would really go insnae:)

Michele_3 said...

Hang in there girl!
hope your day is getting better...
take care :)

Lavender Dawn said...

My kids only listen when I yell, too. I don't understand why that is. And there are some things I don't think they can test for- like ADHD or developmental disorders... or stupid...

Anyway, I feel your pain!

Cori said...

Hang in there momma bee. Sounds like you have a few issues with work? Its not all what its cracked up to bee? So your saying I shouldn't bother? Okay.

~Deb said...

Ugh---I am so THERE with you right now girl! Let's just commit ourselves to a psyche ward and get fed lots of meds. We won't even know a thing!

I hope you feel better. I've been stressed out lately to the max and you just wanna scream bloody murder sometimes!

Jamie Dawn said...

Just stopped by to say....


Peggy said...

okay bossy bee take a second and take a deep breath... you will survive and you wouldn't take anything for those little bees so don't worry about what might or might not be handed down to them... they could run away with gypsies tonight! LOL Hey meeting 3 Irenes is better than meeting no one.... make lemonade girl make lemonade

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you..it sure cant get much worse..haha

dawn marie,
you have a very valid point on testing for stupid..wish there was a blood test for that one by golly..

work,just dont do it:-)

i am all for the commit part..oh and the meds..especailly the meds..too bad we cant go have a girls night out huh?

becuase i said so:)

you have a point,might as well make lemonade..you always see the bright side dont ya;)

Mrs. Diamond said...

I got a job a few years ago making seven bucks an hour for the same reasons as you...to get out of the house, and be around people. I was a photographer at Sears... the hardest job on earth I swear. Taking pictures of other people's rotten kids and then have them yell at you when their kids won't cooperate.

I was really good at it though. But I quit because I couldn't stand working every single saturday and my husband and I were like ships passing in the night.

I hope you get to meet more people than the Irene's

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mrs d,
i always thought taking the pics would be fun//but now i can see your point..i would not be good at all:)

vani said...

sorry you're sick. :( forgot to mention how cute your little bee is in those pics. hope u feel better soon!