Friday, April 28, 2006

The Final Countdown

I discovered yesterday that my Blondie Bee only has 11 days of school left..(she goes every other day) and my Butch Bee has 21 days left. The school year has just flew by.

Butch Bee brought home a tree for us to plant. We are going to plant it today after he gets home from school. Its a type of pine tree. I hate pine trees.

On my walk around the lake last night I saw the most disturbing thing. I saw a morbidly obese woman. That wasn't the disturbing thing. She was out walking..(good for her I say)..She had a bottle of water in one hand and smoking a cig with the other. Plus she had a tiny child behind her on a tiny bike. On a busy street. It just all didn't add to me.

But it got me thinking. There are so many types of bottled water. You have your distilled, your spring, your purified, your reverse osmosis. What the bloody heck is the difference between them. Isn't water ..Um..Water?

Speaking of water, I decided I should get a hold of my good friend at the city building of the town our other house is in that other state. I was worried these people renting our home wasn't paying the city bill. Well my suspicions were right. They owe $206 by may 8th or the water is being shut off. My friend is the city clerk. She knows all this stuff. She is going to let me know if it isn't paid the day before so we can make sure it is paid. It really ticks Bossy off. These people are already not paying the full amount we agreed on. Now they aren't paying the bills they are suppose to. I hate people.

I am getting a zit on my cheek. Just in time for my birthday. I am glad its a small one.

Mr Shaky Pants is still in a fowl mood. He may be going to a home sooner than he thinks. A home for battered husbands that is. Cause I am bout to beat the crap out of him.

he is cranky. I am suppose to be the only cranky one.

This is my birthday weekend. I work all weekend. Happy Birthday to me..Although I don't physically work on my birthday, my whole birthday weekend is shot to all heck.

I told Mr Shaky Pants to get me a cake. A big cake.
I. Will. Eat. The . Whole. Thing.
ALONE. He is too cranky for me to share with.

I just want my life to get back to normal. Can someone make that happen? Anyone? Anyone? Yup I didn't think so.

Instead of running myself over with my mini van. I may take a long walk off a short dock.

Am I suicidal?..hmm, not sure....I have never been before, but there is a first time for everything. It just seems things are going haywire.If I were to die, lets say by accident,there might be enough money to pay off the house in the homeland and maybe throw my ashes in a nice botanical garden somewhere. Or just use them for kitty litter. Makes no never mind to me. Its all just a thought.

Have a good weekend. I need to go meditate or get snockered..Not sure which.

Bee Real


Cliff Morrow said...

Not wanting to miss out on your mood, "Happy fricking Birthday"!!

Kendra Lynn said...

Hope you have a happy Birthday, in spite of it all.
I'm not sure if walking off a dock is too smart...just think of smothering to that REALLY how you want to die?

vani said...

I hope you b-day weekend rocks! Get drunk, have sex and eat cake. Maybe that will cure Mr. Cranky too. :)

Melis said...

Awwwwwwww... my poor lil one and only! This isn't exactly what I'd hoped to come here to read honey! Ummmm... I'M BACK.. Happy Birthday??? =) Ok.. so maybe not the best Bday gift a person has gotten in their life... but shoot me an email with some other personal info and maybe I can do better than that! Love ya girly... and miss ya TONS! =)

aatank said...

I know the feeling, my kid is done in 18 days. I already have daycare all lined up. Have a great weekend and try to enjoy getting another year older. I won't catch ya till Oct. Oh ya, if you go off the dock who will write this funny stuff that seems to make by day better because it starts out with a smile and usually a laugh or two.

aatank said...
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Mrs. Diamond said...

Happy Birthday Bossy!! Eat cake!!!

Granny said...

I've been unconscious. Did I tell you happy birthday? If not, happy birthday.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

aww, I dont know what to birthday isnt acctually for 4 hold it in till then:)

hmm, smothering to death..I dont mind that so birthday isnt for four days..its just my b-day weekend..but thank you:)

hmm, all that you listed, seems good in threory. but mr shaky has been too cranky and i would have to do all of them alone..haha

I am not even talking to you on my sh*t cant just go and leave me for months at a time like that. You have some seroius making up to do young lady!!

well I am gald to make you smile, thanks for laughing at my expense..tee-hee...I feel for you on the daycare thing. I dont know how people can afford it, damn. yours must get out before the end of may. there last day is the last day of may..and it cant come soon enough.

mrs d,
thank you..but i wont be eating cake till my birthday, and that is 4 days away still..I think I would rather have a pop tart though;)

snap out of your unconscoiusness..thank you though..but its not for four days yet..its just my birthday weekend..i try to extend it out as far as I can..haha

Ju said...

Happy birthday!!! Don't work too hard on your birthday weekend!

To me, water is water. I love drinking Dasani, but there have been some bottled water that taste worse than city water. Who knows where this "spring" water is actually coming from.

just_tammy said...

Great - now I want cake! Eat a few extra slices for me on Tuesday. Your butt can handle the extra calories. There's no way mine can. You tall people are so lucky!

You so better hold off on ending it all until you get my little gift. That sucker has been a pain in my too large butt. Next time I'll start the real present first before doing anything I think is just kind of fun.

Use your discount to get a little gift for yourself since you'll already be there. Make sure to have a great weekend! (Have no idea if you use that phrase instead of have a nice day.)

mal said...

Happy Birthday!!

Yup, renters SUCK. I never had a good experience with one. The worst ones?...uh never mind

Water? now thats a different topic. Some bottled water is just ultra filtered and bottled, removing chlorine etc.. Some as you say is RO (reverse osmosis) so you might as well buy a jug of water for your iron and drink that. Some of it is RO with minerals added back for taste. Long and short? labeling requirments are not the same as they are for a "food" product so you do not have a clue what they have done to it.

Working Mom said...

Happy Birthday! Eat some cake for me! Try not to kill hubby, you don't want to have to plan a funeral on your bday.

Hope your weekend turns out great!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you..yes water is all the same to long as i can see thru it i will drink it;)

well now you have me wondering what you made. I have a feeling its a vodo doll..haha..i cant wait to see this point i could easily eat a whole entire cake, but i weighed myself this moring and I lost 3 pounds this I guess it will be ok:)

i knew you would know about the water..I just knew know everything:)

its not till tuesday, but thank you..and maybe sitting in jail for the next 20 years to life aint so bad;)

Melis said...

Understood! =( But, but.. but! It wasn't months... it was only a month and 20 days! he he Ok... so I probably just made it worse, just like me, huh?! LOL

I will make it up to ya girly... and not to pour salt in the wound... but you did just talk to me! =)~

Michele_3 said...

Ok, I hope you get a huge cake this weekend & get to eat it all by yourself as well-what's your favorite cake?
I will tell you Happy Birthday On Tuesday, but I wish you a great weekend anyway!

P.S- stay away from the short docks, crazy girl- LOL!

Oh, & I only like spring water for some reason, i'm not sure why, I'm just use to it-I don't even think there's a difference is there in taste from others? but, I just have to buy Spring water only- LOL!

LocuTus of Borg said...

Happy Birthday!! Have an awesome weekend!

Tee said...

Have a great bday - pimple or no pimple :) ... As for water - Fuji is THEE best - it is NOT just regular old water. You have to check out their site to see why.

Also, I hate pine trees too. LOL. I can't really say why but I like deciduos(bad spelling!) trees... Heck, I like the leafy ones! LOL.

Tee said...

Ok - wait - that fuji link was no good. Know why? Cause I'm retarded and it's FIJI water. ROFLMAO. Use this one:

pack of 2 said...

HAppy birthday sister. I hope it is a great one!


just_tammy said...

You've lost three pounds this week?! Dang, you can chow down on all the cake you want!

You are going to be sooo disappointed in this stupid thing! No, it is not a voodoo doll. However, I have stuck myself so many times, I have turned into one. You should see yesterday's injury!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i may forgive you..the jury is still out though..but because your so darn cute, I may let it slide..I tried commenting on your post but the dang box wouldnt open..

my fav cake is chocolate with choclate frosting..thats the only time i like get on making me a cake ok?

thank you sir;)

I like figi water too...but then again they all taste the same to me..yes I like the trees with leaves too..amen;)

thank you girl.

well I cant wait to see this prject that make you spill some blood..r u sure it isnt a vodo doll?

Bumbling Bav said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I say eat the chocolate cake with chocolate icing with maybe a handfull of chocolate chips as a chaser.... then get funky with hubby.... just a thought.


Jamie Dawn said...

I hope that in spite of all the crankiness going on around there that you can have a good b-day.
I don't think you like chocolate, so I hope you get a yummy cake with cream cheese frosting (if you like that) and a layer of yummy raspberry inside (if you like that).
You are going to plant that pine tree and you are going to like it! I'm not a fan of pine trees either; there are much prettier trees. But, this tree will be proudly planted by your Butch Bee, so it may be the only pine you ever really like.
Maybe you all should have a sign on your front lawn that says, "The Cranky Family."

Buffy said...

Where has the time gone.... :(

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hmm, you have some good ideas I must say:)

well I accutally like choclate cake, its the only form of chocolate I like, but your cream cheese frosting and the raspberry thing has got me hungry:)

and your sign is a mighty fine idea I must say.

well I am not sure..time flies..thanks for stopping over sweety;)

Babble said...

Hang in there girl.

When my hubby is cranky I wanna kill him. I just wish he would go to bed.

Walking. I wish there was a nice spot to walk around here but there are no side walks in Virginia I sware.

Water. I am turning into a bottled water since I gave up soda. More trips to the bathroom then when I was pregnant.

Jerry said...

Happy Birthday! Have a great one!

Wethyb said...

Happy early birthday!!!! Eat that cake all up!

Wow it's already almost summer vaca? Holy crap! And there is something wrong w/ walking, drinking water, then smoking. WTF! Isn't that defeating the purpose?

Hope you had a great birthday weekend!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

no sidewalk?..well there are no sidwalks donw our street either..makes no freaking sence to me..

why thank you sir;)

yes, that is what I thought..but what the hell do I know?..I plan on eating lots of cake..but not till tuesday:)

Dottie said...

YUM!!!! Birthday cake I.LOVE. BIRTHDAY.CAKE!!!! and unfortunately I can and have eaten an entire cake! :)
I hope you feel better soon! Enjoy your birthday even if you have to work.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday girl!

Just keep plodding along until you can make your escape to the South!

Then I will meet you halfway and take you to lunch!

Meow said...

Well, in spite of everything, I hope you have an amazing birthday, and get lots of yummy cake to eat. Any idea what hubby is giving you ??
Take care, my friend, and have a great weekend ... Meow xx