Monday, April 24, 2006

Funky cold medina

so the weekend was good. Saturday I worked all day and I had this very old woman come to my jewelry counter. I swear she must of been a good 85 years old.

She was wearing a pink skimpy tank top with a pink crocheted sweater over top. She was sporting some pink pearls and various other pink pieces of jewels.

As she was talking to me her dentures kept falling down.

She said she liked shopping here for jewelry. But it seemed that our jewelry was going down hill. ..And all I kept thinking was this old bat is dressed in pink, yet she is wearing bright red lipstick that has some how fixated to her top denture which kept falling down..God help me out of this one.nothing worse than lipstick on your teeth..And plastic teeth at that...

Sunday was so nice. It was sunny, blue skies and a balmy 80 degree's..I had the bright idea to take two of the bees with me on my 4 mile walk with my mother..Well Boo Bee would be in the stroller, and Butch Bee would be man enough to handle the rough terrain. We headed out at 4pm..This walk normally takes me about an hour and fifteen minutes, but Sunday I didn't make it back home till after 6pm.

Butch Bee kept asking if he could ride in the stroller..He said he didn't remember 4 miles being so long..I was like..When have you ever walked 4 miles my son?

we saw some ducks..Boo Bee wanted to go just to see the ducks...She likes nature like her mom.

boo Bee also saw a whale.She got very pissed off when we did not see the whale, so finally we all had to say " yup, we see the whale" then she said " its a humpback whale mom"

Here are some photos of our walk..For your viewing pleasure..

there are geese in the back there..Just trust me on it..mmaky?

there, did you enjoy my little slide show? I would of taken a pic of the whale, but I just wasn't fast enough.

I work all day Monday..So I wont be fast to respond. I am sorry I haven't been buy to see anyone, but I am going to do that right now...I have been so busy, and then just feeling so blah..Just not myself, so I am sorry..

I will try and go one more day without running myself over with my mini van...I might just use Mr shaky pants car..Its more compact..I can get more speed with it.

Bee Real


vani said...

i'm first!! :)

great pics- love the lake, looks so relaxing. and i used to sell jewelry too once upon a time, a long time i used to hate the women, they took forever to choose and were so picky. the men were so easy- they'd come in, and would buy whatever i recommended.

the day this old snobby lady asked me to actually place the earings INTO her ears is the day i decided to quit...can you say ewwwww???lol

Granny said...

Only in San Francisco - years ago, I used to see an elderly woman all the time, all over town. Her wardrobe was impeccable and maybe dated to the twenties or early thirties. Always monochromatic (pink or orange, etc.) with her toy poodle dyed to match.

At abut the same time (this was the 60's), we had a famous pair of twins who still dressed identically and usually in outfits more suitable for college age. Well to do and eccentric They never married, never lived apart, and we never saw one without the other.

So who needs television?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

you just grosssed me out:)

granny, that is weird..and your right, you dont need tv if you have all that entertain ment at your fingertips;)

Kendra Lynn said...

sounds like you had a pretty nice weekend. I'm glad. :)
You needed some relaxation, right?
And please, don't run yourself over with ANY car.


Fantastagirl said...

I saw the could you have missed it - it's like 15 feet long... lol..

I love the lake - looks so peaceful and a great place to go and take a walk.

Kristen said...

It just looks warm. But not too warm.

You think she could have figured out a way to get the red lipstick to hold the dentures in...

Cliff Morrow said...

Good pics. I see Nessie in one of them. btw, if you're not feeling yourself, who are you feeling?

Meow said...

Lovely photos ... it must have been a beautiful walk, the weather looks amazing.
Hey, don't apologise for not being by so often, and for not being yourself. Take time to re-gather yourself ... we will still be here. And please don't go running over yourself with any vehicle ... that's gonna hurt !!
Take care, my friend, Meow

Anne said...

How beautiful! You live in a very pretty place (well, when Spring hits at least lol)

Don't apologize for not visitin gblogs. Heck, I'm still on dial up and can barely get to 2 at a time. I'm dreaming of dsl...

So, what did Mrs. NOT Pretty in Pink buy?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well in oreder to get some relaxation..I would need to move out:-)

well I am glad someone else saw the whale too..I thought boo was going crazy:)

it was warm , but not too warm..a nice 79 degrees..cant top that for walking at night :)

you would think she would of had a plan to keep them teeth in..

I am not sure, I will have to get back to you on that one..

well thank you for understanding..I am trying to be a good blogger again...I may have to quit my job though;)

it is pretty in the spring and summer..haha..

mrs not so pretty in pink bought these big dangly earings with a rose color in them and big gawdy matching necklace...u jelous?

Ju said...

Cute pictures of your kids! The story of the old woman in pink is too funny. And to insult your jewelry...she should've looked in the mirror first.

Leesa said...

Hey, I can't post today. How did you get to post?

d said...

Pretty pictures - nice place you live there and it's warming up! We had a hot week last week and then it got cold again.

Oh and I'm with Butch - I'd need to do the 4 miles in a stroller too ;)

Babble said...

I haven't been able to post all weekend so its all good..LOL

Its funny I had a old person run in aswell I have posted about it waiting if blogger lets me post.

Love the pics

Michele_3 said...

Blogger sucks, I haven't been able to post anything either-
Anyway, I just wanted to say that the pixs are so cute, I hope your walks relieve some stress for you!
I usually do the same thing when I'm stressed out to the max, it always makes me feel better for a bit anyway!
Hope your day is full of brightness!
take care :)

Working Mom said...

Nice pics! Now I know why you walk there, it's very pretty. And, of course there's a whale there, I see it plain as day :-)

Sounds like you had a nice weekend, regardless of the denture incident ;-)

Cori said...

4 miles in 80 days? Thats what I call it when I take my kids.Cute pictures of the kiddies. They look like they were having fun....

Jamie Dawn said...

Love the pics. I hope the walk tired the kiddos out so they slept well.

Wethyb said...

What a beautiful lake! I'm jealous!! Looks like it was a wonderful day for a walk too!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

just got home form my hard day at the cracker factory..

sounds like some of you have been having trouble posting..i posted mine sunday night, thats why mine posted..

thanks for your comments, I will be by to visit you after I make some grub for the fam;)