Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Its the end of the world as we know it

Blondie Bee is sick again. She has had a fever since Saturday. Took her to the place where the guys have medical degrees, yea she has a virus....No crap butt wad...But why is my baby sick again?

So I have made a decsion. We are all going to live in a bubble. Ya know, true bubble boy style. A very controlled environment where no one can get in, including the crazies..And germs infested creatures..Like other peoples kids.

I will have different wings in this bubble. A wing that only I am allowed in, then other various wings..One with toilets, one with other amenities you would see at a five star hotel. There will be wings designated for eating, bathing, sleeping ect..ect..

I will also build the restaurants I love inside this bubble. I cant be expected to cook every night, now can I?

I will start to home school the bees. Lord knows I have no gumption or motivation to teach them real stuff, so I will teach them how to boil water, balance a check book, and make a bed. They may not be the smartest Bees, but they will know some basic life skills.

Friends will be prohibited and crazy folks will be banished. You will have to take a personality profile as well as complete background and mental health checks before you can gown up and enter the bubble.

There will be talk amongst the common folk. I am sure that a social worker will be involved at some point. But when they hear my reasoning behind the bubble and general lack of human interaction..They will ask to live there as well.

I will have to construct my bubble in the deep south, as I think cold Midwest winters will crack the bubble and let condensation in, which will then lead to a draft, which will then lead to catching a cold.

Plus I want to live in the deep south, I want to see the little lizards walking atop my bubble. I want palm trees and a nice fat citrus tree in the yard..and yes, you can have a yard when you live in a bubble..

I will also have an indoor swimming pool, gym and wet bar.

It is going to be a big bubble.

Well I better go and start drawing up the blue prints.

Bee Real

update on Mr shaky pants "condition"..He went to a infectious diease doc for the lyme diease. They don't think he has lyme diease...
But if he does have lyme it is the late stage and it has went to his neurlogical system..So just in case that IS what he has, they need to treat it more aggressively..So today he gets to go get a "pick" put in his arm for IV treatment..He will have to give himself the meds in his own arm, and a nurse will come to the house once a week to change the dressing..They are testing him for hundreds of weird stuff...

if a nurse is coming once a week, I need to make sure my house is cleaner for heavens sake....I hate all the pressure.

Now his arm is gonna have some kinda needle /port thingy..So he is gonna expect special treatment....Man I cant catch a break.


mom of 3 girls said...

well cuz it was nice knowing you. I will never pass the mental health check, so I wont be able to be in your bubble.....LOL Hope blondie bee feels better soon

Krystal said...

Old remedy that really works to boost the immune system...I swear...fresh roasted garlic. Just put some fresh garlic cloves in the oven, brush them with oil, and roast them. Roasted garlic is acutally sweet. Then add it to everything. Drink a little extra water.

Since it's roasted, you shouldn't have a breath issue.

Cori said...

Well the homeschooling thing sounds good. Thats all my parents needed to teach me because that all I needed to learn. Make the bed, pay the bills brush my teeth. Basic things!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hmm..now that is not a very postiive attitude now is it?..

I have heard that..and I LOVE garlic;)

well see and you turned out just fine...not a bad plan huh?..haha

lawbrat said...

At this point, no way would a pass a mental health check, but can I come in anyway? It would help my mental health. Really. It would.

Hope Blondie Bee gets better very soon. It sucks being sick.

Meow said...

Hope Blondie Bee feels better today. How are the blueprints going ??? It's gonna be a huge bubble. Will we need to wear space-suits if we want to come and visit ??
Hope you have a great week. Take care, Meow

Granny said...

When you're finished with the blueprints, send them this way.

I'm typing because I can't speak without coughing or sneezing.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I would make an exception for you..come on over to my bubble:)

no space suits, just surgical gowns and masks:)

oh no, you better come over, I will get you fixed up ASAP:)

Wethyb said...

What will you charge per night in this bubble cuz it sounds like I'll need to head over one of these days!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

for you honey..its on the house;)

pack of 2 said...

LOL...will there be TIVo in this bubbleworld?

Just wondering:)


The Blog Whore said...

Will John Travolta be in the bubble also?

'Cause I'd like to be invited.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes..tv-o is welcome..it will go nicly with the plsma screen i am getting to go inside..

blog whore,
um, gosh..I will see what I can do..as long as he passes all the nessacary tests and gowns up..sure he is welcome;)

Fantastagirl said...

well I'll never make it inside the bubble... but I'll wave as I walk by

Karin said...

well I know I won't make it in, if purely on the fact that I come packing chocolate. But I will blow raspberries on the top of the bubble. Have they gotten any actual results from any of Mr. Shakys tests or are they just randomly medicating him now? Keep me posted on what is happening, mkay.

just_tammy said...

Guess you are going to need that bubble if Mr.SP now has a nurse coming in! Between the help probs, ghosts, and clowns maybe it is time to call in the priest or father or whatever he is. My head is still spinning from the e-mail. This has to be real cuz I don't think you can make this shit up!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well as your walking by, try not to scare the lizzards from atop my bubble;)

aww, I was hoping you would come visit..I will make a specail chocolte room for ya;)

well all the tests he has had done have shown nothing..its all a big long story..thats all I know..geesh ..if u even knew the half of it..grr..

did you just say shit?...my mouth is hangin open:0

just_tammy said...

Yep, you read that right! It has been one of those days. Can't type worth BEEP as well since it was supposed to be health probs!!!

Mrs. Diamond said...

it has restaurants and a pool? count me in the bubble. i can pass the mental tests....if i WANT to. bwahahahaha

Mrs. Diamond said...

seriously... am praying for your hubby. I can't imagine how tough and scarey all this is.

Cliff Morrow said...

let us know if the nurse is good looking!

Kendra Lynn said...

HI there.
Sorry little girl is sick again. :( I hate when that happens.
I will be praying for hubby...I can't imagine Scott goin' thru that right now.
Let me know if there is anything I can do okay?


Marel Lecone said...

Man, I wish he could take an antibiotic for all of this. I'm sure you guys will do well with this. And, also, I hope that your young one feels better too.

As for the bubble, . . . well . . . um, you're a nut! :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hmm..you need a good soaping in the mouth dont you?..what med probl?..you have med probs?

mrs d,
yes, thats right..you can come if ya want;)..and thank you for the prayers

even if its a good looking male nurse?

thank you...

i am moving to the bubble so they dont get sick again..heehee

well I know he isnt loking forward to the "procdure" today, and I am nmot looking forward to having to look at it..

um, it seems to be a theme with you..your alwyas calling me crazy or nuts:)

Nerdine said...

I'm sure I heard somewhere that Chocolate cures just about EVERYTHING -so be sure to eat a lot of that.

Oh wait - or was that just wishful thinking?

I've actually thought of building a moveable bubble - a bubble that contains me, but that I can bring with me so I can go to the movies. Just book two seats one for me and one for my bubble. bit more practical?

Babble said...

Wait! No nurses in the bubble. Nurse are around sick people so they bring germs in.. did that work? Ah I tried. I hope he is ok though seriously. Man those iv things are a pain he is gonna hate that.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I think its wishful thinking..haha
since your not married and have no bees of your own, a prtable bubble is a marvelous idea..I on the other hand could not make a bubble that big..maybe I should just build my own bubble..;)

well my bubble isnt constructed yet..so the nurse can come in...but once the last wall goes up..they wont be allowed on the property, unless they are dropping off vitimn b-12 shots..and they can leave them at the door..I will spray the box down with lysol..it will be ok:)

Working Mom said...

Awww, so sorry about your little Bee. That sucks! I'm thinking about investing in a bubble also...save me on medical bills.

My hubby had to have a pick line put in when he was getting chemo. A nurse came out to the house but she taught me how to flush, clean & change the dressing....fun times.
Good luck!

Michele_3 said...

Bubble idea sounds grand! I love it-let me know when your bringing your bubble to Florida okay-LOL!

sorry about hubby, I'm sure he's not loving this idea either huh?
Take care girl!

~Deb said...

Welcome to my fricken world. I live in a bubble. No germs, no colds, no nada. You're safe now. ;)

I hope your family feels better and everything is okay! You're in my thoughts!

Don't let your stinger burst your bubble girl!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well it seemsBlondie Bee is on the mend, no fever..so far today;)

I am telling you, we all need to make houses outta big bubbles, and not let anyone in:)

so your hubby had a pick line too huh?...kinda wierd..I am assuming yur hubby is healthy now..right?..yikes..

my bubble wont be in florida soon enough, let me tell you..but its coming..you will know where to find me..haha

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

opps didnt see you there..

it seems your world is the kind I want..I HATE germs, and the more I get to know you, the more I think we must be realated;)

thanks for the good thoughts, and you are welcome to live in the bubbble with me;)

Choppzs said...

wow, your kids sound like our family. We are constantly sick over here and I am so tired of it. Tired of the puke, snotty noses, fevers, coughs all that crap!! I want a bubble too, when you construct yours, will you send me a copy. Make sure the wet bar has lots of cute waiters and good, stiff drinks!! lol

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I will send you the blue prints when I am done..I tell you..my bubbl is goning to be fully STOCKED, if ya know what I mean;)

Working Mom said...

Yep, he's fine now. He's in remission from leukemia, 7 years in October...yay!

Anonymous said...

You really need to tell the docs that you had bats in your house. A person can be bitten by a bat and not even know it, they produce a numbing venom before they bite. He could have rabies.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well that is good..that musta been a scary time..


um, good thought , but he isnt frothing at the mouth..and you would have to be a fool not to know there was a bat with its teeth in ya..wouldnt ya?..the bats were never in our room either..they were in other spots of the house..

angel, jr. said...

I like the bubble.

Tee said...

Oh my - I hope he doesn't have anything like Lyme disease. I'll say a prayer.

We found out one of our dogs has Lyme disease last year. We were really stunned because they're indoor dogs and we don't live near fields or woods or anything... So far she is still acting normal and healthy.

I want to live in a bubble, too. Build me one!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

bubble is a pretty swell idea huh?

well I think they think it is much worse then lyme diease..lyme diease would be what we want..and thats sad..

I will see how my bubble turns out, if it is up to par, I will send you a copy of the blue prints:)

Charmed1 said...

I need one of them there bubbles, but only for me. The kids have to outside of the bubble, they are the ones getting me sick.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes..the indivaul bubble i a very good idea..very good indeed..

Jamie Dawn said...

Be careful what you wish for. I love SC and GA the most when it comes to the south.
I currently live in the south, but believe me, although it is very pretty, I am living in Hickville State. It has been a fun experience though, and I do enjoy how pretty it is.
Some day, I hope to live in SC or GA and have a nice front porch to drink sweet tea on. I'm not looking to be a redneck hick. I want to be a genteel, southern belle. I think you know what I mean.

Does your hubby have his shaky symptoms all the time? I hope they get this figured out soon.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok I think I have some pretty good guesses as to where you live, but I wont say..incase you dont want anyone to know..

and I would build my bubble in a hick free zone..I would LOVE living in Georgia or SC..infact we are thinking of going to SC next year..mr shaky pants might look for a seminary school there..I hope anyway..

and the shaking is on and off thru the day, it is not a constant shake or jerking..do u have a diagnosis?

JD's Rose said...

Yep, I'd run with the bubble idea...

Good Luck.

Jamie Dawn said...

No diagnosis. Just wondering about it and thinking about what it could be.

Jamie Dawn said...

I plan to tell everyone where I am this summer.
Probably in July or August, because some things are coming to fruition in our lives at that time.
It has been an interesting road these past couple of years for us.
I've had fun playing around about where we live.
It's not a big deal for people to know what state I live in. I just have fun joking about it for the time being.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

do I need to make you a bubble too?

well I will be curious to see where you are...and I am very curoius as to your travles and how they come about..I am a curoius little bee jamie:)