Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Peaceful easy feeling

Ok, so you know I am all about serving the people? I have another PSA for you about a product I have tried.This is the product I have tried for you people .

This is what happens when you use this product...

first you put your pasta in the tube
then you add boiling water
you let it set for 7-10 minutes

then....You have to get a pot out,poor the contents in the pot..Till it hits a roaring boil..

because this piece of crap gives ya limp noodles..Who wants a limp noodle?

So there...We have learned to stay away from jergins skin firming lotion,jergans natural glow lotion,Mr clean magic eraser,.....And to buy quench by oil of olay..

I need to start putting out a monthly report for my peeps...

Guess what I did yesterday. I bought some new shoes.....And they were on sale, which makes it even more grand...I will give you a little looksy..

now don't go getting all jealous on ole Bossy..mmkay..

Well Mr Shaky pants goes back to doctor today....If they don't tell him something soon, I may have to go postal..And no one wants that because I have a really bad aim..

I have to work today, so again, I wont be able to respond in a timely fashion..

My Boo Bee was so mad at me today...She wanted to go outside, I told her after her nap, and suggested she go finish watching Dora..

know what she told me?

"I hate Dora, I go outside..NOW"

so what did I do?

yup, I put my jacket on...

Why do I let that baby toy with me? I let her do whatever she wants.Because I am a good mom..

My bees are going to need therapy when they get older.

Bee Real


Wethyb said...

Wow I'm first??? That's a first :)

I love those red shoes! Too cute!

You are a good mom...a pushover, but a good mom...hehe (shush, don't tell, but I'm the same way sometimes with the peanut) :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...


oh no, there not red..they are ORANGE:)

Doug Bagley said...

Yeah, a limp noodle is something I try to avoid at all costs.

Cliff Morrow said...

We have seen the noodle cooker advertised and wondered how it differed from say ,, a pan?
You are right, nothing worse than a limp noodle.

JD's Rose said...

You caved pretty damn quick. Girl's got you sussed!

You need to start charging people for your product reviews.


Working Mom said...

Thank God you're out there trying all these products for me! You're saving me all kinds of money...LOL

Nice shoes! I'm a sucker for shoes.

I hope you videotaped your bee saying that. It may be the only time you hear that from her :)

Good luck at the doc!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

everyone should always try and avoid limp noodles:-)

well let me say..the pan is faster:)

I know i caved fast..i need to be committed, and your right, I should start charging..

i am not a sucker for shoes, but if i come across something i like, then its all good;)

aatank said...

I love the shoes! Kudos to you for buying something for yourself.

My girls are are the same, it's just easier to give in than to fight about it:(

Good luck at the Doc. I hope he has a answer.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

its nice to crap for ourselves sometimes..we moms alwyas get the short end of the stick dont we?

I hope mr shaky pants comes home with some answers..wish i could go with him, but since i got the bright idea to get a job, i cant bad..

i will update on tommorws post what he finds out:)

Karin said...

I hope the doctor goes well and that the hubs doesn't have bubonic plague. Yep you are a pushover, I think it was cause she said she hated Dora though that you caved. Have a good day at work.

Ju said...

I love those sneakers...they are tooo cute.

I'm going to be like that with my daughter...she's going to rule over me I just know it =)

Babble said...

I hate Dora too so am with the little one there! Down with Dora!

New shoes new socks and new undies.. a dream come true.. even if you didn't get 2 of the three 1 is good!

vani said...

i hate limp noodles...nuff said. :)

Felecia said...

Sounds like Boo and my youngest have been going to the same "How to wrap mommy around your finger" seminars. Just remember; choosing our battles doesn't necessarily make us push-overs! (At least that's what we should keep telling ourselves!)

Michele_3 said...

Cute shoes!
I'm a big sucker for shoes, I love it, can't ever have enough..

I missed the post on lotion-what did you not like about Jergens glow? I use the one by L'oreal sublime glow & it works really good for me,you should try that one.
Hope you get your answers today about hubby-I know it's been a long road for you guys!
Take care :)

pack of 2 said...

I love the magic eraser though!


Badoozie said...

why do you let your baby "toy" with you? she's not toying, shes freaking running the place!! grow some kahuna's woman or your baby boo is going to turn into a little terrorizor. don't MAKE me come over there and straighten you out.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE your shoes. you have most excellent taste in shoes. the sandals esp. i have those same ones in black, but i like your color much better. where on the earth did you get those. now tell me and don't be coy. you got them at targeteeeee???

quit working. you need to be home, blogging. this working thing is utter nonsense.

as for the first part of your post, it made no sense to me. arent we going for limpness in the noodle when we cook it?

pack of 2 said...

I always wondered about that pasta cooker.....thanks for the PSA!


Jamie said...

Wait- I love the magic eraser!

~Deb said...

I'm just sitting here waiting for a fricken INVITE from bossy so she can cook me a great pasta dish. C'mon now! I'll bring the wine!

Great shoes by the way! ;)

Jamie Dawn said...

Those shoes do not match. I think it would be uncomfy to have a tennis shoe on one foot and those cute slip ons on the other. That's just my opinion. ;-)

I hope you and your hubby get some answers today. I think a jury of your peers would go easy on you if you lose control.

Fantastagirl said...

Love the shoes...

Have never heard of that product before - but if you want me to save you some money - do not get the perfect pancake - it doesn't work.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

doc did NOT go well..nuf said:)

funny thing is i was not like that with the other 2..i dont get it..

oh i need to buy new undies, thanks for the reminder:)


the way i see it..they will run our country some day, why not let them get an early start;)

oh the ltion pots were long time ago..months, months ago..eveyr now and then i paassit along of something sucks or doesnt suck:)

i cant get the damn thing to work any better than a sponge!!

no, not target..they dont sell Nike silly girl..JC Penny..i love penny's..

well these were hard still..(noodles I mean)..when i took one out, it kinda hunched over..ya no what I mean..just take my word for noodles wernt done;)

wonder no more..i have saved the day:)

hmm..seems a few of you like it..too me its worse than a sponge, not sure why..

well i cant invite ya over with limp uncooked noodles, but you can still bring the wine..

i thought you would like my orange have taste;)

jamie dawn,
i was waiting for someone to tell me they didnt match..haha..and i may be losing control please bare with me.

well trust me..dont buy it if you see it..and i wont buy the panckae

Granny said...

I'm comment here on your later post because blogger is having a problem with comments (again).

I won't insult you by telling you everything will be fine because we can never know that.

I will pray that this horrid thing did not strike your husband or any of your family.

And I will tell you that you have my love and support for what that's worth.

Take care of yourself - we'll be around.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you very much..I deleted that good thing you didnt comment on it..haha

It warms my heart knowing that you guys are here for me..and I thank you deeply