Wednesday, April 26, 2006


You really learn a lot on a 3 block walk with 60 kindergarteners. We went to the hospital today for a field trip. One little girl asked me about 28 times where my dad was. Also she told me about 58 times that she bumped her head. Then she sucked her thumb. This tiny girl must have some "problems" and Blondie Bee isn't even the one I worry about being retarded. This little girl can not be up to normal Knd standards. She very much reminded me of the way my 2 year old Boo Bee acts. Kept repeating things, and was oh so very inquisitive. And sucking her thumb....

Then Blondie Bees little "boyfriend" kept telling us how he can jump a fence, if he only had a ramp..

Then they show us a tube with the most disgusting worm in it..A round worm, and they tell the kids this is what can happen if you don't wash your hands before you eat..You can get a worm like that in your belly..

Poor Blondie Bee and me were totally freaked out. When I was making dinner last night I had some of my raw meat touch an open wound on my finger, I went in to the bathroom to wash my hands ..( I wasn't going to take any chances) and there I find Blondie Bee feverishly washing her hands..Over and over..I said : what are you doing"..She said very nervously " mom, did you see that worm today? That's all I am saying"

So her and I washed our hands till the bled. She wanted to wear rubber gloves while we ate..I told her I would look into buying some....For the health of the fam.

My Boo Bee was terribly mad yesterday. Poor little dear wanted to go swimming. I tried telling her it was too cold for a swim. She found a swim suit and proceeded to try and put it on..

shall I show you exhibits A and B?


kept telling her we were not going swimming. She said she needed to go to the ocean

( that is what she kept calling the lake) and she wanted to swim with the whale she saw..

I may have two retarded bees, not for certain though


And now my Boo Bee is smashing her banana into my sofa, as she is climbing up the dang side....

This is what I deal with on daily basis.

smashed bananas and retards...

ok, I promise this is the last time I will say the the word retard. But I am just feeling a bit politically incorrect. I have a right to be like that don't I?...

Anyway, that was my PSA for today, don't use the word retard....It is not a good thing..Unless you are referring to your own kid, or even maybe a pet, or spouse..Those are cases where it is ok...Especially for the spouse, that is for sure OK

Bee Real




it seems the round worm got me anyway, my fruitile attempts at handwashing were for not. I have vomited my life away this morning, and i have the most God awful headache..

and no I am not pregant you damn fools.


just_tammy said...

Boo needs to be a swim suit model! She wears them so well!!! Wish I looked that good in one!

Gross about the worm. Need to reclean the kitchen. Need gallons of bleach and disinfectant. Now I'm going to have bad dreams and I didn't see the dang thing. You two sleep tight!

Today was a nightmare so if you are around tomorrow maybe I can call you then.

Karin said...

This is why you go on field trips, it makes your own kids seem brilliant next to some of their classmates. Poor boo, it will be time to swim soon, by then you will probably be afraid of the water and refuse to go in thus driving your mom to a new level of insane. Bossy have fun getting the banana off your sofa before susiebadooz makes you take a picture of it.

lawbrat said...

K garten field trips- couldnt drag me. All those kids? One of me? Oh heck no!

Isnt she just adorable with the swim suit? Too cute. It'll be warm enough soon. Thank goodness!

Mike said...

Kids certainly keep ya busy don't they?

Badoozie said...


i'll be back

Peggy said...

send little boo down here and we will go swimming in the ocean. I will even lend her a pair of latex gloves to wear while here. LOL
Miss Bossie do you want me putting your blog addy on my blog when I post Norm is on his way to you? If you don't want people coming here you can email me photos, etc and I can post them on mine... let me know so I can post Norm is on the move again.

Meow said...

Kids are so much fun, aren't they !!!
They are put on this earth to torment their parents, don't you think.
But we love them, anyway.
Hope your day is getting better.
Take care, Meow

pack of 2 said...

that worm thing is GROSS!!!

I feel the need to go wash my hands again.


vani said...

LMAO- man, that reminds me of health class in highschool, when they passed around a piece of lung that was all brown and nasty, corroded from smoking...i didn't smoke for like a

Granny said...

Mine are in swimsuits and under the hose already - at least last week. I'ts a little too cool now.

Roundworms - gross.

Cliff Morrow said...

And then Tiny Tim said, "God Bless us, every one". You have a heartwarming way of talking about your family.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

there isnt enough dissinfectant to help me..i way grossed out..

i wont be home today, going to meet mr shaky pants at work and go the doc with him..should be homa all day tommorw

well boo bee at the smashed bannna right off the couch, so I am good;)

well kindergardners are you wouldnt be able to drag me on a 3rd grade field trip.

aint that the truth.

hope your feeling better my dear.

i emailed you..its ok..

and i will be sending boo to your place right away.

yes torment thier paretns is what they do best:)

i am running out of soap!!

well at least it help ya off for a little while;)

mine were under the hose last week when it was in the 80's..but now its a bit coooler.

I know, i should maybe write some hallmark cards!!

Marel Lecone said...

I am so politically incorrect at home. Especially since I, on occasion, call my dear husband a retard. How bad am I?

But, a big thanks for the reminder. :)

Ju said...

That is the main reason why I can't hang out with Kindergardeners. They say things that make you think!

Sorry you aren't feeling so hot. Try to relax and feel better.

Kendra Lynn said...

Wow...sounds like quite an eventful day.
I'm got to see a worm??? j/k I hate worms/snakes/bugs, etc.
Sorry you were sick...hope your day is a good one.

As always,

novaks8 said...



Retarded just means slow.

I HATE when a word gets all misused and then it is off limits!

Mrs. Diamond said...

You crack me up. LOL...and don't let them turn your daughter obsessive/compulsive! Though I'd be freaked too if I saw that worm. That's probably why you're throwing up right there. Seeing that worm.......eewwwwwwwww

Choppzs said...

I crack up when kids start talking to me. One time on a field trip with my daughter, a kid told me "did you know my dad pees sitting down?" Umm, no dear I didn't know that, but thanks for the info. lol

And ick on the worms. I already have OCD with the cleaning of my house, now I think I may have it to wash my hands!! I hope you feel better soon!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i think all hubbys are retared in some capacity..

well someday you will be hanging out with them..that baby of yours will get bigger..teehee

this was not your typical was white and long..kind gross, way make sure your kids wash thier hands before eating..if they are playing in the dirt they can get these kids are not allowed outside anymore:)

well I dont acctually think anyone is the R- word..I just thought it was funny at the time..but your right..

mrs d,
i swear if you woulda seen it, you would be a changed was that bad!!

that is funny, "did you know my dad pees sitting down"....I would question how this kid knows that..haha

~Deb said...

AHHHH! Just hearing how many kids were ~buzzin~ around you makes me so nervous. I get totally paranoid when there are way too many kids to tend with. I hope you had someone to help you out with the field trip! Oy!

Anyway, I hope you feel better. As far as the handwashing thing goes----as an OCD maniac that I am, I can totally relate.

Feel better!

d said...

LMAO! I am so dying in a fit of laughter right now @ "smashed bananas and retards" - if you ever decide to move your blog again - there's your title - if I don't steal it first - LMFAO

Sorry you're sick - hopefully it's psychological.

Michele_3 said...

Gotcha on the worm thing- that is gross & but a smart idea to make kids wash their hands too!

Kids says the weirdest and silliest things don't they? when I go on field trips with my son's class there's always one in the bunch that asks those silly questions over & over...LOL!

p.s- if you moved here, little boo could already be swimming..LOL
she's so cute..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

its a good thing you dont have any kids yet..becuase holy crap if youw ere to get baby poop on your hands, there would be hell to pay..heehee...But seeig that womr made me realize I am nto as clean as I think I am..

i was in charge of blonide bee, her little friend, and a handful of other kids..there were plenty of worries there:)

you have my permission to use it..I just want some resduail pay from that though:)

well if it was my choice I would be your neighbor right now..but its the rest of the family I need to work on;)

angel, jr. said...

kids say the darndest things.

Tee said...

Ugh! I'm sorry you're sick... Just the thought of the worm prob did it! LOL... Way to give some little kids OCD handwashing habits, huh?

As for "retard" being not so politically correct --- I know, but it's such a good word, isn't it ;)

Dottie said...

Boo is too cute in her swimsuit. Lilli seems to like to wear her clothes on her head, too. Great, I have a kindergarten field trip coming up! Thank goodness there won't be worms!

Working Mom said...

Too ew on the worm thing! That's something to show me so I'll quit eating....ick!

Bring boo down here for swimming! C'mon, she's already put her swimsuit on and everything :)

Sorry to here you're sick! You've got worms, maybe? ;-)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sure do!!

the thoughgt of the worm didnt bother that bad I didnt think..heehee..i just know I feel like dying, and that aint good:(

i need you addy, I for some reason cant find it..

if i wasnt on my death bed, i would be there in a heartbeat:-)