Friday, January 25, 2008

november rain

I don't normally like talking about this kinda shit, because hell, its none of your business first up, and second, I just don't like chatting it up about personal things..

But....since I am not being a good blogger like I should, I thought I would explain why..

I have not been feeling well...Not just my head cold, which is totally kicking my ass still, but something else..

I will be making a doctor's appt soon..because I cant take it anymore.

Back about 7 years ago I had a tumor on my thyroid that was in the earliest stage of cancer. Ever since then, I am suppose to go every 6 months to get my remaining sliver of thyroid scanned for the early stages to appear again..and I have not done this for about 5 years...

Well needless to say I think something is up.

I have a hard time staying awake all day, I cant sleep at night, I cant sleep in the day, my head hurts badly all the time, I'm always cold among other things...

I am hoping I am just going thru menopause, because that is my one major goal...but the fact I am only going on 33, makes me think it aint happening.

So, this is why I don't respond like I use to, and why I am MIA on your blogs..I just don't have the energy to do it...

Something is going on with me, and I will eventually go see a medical professional instead of diagnosing myself...cause that just clearing isn't working anymore.

Don't miss me, just hold a computer side vigil every hour or so in my honor.

I am hoping by next week I wont feel like driving a stake through my skull just to end the pain...

Next Friday is Blondie's birthday, so I have to be better by then.....I have a party to put on 4 Gods sake.

So there...that's why I am a sucky blogger now a days..

On the plus side, my Boo told me today she can pick her nose with her toe..


Jamie Dawn said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are ailing.
Seriously, I am.
It really affects the whole family whenever momma is not feeling well. I know how that is, so just hang in there and get well soon.
I didn't even realize you were behind on your blogging because I only post and visit everyone twice per week.
I am feeling some anger towards you for not keeping up with your bi-annual check ups on this matter.
You should be horse whipped, but I will refrain from doing so since you're not feeling well.
Please go and get this checked out, and don't let that much time lapse between appts. every again!
I hope & pray that everything is okay and that you are feeling back to your old, crazy self very soon.

Groovy Mom said...

Ah, I'm praying all is well with your thyroid, and that you'll be feeling fine in no time. Meanwhile, I'm with JD. Get to the doctor!

The booger picking toe thing is quite amazing! What a talent. I wish my kids could do that. Every single one of my kids bite their toenails, though, including my 17 year old son. Does that make you jealous?

Flip Flop Momma said...

thanks..I think I do need i to come and horse whip me...

as long as we can sip tea on your swing when your done:)

(that kinda sounded kinky, but u know wha I mean..haha)

yes, yes, I am jelous;)

thanks...I will get to the doc next week...i hate going, obviously:)

Tom said...

Bossy, I don't know what I can do from here, but just name it. I'm sure Synthroid will be cheap and generic for our lifetimes. Please whatever you do, don't let your imagination run wild (re: your health). OK?

Avery Gray said...

Good Lord, woman! Get thee to a doctor! You got me worried sick now! Hope everything's okay. Take care of yourself.

1 plus twins said...

that boo is too damn funny. it is so obvious she takes after you. get to that doctor asap!! i will be thinking of you and praying it is just menopause!!

Working Mom said...

xxxcrosses fingersxxx for menopause, hell, I'll cross them for myself too while I'm at it(been waiting for it to kick in for some time now).

I hope Boo's giving her feet a good washing, wouldn't want boogies to be spread around from walking.

Bradley's Mom said...

FF, my dear..........

I am praying with ALL my heart that you are okay.

But yes, you MUST go get yourself checked. We all hate to go to the doctor, but it's just one of those things in life we HAVE to do.

Please go soon, and hopefully everything will check out just fine, and they can help you feel a lot better!

Love you!

Flip Flop Momma said...

thank u guys....

i love all of you, and it means a lot to me to have each of u in my life..

i will keep u updated, this headcold is still kicking my ass..i need to get over this, then i am off to deal with the rest of it;)

Southern Sage said...

Well asshead thanks for the update. I have only been asking for a year. Hope alls well, you might just be bred!

pullin for u for sure

Flip Flop Momma said...

nah I aint bred...but something is going on...

last time all i did was get the bloodwork, never had the scan...but i think i need to now..

im tired..i gotta go 2 bed..

thanks 4 the love..

Tee said...

:( I've said a prayer for you. {HUGS}

Katie said...

I hope your doctor gets you on the mend quickly.

Good luck with the birthday party.

Katie said...

I hope your doctor gets you on the mend quickly.

Good luck with the birthday party.

Flip Flop Momma said...

thank you;)

me too...thanks my dear;)

just_tammy said...

Please tell me you will be going to a different doctor than the creepy one you were seeing to keep you bee population in check. He grosses me out and I've never met him. Just don't trust him.

Can pick her nose with her toe...definitely going to be a short bus rider or a genius!

Feel better. Call if you need anything! (Inside joke!)

Fantastagirl said...

GO TO THE DOCTOR ALREADY!!! You need your ass kicked - what part of every six months did you not understand?
(did that sound all mom like, and bossy - cause that's what I was going for...)

You can't get sick, sick - I'd miss your humor!

Haphazardkat said...

Get thine ass to the doctor.
I just came back from surgery so I understand the hatred of doc visits.
GO, girl.
No excuses. :)

Flip Flop Momma said...

nope, not the same doc, I see a woman now...she dont keep trying to get me on birth control;)

yes, u did sound bossy and mom like..i think your going to ground me now, and i am scared:)

good golly, I hope your ok..

im gonna go next week, i promise..

Foster Communications said...

Believe me I understand not wanting to see another flippin doctor--but DO go. You never know, she might have some good news to tell you. Do not assume the worst.

Oh, and props to Boo and her mad skills with the nose pickin. I thought it was cool I could pick up a pencil from the floor. But pick my nose? Well that's just talent on a whole other level!

Packof2 said...

Dude, You need to go to the doc. I hate going too but sometimes you just ned to do it. I hope tyou are feeling better soon.

Wow, very impressive about the toe nose pickin! Not a lot of people can say they have such talent:)


The Egel Nest said...

Flip Flop -

You are tugging at my heart strings sis...

I will say a little prayer for you...(cue the singers) are a great blog sis and don't you worry...take care of you and feel better then come back to our blogs and disgrace them with your utterly foul mouth :)

Much Love,

The Egel Nest

Scarlet said...

Listen, 6 months after my daughter was born, I was dragging, my head felt foggy all the time (and I wasn't doing drugs!). The doctors thought I had post-partum depression but it wasn't that. It was an undetected thyroid problem that can be misdiagnosed as depression, so remember that.

Also I have two friends that had cancer of the thyroid and they're fine. They can remove the thyroid (if it's necessary) and put you on Synthroid medication and you'll be good to go. I'll pray it's much less than that. :)

I was so sad reading this and I hope you get to the doc quick! If I lived nearby, I'd drive you myself!

Flip Flop Momma said...

i am gonna go 2 the flippin doc next week, i promise;)

thanks, i hope i am feelin better soon too...and boo does have some mad talent huh?

everyone would miss my foul mouth, espeacially u and ma huh?..ha

yea, thas all true...

although I dont have much of a thyroid left, as most of it has already been removed, and I already do take those meds..

thats why I think something else is going on...

thanks 4 your good thoughts.

Cliff said...

Call the DR and get in there girl.
Hope all goes well.

Blogstock will be centered around the July 4th weekend. I'll be sending you info via a website set up for attendees.

IamDerby said...

I hate the Dr. myself, but there comes a time when we can no longer rely on WebMD. Go to the Dr. Girl! Ok that being said... you are a fabulous blogger! Anyone who comes over to read my sad little site and leaves a comment is automatically promoted to fabulous and beyond.

themuttprincess said...

GO to the DAMN doctor.

You will feel better if you do.

Patti said...

I hope you are wrong and nothing is seriously wrong. Hugs honey and i'll be thinking of you.

Tell boo she is my new hero picking her nose with her toe!

Janell said...

Oh, Flip Flop, please get well! I'm getting all teary-eyed and lumpy-in-my-throat thinking of you being so sick.
And btw - you are a better blogger when you're not feeling well than most of us are when we're at our best.
I hope you know without me saying that I will definitely be praying for you, because that's how I roll.

And for Boo - a girl with a talent like that will go far in life - whattagal!

Flip Flop Momma said...

thank u guys, your making me laugh..u guys r great..

love u guys..

and cliff, hubs said to count us in.

CMB said...

Wow, I am very sorry and sad to read of your situation. I SO know what it is like not knowing what is going on with your health, but knowing something is not right. I wish you the best and will keep you in my thoughts. I hope by now you have made your appt because those kiddies of your aren't going to raise themselves!

1 plus twins said...

hope your feeling a bit better

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm so excited to hear you'll be coming to Blogstock '08!! What fun it will be to meet you!!!

Yes, if you ever come to AR, I'll horsewhip you if you want me too, and then we can sip sweet tea on my back porch. It may sound kinky, but it's not.
A good horsewhipping never hurt anyone.

I stopped by to check on you.
I hope you are doing okay.

Krystal said...

You do need to get it checked. But what you're describing sounds just like hypothyroidism (have it myself). It may not be pre-cancer again. You might just need some synthetic T3 & T4.

Or you might need to have that sliver of a thyroid removed and go on the synthetic T3 & T4 anyway. But you gotta have it checked...soon.

Either way, we'll be here for you!

Granny said...

This is the pot calling the kettle black but still I urge you to follow through with the doctor appointment.

Hoping it will be something simple and easily fixed.

Granny said...

P. S.

May years ago, my sil had many of the same symptoms you do and she was much too young for menopause (a little over 30).

She finally saw a doctor, it was indeed thyroid. Within a few weeks, she was a totally different person.

Not that I'm diagnosing online you understand.