Tuesday, January 08, 2008

and so it goes...

I have been waiting feverishly all day checking the Def Leppard Official Site as they were suppose to announce the rest of the American tour dates Monday..

I waited and waited..checked and checked...

and as of press time, nothing...

I am thisclose to putting caps in someones ass.

What, do they think I have all day to sit around and check?

Ok they are right, I do.


My son has informed my mom, that when he is president, he is going to make everyone who ever done him wrong live in poverty and in the slums, and the people who are nice to him will live in wealth.
im thinking he MUST be a Repulican....

Its ok though, I am use to living in poverty....I mean I have NO dryer for Christ sake.


Speaking of dryers, it leads me to a thought I have.

I know I must be going to hit the change soon...I will give u a few reasons why I suspect menopause is near.

*I hate racket...

*I am wearing slippers as of late

*I need to eat dinner BY 5pm

*I want a new vacuum

*I freeze leftovers

*I like Bengay

*I feel the need for Metamucil at times

*I think I might have a cataract...or else my contacts need a good scrubbing.

* I think I may need to elevate my bed, as at night I get a burnin in my throat if I eat something spicy at noon.

See, am I right? Do you think these are all signs of my impending change?

I have been praying for this for years now...


I cant wait to start getting facial hair...I will be the shit then.


Look, this is the kids...This is a forced pose...

This is them with their normal pose..

See, they eyes are fixated on the tellie..
But no, its NOT High School Musical, cause if we were watching that now, I sure as hell wouldn't be wasting my time here right now.
But good news though, I am not a pedophile after all, I found out the little boy in that movie is 20....He is not jail bait after all...
I don't feel so dirty when I dream now..


1 plus twins said...

he is 20, are you kidding me?? i would have never guessed. that is prime meat right there. good for teaching. ha ha

you are not going thru the change, just getting old!! ha ha had to throw that in since i am really feeling my age lately and remember i am ONLY 4 years older than you!! ha ha

Flip Flop Momma said...

I know...he still could use a good spanking though, right?

Scarlet said...

If you're getting old, then I'm ready for a nursing home! You know what'll keep you young? 20 year old men! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Bossy
it hurts my stomach for my boy to be a Democrat
I should have left him in a napkin!
I mean he obviously not a capitalist, he must be a racist and a bigot, he has no choice but to vote Dem.
usually when youngsters grow up and get employed they change their veiws, so pray for that, unless of couse you are also a Dem, if you are then ask Darwin, see he has a direct line tothe primates which every Dem voter sees as their kin folks!
Great pics of the kids!
I hope you poop often so you can get off the Medimucial!

Anonymous said...

Yeah....I pretty much eat 20 for breakfast......

Foster Communications said...

"I don't feel dirty when I dream now" Now that's worthy of stitchin on a sampler or something!

Feel your pain about the tix. I've been a big time lurker on the Kid Rock site cuz he doesn't have any MN dates listed yet and that jerk better not dare do the whole tour without coming to Minnesota!

1 plus twins said...

hell ya! spankings are good and with how young he is you are in control!! ha ha

Flip Flop Momma said...

well I better come clean your teeth for u if ur in a nursing home;)

Honest to God boy I am never quite sure what to do with u...U may need a spanking as well.

20 what?

it sucks waiting for these people to post shit on the websites, like we have a life people..golldarnit.

now your talking..

Gette said...

I feel ya. Rush hasn't posted ay 2008 concert dates yet. I. Will. Not. Miss. Rush. AGAIN!

Katie said...

I saw that he was over 18, I was kinda shocked.

Flip Flop Momma said...

well I hope u get to c Rush...

Looks like they will be annoucing stuff tommorow now..bastards.

yup..he is legal and everything.

smizzo said...

LOL..you are with Def Leppard the way I am with Van Halen.

Rock on, sister!

Humincat said...

It's sad that I'm 26 and think he is WAY too young for me. I was always said to be 10 going on 21, so I think I'm 26 going on 45 or something.....just shoot me now!

Tom said...

Bossy, I have 15 years on ya, and you are still a spring chicken..trust me. When you're 20 something and 30 something co-workers ask "How was that done back in the olden days?", thats when you know you're old.
As a former 20 year old, I can tell you most 20 year olds could go after a hot older woman :)

Raggedy said...

Happy New Year!
Huggles and Love,

Flip Flop Momma said...

rock on all the way!!

well I am fast approaching the mid 30's, and I long to be 20 again..Things were good then..I had no strech marks, wasnt fat, and had money..haha

if only I was a hot older woman..

same to u my dear;)

just_tammy said...

Instead of going after the hot 20 year old High School Musical guy, you could try the dude who plays Hannah Montana's brother. According to an entertainment news show, he's only a couple years younger than you. The actors in Happy Days, Grease, and those shows were all older, but a 30 year old acting with a bunch of actual teenagers weirds me out a bit.

Are you try to say you are so hot you no longer need a dryer?!

Patti said...

Your kids are so cute!

Bwaa you kill me, facial hair rocks. NOT. Tell that to the three wee black hairs on my chinny chin chin.

Flip Flop Momma said...

but he is ugly....

I dont want ugly...I want dreamy..

well if u have facial hair, it totally rocks...so there;)

just_tammy said...

I couldn't figure out how to describe him so that is why he's a dude - an ugly dude works. Dreamy definitely doesn't apply. Maybe his wife thinks so...Oh, good thing you don't like him. You'd never break up a marriage - at least not on purpose!

CMB said...

Great post! The first concert I ever went to was Def Leppard in eighth grade. My Dad took me and my girlfriends to the Brendan Byrne Arena at the Meadowlands here in NJ. They were awesome! I hope you get tix.

Flip Flop Momma said...

yeah, no uglies, and i have seen enough hannah montanna shows to know i wont be breaking THAT one up;)

aww...they rock dont they?....I stalk them..Im a stalker , so becareful..

aatank said...

If your in Michigan you better make sure to stop by this time.

I'm sorry but that kid is not 20! I have not seen HSM2 or one for that matter but he is not 20.

Nothing like having to kiss Ass to the future President of the United States.

I'm still looking for that doctor that will that part out so I don't have to deal with Aunt Flo. Good Luck

Flip Flop Momma said...

he was born Oct 18th 1987....so he is going on 21;)

Boys didnt look like that when we were on the market, and thats just wrong..

Looks like I am coming..but its gonna be a super short stop..

I have been let down by the rock gods and they arent coming here..


Granny said...

I think you don't have to worry about menopause for a while yet.

For me it was one of the best things that ever happened.

Anonymous said...

cum on baby spank me!!
I think itd be ur ass that would be rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flip Flop Momma said...

I have high hopes;)

do u need a spanking?...

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope you survive this time without a dryer.
That is truly hitonious!!
I haven't seen High School Musical, but I saw that guy in Hairspray. I LOVE the movie Hairspray!!
I will be sure to be nice to your son.
I'm a good Republican.