Thursday, January 24, 2008

love stinks

Yesterday started out as any other, well...other then I am sicker then a dead dog.

My beloved daughter, whom will be 8 years old next Friday, comes waltzing in the door, just home from school. I do as I do everyday, I open her backpack and see what kinda homework she has. I open her notebook and an envelope falls out.

On this white envelope it says this..

"to Blondie

"from a BOY"

it was all sealed up like fort Knox with scotch tape.

She had no idea this was in there, apparently this lad snuck it in her bag as the bell was ringing...

I had her open it slowly, as I am not sure what little boys plant in notes these days..

Inside was a seashell, a trading card, and a red eraser.

She hit the jackpot...

On a pink sheet of paper it says this..

"dear blondie

do u love me?

if not, tell me cause I will have to

pick from Kelsey,Becca or Madison then.



I asked her if she liked this lad, she said he was "ok"...I then asked her if she was going to write him back.

You know what she said?

"i need to sleep on it momma"

oh Lord, she needs to sleep on it....

See, this is my conferences her teacher told me the only thing I need to worry about with her...are the boys...because all the boys in the school "love her"..

just put a damn bullet in my head now please..

So I was comfortable with the fact she was going to sleep on it. that's what any woman with a good head on her shoulders would do.

Yes, sleep on it, maybe have a wretched dream he tried kissing you or holding your hand, that should scare her away from him surely.

Well before nights end she had made her decision...she wrote him back.

I did not want to look, for fear of what I may find...

This is what my baby wrote back.




huh, she loves him?...what...oh hell no....

I keep thinking to least she was his first choice.



Bradley's Mom said...

Ahhhhhhh, puppy love.

You will survive this, Momma!

It's scary, though, isn't it??


Flip Flop Momma said...

i am not sure I am gonna make it..

I mean I am so sick and now this..I need u to come make me some soup:)

metalmom said...

Babygirl just passed one year with 'Boy'. She has decided that maybe she WILL go see that nasty doctor Mom told her about....just never know...

I wish I could turn back time.You think you're scared now? Just wait!
I'm shakin' in my boots!

Bradley's Mom said...


If I could, believe me, I would get over to you with some of my good homemade soup!

But since I can't, at least try to rest, and have your husband and kids wait on you and take care of you.

Rest, and be well!!


Flip Flop Momma said...

your scaring me sista..

well....I think they r sick of hearing me complain..


Gette said...

Get used to it, Boo will be there before you know it.

Rachel said...

She is so cute. It's no wonder that "boy" is in love, or so he thinks anyway! I expect this is just the beginning of many romances!!

1 plus twins said...

omg what the hell is in the water. between your blonde and my boys you and are gonna have start drinking that vodka again!! lol

Scarlet said...

Between Boo and Blondie, you're going to have your hands full. Well, better you than the boys. :)

Flip Flop Momma said...

hmm....I dont wanna hear it..

im sure her love 4 him wont last past friday:)

i think its best that we keep our kids awaya from eachother, what do u think?

I am not looking 4ward 2 the teen years w/these kids...I may have to move to Miami w/u.

Groovy Mom said...

Oh, that's priceless!

What if the boy wrote similar notes to the other girls and they all say, "Yes. Ok?" LOL~!

Vani said...

oh man, and i got 3 girls!!! not looking forward to these types of things at all. but yer right, at least she slept on it! hehe

Flip Flop Momma said...

Grovy Mom,
if he two times my baby, i will hog tie him 2 his desk;)

i know....ur gonna have loads of fun as well...

just_tammy said...

First a cold and now this...I'm surprised you're still alive! Some have already mentioned it just gets better and better with age - SORRY!!!

The Egel Nest said...

Flip Flop -

At least he didn't choose that little bitch Becca...


Sorry Mom!

I swore!

The Egel Nest

Flip Flop Momma said...

i want to drive a stake thru my head even more now.


The Egel Nest said... cute is it that my MOM is taking care of you

The Egel Nest

The Egel Nest said...

And the whole swearing thing...the more I swear...the more I endear myself to you...


The Egel Nest

KrazyMom said...

And it's only just begun!

Flip Flop Momma said...

i loves me i dont want u and phil getting all upset, there is enough love in her to go round..

mom might ground us both if we dont clean our mouths;)

I know....sad sad sad...

Fantastagirl said...

Oh the sweetness that it is...

Last weekend Pan was invited to a birthday party. He was the only boy invited - he didn't go, only because I didn't find out about the party until it was too late...

Katie said...

Good to know the notes haven't changed much over the years. Check yes or no.....

1 plus twins said...

i think that is a really good idea cuz the road our kids are on if they get together it is surly to mean headaches and sleepless nights. lol plus i am not ready to be a grandma and if your blonde breaks my kids hearts (which surly she will breaking many in her life time cuz she is too damn cute)i would have to kick some ass. lol

Cheeky said...

Awwww Puppy love!!!!

just_tammy said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I think you caught your cold from your Wal-Mart shopping cart handle. Have you seen what could have been pushing that puppy around before your delicate hands touched the thing?!

Flip Flop Momma said...

oh no, Pan must be a laides man then, if he is the only boy invited;)

i was thinking the same thing.

ha, i would rather her do the heart breakin then getting hers broken:)

yup..gotta love it.

nope, wanna no what i do...ANY time i touch a cart I spray the handle with my tiny can of Lysol..have u seen those mini cans?..they r so cute...

b4 the mini cans i wiped them with my hand sanitzing wipes i keep in my purse..

also use them on bathroom door knobs,opening restruant doors...and anything else u could imagine;)

just_tammy said...

I had no idea Lysol came in a small can. I need to find one. Guess I'm in the dark ages since I just have wipes and hand sanitizer I haul around. Where did you find the baby can and don't say Wal-Mart?!

Flip Flop Momma said...

I gotmine at target, but i have seen them at walmart 2...they are in the check out lane...thats where i have seen them most..

they are pretty handy and just the right size to throw in a purse.

CMB said...

OMG, how cute! Brings back a flood of memories. She is a beauty and as you already know, you are in for it! Good luck to the both of you.

Patti said...

Oh boy I don't look forward to these little scenarios! She is a doll though. I can see why all the boys love her!

Janell said...

She is a budding beauty. I can see why they are all falling for her. Good luck with that.

LaDawn said...


When my husband and I found out we were having a girl he wanted to know at what age it was reasonable to put a lock on her door. On the outside to keep her in. He never had any sisters!

But I remember my first love. I was 7. Shawn was his name. I can still see his sweet face when I close my eyes. I didn't turn out so bad.

Flip Flop Momma said...

i think my girls are going to give me a run 4 my money...then there is my boy...good gawd.

your day is a coming honey:)

well, i am not looking 4ward to the teen years, I hope she goes thru her gawky peroid soon so the boys 4get about her.

well it starts around Kindergarden, she has had the lads after her since then...and my girl in pre-school, yup she has them on her tail too..

better lock your girls up now;)

Foster Communications said...

Oh that is priceless!!
My 9 y/o niece was acting strange, we found out she was all stressed about Valentine's day because her teacher was making them give cards to everyone. I had to design her custom cards--"with no hearts jessi!!!" to save her from mortification. Kids have such dramatic love lives!