Thursday, January 25, 2007

Baby I love your way

I just thought I would let you know that last night Boo ended up eating most of her chicken and some corn. I gave her a second chance, why? Because she is cute and she said Pweese. What the hell more can u ask for? So therefore after her meal, which I let her eat in the living room..again, if u need parent advice, I am just a click away......She got a shitten poptart. Why?. Again, I am a fully functioning retard. But really, I did stick to the guns, because she did have to eat her meal, and technically she did...So shut the hell up.

Look at his here, and you tell me who looks the laziest.

I vote for the one of the left....A cat is suppose to be lazy, that's why God put them here. They serve no real purpose other then to shit in a box, that we clean...They are virtually useless in every way possible. Only plus side to owning a cat, is the bastards don't bark.

I had this dream last night that I had a baby. Well it more or less a nightmare. For more then one reason. First being, I don't really think I want a baby. I mean they are cute, but they are sorta like cats..

Second, I am trying to lose 40 pounds by my birthday, and this would put a damn damper on that whole thing.

Thirdly, I had a dream my baby had red hair. It was a girl baby, with red hair. Now red hair runs in my family, my mom has red hair, so it was no surprise she had red hair...But this is more or less what she looked like, only she had red hair.


I am getting my tubes tied tomorrow.

Bee Real


Miss 1999 said...

Ok, after that kind of dream, I believe I'd be getting my tubes tied, and my husband fixed, just to be safe *L*

Neurotic1 said...

I'd be running to the doc today demanding they tie my tubes now. My cat lays around like that too! I just call her my little whore. Oh and you did stick to your guns. Chicken first then poptarts!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Miss 1999,
yup, run while the gettin is good sweety, run like the bloody wind.

shit, I am tempted as hell to go..might even meet a "doc" in a dark alley, just to get it done faster.

Karin said...

I totally think you did stick to your guns she didn't get a pop tart until she ate the healthy meal you had fixed, great job. Well there are some babies so ugly not even the mother could see it beautiful. I think though I would have the husband fixed rather than you, his procedure is a lot easier. On the plus side if you were dreaming you must have gotten some sleep.

Karen K. said...

I thought that was your baby picture! I could have sworn I had seen it on your myspace. As much as I want a baby, I sure don't want any that fugly, I would have to call it shrek or Christina. hehe

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well, when I had Blonide, she popped out the fugliest baby ever..I didnt wanna say anytying, then mr shaky made mention that he hoped she didnt stay that ugly..after a few days, when the sweeling went down in her face, she got cuter..hehe

karen K,
yup..looks just like my baby pic, only I didnt have that much hair.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well, when I had Blonide, she popped out the fugliest baby ever..I didnt wanna say anytying, then mr shaky made mention that he hoped she didnt stay that ugly..after a few days, when the sweeling went down in her face, she got cuter..hehe

karen K,
yup..looks just like my baby pic, only I didnt have that much hair.

js said...

thats just too funny of a pic
cats suck thats my opinion and I was wrong once in 85 i think

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

so what happen in 85?

Amanda said...

Oh damn..I'd get my tubes tide after dreaming about that baby! Sheesh, thats a face not even a mother could love!
Maybe your son is learning from the cat??

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh my Lord, that's Mr Bean!! Or maybe it's Baby Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Either way, that kid is UUUUUgly!!

Red haired kids are so cute! My brother had orange hair and stark white skin and lots of freckles. His hair is auburn now, but he was such a cutie pie as a kid.

Cats have a superior attitude. They think they rule the house, and I guess they do.
I say ixnay on the atscay.

BTW, boys are supposed to be lazy. It's in their DNA, and it generally carries on into adulthood. :)

js said...

nuttin i been studyin on it and i mislead you cause i said i was wrong in 85 but I wasn't
my bad

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup seeing that fugly thing would convince anyone not to breed;)

love ur new pic.

yup its mr bean i do beilve..not an attracive baby huh?

i think red headed kids are cute, just not with THAT face..hehe

why u confusing me?

Marel Lecone said...

Hey, girl, all is well with me. Thanks for checking in--I will try and do better about getting online. I can't believe how big your boy is getting. :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I was just thinking about you today, I was gonna email u:)

i know the boy is gettin big, he is almost one whole decade old..damn.

Meow said...

Hahahahaha ... now that is one scary baby picture. I'd get my tubes tied, and keep my legs crossed if I dreamt that one !!
Hope you have a great weekend.
Take care, Meow

Cliff Morrow said...

Who sent you my baby picture?

~Deb said...

Okay that last picture is just fricken disturbing! TUBES TIED IMMEDIATELY! But weird that you say you've been having dreams about having a baby. I am having the same thing! (Not in my cards though- know what I mean??)

Anyway, LOVE the picture with the cat! Totally cute!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I plan on tieing them as well as keeping everythig crossed;)

i plead the fifth.

hope it doesnt mean I am suppose to have a baby and give the ugly bastard to u..geesh.

Working Mom said...

Please, please don't talk about babies having red hair. That's one of my biggest fears (I am a red head ya know). You've got me all scared!

Is that the new kitty? If so, crap it's gotten big!!

vani said...

i need to start bribing my kids with poptarts. i guess it works! and LMFAO of that pic..the red hair i might be able to deal with, not definitly that ugly!

The Kept Woman said...

I bribe my kids to do things with M&Ms and withold their favorite TV shows until they help me (usually this is for a tutu fitting which they think it's HILARIOUS to run away from me when trying to get them to help me fit them)...


js said...

because it is soooooooooo much fun!!!
ole corn-fuser

aatank said...

My Kay said something to me today you would enjoy. They were driving me nuts,so jokingly I said I was going to send her back where she came from. and she said,"Mom I'll never fit back in that egg in your belly".

I'm making an appt. for the hubby to get snipped soon because the kids keep asking for a brother. My thoughts are HELL NO.

Hope for better dreams.

Princess said...

Oh my goodness. No word of a lie, but my nightmare is having a red headed child! I konw, im so awful. But its a fear of mine!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

cats are also good for shredding couches that you don't want anymore, oh wait, you did want that couch, but after the cat got done with it, you don't....otherwise, i can't remember what you were talking about, i have stml..thats short term memory loss

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

poptarts me:)

m&m's is how i potty trained boo..nothing wrong with bribing that way;)

opps forgot Working mom,
well, if u have red hair, I will pray for u, but your odds arent good..hehe

Slick willy,
I dont like being confused, it confuses me.

now thats funny...the egg in your belly, thats clever...send ur hubby ASAP:)

do u have red hair?..if not dont sweat it..hehe

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I dont remeber either.

confusious say said...

confusion is only confusing to the confused..........

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

slick willy,

Choppzs said...

My kids eat in the livingroom all the time even though we have this nice ass dining room table. What a bunch of ingrates!!!

Oh and that is one UGLY baby! lol I would say if you really give birth to something like that, you should be forced by law to not procreate!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I think I should be stopped anyway, before its too late.

Kelly said...

Come spend a day with me, it'd be the best birth control ever! My own is an angel (like her mother of course), but some of our daycare kids...not so much so!

Princess said...

Nah i dont have red hair. I just have major issues! :P


Cliff Morrow said...

BB are you going to watch the Super Bowl?? Did you notice who the half time entertainment is??

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

spending a whole day with my own is good enough birth control:)

well I would say your in the clear then..haha

u bectah I know who is playig..I am gonna party like its 1999 that day:)

Raggedy said...

You and I can never meet. Nevah!
If we put Boo and Jaycee together it would be a double dose of the exact same thing! She was under my laundry basket mad last week. Se pulls the same dinner stuff. I bet she snuck that pop tart when you were not looking. I got through the effort to make stuff she likes when I hear how much she likes it and ummmmm the same food that was yumm is now yuck. What a cirlce!
That cat looks more lazy.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one