Monday, January 15, 2007

im gonna mess u up

I have had a busy few days. Lets see, I shall recap for you.

I did the following in no particular order.

*did minor cleaning
*verbally abused Mr shaky
*kicked a few puppies
*drowned a few fish
* worked out..Always do that

There, that's what is new here, what's new with you?

My mom and I are thinking of doing a 3 day 60 miles walk for breast cancer . Ya no she is missing a boob cuz of that, not sure if I ever told ya or not..Anyhoo, we looked into it and we need 2100 bucks in donations..

I am not one to go from place to place and beg for money so I can walk 60 goll damn miles. I mean its nuts, I will donate a few hundred, why cant that be good enough?..Why do I have to do ALL the leg work?..Why do I have to not only run/walk 60 miles, but also collect that kinda donations?

So it sucks ass....I want to walk my big ass off, yet I am not willing to collect donations..

Oh well, I tried.


Saturday I had to take Blondie across the state for her first wrestling match...

here are some pics.

She is doing her fancy move there to prevent that lil shit face from taking her down.

That is her after getting out of said attach....She is pretty damn good.

This is her not letting said shit face grab her legs and take her down.

This is Blondie proud of herself for not letting shit face take her down...Lets give three cheers to that..

This is her taking him down, see how she is taking him down by the legs, she is good at that....She is taking down little shit face right before your eyes..

This is her and another lil girl....That girl had one hand that had a lobster claw...

That is Blondie going for her legs..Look at her dive right in...She kicked some ass I tell you what..I know I wont mess with her anymore..

Out of all the lil poopers at the match, she got a trophy....She held that bitch the whole way home..

That little shit in the blue did choke her...Which totally pissed me off..I told him, good job at winnning that match, I may have her kick u in the nuts next time..Choking little girls so they cant get up makes u a big tough boy, ur momma must be proud..

stupid shit face..

She wrestled a bunch of kids, she got a trophy, yes she is a bad ass..


Well I have been up long enough, I need to go lay down now..

This was enough for me for one day..Yup, I am lazy...Lazy, that's me..Got a problem with that?

Remember I have a bad ass lil tot, she will kick your ass if u start some shit..Remember that.

I am not sure how it has worked out, but as I was looking thru family photo albums, I noticed that my kids are the best looking ones in the whole family...Which is not saying a whole lot, but other kids are trolls compared to mine...

I don't get it....I am not saying they are good looking , like better looking then yours, I am just saying they are better looking then any kids in my family...Our whole family is full of troll kids..

If you could only see what I mean...really..I mean really.

I just lucked out....Not only are they better looking then the rest of them, but I have one pure bad ass, and that just makes me all the prouder..

Ok, enough bragging about my bad ass girl and my non troll kids...If u think they look like trolls, that's fine, but u have not seen my nieces and nephews..

Im just sayin.

Bee Real


Neurotic1 said...

Your weekend sounds similar to mine. Minus the work out. I would hate to put my body in shock. Go Blondie! I have often wondered if parents of ugly kids know their kids are ugly. It's kinda like when a baby first pops out and everyone says how cute they are. No they aren't. Hell, Mr. Conservative got mad at me cuz I said Dorcas was ugly in his first pictures!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

when Blondie was born me and mr shaky thought it was some sort of joke God was playing on us....her face was bruised and fat, she looked like hell..and she was born with a big red birth mark on her forehead...and she still has it too, and Boo has the same thing..

so mine are sort of troll lke too i guess..oh well..

and dorkus is there!

Neurotic1 said...

I wouldn't call them troll like at all. I think they are all too cute! I have the same red birth mark by my right eye. I use to hate it. It has faded over time but when I meet new people they still ask about it. I have had several people ask me what hit me in the eye. Don't the dumbasses know that when something hits you in the eye- it makes a bruise!

Raggedy said...

Great pictures!
WTG Blondie! ^5
You rock girl
Get some rest Bossy.

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

aatank said...

I wish my weekend was that exciting. Saturday I had to work, than drive like a mad woman to saginaw for a holiday party, tried to get drunk (I should of had 1 more long island). Than got about an hour sleep because court was sick.

I agree with you on the baby issue, the majority of them are ugly ass babies. I just came across pictures of my youngest and I can't believe how round her head was.

Way to train Blondie~She's a Bad Ass just like her momma.

Kendra Lynn said...

Love the wrestling pics.
We won't be encouraging that in our house, Scott was worried that Kelsey wouldn't grow up to be dainty...she's a BIG girl.
So...wrestling is out...he wants her to be girly and like pink.

How's life?


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I know people as me what happen to her too...she God gave this to me, I born with it..

it has faded some, I cant see it anymore, but people who dont know her see it...

Boo, hers is not as noticeable, but its there...ugly ass troll kids I tell ya.

thanks...she is a good lil wrestler..I will be by in the morning to see how ur doing:)

hmm, at least u attempted to get drunk. I had to work so I couldnt, well without getting fired anyway;)

i think blondie and boo will be my bad asses, my butch, well, not so much..hehe

well when the kids are excited about something,I let them try anything..

She is all dianty and loves her dolls and loves to wear her fancy pink sweaters..but she does love to tackle the boys down and pummel them..shes my girl;)

life is crappy, but thanks for asking anyway sweety..hehe

just_tammy said...

Love the wrestling pics. Blondie is one tough chick! Guess the acorn didn't fall far from the tree. I was just thinking - yeah, made what's left of my brain work - in your family, the girls are tough and take care of business while the guys are all sensitive.

Hey, if you want to walk for a good cause, I send a check to help out.

Hope this week is much better!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I think your right about the guys and the girls...we girls are the bad asses that hold the damn family how sad is that?

I am hitting mr shakys company up for some loot as well as my dad and his company...then i might try and hit some places round here too..

the walk isnt until August, so i have all that time to come up with mom needs the same amount too, so really we need 4400..

I am hoping mr shakys place will doante 500 or 1000 a peiace and my dads place to do the same..since my mom use to work for same place for 17 years at one point..

but if u want to doante, i can get u the info..and that would be really cool.

just_tammy said...

Yeah, send the info since we women need to take care of business. It sure won't be as much as the companies but it will be something instead of nothing. Maybe you should post the info here as well. Some of your other stranger friends might want to help you out!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yea maybe i will post the link..since the walk isnt until august, I am not sure if I can start collecting donations yet or not..I know they say they will help you start up a website for people to donate, I may do that..

kaliblue said...

Think we've all had a "busy" weekend *giggles*. Your lil blondie rocks. She's a minnie you :-). Wishin I was close to ya'll so I could walk my butt off..

Blazer1234 said...

Damn, no messin' with Blondie.

js said...

you do have pretty young'ns
its a curse i suffer from too, i guess i know now what my folks had to endure with such beauty blossoming in their spawn.
goooooooooooo blonidi ooo hoooo
oh yeah u gonna walk 60 miles????
I'll dontate.....

Michele_3 said...

Wahoo Blondie!
You kicked some butt!!

How awesome that she wanted to participate in something like boy is going to mess with her in school, she will put them flat out huh?

Our weekend has been very mello also-Hope your doing well!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well ur more then welcome to come along...your ass witll thank you..haha

u got that right..hehe

so do u have troll like kids in your family too?..its a shame we have the burden of the semi nice looking ones, but what cna ya do?

and yes, I am gonna walk 60 miles..its not till august, so i hope it aint in the upper 90's that weekend...summers are mighty warm here..damn

I am hoping after she gets a year under her belt, the boys will know to leave her alone..cuz if she dont lay em out flat, her momma will:)

~Deb said...

Hey girlie!

Kicking puppies and verbal abuse, huh? Hmm. RUN MR. SHAKY, RUN!!!! ;)

I didn't know that fact about your mom. Sorry she had to go through that. It's nice to see that you're thinking about doing the walk. Hope everything goes well!

js said...

ok lemme kno bout the donate
im in
yeah the burden of pretty kids
it almost worser than being pretty yourself
the trails we face

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes, she only has one booby, guess i have nevr talked bout it..I should cuz its kinda funny.

mr shaky loves it when i am verbally abusive, trust me..hehe

as soon as I know more i will let u guys know so u can donate a qaurter ifen ya wanna..

they will help me set up a web site so people can donate on it..

thanks for offering to donate...u know i need to walk off this big ass, and that means a lot to me;)

js said...

u kno how i like backsides!
if u got any skinnier folks would wonder ifn u were sick!

Wethyb said...

Damn, what a woman!!!! I love that she's a wrestler!

Sorry I've been MIA :)

Kelly said...

Wow, Blondie would beat the crap outta my little one. Mine is all make up and drama, but gotta luv her! What does Butch think of lil sis being such a bad ass?

Hope life slows down for ya soon and you are feeling better!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

damn i just wrote a damn comment to u guys and its gone....damn it..

anyway..cracker even if i lose 40 pounds i am still obses.

she is a bad ass like her momma..haha

she likes many things, she likes to play with her doll, paint her nails, punch boys, play with her pet shop, punch boys, play uno, punch boys..

i am so proud:)

Jamie Dawn said...

Minor cleaning sure as heck beats major cleaning.
I did major cleaning plus laundry today since my mom is coming here for a visit. I'm pooped!
Blondie is one tough chick.
Hooray for her!

js said...

keep smoking that crack and you'll even start believing that

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well your house cant be too dirty, I mean shoot u just built it..hehe

crack kills cracker..

Cliff Morrow said...

Blondie should keep wrestling. As you know, boys will be grabbing at her legs for the next 50 years. She may as well get good at making them pay for it.
You sound like you'll make a great wrestling Mom. Just remember, stay seated and you'll be okay.

Fantastagirl said...

Get her some headgear to protect her ears.

Go Blondie! Go get'em girl!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well at her match saturday, it was hard for me to not wanna kick and beat the crap out of the kids trying to take her down..but I do look at it as practice for her..she is not gonna let a boy tell her what to do..

I know..she is getting some...I have been holding off on buying lots of gear as I was hoping she would soon be board with it..but it aint lookin that way..

Princess said...

Aww! I am so proud of Blondie! Hehe
She is gonna kick ass when shes older.


d said...

I'm not sure if you'll even see this comment becasue this post was so long ago - BUT - I just read all through these last 10 or so posts and I'm crying from laughing and my damn sides hurt and I damn near peed myself - ok - so maybe I did pee myself - but just a bit ;)

You're a riot. Missed u.