Friday, January 19, 2007


I am tired, I am fed up I am pissed, I am sick...That sums up the last few days. My son (whom I will be referring to as the boy now) came home early Tuesday from school with a fever of 103. I thought to myself, with the medical training and knowlgde I have, he can go till at least 104...No need to rush and get him, as I knew he was laying comfortable in the nurses office. And hell it was negative 5 outside so I was in no hurry. He had a heart beat, he had a pulse and brain activity. No damn need to rush. My hair was still wet from just getting out of the shower..I wanted my hair to dry or it freezes..For those of you piss ants whom have never had to deal with frozen hair..It sucks ass..

SO I go pick him up bou 2 hours later..ok I am joking it was like 10 minutes..and he is all sprawled out on the bed in the office crying..Telling me that I should not of sent him to school.Blah Blah bale about how I suck donkey ass as a mother..Ya, I know it already..

This is Tuesday night, which now is American Idol night. If your going to die, better make it after 9pm, that's when the show ends...

So then he goes to bed and Boo gets sick...She decided against better judgment and stayed up all night..She came up to our room and layed in bed with me..And did this over and over

momma, momma, momma..

then I say what

u da best momma

over and over...Or she would tell me she was not sweepy but she was berry pwetty dough..

Finally at 4 am she fell asleep, then Mr shakys alarm goes off at 5...I have one hour I can sleep...But no...I have to be awake to talk to whomever feels they need to converse with me..

I been to the doctor, and for the last time mind you..When u go there, they tell you shit...And I don't like knowing some shit...Anyway, now my bees are sick..All but Blondie and that is cuz she is so damn tough she kicked this bugs ass even before it had a chance to hit her nasal caivity to hit her lungs...She is a brave girl that one...

I plan on spending my weekend doing nothing but workout and eat mass qaunties of grass seeds and bean sprouts.

My 40 pound weight loss by my birthday is fast approaching, as well as my 60 mile walk for the boobs..

I am sorry this post makes little or no sense, as I am writing at 1 am hopped up on Ambien cuz this bitch cant sleep to save her soul, plus I was late getting home from work cuz the train I was waiting for just fucking stopped. Stopped right on the middle of the tracks, that lead to the road that leads to Bossys house..I was livid. I woulda shot someone ifen I had a gun...But I didnt.good thing..''

Well that's all I got, maybe I will have a more put together story tomorrow, this is all I have now...I am not drunk but I am high on something...Man I love that Ambein...Yea...Its nice..

ok have a good weekend...Or don't, I could care less at this point..I have enough crap I am dealing with, so u go ahead and do as u wish..U always do anyway.
]BEe reAl


Kendra Lynn said...

Ooh boy..Ambien. That stuff is great...once you get past the hallucinations.


just_tammy said...

Poor Bossy! Yes, frozen hair sucks. Having sick bees sucks. Not being able to sleep sucks. Getting stuck waiting for trains beyond sucks. I hope this weekend does not suck.

So we have til May 2nd to drop 40 pounds?! The race is on!

Neurotic1 said...

Gosh sure hope everyone there gets feelin' better. I hate sickness! Don't you have enough pull to keep that train on time? Have a better weekend! You could be like Mr. Conservative- I think everything in our house has been sprayed with Lysol. I hate that crap. My house stinks!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

man its been 6 years since it gave me hullcunations, but i do miss i just get goofy...but that aint so bad..hehe

yes all the above sucks ass..I dont work this weekend so it should not suck ass..

yes a few months to drop 40 pounds, its not looking good cause i just sent mr shaky to get me some mcdonalds for breakfst, but i do plan on running for an hour before work does that count for somethign?...yea didnt think so..damn.

I am a Lysol freak house smells like snot mixed with lysol..its a pretty good combination really.

I wish I had pull, I mean I thought I did..damn again on me...But I wanted to drive my mini van full speed into one of the side cars on the trian..I mean I even backed up and stupid is that?...but I went around the LONG way...which in turn pisses me off when its 10 degrees out and its after midnight..damn again.

js said...

i suspect i will never have to deal with frozen hair!!!
glad the lil bees are doin more better
if u eat all them seeds and sprouts your gonna poop like a friggin bandit
maybe your idea is to poop the 40 pounds off
if you lose 40 folks are gonna think you are a POW or have aids or something?!
have a good weekend

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

damn u must think I am thinnner than I really am..which is nice I guess..

But POW, now that is my goal wieght..thanks:)

I am so pale and have big dark circles under my eyes all the time I already look like I could have some form of STD..

ok I am not plae as I sun myself weekly, but u get the idea.

Now mr shaky is home sick, and boo is still not doin well...I just need a vaction...can I come there for a while? need to come here and get frozen would totally tickel u.

Anonymous said...

Being sick F-ing sucks!

I'm not but my baby is!

Hope you feel better soon.

cracka said...

ok i tried to comment but it said "blogger is stupid" or something like that. So I'll try try again.
As long as contracting said STD was exciting and ground shaking then it was worth it!
You gotta eat some red meat, that'll make u feel mo betta
the vegetablearians are easy to spot they all look unhealthy with pale skin and such.
Most of us "heavy duty" folks dont mind the cold, i aint one of them, js is cold natured gotta be warm!
but u can come on down cept I gotta go to tx next 2 weeks and its ice and sleet and such there.
Tell Ole Shakes-alot to mind the fort and come on!

Karin said...

Wow sounds like things are sucky around there. I hope everyone gets to feeling better there so you can go back to ignoring them. I have never had frozen hair that sounds terrible. Wow I wish I could take Ambien it sure would be nice to sleep through a night.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thanks..we are all feelin knda crappy here..hope everyone your way gets feelin better soon too.

well I aint pale, memebr I do always have a nice sun kissed glow...and i eat eat, just not the beef variely, I think it stinks and it taste like crap..sorry dude..

I dont much wanna go to texas, them texans scare me.

well call ur doc and get some, it works good...I took it when I was pregs for Boo, not nightly but I wa allowed..

and frozen hair sucks donkey testes me.

js said...

see there i knew sumthin was wrong
u need to bring ur lil butt to the deep south and learn how to cook the friggin meat!
u can't live on veggies, yard bird and swimmers
danged yankees
i tell u what

ok i see how u do me
i'll just go all by myself
good thing i treasure my own company

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I dont eat there.

well I know how much u would rather sit in the sheets with your wranglers tossed about the floor, its prolly better I stay back;)

js said...

well make it light on yourself.
why its always gotta be about my wranglers???
no swimmers either?
just yard bird?
limb rat is good too along with the ever elusive much coveted glorified goat. I kill them to protect humanity and keep them off your bumber and fender I eat them because I want to!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I thought u liked talkin bout your wranglers..haha

well lets see, I eat chicken..(yard bird I guess)..lean pork, ground turkey..(in replace of ground beef) veggies, and fruit..I once did eat deer, had a whole one, a friend of mine, her hubby killed it, and gave it to us..we had jerky and steak the whole nine smelled to rank when I cooked it, I coud not bear to eat it anymore..gave it to my neighbors..

crackzilla said...

u need some of that stuff you skeet up ur sniffer so you can smell!
I submit you aint cookin it right or something!
why you dont eat swimmers?
I'd think folks wouldn't eat hog nasty as it is.
Oh i don't mind discussin my dungarees any I just wondered thats all.
ok i wont assult the bee hive anymore!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I suspect there aint no good way of cookin it...I have a cookbook just for wild game..including deer,boar,duck, buffalo..u name it..

and it all sucks...I am a very picky eater when it comes to meat..I would rather eat lean pork then a fish any day...Now I do not eat ham,or any other pork produst such as sausge or bacon..

fish creep my ass out....I like em if they are swimmin in my tank, not my tummy..

so there.

crack-o-rama said...

well i try to get em killed before i eat em that way they don't swim in my tummy, tho it is plenty large enuf for marco polo played by several dozen fish at a time!

well ifn you have the cook book i'll let u cook and i'll just eat

Anonymous said...

well, studies show that the use of ambien and grass seed together produces some wild results. you can experience hairy ass syndrome, and late night eating episodes, coupled with one or more daily runs through the neighborhood naked

be careful

kaliblue said...

Frozen snot sucks even more *giggles*. Sorry to read 2 of the baby bees are under the weather. Feel better busy bees...

Kelly said...

Pass me some of your Ambien will ya? This alarm company from Hubbs store is pissing me off!! MUST GET SLEEP!

Hope all are well soon. Nothin worse than puking ducklings, or in your case bees.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I can never tell if the fish are dead or not..

is that why my ass is so hairy?

yes, u got me on the frozen snot..that sucks too:)

not the pukes, just feverish and snotty..hehe..

I can send ya some pills if ya want..I mean they work wonders:)

Anonymous said...

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