Monday, January 01, 2007

Some pig

This is not a post per-say..Rather just an update on some things.

If u have emailed me, I can not write u back. I am having issues with my main email, I can read them, but for some reason I cant write..So I have been writing some of u back with some other accounts..Sorry..Shit happens.

I am going to be giving myself a new email address as well as a new messagner..So if u are on my current one, u must let me know if u want to be added to the new one..
otherwise u wont be.

Moving right along, I am still not feeling well. And if one more person asks me if I am knocked up, I am gonna punch them in the face. I wish it were that easy. But I am NOT, and don't want to be...3 kids is plenty, I am not trying to OVER populate the world, we have enough assholes living in it as it is.

The other night I took Blondie to go see Charlotettts Web. There I witnessed something awful. Something no human should ever witness.

A mother daughter mullet sporting team.

It was a shame, it was such a crying shame.

I am cutting back on everything as of now. Things I use to do, I am no longer going to be doing..

like cooking, cleaning, bathing...I figure why bother.

I am just gonna carry out the remainder of my days watching VH-1 classic and Days of our Lives. It seems like a good combination to me.

Give me a few weeks, and I will be back in full swing..


I just realized Blondie has not bathed since she has been home on vacation...I thought I had sour milk in the fridge, turns out it just her.

Im so proud...She is truly looking like the welfare kid I was looking and hoping for..

Things might be looking up afterall.

Happy New Year jerkoffs, Bossy loves you:)

Bee Real


Cliff Morrow said...

Happy New Years and we love you too.
Put me on your email list. Ya never know when I might need to get in touch.

Kendra Lynn said...

Happy New Year to you also! Add me to your email list.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I will put u on the list, only cuz I really, really need to know a good farmer..hehe..happy new Year my friend.

your soon as I acctually sign up for a new email, u will be there:)

dakotablueeyes said...

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

this is not a "comment" is a non comment. would seem as though you are in good spirits for the new too. guess what i'm doing tonight? NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

why are you moderating comments?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

same to you.

yea, i am doing nuttin too..I dont know how they got turned on, it musta been an accidnet, I had them turned off for a few days, and I musta turned it on by mistake...and i am too lazt to shut it off..wanna do it for me?

deni said...

Since you haven't really posted, then that means I am not really here reading, right?

This is all a part of my warped imagination.

So I guess I will pretend to say Happy New Year!

Gette said...

Put me on the email, IM, and myspace lists. Oh, yeah, please.

Jodes said...

ok, i know I am in a different time zone, but I am pretty sure it is still Dec 31.......LOL silly girl. come by my that is. happy new year.

Jamie Dawn said...

Email me your new address, please, when you switch over to it. Thanky kindly.

I hope you SNAP out of this malaise you\'re in. It may just be the after holiday blues setting in early. I sure hope you aren\'t actually ill and fighting off some hideous bug. Please take care no matter what, and try to look forward to the WONDERS of the New Year. More laundry, more cooking, etc. You know, all those wonderful mom things that we LOVE so much!! GAG!!!! Actually, I do enjoy cooking and baking because I enjoy EATING!!!

Please see that Blondie bathes more regularly. You wouldn\'t want for her to be attacked by dogs.

Happy 2007 to YOU, my irritable friend.

just_tammy said...

Guess I can take a hint as to when to back off. You know where I am when you decide to join the human rat race again.

Have a great new year!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

right, this is a figment of ur immagintaiton..go back to bed, its all a dream:)

u are already on my myspace arent u?

I am just getting a jump on it..i wanted to post for the new year, so there..haha

ok, when i get my new email its all yours..

no bug, just other crap..u know how that goes..happy new year though...hope u ring it in right...say an 8 hour game of monolply?

shame on you...

your not the only one asking..hehe..

and i cant email u, my eamil wont work..i cant type...

i can read it, i just cant type a reply, its alll fucked up..

if u email at wherethebeesare..i can reply, but my regaulr one i can not..

and dont u dare back off..or i will hunt u down and kill u.

Brandy said...

Happy New Year Bossy and to all your loving bees and Mr Shaky! Heres to a great 2007!

Brandy said...

PS Plz add me to your new messenger!

JD's Rose said...

Why bother cooking?... I don't know, they only eat it and it is all gone anyway.
Cleaning? No idea. They only make it dirty again.
Bathing? I don't get this one either. They just get dirty, and why bathe when you can just wait for summer to come around again. Surely that has got to help with the problems with our ecosystem and water restrictions.

Happy New Year!!!

Fantastagirl said...

Keep me on your email - mkay?

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you to hun!

LMAO about Mullet duo. Classic!!

Hope you come back soon!

The Blog Whore said...


Peggy said...

Happy New Year and don't make me come up there and change your attitude! LOL If I do I will bring you more than a baby chick!

Jewl said...

Yes, that is right, I am back... Did you miss me? :)
Happy New Years chick... I'd be happy to help you with the remainder of your days while watching Days and VHI.... two of my favs!!
I saw a little girl with a mullet once, it IS a crying shame!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hey guys,
Thank you all crack my shit up...

I am going on a trip..gonna go to Florida..gonna go to Orlando, Key West..(house hunting)...then back..

I need some sunshine..

ok, I am not going TODAY persay, but I AM going:)

Happy new Year u all.

Michele_3 said...

Happy New Year girlfriend!
I hope your doing okay! Maybe just a little burnt out on things?
We all go through it...
I have been in a slump of things for months now..Getting better though!
anyway- put me on the list,I want to stay in touch!
hope you don't stop blogging!
Much HUGS!

Michele_3 said...

Happy New Year girlfriend!
I hope your doing okay! Maybe just a little burnt out on things?
We all go through it...
I have been in a slump of things for months now..Getting better though!
anyway- put me on the list,I want to stay in touch!
hope you don't stop blogging!
Much HUGS!

Jerry said...

Keep me on your e-mail list. I hope you are just having some down time, and not really sick.

See you when you return!

1 plus twins said...

so glad you still have your humor!! and vh 1 and days of our lives sounds like an abosolutely great way to live. lol hang there and i am praying for you!

Britmum said...

Please make sure you keep me on your list Bossy.

I am thinking of you sweetie.

Take care xx

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes, just burnt out i suppose, u know how that goes:)

thank u and happy new year.

i will keep u...i have not chagned it yet..i am THAT lazy:)

sure thing, i havent changed it yet though, so dont fret..

happy new year jojo..much love to you:)

Princess said...

Oooo! Add me to your MSN! :D

I hope your feeling better! *hugz*

Happy New Year


* Im so proud...She is truly looking like the welfare kid I was looking and hoping for.... ROFLMFAO!

keesh said...

Happy and Merry girl!! a mullet team....that had to be freaky! Especially a Mother/daughter team...I want your new email address woman. Can i get it through your blog contact info?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Idont have MSN..I have Yahoo, which sucks, but I am really not that into messaeging anyway, so your not missing anything:)

well that is my email for the blog, I dont ever check it but once a week...

Useless Man said...

Do you keep Blondie in the fridge?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Useless man,
I plead the 5th on this one friend.

js said...

thank god your not bred!

Bossy you told me you were on somthing to take care of that!!!
need I be worried??
Papa Cracker

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Cracker babydaddy,
be worried, be very aorried..never trust a chick when she tells u shes on somehing..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Cracker babydaddy,
be worried, be very aorried..never trust a chick when she tells u shes on somehing..

potent js said...

I was afearin some chick somehwere would try to trap me
how i'm gonna make the support payments??
you and all them young'ns won't fit im my shanty.
dang I already claimed Butch

Kristen said...

Happy 2007! Hope you are feeling better today. I was in a haze yesterday from New Years eve and my date with a bottle of Santa Margherita. I never learn....

Princess said...

I got yahoo, but i dont know how to use it well :P
If you wanna add me, that would be cool :)


Raggedy said...

Happy New Year!!!!
I hope you feel better soon!!!
I have missed you.
Extra hugs, love, thoughts and prayers from me to you!

(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Jodes said...

are you back yet??? feel better!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hey guys,
i am still alive...barely:)

princess i need your yahoo ID..

Jodes, I am here, but not really..hehe

still feeling like dog shit:)

long time no see..hope your doing well..

yup, i am a trapper...i got u good huh?...i will accept payment in 20's and 50's..and its 500 a month and u owe for at least 10 years..u do the math:)

js said...

for the love of god!!!!!!!!!!!!
It takes me 3 weeks to make $500.00. I mean I get about 2k a month from the g'ment in welfare, + the g'ment cheese and eggs I peddle in my roadside tand and stuff and I get free child care and and and they pay for my gas to come and go from the clinic where I get my free meds and health care but damn now you want me to pay some of the money I earn fair and square too???
are you really Hillary Roadham posing as a pretty smart funny woman??
(ok i'm funnin now way that bulldog could pull off any of those 3)
Po Cracka

The Kept Woman said...


You're pregnant?!!?!?


Ohhhhh...can I be on the e-mail list too? I take back the thing about you being knocked up.

Wethyb said...

I thinking watching Days all day sounds like a fabulous idea! Can I join you?

Happy New Year!

Oh, and yes, there is something very wrong with that mother/daughter mullet team. Very, very wrong.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well the more kids u have, the more welfare u get?..isnt that how it works..dont copmplain, I want my damn money.

damn good thing ur ducking, cuz I have a knuckle snadwhich with ur name on it.

yes, U are invited, come on down..

Meow said...

Hope you are starting to feel better.
Please put me on your email list ... thanks.
Take care, Meow