Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Crying Game

I thought I would let you know what I have been doing on my down time..ya no, while I am counting down the days till I die.

I am very good at this. But it is not as easy at it looks. It took me and Boo over a half hour to get all the damn fish out. After my 20 victories today against my 3 year old oppenet, she did not want to play with me anymore..

Not sure why I was being singled out, cuz Blondie beats her too...

I mean she acts like I am cheatin.....I mean I do have a bigger brain and can control my rod better then the average female.

But to flat out not want to play with me anymore...Well I never!

Not sure why Santa bought this stupid ass game anyway.

Then she wants me to play her Candy Land Dora game..I do...I win, only because she cant follow the rules, she is NOT a team player..If she draws red, she just goes to any ole damn red she sees...

When I am ahead of her she says " good job momma, your doing it"...Then when I win, she tells me to go home.


I told my son last night that if he does not get a 100 on his spelling test Friday he will be grounded all weekend..(I mean he usually does good, but I was in the mood to threaten someone)

he then says " gosh mom, thank you for that information"...Like maybe he was planning on skipping school that day, or to do his spelling test in Chinese or something.

He was thanking me for the heads up...I like being appreciated that way.

I am here to help, that's what I always say.

I am livid about some things. When I am livid, it is good for noone. Especially the people who live with me.

Pretty soon I am going to have High Blood Pressure, and then die.

BTW, that Donald Trump is a prick. I just wanted to get that off my chest. I am NO fan of Rosie, but when all he can come back with is " your fat, a loser and a degenerate"....That shows the class he has...Which is none. He is in the welfare department of the class world. Plus he is ugly.

Anyway, I probably wont post again this week, because holy shit, Bossy has a life and shit that needs to be done.

I think someone is stalking me from MYSPACE....Its kinda cool.

Well that's all I got. When u think of fish, think of me. If u think of smelly fish, think of someone else please.

Bee Real


notta stalker said...

i think i won best looking again!!!!

if rosie wasn't fat and ugly and abrasive then DT wouldn't have a leg to stand on, but since she is he wins, plus she lied in the beginning about DT. Dt doesn't need class he has money, and alot of it.

why u keep beatin up on boo for?/

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

u always think u won best lookin;)

well all rosie did was state facts about mr trump, and all trum can do is call names like a fucking 3rd grader...I dont like either one of them, but I m glad his show did tank...

and i would rather have some class over money any damn day.

well, its easy to beat a three year old, bout the only way I can win anything cracker..

I am fat, I am lazy, and I am a loser and a degenrate..

Neurotic1 said...

I'm glad you can control your rod better than most females! Btw- what rod are you talkin' about? Santa always brings fun games. Dorcas got a bowling game. He just doesn't have the concept of rolling the ball. He picks it up and chugs it at the pins. That's my boy!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

any rod I can control better;)

yup, he sounds like my kinda bowler..he should join my bowlin leauge!

js said...

well she said he had been bankrupt etc and when he called her out on it she hushed. I for one am against the name calling but come on calling her fat and a loser would be just like calling me a cracker. I don't think DT's show tanked did it? I have never seen it although the guys I used to work with sent in an application to play on it.
i'da won too.
why rosie didnt fire on him for failed relationships, shitty hair and living off his daddys money I'll never kno
but then i'm smarter qwuicker and funnier than herso i guess thats it

Raggedy said...

Great pictures!
What fun!

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

anti cracker,
well, I think Rosie doesnt like to play that way..and I do remeber Trump going bankrupt in the 90's..he may have some fancy term now for what happend, but he was in default on serval of his accounts..

and calling people fat, well that just dont sit right with me..calling them ugly, same thing..if u cant fire back with anything itelligent to say, then keep the fucking mouth closed..ya no..

and yes his show tanked, i read it that today...

and I call ua cracker, cause I like Saltines..


thank you sweety..hope u have a great dya as well

pretty j said...

damn that would lead me to believe that u liked my constant aggervation?!?!?!?!!?
DT was never bankrupt
his casino one time didn't do good but he was never bankrupt

if anyone had a lick of self respect they would never let anyone talk to them like that
ole capitalist js

Anonymous said...

i truly agree with you about donald trump. he is ugly and gross, and his head needs to be shaved. i'm not a fan of either one of those idiots. the way they are behaving reminds me of 5 yr olds. as for you being livid, sometimes you can get your best cleaning done at those times. glove up!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

pretty ole cracker,
well neither one of them have any self respect..

and i love to aggravate u..dont u know that already..I like to picutre u, sitting there all nekid, wranglers wadded up on the floor..u reading this, pounding your fist sayin.."im gonna teach that bitch a lesson"..



I dont like cleaning suzie.

big poppa said...

now see that gives me a complex
cause here i am thinking, she works so hard and she is so worn out, i just wish I could rub here sore feet and massage them until she falls to sleep.
then making her breakfast and bringing it to her bed

and here u are thinkin mean thoughts of me

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

good Lord..I dont belive that for a second..


Cliff Morrow said...

Those kids are really cute. Adopted??
btw, you and I shall from now on not talk about stars. I didn't like Donald until recently. :}

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes they are adopted:)

well, i dont care for either one...i just think name calling is silly..I mean Butch calls names..he called Blondie an immature girl man today..

he is threatned by her power to take him down like little school girl:)

but agreed, we wont talk stars..hehe..unless its the big dipper:)

monkey man said...

well u shouldn't have believed it all BB.
I did allude to things that werent true
i was going to hire the people to help out around there.
i would hire 2 nannys to raise chilren
yeah 2 one daytimer and one nighter
the i was needing to hire a cook for the moaning breakfast
then 2 massuses
one foot specialist and one general pracmassaganer
anyway u werea meanie so i cancelled all interviews!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought you liked Rosie?

Wasn't it you who got a reply from her blog?

What happened?

Donald Trump is an ass.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah and I remember when he was bankrupt! DOn't you?

10 years ago maybe?

It was big news.

And how is Rosie such a loser?

She took a crappy ass show like the View that no one ever talked about (except when they were screwing Star Jones) and has turned it into THE show that people talk about now.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

so were you getting all these folks casue u know I am lazy?..hehe

I am not a fan of Rosie, I can take her or leave her..yes I did get a reply on her blog, but I really have not been back there since..

I do remeber him going bankrupt, it was all over the news in the mid 90' was not just a casino...

he is a failure in everything, not only his private life.

And yes, I hated the view before, now i dont mind it so much, anything is better then that big fat bug eyes star jones damn she needs to be sqashed under my shoe.

Blazer1234 said...

I love playing games with little ones and beating them. It reassures me that I am smarter than they are. Of course, when I lose, I tell them to "go away".

DT is an idiot, and I've never seen two people who are SUPPOSE to be professionals (professional what, I'm not sure. I'm still trying to figure that one out)act like 5 year children on a damn playground. They both need to drop it, because holy crap, I'm tired of hearing about it. Can't you do something, like ground them??? After all, you are "Bossy".

just_tammy said...

Hey, I'm with Blazer 1234 on you straightening out DT and Rosie. If anyone can take care of this mess, it's you. I don't know if I can handle much more of those two. Just when you think there isn't any more hot air in them....

Love winning kids' games. Love winning any game. My family tells me I have an illness in that department. Just one of many as we darn well know.

Well, time to tackle yet another closet or pile or whatever. Man, I hate moving. Another thing you could possibly figure out is who the heck keeps leaving their junk at my house for me to sort, put away, donate, or toss!

Princess said...

What IS actually going on with Trump and Rosie? Im completly outta the loop here. :/

Gotta love stalkers! ;)

Goodluck to Butch! Let us know how he goes! (omg, did i sound like a stalker? now im all paranoid;)

*carry on...


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

one day with me, alone with those two hooligins, they would be married by days end, or dead..I dont care which.

your moving?..when?..where?

stop stalking me:)

Michele_3 said...

Your girls are so cute!
They both look like you!

I'm sick of the rosie/donald feud as is getting so played out already..I could think of so many other important things they should be arguing over..

But, I believe he is just one big bully, he may be rich but has no class..I know a friend that met him & she said he acted like an asshole, He was very conceited and acts like everyone is underneath him..

I have never liked him- I do like Rosie- sometimes she opens her mouth alot about things that piss people off though..She cracks me up on the view though!
All in all-I think DT's comments are disgusting(calling someone ugly, fat & a loser is so childish)
Jeez, how long will it go on? LOL!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup, sometimnees rosie opens her big mouth and just makes herself out ot be a boob..but donald, he went way over the line..calling people fat, is just plain childish, hell even my kids have more resepct for people then to call them fat..they would never say that about anyone..

donald has no class and his parents brought up a spolied man with no self respect, they should be so proud!

Karin said...

It sounds like you are quite the fisherlady. I am happy you are so talented that you are skilled to beat a 3 year old. As far as Rosie and Donald I think it is time to drop the whole thing it is so childish.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Katin, I am very skilled, I could prolly beat my 10 year old too..

and I agree..they need to get over and kiss and get married;)

mal said...

*L* she is mad because you are expected to let her win! Her sib is not so required

I was sick of the Rosey/Donald show when it first cropped up. I find them both obnoxiously self righteous. JERKS

~Deb said...

I honestly think that the Rosie and Donald Trump deal is a publicity stunt. Think about it- Rosie is going downhill with her 'comments' and Donald Trump is putting out his new show.

They NEED publicity. Mark my word!

~Deb said...

By the way, I'll stop stalking you on myspace. ;)

mike said...

It's always about controlling your rod.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup I was tired of it day 2...they both need to grow up.

oh am I suppose to let her win?..damn

yes, I do beilve that has a lot to do with it..last year DOn was insulting Martha when his show started losing ratings..I mean when ur show sucks ass..just stop making it..

and u can stalk me anyday honey:)

well, I have been known to handle a rod pretty well:0

Meow said...

C'mon Bossy, you've been feeling like crap for long enough ... snap out of it girl !!
Way cool that you keep beating the kids at their games ... isn't that what being a mum is all about. They need to learn that life is not all about winning, don't they !?!?!?
Maybe Rosie and DT need to pair up ... eeewww, that's such a scary picture in my mind !!
Anyway, Bossy, hope you have a great weekend, and are feeling your normal 100% again soon.
Take care, Meow

dakotablueeyes said...

my daughter is the same way and she's 8. Just can't stand to loose

Jamie Dawn said...

Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp sounds like a paradise for you. Your hubby is so thoughtful. Skip the lipo though because that can kill you.
Your comments about the class pictures nearly made me pee my undies. "Faces only a mother could love" sent me over the edge!

You need to let Boo win the game sometimes. Her self esteem is getting low, and she is beginning to hate you.
Your son has a quick wit. That kid is gonna be hell as a teenager!

Have a nice weekend. Hopefully, Blondie won't throw up and ruin the weekend.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you...pretty soon i am just gonna have to snap out of whatver it is and just stop complaing about it:)

kids, my son is the same way..he is almost 10..not to mention mr shaky hates to lose..he even refuses to play games with me anymore:)

i would love to go to the camp, maybe next time..

i swear though, u should see the pics..oh and blonide brought hers home the other day and her class was worse:)

1 plus twins said...

man i hated that fish game when my kids were little. same thing they would get so pissed cuz i could get the fish out. the worst was chutes and ladders. they cheated like crazy!! glad they don't like to play those games anymore. your girls are adorable. your son seems to have the same sense of humor you do!! lol have a great weekend.

Granny said...

Just checking in to say hi.

Tammy said...

I can remember the one Christmas where I little sister got that game. We all sat around playing that game for hours. It was fun.

I have been thinking about getting it for my kids.