Tuesday, January 16, 2007

running with the night

I have been thinking. And when I think, bad things happen. First, I think I need to walk 60 miles. Mr Shaky tells me he does not want me doing it, as he is unsure of my ability. Not my ability to walk 60 miles, he knows that would be a breeze. But my ability to raise 2200 bucks is questionable in his eyes. . He does not think I am the "fundraising type"..What the hell? He is sure I will not be able to collect the donations. This angers me a bit, for a few reasons...First being no one should tell me I aint capable of anything...Second being, does he think I am so lazy that I wont go getting donations and then we have to fork over the 2200 bucks?..I don't know, I don't get it..

I am so signing up for sure now, and holy shit, if I don't get my donations, he will be so freaking pissed off, I may go for a walk a lot longer then 60 miles.

I walked for 2 hours yesterday, I am in training mode. But I could only cover a little less then 10 miles in that two hour period. This is not looking good. I need to hit it harder.

I have been thinking about what I want for my birthday...This is what I want,

I want the Bowflex Treadclimber. Its only about $2,300....After I take donation for my walk, I am doing a donation for this. I am tired of being an obese piglet.

What else was I going to say?...

I don't know....I am tired of working...Seems all I do is work anymore. If I aint working for this, I am working for that..I have been working so hard that I am sure pretty soon I will have enough money to roll in...Or sleep with, or use as band aides or tampons..So that is hopeful I guess.

I better work all I can just in case I cant get all my donations..Holy shit, I am so stressing about it now..Mr Shaky has me shaking in my New Balance Cross Trainers.

Anyway, that's all I have...I wont be posting again till at least Friday...And my next post will be my 800th post...Go me, I have no damn life, that's what that says about me..

I will leave u with a few words of Boo wisdom..This is what she told me last night.

pee pee is water, but poop is alive

take what u will from that people, I am sure there is some wisdom in that somewhere..Just look for it damn it, I aint gonna do your thinking for you.

Bee Real


JD's Rose said...

I knew poop was alive, damn it!

I think oyu can raise the money by smiling and fluttering your eyelids. If not, just threaten some little old lady with decapitation of her pooch. That's sure to work!


ole donator said...

Ok heres the deal
You walk the 60 miles, I'm in for 10%. Now all you have to do is get 9 more me's and your there. I'm not paying any for the walkarame or whatever it is!
the average human, since evolving from Democrats, ooops sharptons, oooops apes walks 4 mph so ur ahead already!
so u go girl!!!!!!
ok save this somewhere so I can't renig on my donation. Get nine more and walk walk walk. You gotta make the whole 60 tho, its all or nuttin

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Jd rose,
yes poop is alive,hehe

well what if the little lady i find has no pooch, then what?..haha

oh hell, why wouldnt i walk the whole thing?..now r u questionaing my abilty to walk?..dang cracker..u and shaky are alwyas gettin on my shit..its almost like we are married..

well as soon as i sign up, the ACS gets me a donation recieving site, u can donate if u like...and i would thank u cracker..i might even send u a pic of me with my free shirt i get on..maybe flas my boobies..

ok I wont flash..well unless its really hot out then..

deni said...

Be careful buying anything from Bowflex, it's not the products, it's the financial company. We bought a Nautilus bed from Bowflex, love the bed, and we paid and paid and paid and paid. The bed was around $2,000, after five years we still owed $2,000. We finally paid it off when we refinanced our Jeep, otherwise we would still be paying for it 30 years from now.

Neurotic1 said...

Don't you just hate it when someone tells you that you can't do something? It just gives me more motivation to actually do it and prove them wrong! I think Boo may end up being a famous philosopher.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yeah, thats why I plan on just buying one, not finaciaig one..I have heard that about them. SO I am going to save up to buy one...in prolly 30 years or so..hehe

yup, him telling he he does not think I can collect the donations makes me pissy...he is gonna learn not to mess with me...

yes, I think Boo would make a great philosopher..she knows lots of wise things;)

just_tammy said...

Hubby is trying to rain on your parade?! Shocker! My hubby has already rained on mine. We had agreed on my Boo's 15th birthday present and when I put it on the table this morning, he had a cow. I was momentarily shocked and then realized who I was dealing with. He is such a dweeb. He apologized since he finally remembered the conversations and still...

Yep, pee is water but watch out for that poop!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

so what did u get her for her birthday that the hubby forgot about agreeeing about?

dont turn your back on poop...she baby knows stuff..

just_tammy said...

We agreed to give her a ring he had gotten me when she was a baby since I no longer wear it since he bought my anniversary ring. I wrapped up the Eragon CD she wanted and then tied the ring into the red ribbon. Then I asked him what he thought. He now swears he was just surprised thinking the ring was part of the bow. She is such a girlie girl who has always loved the ring. Who would have thunk a little gold ring with five tiny diamonds would have caused such a fuss?! Plus we had at least three conversations about passing it on to her. Just kinda ruined the fun of it for me. Some times guys seem to enjoy raining on our parades.

Anyway, we will all make sure you have more than enough money so keep on training!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

when I was 18 my mom gave me her pearl ring my dad had given her when she was 16..I still have it to this day..I dont wear it, but I have it..

I want to give my girls some rings of mine when they get older, I keep telling shaky he needs to freakin by me somthing..damn...

oh, I am training, wether i get the dough or not, my ass will be smaller just from the training...

once i get all the info i will give a link for people if and when they want to help out..

js said...

well no flash or pics required
no doubt u can do it either, just added incentive and motivation!
I never mind donating to good folks with good causes that actually work too!
go get em

Karin said...

I believe you can do it! I think Boo is quite the philosipher.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

u just may have gave away your one chance for a flash, poor u..hehe

yup, she is very wise my boo bee..you will have wise bees too, I am sure of this!

Kendra Lynn said...

That is a serious treadmill...wow.


vani said...

you can do it bossy! and your boo bee is not a retard after all- she is so right about the poop.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

and I have as eroius fat butt proebelem..haha

I think she is right about the poop too..she is very, very wise, that one there.

js said...

that hurts my ego
with me being the Sire of one Butch Bee it should be obvious I have witnessed the goods.
even if I hadn't I'd still donate minus the greatly added value of the flash!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ouch, didnt mean to bruise the ego..hehe

I just found out a friend of mine from school. her mom died in a car acciendet yesterday..and the person she was with worked for my dad, and he acctually has mr shakys old job...they were on there way somewhere for work, and it happned...so sad..

thats what happens when u drive on shitty raods, this is why I hate winter....

~Deb said...

Wow...you are one busy lil' bee! That treadclimber always reminds me of those fads that come in and out like that contraption that swings- it takes both your legs like an eliptical and swings them out. What is that called? That guy with the pony tail was advertising it too- you know which one. Come to find out that it doesn't really work as well as they thought it would. I think the best investment would be an eliptical. It has all the benefits of getting your heart rate up there and also for muscle burning.

Anyway, that's just my useless opinion fer ya!

Good luck with the fund raising, and when you're all good and ready afterwards, walk that fine little bum over to New York and have a congratulatory martini with me for your 800th post! Congrats girl!

aatank said...

MEN, they just complicate our lives. I would go back to all of the crappy places you have worked and ask them for a donation, god knows you've worked for enough companies.

Wow your Boo is retarded and witty all wound into one adorable blonde girl that all the boys will want. You better get ready to protect that little girl. She'll whip out "Poop is alive" on the first date and they will be lining up around the corner for that one.

That treadclimber looks evil, I'll stick to my elliptical.

The lady who died in the car accident, who are her kids? I know who she is, but I can't place any of her kids. She just lived around the corner from us and bought her pool chemicals at our store. It's so sad.

js said...

damn that officially sucks
sorry to hear that
ole bruised ego sorry j

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

your thinking of Tony Little, and I know the thing ur taling about...but this is NOT it..this machine is pure hell on wheels, ok not wheels, but u get my drift:)

your right about the stupid compaines I have worked for, damn..

Christy and Bill Miller...Christy was a year younger and Bill was a year older...Me and Christy use to shop lift form the Big WHeel..aww good times.

Chrity and Laurie were neighbors, we all hung out all the time..so sad, and my mom amd MAry use to be really good frineds..so sad..

yup, sure does suck ass..

The Blog Whore said...

Holy crap! Why do you do that to yourself?

If poop is alive maybe it can resurrect that dead fish I just flushed.

Wethyb said...

Damn that girl is so wise.....I'll have to write that one down :)

And, I want that exercise machine! That looks kick ass!

Blazer1234 said...

Ok, Boo's quote is one for the books. I totally laughed my ass off when I read it.

You can do a sweep of the prisoners' cells, and any moo-la you find keep it for your walk.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

The Blog Whore,
I am an idoit..glutten for punshiment..poop does know CPR so ur fish may surface again.

yea, that machine looks like it could kick ass, but its damn pricey, wanna go halfsys?..hehe

she is a smart one..that boo of mine.

Prisioners arent allowed any money..or else I may entertain the idea.

Raggedy said...

Woooooohoooooooo on the walk!
I am sure you can do it.
LMAO at the poop alive, because I heard from a 4 year old today that poop has eyes!
Whatever that means..

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

keesh said...

You can do it girl!! And when you do you can tell hubby what an asset you will be to his future Church because you will be able to get all those people to tithe their 10%....and i say you should get the workout machine. I want one too. as soon as my basement is finished, i am purchasing some sort of machine :)

Brandy said...

Just a short note to let you know that I am still breathing. Got a min to read a little this am. Good luck on raising money for the walk. Very worthy cause! Take blondie with you and threaten to have her kick their ass if they dont cough up some money! hehe Hopefully be back soon to the blogging world. Things should settle down sometime next week for me. I think, I hope, I pray!

Kristen said...

Thinking of something profound to associate with the pee pee and poop being alive comment. I got nothing. But it's damn funny.

And I got a pair of running sneaks for Christmas and still haven't used them. I better get off my ass so I lose the 10 I want to lose before my wedding! Damn I'm lazy.

Cliff Morrow said...

If you get two of her for your birthday, I'll take one.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

poop has eyes, yes Boo says that too..well she says its her friend..kids are kinda stupid..haha

holy cow, you have a point there..thank God for u, I woulda never thought about that..damn..thanks:)

I been thinking about u:)

10 pounds by your weedding?..u can do it...unless your wedding is tommorw..hehe

I am thinking I wont be getting one, unless u all of a sudden turn very generoius:)

deni said...

Good, I just didn't want you to get screwed over like we did. :)

Emma Sometimes said...

poop is alive? that is hilarious. GOod luck with the walk. Get some good shoes for WALKING, not running, cross trainers, just for walking, it'll make the difference.

Jodes said...

WOW, something brought me to your blog today and now I know what. I know what 60 miles youare talking about and i did it and so can you. you can raise the money it is not hard, even if you are short by the time the walk comes around trust me if you make sign that says you are short people will be running you down to give you money. OMG you will never be the same after this walk, it is life changing and such an awesome thing to do. i can just cry thinking about the amazing experience it was and all the wonderful people i have met. i had awful awful blisters but each one was worth it. and i would not buy that tradmill, you should pound the pavement for training and take up some other form of exercise too. FIND the right shoes and socks! so important. train train train!!! it is so worth it. I am so proud of you for wanting to do this. I will be on the crew this year for san deigo. you get signed up and come tell me, I will donate at least 10 bucks, I am pretty broke. also find people to train with, i have 4 new friends that will always be close and it is because of this walk. go to the message boards and just type in the area where you live and say you are looking for training partners. ok, OMG i am so blabbing here, sorry i get carried away about this.

Choppzs said...

Ok first off, you run a really damn lot! I walk down to the mail boxes and say that's enough!!

And Secondly, I think your Boo is going to be the next great poet. You watch, her name will be in lights and her saying will be heard from every mouth on a stage. Can you imagine the scene.

Girls in Victorian gowns are walking around the stage, acting out their scene of women chatting while their men are off sipping brandy and smoking cigars in another room. The men come in to join their women. One man says to his wife. "Please excuse me, I have some business to attend to." The wife bows politely to her husband and whispers ever so lovingly in his ear "Remember Dear, pee pee is water, but your poop is alive!" Then it cuts to the scene of the man sitting on the pot, standing up , looking down at his doodoo and starts crying. He is devestated that he must flush what is alive.

Ok, enough of that. I could go on forever. Yep, poop talk is alive and well at this house too!

Heart Of Darkness said...

I try not to use my head - I get lost in thoughts so easily, see it's unfamiliar territory to me... *sigh*

I want the hot guy in the BowFlex commercial... hey, what I've got in mind counts for as work out as well!!!!