Saturday, January 20, 2007

I melt with you

I figured I would give u something not produced under the barbiuat of Ambein..I mean I just took it, but the effects are naught yet.

So, our home in the homeland is for sale again as the monkey creatures whom rent it renigged on the "buying" it part in the lease. The people dont pay the FULL rent and they dont pay what they do pay on time. SO we told our lady to put it for sale and for cheap..We need to sell it..Before I burnitdown.

This is my pice of shit home should u want to burn it..

Sad thing is I would make more money off it that way..damn...oh curse the market, why cant I be a tycoon like the ole prick face Mr comb-over?..yea I dunno..

So I am stressing about the monkeys who cohibit this exhbit...they cant pay on time and if i threaten a late fee, my lady thinks they will move out.

Cheers to people who cant pay thier rent...cheers to ya all..

Moving along....

at least one of my bees has kept me up each night this week...Go bees for not thinking I may need to see the back of my eyelids for a spot of night night..So far only bee I am talking to now is Blondie as she has not got sick yet.

Oh, and wanna hear something even more funny...this is my almost 10 year old son..

"so, mom, I think I am getting a mustache"

um son, your too young for that

" no mom, I feel it"

No kid, that is just peach fuzz, we all have that

" nope, i am getting whiskers mom, u watch."

I am still watching...and so far, I see noththing that resemables any kind of whisrerage...I told him when he gets a musatche, he will be expected to not only get a job, but also pay one third of the living expenses here at the he might want to slow down his growth...

Now all I can think about is whether he hair..God please spare me in this area. I know he is almost 10...but mustahces, or pubes of any kind...or I will kill somebody. He is still a baby. He still needs me to make his lunch, do a teeth check to make sure they shine, I still need to give him milk money, and pick out warm clothes to wear in winter...I need to help him find his boots and hat...

Thus, he is a baby no either region...damnitalltohell.

Well I am going to go to Applebees one of these days over the weekend and get the three course combo...yes, that is part of my 40 pound weight loss program for my birthday.

But I have been walking/running bout an hour a day...does that count?...I didnt think so yet again.

Well its 1:22 am and my Boo is having a time...I just went to cuz she wanted some she is coughing and whining i tell her if I give her juice she can not pee her then she says..peepee water momma, poop alive.

yes, we are back on that...and now she contiues to whine..she has been ferverish for 2 days now...I dont know who the bigger baby is, her or mr shaky..

If I have to go down there one more time..I am putting her over my knee.

I need sleep...I need a vaction..I need my house to sell or burn...I hate dealing with this...I dont know why these things always happen to us.

I hate making two house payments.

I would rather spend the dough on liposuction and a tummy tuck....or even a new pair of running shoes...or a skate board..anything...I will take up any hobby.just make it be gone.

Although this is the house I was raised in, as well as my mother, I would love to never see it again...I did a lot of stuff in that house, and to the house..

wasted lots of money in it, that I will likely never get back in the sell.

Real Estate sucks ass-tics.

I dont know why I thought it was a good idea to buy it. Well I know, my dad was selling it, and was going to sell it to us at a cheap and fair price...and we wanted to buy our first home...

Now we want it we own our second home, so we have no use for u anymore...please go away, your sucking the damn life out of me.

anyway, enough about how my life sucks..heres to hoping your having just as sucky of a time as me.

oh and a close family friend died in a car accident Tuesday..I was very good friends with her daughter...My mom is taking it kinda hard, as they were very close at one time. We sent a plant. Thats what u do, u send a plant..then the family is going to agrue over who keeps the plant...just another glitch when u die...they fight about flowers, and I know this first hand cuz my best friend 's sister owns the town funral chappel...I know all the ins and outs of what goes on when u die..

people fight, they bicker, they back stab..they hug...they cry..then they go to the bar.

thats how it is always solved.

Go Beer.

well I am done...

good weekend to all...

Bee Real


Meow said...

Hope all your bees get better, soon, so you can get some decent shut-eye !!
Have a great weekend.
Take care, Meow

Cliff Morrow said...

It's time for lysol at BB's house. Stay away from me.
Sorry about the friend in the wreck, I'm getting to know way too many families that have lost loved ones that way.
The house looks good from a distance at least. And what ever you do don't raise the rent on someone who isn't paying. They might get mad and continue to not pay it. did i say that outloud?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you...if they dont get better soon, I may come move in with u..i mean its summer there:)

I was thinking it looked pretty shitty far away...I did the paint job, see how the trim is a reddish burgundy color?..yup..all me...I spent one whole summer painting that bitch..

its an old house, we put new flooring in, remodled lots it is..thats when we thought we were going to be living there still..all new applinaces..

oh well...and people who arent paying, need an evciton notice, but hell, right now I would rather it be late then for me to pay the whole damn thing..

life sucks sometimes huh cliff?..damn..

hope ur Mrs is coming along well.

kaliblue said...

Damn Miss Bossy,
That house is one suburb away from my Aunt & Uncle, cousins and all that:-). They live in St.Clair Shores. I'm originally from Hazel Park. We're heading to Michigan in May to visit my kin and my Mom's kin up in Saginaw.. Like you wanted to know all that *LOL*. Anyways that's nice a house. Hope it sells quick for ya..

Fantastagirl said...

Hope it sells quickly - at that price it should! In my neighborhood that would sell for $104,900 - easy. Good luck!

Kendra Lynn said...

Hope you can sell the house...Michigan real estate is really bad right now...not a good time to sell, but hey...a miracle COULD happen.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

so thtas more towrd the detreoit area, I am more closer to the saginaw area...still both pretty far...but hell, its all Michigan so yee haw;)

well, in this town the real estate sucks ass..We had it for sale two years ago for that price, and no sell, people ca not afford the city taxes in that city so people are dropping like it is a very old house, people now adays are looking for newer homes...and it only has one bathroom, so I think that is a draw back for some..

In the hood I live now it would be listed around 120,00...that just shows u how much real estate sucks ass there..

well, its been for sale 2 years now off and on, and no mircale yet..but here is hoping for a better year in 07..hehe

aatank said...

I can't stand kids waking me up in the middle of the night. That's my Boo's favorite thing to do now that we took her out of her crib.... 4:00 in the morning.

My mom went to the funral home the other night and learned that she died instantly and didn't have one bruise on her. I blam it on the shitty Mich. roads. They don't know how to use salt. My hubby went to the scene of an accident last night caused from icy roads. And in a separate accident in Deckerville 3 kids (21,22,18yr olds)were killed in an head on accident because of icy roads. It is very sad:(

Good luck with selling the house, but if you need an arsonest get ahold of steve kursinsky...he did a good job of the movie theater. Nobody could prove that he did it, so he must be good.

Anonymous said...

you can rest assured i am having a genuine sucky ass time. no doubt.
hang in there like a pube in a biscuit

Neurotic1 said...

Really sad thing about the accident. I, too , sent flowers. I was and still am good friends with Bill. Another reason to hate MI is the crappy roads. Good luck on selling the house. My Dad is in real estate there and it is terrible right now. You're probably better with your crappy renters than nothing. Pull out the lysol and start spraying those bees!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yea my unlce whom is good frineds with Marys boyfriend went to the home the other night and said she did not have a scracth on her..amzing..I just feel so bad for Christy and sad.

and how sad about the other crash, damn....who was it?..anyone we know?...

I told mr shaky we should call steve about a year ago...I mean he is pretty damn good at it ...I may still send him an annymous note..hehe..course there wont be anything in for him, so he may not do it..

glad ur having the same kind of weekend I am..

yes it is so sad..I grew up with bill and chirsty..i feel so bad for was the best time spending the night over at thier house, cuz poor mary was never there..hehe..

so what place does your dad work for?...I did not know he was in real estate..or I woulda called him...I have been with Chreyl for a year now..and with Alicia's unlce for a while..buthe rubed me the wrong way and tried to screw me..(sorry alicia..hehe, but i still love you)

aatank said...

No problems on this end. He can be a prick and I have heard he is worse when it comes to business. I wouldn't buy or sell anything through him either.

I don't really know who they are other than the quy who died was the head cook at forester inn and the 2 girls were sisters...and they were step-cousins to jamie Germain who is a cousin to my SIL. So, no I don't know who they are.

Karin said...

Good luck with the sale or fire of your house. I am not sure which one I should be rooting for since with this out there you may be under suspicion for arson. As far as the sick goes I say shoot the little bastards for bringing illness into the house. Of course this might just be me being really bitter for the husband bringing home germs and getting me sick. That man is in for a world of hurt.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

man I could tell u stroeis about what he did to us..I mean they arent stoires, but u know what i mean.hehe

man its so sad, even though I have no idea who they are, makes u never wanna leave home.

well the little bastard who brought it home was The Boy...should I still kill him?..I would rather go to jail for arson them baby killin I am thinking..hehe

how r u feeling?..stay away from people who carry diease:)

Neurotic1 said...

You wouldn't want my Dad as your agent. He doesn't solicit business. He kinda just does it part time. Hope the bees are feelin' some better today!

Kelly said...

Good luck on selling the ole homestead. I do know someone who needs a place out that way (she was just transferred and is commuting there from Saginaw) so will pass it along....does that get me any commission?

As for the whole arsonist Steve thing...ummm, well never mind. LOL

I heard about Mary. Christy used to be married to my cousin Rick. That is so sad to lose someone so quickly, I realize then they don't have to suffer, but is hard to not be able to say good bye.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well now I am not talking to Blondie cuz now she gots it..fever of I have a damn headache...I give up..and boo, she is still cranky as hell..damn..why did I have kids anwyay

hmm..well unless ur friend wants an old house with only one bathroom, not sure she is gonna wanna buy it, but go ahead and pass it..hehe..the commsion I will give u is a good dinner when i come home to visit;)

Britmum said...

Oh Bossy come and have a holiday with me. Its going to warm up here soon.

Sorry about the house shit and all.

Take care and get those Bees better. xx

Jamie Dawn said...

I think the house looks neat. It looks like a house that has a lot of character. Of course, that house is a pain in your neck right now, so you think it is crap.

I hope it sells quickly!!