Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Ok, I have decided to interview Mr Shaky on his weirdness....These are the burning answers to the question you are all dying to know..

ME: what is your deal with the vitamins

Mr Shaky: if we have limited amounts of food, then the kids will have their nutrients

Me: Why would you think we would ever have a limited amount of food?

Mr Shaky: Well if there was a snow storm or something where we could not get to the store, or we couldn't get gas to get the to the store, you know things happen..And then you will thank me.

Me: why all the first aide kits

Mr shaky: well first all of, only ONE is for the house, the other two are for the cars..Thank you very much..

ME: why do you like to wear my pants

Mr shaky: because they are comfortable, and its only one stupid pair I wear and they are blue..Thank you very much..

I guess that's enough for now, he is starting to get a little testy..


So we went out trick or treating. It was cold. I got the kids all dressed up, we head out. Every house we go to Boo asks this...Every time..

momma we done yet?

Now I wasn't sure if she wanted it to be over, or if she was just making sure it was NOT over.

A lady told her how pretty she was and she said "yes, yes, I know I pretty"

how freakin embarrassing..

Then we are a few houses from home and she comes to a dead stop in a drive way...I say " come on boo, lets get moving"

and this is her..

"ohhhh momma, come here..I seen a ghost, we go home now ok"

And the whole rest of the way home she kept looking behind her to make sure the ghost wasn't following us. And we were the only people on the block walking...

A few houses gave me some candy, I don't know if I looked under-fed...Or if they thought I was dressed up in costume...Either way, I got candy too.

Here are the goblins

Blondie Bee is The bride of Frankenstien, Butch is..I am not sure what he is...And Boo is a butterfly..

aren't they just so darn spooky ? You cant even tell their retards can U?

Bee Real


Neurotic1 said...

Mr. Shaky has it all figured out! I'm glad to hear it's your pants he's wearing and not your panties! Kids sure do look cute. Dorcas had too much fun passing out candy. It's 8:17 and we just had more kids- what time did you get done at?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well he thinks he has it figured out..

well here there is no time limit, they can start right after school and keep going till no lights are on..its really assnine..its 7:30 here and there are still kids out there..last year they were coming up till 11..not here our light was off, but i saw them across the street..right now butch and blondie are out passing out damn cold for me..

Blazer1234 said...

Ok, I think your Mr. Shaky has lost his mind. But, who knows, maybe one day his obsessiveness with vitamins and first aid kits will prove to be worth while. Maybe he is trying to be "the last man on earth" if anything happens.

Your bees look great! Half of the trick or treaters in our parts half-assed a costume together and I really didn't think they were worthy enough of candy, but me being the nice person I am (AND I AM, DAMN IT!), I gave them lots of candy. Your kids put some effort into their costumes, and I like to see that. They may be retards, but they are not slackers.

js said...

where do I send the check for Mr Shakes Psych visits????
LMAO @ I dunno what butch is!!!!
looks like they had a big time.

Fantastagirl said...

Bossy's kids are not slackers when it comes to costumes that is for sure - they look great!

We shut our light out at 7:30 - too darn cold out there for me!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I say more power to him if he is indeed the last man on earth..and I am the one who put all the damn work in the costumes..those damn bees didnt do a lick of work..haha

u can send you payments for his treamtment right to me..dont worry I will make sure it gets to the proper person;)

well can u figure out what Butch is?..hehe..I jsut painted his face the way he said..I am not sure he even knows what he is;)

why thank you.....we aim to please..we love our halloween;)

our light was off about was 20 degrees here...YIKES!

The Kept Woman said...

For what it's worth the Bride of Frankenstein would have scared the SHIT out of my little Peanut and yes, the butterfly is cute, cute, cute...but she already knows that.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I am glad to hear she woulda scared someone..oh and Boo did her own makeup :)

Britmum said...

Bossy they all look so darn cute and yes yes I know boo is so pretty. hehehehe

Glad you all had a fab a rooni time.

Poor Mr Shaky being interogated like that. Shame on you.

Take care pickle xx

js said...

Ok I'll just drop the payment to you while he is cutting fire wood or drawin water from the crick or canning squash in case of disaster!!!
Of course I know what Butch is, don't be such a girl!
He's obviously a whoop-asser
thay don't know a whoop-asser when they see one.

Jerry said...

You did a terrific job on those costumes. They all look great!

You brought back memories of Indiana Halloweens from my youth. I always remember it being so cold that you needed a coat over your costume. Then you had to peel off the coat so that the folks could see your costume. Then back on again. Repeat till you just got tired of it all and went back home.

Hails said...

they look absolutely fab. You did a great job!

Hope you had a ball, glad your got candy as well. I bought candy but no kids came by so all for me (told you australia sucks arse when it comes to halloween!!)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thankl u..hey whait, did u call me a pickle?

I dont like squash, so he best not be doin that, and I knew u would know what Butch was..u guys have some sort of bond..haha

yup my halloweens in MI were just like that..although some years it was really hot, some years it was reall cold...u never knew if u were gonna need a scarf or ur swimsuit;)

we bought about 6 bags of candy and only used one..thats how few kids were out...halloween just isnt the same anymore..

Jewl said...

My hubby wears my white silky robe...
Your kids look great!!

Choppzs said...

It looks like the bees have the costume thing down packed! Hope you got lots and lots of candy...or I mean I hope they got lots and lots of candy! lol

Mrs. Diamond said...

he wears your pants? lol

cute costumes cute kids....

Claire said...

Love the costumes! Too cute!


js said...

butch is my buddy!
maybe mr shakes doesnt care if you like squash!
He prolly intends for you to eat the vitamins. lmaoo
you can wash it down with the water he has stock-piled.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mine would waer mine too if I had one..he likes silky stuff..haha

yes lots of candy was had by all..we are all happy;)

Mrs D,
dont ask:)

thank you sweety;)

My Hawt Cracker,
so u think he will force me to eat sqaush even though it makes me vomit?..damn..

u and Butch would get along me:)

Ju said...

Ms. Shaky seems ready for anything. He must be expecting something bad to happen.

LOL about your daughter saying yes I pretty. That is too cute!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I guiess mr shaky would prefer me to call hima planner rather then crazy...ya no just in case the big one hits he is ready:)

Brandy said...

They looked adorable!! Sounds like fun. I miss taking my kids out... Mean teenagers!!

Kendra Lynn said...

Wow...I'm not really into Halloween, but those costumes would have gotten EXTRA candy at our house!
(Scott gave extra candy to those he thought were dressed up the best...the poor kids weren't as lucky.)


Jamie Dawn said...

Great, fun costumes!!
I hope that ghost Boo saw didn't follow her home.
Unless, of course, it was Casper.