Tuesday, November 07, 2006

High and dry

My retarded bees had no school Monday. You would think they would not have them skip any days, as they are not the brightest bulbs in the lamp..But whatever..

So I did what any normal , sane mom does when all three of the bees are home. We go to the mall. I needed to get me and Blondie shoes for my dads wedding. It took FOREVER to find a nice pair. Now my best pal and future step mom Jen, said she wanted me to wear silver shoes. So I looked and looked. I found lots, but they all sucked donkey balls..

Until I saw these..

I will let you guess which ones are mine and which ones are Blondies...Your smart people...I hope anyway...

And then I realized I had not shown you my dress either...And I thought to myself, what kind of friend of mine to not show you such a thing...

Again, I am going to make you put your thinking caps on..Which one will my wide ass fit in?....Probably neither, that's why I am my starvation diet...

Oh and look what I found at the lost and found box........

I picked her up, washed her off and brought her home..I call her George...aint she cute?...

I am hungry. Somebody feed me please......I am also spending countless hours running. I am trying to run away from my fat ass, but the damn things is still right behind me and always catches up to me in the end.

I am thinking they will need to get some sort of tent materiel to extend my dress...Do they make tents that fancy?..Any boyscouts out there..Yes..No..?
For the fun of it I started keeping track of my site meter hits that come here thru Google searches. I wanted to see what words and phrases brought goons here..

These are the ones from Monday..

*coco beans in Dove Chocolate
I was number three on google for that..

*The holocaust could have been prevented Jehovah
I thought that was in interesting search, and I am number one for that hit..GO ME!!

* sex Lecone
ok I am nt sure what that is ....But I was like 3rd on the second page...hmmm

*Bossy's Blog
I was 4 on that google search...Why only 4?....What the hell is up with that?

If u have a meter, its fun to see what phrases has your blog come up..Take a looksy and see, then click and see where you were at...If ur number one..You rock ..

I will be so glad when this election is over. I hate all those commercials. And now they are just nasty. I openly admit I am a democrat. Yes I am an ass....I would rather be an ass then an elephant any day..although from behind I look like both..

Rather your an elephant or an ass, please vote.

I am not sure who our new governor will be. Frankly I don't care. One good thing about this state is that we have NO tax on any clothing...That includes shoes and anything that is classified as apparel.

And if that should go away if we get a new boss of the state, whatever. I don't plan on living here much longer anyway.....

But I know a guy who is a close personal friend of our old govoner Jesse Ventura. And if Jesse were to give him a thimble full of water, he would stir it with his fuc*ing brains and then kick him..

Yup..Minnesota nice all over this damn state..

Bee Real


dakotablueeyes said...

you two are gonna look great and I love both sets of shoes but love yours the most lol

Neurotic1 said...

Those shoes are hot! Make sure that you don't up stage the bride. Boo would be a great find at the lost and found! No tax on clothes- must be nice!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thanks...yes I like mine better too:)

I thought thehey were pretty smokin too...when I tried walking with them on at the store, it did not go so well...so I am a little scared..

no tax is nice, but we make up for with property taxes and the price of houses..

Lisa said...

Whoa- you never can guess what you're going to get with that site meter. Entertaining stuff!

Karin said...

So I see you will be bringing the twins to the wedding! That dress is Hot! My google searches have been boring lately. Wait what does that say about me! Man we have taxs on the taxes here. I can't wait to get my democratic ass into the voting booth tomorrow. I hope that will make the adds, phone calls and mail stop.

Kendra Lynn said...

I love the shoes! And the dress is nice, too.
How much did ya have to pay for Blondie's dress? I spent 60 bucks APIECE for my girls ot be in a wedding last Feb. And THEN I had to have the dresses altered! Turned out I spent almost 500 dollars to be in a friend's wedding.


js said...

Damn I never would have thunk you were an idiocrat!
That is in direct confliction with your faith!
but thats definately not for here or now!
I have no proof of the size of your ass, i suspect thought it ios far from huge, i spect it is just groovy.
lol @ site hits

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

aint that the truth!

yup the twins will be travleing along..and I am hoping they will stay hidden if u get my drift;)

well her dress was not too bad...it was like 120..and her shoes were about 40..they were on sale..I love sales:)

whoa..hold up now..all this time u was thinking I was an elephant?..oh have u learned nothing from me yet cracker...

me and mr shaky are on oppsing politcal teams, if ya catch my drift..durring preidentail elections, I tell him how to vote, and I am not sure he listens.

I had posted pics before of my ass...where the hell were you then?

Michael Manning said...

Let's be honest. You look "HOT" no matter what shoes you wear. But I have a fun thought. Put on The Cowsills' "The Rain, the Park and Other Things" as you sip tea (or whatever you like) and look over the shoes to decide. Yup. Sometimes we all need mood music! HA! lol!!! And thanks again for your comments over on my Sahara Blog!!!!:)

Krystal said...

They've had a long freaking engagement, haven't they?

I like that dress.

I am also happy elections will soon be over. Although I'm still undecided about one race. Do I vote for the guy who says he'll bring more jobs to the county? or the guy with the snappy Blue Grass jingle complete with banjo?

It's a tough decision. Really close you know.

Blazer1234 said...

Yea, i just learned about that "No tax" on clithing up there. A friend of mine moved back from MN, and said that is the only thing she misses.

You're gonna look so fab-yo-los in your perty dress. Nice shoes too.

I hate all politicans, but I'm still going to vote. It's my only chance to have a choice in slimeballs.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

u say that to all the girls with big boobs!

well I have learned over the eyars not one of them ever does what they say they will..which totally sucks.

maybe u need to come be my nieghbor and we can relish in the shopping tax free..what do u say?

js said...

i musta missed ur ass. I do desire to view it tho. If i didn't comment on it then i surely didnt see it
i am an ass man, i surely would have said sumthin about it. I'm positive it isnt huge tho.

I post on alot of political blogs, I am a reg. Dem, hard to vote for them though. Now that I consider it though you probably are a Dem, it is the fem. party, and every man that votes that way is hen pecked or PW we say in the south!!!!
Go Mr. Shakes-alot!
no real man would ever vote Dem and it is impossible for a christian to vote Dem.
But that argument is for some other blog
a legond in my own mind

Meow said...

Great shoes and dresses, you two are gonna be the belles of the ball, so to speak. The bride better watch out !!
Take care, Meow

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hmmm....I would of never pegged u for one them to prowl around them polictal blogs..I have only seen one or two, and they scare me.

I am a libral lady. I am for stem cell research, gay marriage..I am for gun control..(sorry cracker;)

BUT I am pro life..and I think all sex offenders of children should be hung by thier balls , or boobs,,what ever the case may be..

Some may say I am an Indepenandt, but naw..I swing with the donkies..them independtas scare the shit outta me...

REG DEM all the way..


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

aww..well she aint got nuttin wo worry bout...her dress is smokin hot:)

js said...

u want my take or not?
I will be glad to give it!!!!!!!!
If there is right and left then there is right and wrong. The wrongs, on the left coast have many many flaws. The rights do too. I just wrote a long post, I x'd it out. You are not a Dem, you are mistaken. I assure you I could make you see the light, I am as sure of that as a Democrat at a partial birth abortion rally.
I also am an independant, I am far ore right than the reps. Right and Right, put ur hubby on. Think about this, every male you or anyone else knows that is a Dem is hen pecked, or part of a union, probably both. Neither would ever describe me
I do not know one real (manly) man that is a dem
damn js STFU

js said...

i should have stfu

vani said...

oooh nice! you have to take pics with them one, you and blondie and show us the before and after! :)

Cliff Morrow said...

have ol shaky go to wal-mart and buy you a bag of birdseed. Nice looking dresses. You guys will be the hit of the ball.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok, I have torubles with BOTH sides..I have a hard time saying i am an independant when they scare the shit outta me..

however, both sides have issues I support..But I have not once ever voted for a repulican..and in the end I can say I am glad..

I am the only DEM in my family. My dad who was the Mayor of our city for years, gets sick when I tell him I am not voting Rep.

such as life..

There needs to be a new party..and I need to be in charge of it. I would make a kick ass senator..but I aint old enough yet....u just wait..

oh I am sure I am sure after the wedding i will have many pics to share...

birdseed..cant eat it..it doesnt agree with my tummy:)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh and cracker,
I assure u i could make u see the light too...hehe

Badoozie said...

are you sure the governor wasn't ace ventura?

so, nice dress..yeah, you should run and run cause your just huge...whatever....

js said...

we should discuss this elsewhere i am thinkin
how could you ever vote for any party that would suck a fetus from the womb of a whore so stupid that she would sleep with a dude she had no intention of breeding with???????

js said...

i would win the test of wills, along with any other test.

js said...

show me the light!!1
hehe ok im done

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I was not living in the state at the time of that adminstration..so it coulda been.

well that is my one and only issue with the dems....like I said I am por-life...but there are just too many wicked things bout them Reb..I cant do it..

sure Bill Clinton got blow jobs in the oval office...

but damn the economy was good, and we wernt fighting two wars and killing all our young men and women..Its clear to me that our preisdent is one racist mo-fo..

he could of done more when katrina hit, he coulda done more investiagting into this weapons of mass destruction crap, and not cover up for a Rep whom was writing sexual emails to a young boy...

Now if dubya wants to get blow jobs in the oval office, thats his buisness..

but to send our young men and women into harms way...that indeed our NOT proceting OUR freedom, is just wrong...

I have a feeling we should agree to disagree...


your still my hawt cracker though..

like i said, i dont care how anyone votes..as long as you vote...

Fantastagirl said...

Love the shoes...and the dresses are going to look great!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you girl...I have a feeling them shoes are gonna fit better then that dress though:)

js said...

a few agreements we have BB
I am all for gun control, it is a no brainer that the common citizen shouldn't have guns and since the criminals dont care about the law they should be allowed to have them.
Thats a good policy.
Then we must get bj's anywhere we can, im actually for that and was high 5'n him until he lied about it, if he would have owned up like a man ida been with him. I mean come on have you seen his wife???? She would be hard pressed to get a bulldog to breed her, no man in the country can blame him for slippin round.
W is a racist?? Wake up BB lay off the cool-aid
what is the highest post a black male has ever held in us govt?
Colin Powell
black female?
Condi rice
alberto gonzolez
all for bush
who freed the slaves? Lincoln of course a republican
what party has the only sitting KKK member?
The Dems, Robert Bird WV
the worst racial episode in american history since the civil war???
Bull Conner (have you seen the pics of the fire hoses and billy clubs in Alabama??? you guessed it
Who votes for the slaughter of the unborn?
yep Dems
Who sent 56k of our boys to die in Vietnam?
Kennedy Dem
note Vietnam didnt attack us
Who sent the national guard to LA to get the folks out?
thatd be bush
who didn't allow them to come in?
thatd be Neagan yeah u got it Democrat.
Who is over the very best stock market ever?
again you are correc t
its bush
who got our boys as you say killed and dragged through the street in Bosnia? And then didnt defend them??
ok ur right again
who was all for literally sucking the brains from a 1/2 born third trimester fetus? (we call this partial birth abortion) yeap!!!!!
again you win the cookie, that'd be Clinton.
Who has vowed to not renew the tax cuts?
again you win yep the Dems.
now that doesnt effect you unless you are rich. A rich family, you know, a 2 parent household that earns more than 50k a year would be forced to pay double in taxes if the dems win and kill the tax cuts.
but they do have some good traits. They are for the working man, those down on their luck. This is evident because they WANT the invaders from mexico to not be punished for coming to this country and taking the jobs of the folks they just said they were for.
And oh yeah, they are dead set absolutely against the execution of ted bundy, but for mind you abortion on demand, not only that but abortion on demand tax payer funded!!!!!! I pay!!!!!! WTF??
Don't execute bundy because all he did was rape sodomize and slaughter 20 women (women dont mean that much to the dems, this is evident in clinton sexually harrassing the "heavy set" girl as well as raping the broderick girl and the daddy of the dems Drunk Teddy K leaving the girl to drowned at Chappaquidik (sp)).
I did not theorize any in this post, these are proveable facts. I can understand if you still vote that way. I just wanted to be sure you were informed.
I could care less who wins what actually i just wish they would get it over with. W is far far far far from perfect but the fact remains as dumb as folks think he is he still abused the idiocrats in 2 elections, he must be smarter than them!!!!!
And last note I promise,
If I am the leader of the free world, I mean like "the man" in the whole universe, The damn Budwieser girls are blowing me in oval office not a fat homely looking chick, but then again it would be hard for anyone to think Billy C had any game at all.

js said...

sorry for that
but all that is fact

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok....I did not say all repbilcans are racist, i said HE was..and Dubya did not pick out his cabinet, he had smart people do it for him..

and any man will lie if u aks him if he got a blow job under his desk.that was NOT given by his wife,,.men do that...they lie sometimes..

he evntaully owned up to it..unlike w who has not owned up to any mistakes he has made..

Accutttly my loath for the elepahnts only staretd with this presidnet.

And as I stated, I am totally agianst abortion in any form..that is my one quip with the donkeys..

I realize lincoln made efforst to free slaves, but if I recall right..he himslef owned a slave..

I was just stating that W was a raciest..I was not implying all rep are by any means..

I dont feel safe knowing that W is in control of things..kinda like if I let Butch babysit the kids while I went to the dope house to get my crack..He might let starngers in...He might let the baby play with a knife..My homeland sectruity and W's are bout the same...it is non exisitant..

and if the adminstratioin would of heeded the alerts that the clinton admisntration left them about delaing with the crazy pissers who drove a plane in the WTC, something might have been prevented..Now I am just as angrry at Bill for not doing more when he could of, but I think he left thinking that something would be done...kinda like when u do shift changes at work, you think the other shift is well educated to handle what needs to be done..

but he was wrong..

I have read enough transcpits from Bush speaches to know this man had it out for Iraq even before any planes blew up anything..

I truly belive we would be there today regardless of any terrisortic shit or not..

I just think that Dem are the lesser of the two evils.

The abortion thing is like this..

there is going to be no way of preventing it, its the USA..its gonna be done, kinda like drug dealing and prostuion..

BUT..if we can educate women AND men about this it would help a lot more.

And if men would wrap it before they jam it..well there would be no need for abortions becuase ther would be less knocker uppers..

I am all for teaching sex ed in schools along with giving them free birth control Fact is teenagers are to do it..its a fact..

but then I wonder this..is it any better for a teenage mother to throw her baby ina bag of rocks and stab it in the chest with knife, or to have an abortion?..I dont know...it seems kinda like a lose lose thing..

now for u saying ur not a dem or a rep...it kinda seems like u got ur mind made up..

but yes, I think we will agree to disagree..u need to start a politcal blog..because I have tons more shit to say but I dont wanna do it here, cuz this aint that kinda blog..

this kinda blog is for me to tell my hawt cracker to stop giving me heart paltpions cuz hes makin my blood boil;)

u will have to tell me what poticla blog u read..sounds like I might to comment on some of them..ya no to get the word out..hah

I still luv ya cracker...

see we are coming across party lines to be friends..thats the way it should be..haha..

man I am tickeling my own shit here..

Cliff Morrow said...

BB, it sounds to me like you've been gettng only one side of all of the issues. You don't happen to watch CNN do you??

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

nope dont watch CNN..but ur not watching Fox news are you?...

js said...

ill be glad to send you the blogs.
there are no right blogs I read or comment on only left. Its so damn funny, they argue for about 3 posts then they call me stupid, you have any idea why I'm stupid? Because they have no facts to back their arguments just emotion, thats what the femicrats are is emotional. Whhatch if they dont take either house they will cry like 8 year old girls, the reps wont, the indys dont. I voted last week i voted 40% dem.
you are still badly mis-informed and your thinking is bad flawed. but your right not here, it disturbs me for you to have it so wrong, I dont care who wins tho when I said that I meant it, unless Hitler (who held ALOT of the same views of the left ****gun control*** for one) was running.
The people who for personal responsibility (conservs, libertarians, indys) will always thrive and flourish.


deni said...

I'd break my ankles in those shoes. LOL

I like what you found in lost and found! :)

Cliff Morrow said...

Yes, I watch ALL of the news programs. And listen to the radio as well. That's why I said what I said.
Reporting is supposed to present both sides of the subject. No where in the world but America, could you find a news show covering the upcoming elections, and call it, 'A Failed Presidency', anywhere but on CNN. Last night. No attempt what so ever at being balanced.
I will say that if Fox has a controversial figure on the air, they will either have one from the other side at the same time for debate or follow one after the other if the democrat won't debate which is usually the case.
Presenting both sides of an issue doesn't sit well with those who are poorly informed and don't want to hear the other side.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

what I think is terrably funny, is that people who are REp or people that tend to sway "that" way..think the rest of us are misinformed....you will never hear me telling anyone I think they are misinformed...thats the beauty of the USA..we all have our own views. Our polictcal system is set up so we are all happy...( most of the time)

I could flood your ears with "facts"...but I wont. Sounds like the people that you debate with are idiots if they cant back up there stand with facts, doesnt sound like they know much about what they supposrt..I come from a big poilictal family, and I have follwed polotics very closely since I was about 16.

which goes to show you why we have more then one party..

Like I said, before Bush came into office, I really had no "issues"..with either side, I just voted for who I thought was the least of the dumbasses...

you yoursefl said you were for gun control...

its sad when kids are bringing guns into schools and killing our kids..I swear to God if one of my kids is murded in school because I kid brought a gun to school, it would not be a pretty sight..

and I hope to God crakcer, your not putting democrats in the same catagory as Hitler..Because that some crazy shit there.

Like I have stated, I dont care who you or anyone elses voted for..as long as people vote..

And for someone to say the other are misinformed is hogwash..Just because I may not agree with you cracker, does not mean I think YOU are misinformed. I just think we look at the issues diffenrtly..

I am not misinformed one bit. If I had a polictal blog..which I dont and dont plan on starting, I would gladly give out fact after fact..But here, I dont like stepping on toes or making people feel uncomfortable..thats not what I do. I am for the people..and I simply want people to vote..

There is no way anyone is going to change my mind. As I am sure no way for anyone to change your mind..I dont know why people need to fight about it..

since there is no presidentail election I am fairly certain the voting will not tampered with;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am not saying I am not going to break something..

I stay away from cable news channels, something about them makes me feel kinda creepy..like I need to bathe.

I did not relaize me telling people I was a democrat was gonna cause such a rukis.

I still love you cliff, your my best farmer..but I am what I am:)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh, I forgot to add this too cliff..

I am not misinformed at all. and I would NEVER dream of telling you or anyone else that just becuase we may not agree on issues that I think you are misinformed.

..ok thats all I am going to say about politcs..I cant do it anymore..

I dont want to step on toes or cause bad blood. This is not that kind of blog.I love all of you and I could care less how anyone votes..as long as you vote, that all I care about.

Now I need to get on my warm wollies and head the the armorary so I can cast my votes..

jsull28fl@yaho said...

i told you I should have STFU
The number one thing hitler did BEFORE he could control the country was take the guns, therefor gun control is like Hitler.
There is only a few questions I need to ask before I vote.
Who would Osamma vote for?
yep you guessed it
not me
I like america I refuse to vote along with those that hate us.
Sugar the vote tampering, another whine by the left, the Supreme Court (2 appointed by Lewinski, ooops Clinton, said there was no tampering that Bush won.
I was kidding about gun control, even the America haters, should be for the 2nd ammendment, what if Bushs people were the only ones with guns?????
one last thing then I have to drive all day, cable news makes you feel dirty? As far as I know (and beleive me we'd all know if it happened) not one anchor in the last 8 years has attempted to sway an election with a bold faced damndable lie, But dan rather, yep you got it again, did, then even after Clinton said it was wrong and dirty the lefty wouldnt and still hasnt let it go. Dan Rather and CBS making up the news one story at a time.

think before you vote people eithyer way get the facts and then decide, who would Ted Bundy vote for? Who would Saddam and Osamma vote for? Who do the troops in harms way getting shot at vote for? Your either for us or against us. (i'm afraid since the reps are spending like crazy the voters will kick them out to teach them a lesson, the upside of this is that if the Dems win (if the voting isnt rigged hehe (I friggin love to hear the losers whine) then in 08 the conserves will win in a landslide.
one more one more thing.
Do you all realize the last time the Dems won anything was when Perot took 20% (or so I dont recall the exact %) of the vote from Bush???? He would have won in a landslide if not for Perot.
dammit BB dont do this again!!!!!!!!!!!
Independant thinking
non-osamma loving
gun toting
its about whats wrong and whats right not right and left

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh Lordy your killing me here...see me..I am being killed by my cracker..

I dont need to read any facts you want to give me..I know all the facts I need to know and holy hell I wanna get into it, but not here..

and I have never watched cbs news in my life. for the record the only news I watch is my local news, then when I can I watch national news I watch the nbc nightly news.

I have had moments of weakness where I will turn on a cable news source..but the shit they say makes me nervous. all of them..they all have thier own agenda and I dont care to hear it..

and if bush was so into protceting our freedom, he would of spent more time and effort in the fight where Osama acctually lives..or was..I mean by now he may be in Mexico..I would say that Osama would love to see reb in office, becuae they dont care about catching him..

a far as sadam goes, that man was no real threat to us, only for his people. i am glad he has been found and will be hung..dont get me wrong, however I think for us to have sent our brave soliders there was just assnine. The termoil over there is much worse then before we went in there.

sadam was not smart enough to have weapons. In fact this man acctaully had people do his killings for him..

Now 3000 men and women dead because bush thinks him and his bad-ass can do whateever the hell he wants..with no supposrt from the UN or any other country that has any brains..

Instead of focusing on Iraq, he should of been trying to handle the sitaution in North Korea..now thats what I would be worried about..

Bush knew he could go into Iraq and cause mayhem...Now North Korea on the ohter hand has this guy crapping in his wranglers.

ok, I am done, I am not going to respond anymore..you have made your point, I have made mine..

so my hawt crakcer, we better just agree to disagree..

and I have already voted..

I will state this for the record..

I did not vote dem for our gov...the rest I did. For the most part our gov here is a decent man and his two opponts frankly scared me shitless..

although I dont agree with all his policies, he was the lesser of the three eveils I do beilve..

Working Mom said...

Love the shoes and the dress!

I don't even want to vote this year. I'm going to of course, but I don't want to. Assholes calling me every 10 minutes of the day have me pretty pissed off.

Michele_3 said...

I love those shoes & the dress is beautiful- i'm sure you will look lovely in it!
boo's little dress and shoes are so cute too!
Go read my post today- I sent you some linky love girlfriend!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

the shoes and dress are pretty hot huh?..hehe

well I am not so sure how lovley my wide ass will look in it, but we will see..

Mrs. Diamond said...

love the shoes and dresses...specially your shoes!

kaliblue said...

Love both pairs of shoes and dresses:-). Please take pics when ya'll are all gussied up. m-kay?. "George" is just tooo darn cute. Wreckin where they grow em soo cute like that?. *giggles*.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Mrs D,
thank you my dear;)

u better belive there will be plenty a photo ops when we are all clowned up;)

poor george is making me wanna return her to the lost and found box today..not good..

Brandy said...

ummmm I would guess the heels are yours and the red dress. Those are gonna make you look Gorgeous!!!

Your Boo is a doll!!

Ok where does one find a good site meter... Still learning all the ins and outs of this blogging thing.

Hope you had a good day!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

there are better ones then what I have...just google them and they are easy to install..

well I dont know how good I will look when they start adding the tent matriel to the dress so it fits;)

j said...

i shall be quiet now on your request.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you:)

btw, the dems did kcik some ass though:)

ok I am done..

i still love my hawt cracker...that kinda love will never die:)


js said...

yeah yeah eyah whatever
just like a politicion always saying you love me and never proving it!!!!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

dont be a hater..ur my lover not my fighter:)

j said...

you know it aint easy being an expert at both
i mean come on now how many of us really have it all?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I think someone needs a spanking...

j said...

oh is that right???
and who will be recieving that spanking?
and just who will be giving it??
i could be convinced im thinking!
spanker j