Tuesday, November 28, 2006

white wedding part two

Ok, I got some with me now...holy shit how fat do I look? Holy shit, I am offcailly never eating again....I was PMSing, but holy shit..

Ok I cant look anymore, I am puking in my mouth...I cant belive how fat I am. Why didnt someone tell me to lose some weight for this?....I need to start running 10 miles a day cuz 6 just aint cutting it....Good God...somome shoot me...holy shit.

ok for the kids scroll down, they aint fat....holy shit.....ok, this has made me realize I need to go on an all air diet...holy shit..i cant stop saying it...holy freaking shit.


Britmum said...

Ummmm hello Bossy Boots.... what fat? OMG you look bloody beautiful and I am puking in my mouth with green eyed monster jealousy. Totally freaking beautiful. I love the colour of your dress. Did I already say BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Love ya tons and miss you and we must talk soon and then I need your address so you need to email me pronto.

bye picks xx

Badoozie said...

no way would i ever say you are fat, i think we wear the same pant size, but if i had to say? i've seen tons of pictures of you, and for some reason that doesn't look like you at all? what is the meaning of this!!

mike said...

You look just fine to me. So no more whining about this.

Hails said...

YOU ARE NOT FAT!!! You look gorgeous. I cant believe you look fat. If your fat then Im a bloody elephant.

just_tammy said...

If you want to feel tall and waaaay skinny, come and stand by short and truly fat me!

You look wonderful!!!

deni said...

You look good, don't knock yourself, at least you have cleavage, unlike some people I know, like, UH, me.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

your too kind, but I know your lying, but I still love u anyway..

yup we both wear the same pant size, but I do belive i am few up on the cleage part..

and its my hair, its pulled back..i dont normally have my hair that way..thats why it dont look like me. I suppose..I really did not like my hair, I hate it down..

ok no more whining.


so when ya comin for a visit?

I did not always have cleavage, it came with the kids...

Kendra Lynn said...

My word...you do NOT look fat. :)
That color looks great on you, by the way. :)

p.s. can't believe how young your dad's wife is...lol...my dad jokes that if my mom ever dies, he's marrying a blond 20-yr-old.

Neurotic1 said...

I don't like your definition of fat. If you are fat then that makes me obese! You look simply wonderful!

Laura Elizabeth said...

Holy shit you are not fat.


Thank you for sharing the pictures, they're fantastic!

Your husband is quite hot. Do you share?


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup she is young..I think she is 28..but thier happy I guess..haha

nonsence...my word I look like I weigh about 200 pounds..its gaslty really..and ur not fat missy..

well thanks, and it depends on what ur offering on if I share or not;)

Gette said...

Have you ever heard the word "voluptuous"? You've got some curves and some cleavage, girl, work 'em for all they are worth and make those little stick figure women bawl. Cripes, we're in the same pants size and yer 4 inches taller than me. Call me fat and I'll smack ya, I am a curvy ball o' lovin'!

Gette said...


Everybody go here: http://www.campaignforrealbeauty.com/

Then we'll all toast with a pint o' Ben and Jerry's

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I have boobs thats for damn sure...i am top heavy..thats what I call myself..tum is pretty flat, ass is kinda big, but the boobs..they stop the show..

I told u guys I had big boobs, not one of ya belived me..

no way u wear same pants as me..I am a 10..u must be like an 8..dont shit with me girl

The Blog Whore said...

Shut up.

You are so NOT fat!

Michele_3 said...

Your crazy, totally "not fat"
What a beautiful dress, you looked amazing in it Girlfriend!
Love the pixs of the kids below as well..Thanks for sharing!
Take care!

Gette said...

There is one brand of jeans I can cram my ass into an 8 in (lee Riders!) All others are 10s, and I usually need petites cuz if they fit my butt the legs are too long.
But I can work it, girlfriend!

Brandy said...

Holy shit you so DONT look fat!! You look gorgeous!! That red dress makes you look holy shit so not fat!!! LOL

js said...

sugar you are looking like a champ down here in crackerville. Ole Pops did good too, go boy!
it kinda bothers me when not fat folks say they are fat cause that makes me a friggin whale!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

shut up, ur a liar.

thanks, even though I know ur lying..

I have one pair of 8's, if I dont mind not breating, I am good to go..and if I dont mind a nice muffin top.

holy shit ur a damn liar too..

yup dad did well huh?...shes a good girl, she is my mom now yet i am older then her..GO DAD..

js said...

i just wrote go boy on the other post!
if he breeds her even boo will be older than her aunt?!
I thought shit like that only happened in the south!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

nope it happens in the midwest too;)

no breedin though, daddy is fixed..hehe

js said...

now did your daddy get fixed because of you?????????
you must have been a badddd girl

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I only wish, then I woulda been an only child..

Fantastagirl said...

You are not fat - you look great!

deni said...

I have three kids and still don't have cleavage, that's so not fair.

keesh said...

Holy balls batman, you have some major cleavage and i am damn jealous. Your step mom looks like she is 16! SHe looks really young...they are cute together...

Meow said...

Bossy, Bossy, Bossy ... stop saying you are fat, girl, cause you sure are NOT fat. You look fabulous. Love the colour of your dress.
If you want to see fat, all you need to do is look at a photo of me !! (Not that there are many of them around !!!).
Take care, Meow