Wednesday, November 29, 2006


So while I was off preparing for a wedding, eating out nightly, and basking in the glow of the kids staying at Mr shakys moms house for a few nights..My laundry room here at home got flooded. My mother did a load of wash and holy shit, all the water ended up on my floor. If u will recall , this very time last year it happened, only it extended out into the parts with carpeting, like the spare room, the living room..blah, blah, blah..We had to have some professionals come in to clean, and call the insurance company...It was not pretty......

And both times it was due to over grown tree roots in the line. NOTE TO SELF..Every Halloween get the pipes snaked out or u have to replace shit...And replacing shit aint no fun.

I also forgot to mention that my sister...the one who has had social services called on her, the one who cant clean a house, the one who locks her kid in his room and gives her son adult doses of Aderal and ritlin, had another baby..YEE HAW..That makes three poor lil buggers who will have the shittyiest life possible..GO BOSSY'S SISTER.

Her creepy as$ hubby had a vastectomy, but she is hoping it did not take cuz she says it is stupid to have an odd number of kids. Holy shit, am I odd for knowing when to stop? Am I odd for knowing that raising three kids is too much damn work? People who plop out 3,4 and 5 kids are stupid. Who needs that many damn kids?..Tell me please!..Unless u can afford them, which means no welfare or that WIC program, don't have any more kids, cuz shit, I hate paying for my own kids, and don't really wanna support yours....IM just sayin.

Now I know people are on WIC, and that's cool...I know some people need extra help, but when u KNOW u cant afford it, and keep having kids..That pisses bossy off.

Anyway, now that I have offend everyone...On to more pics..

I saw this somewhere in the middle of no where. I told Mr Shaky to make a U-ie so I could take a pic of this..Its totally worth the back track..

If u cant read the sign, it says " Worlds largest Soup Kettle"

Now I could fit a lot of Broccoli and Cheese soup in dat ole kettle there....

Ok, now this is a big bear or something I saw...

No need to adjust your sets, its not a real bear....Rather a huge wood one....And this is right across the street from it..

It appears to be a rather large man with an axe...A VERY large man indeed.

Here are some of us in the van on the drive..This is Mr Shaky pretending not to notice that I am photographing him driving..

This is Boo...Anytime she sees the camera, she says cheese..So I thought "what the hell"

Here is me.........I am thinking about dropping off one of them with that very large man..

And this is me trying to show u how packed my van was...But as I see now, it really aint that good of a shot...Oh well, it would of been embarrassing anyway.

This is the sign I was waiting 16 hours to see..

This is a sign just before we have to drive thru the tunnel in the city...

I had wondered if Boo farting thru her mouth qualified as hazardous material.

This is just a pic of home sweet home.....I aint leavin home again...Unless I am chasing an aging rock band, going on vacation with no kids, going to pick up money that someone has given me, or to audtion for American Idol, and I am too old to do that, so chances are I wont be doing that.

And this concludes our test of " bossy leaving home"


Oh by weeks end I may have a full time job.....Wont that be sweet?...That is full 8 hours daily that I don't need to see a child that I birthed.


You dont realize how much u need time away from them until u go on a road trip with them. I swear to God and all his cohorts that everytime we took Boo into a place to piddle or poo she had to announce to eveyrone within ear shot what she was doing..

" i gotta go pee-pee"


" i gotta poop"

and I would take the three of us gals into the bathroom and when I peed, Boo would tell me " good job momma" your doing it."

I need that kind of encourgament on a daily basis.

Bee Real


Brandy said...

Oh my stars.. How you describe things just crack me up.

Sorry about the flood. I have to snake out our drains every so often. If not then I have a flood coming up my bathroom sink and all over the floor!

Gotta love them little ones! Your Boo is priceless!!

Yay! on the full time job.

just_tammy said...

Sorry to hear the indoor flood has become a yearly event. That just sucks to no end.

The photos and running commentary were great. Now I want broccoli and cheese soup. That should not be the case since I had our favorite Subway sandwich for dinner. Now it's your turn to be craving something!

Man, hope your sister's kids can turn out normal even though their parents are less than desirable. How's that for trying to be tactful?!

I'm soooo glad you are back!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

floods suck doneky balls..can I get an amen?

oh, i am glad u like my running comentary..should I become a photo jounolist?

there is no hope for my sister or her kids..I just have to pretend they dont exist.

just_tammy said...

Either that or finish up those books. You know you're ultra talented but you are just too modest to throw it in our faces.

I'll be up as soon as possible so you can feel like the tall skinny chick you are. Of course, I will feel like the short fat whatever I know I am. You'll have to bake a chocolate cake to make me feel better. Do we see the link between the weight issue and what makes me feel all better?! I so don't want to know what I'd look like if I didn't exercise.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am working on them, along wiht other things I dont ever talk about becuase holy shit, I dont like bragging on here, people miht get the wrong idea;)

well I would hate to see what I looked like if I didnt work out too..I just wish my boobs would go away in the night, why dont u devlpemt some cream that would do that..u could make us a mint, i swear;)

Gette said...

What, no moose?

Neurotic1 said...

I don't understand the whole welfare baby thing either. I think they should put norplant in their arms. BUT THAT IS JUST MY OPINION! Thanks- now I am hungry for broccoli and cheese soup! I hope you had a good wet burrito when you were in the homeland! Isn't amazing how those vans fill themselves up! We bought one about 3 months after Dorcas was born and we can never go on a trip when we aren't packed from front to back! I'm with ya on the full time job- sometimes I think that would be easier than being a SAHM!

just_tammy said...

Hmmm, so you are keeping secrets from me? I'm going to have to give you a call before the dream job falls in your lap, so I can get all the dirt. I'd better kick it in gear doing something so I don't get left eating your dust. A breast reduction cream for Bossy?! Guess I can dust off my degree and get right on it. You realize guys will be crying their eyes out if the twins disappear? Then again, they might notice your gorgeous eyes...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

not for lack of trying:)

amen to the we outta be running this damn country..

hmm, dreeam job falling in my lap?..damn I wish..

well, I work all the rest of the week..then i work all weekend..I so suck.

but i should know in a few days if I got the full time is hoping..

Blazer1234 said...

Watch out for those roots. 6 months after we bought our house and remodeled the basement, sewage started backing up...tree roots had colapsed the drain pipe in our yard. We had to find a guy to dig up our yard 8 feet down, and wade in poop to replace the pipe. Hope that doesn't happen to you!

Love the pics!

Have fun working full-time!

Fantastagirl said...

Sorry about the flood - that's not fun at all.

I love your Boo - what are you going to do if you pee at work - who is going to give you your positive re-enforcement?

I understand what you mean on re: the WIC etc. It's there for people who need it -but at what point is it no longer assistance but a way of life?

Kendra Lynn said...

You are a very interesting the way...did you get my card? Yes...this is your stalker.


Cliff Morrow said...

I've caught up on your blog. So, you've got a new Mom. She looks...well...uh, young. Go Dad.

Karin said...

Wow with that soup kettle I would only have to make one batch of soup for a whole month, cool. So are you leaving the inmates for a new job? Your sister sounds like my sister in law. Didn't you say your sister lives in Florida if so they are probably best friends.

Kristen said...

I'm so done and I only have one!! I can't imagine any more lol.

I have a friend who has 8 brothers and sisters. I'm pretty sure there are 9 kids- but I honestly have lost count since we've lost touch- ya know them being crazy and all. LOL. Apparently this is the 1800's where people who can't afford millions of kids just keep having them because they don't believe in birth control...okay let me stop.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

them damn roots cuase too much trouble..I say we kill all the trees:)

yes the lifestyel of WIC and welfare bogggles my mind, but hey, the more kids they have the more money we give them..its a win win for them:)

oh yes , I finally opened my mail yesterday, I showed Boo and she took it, then she said " momma dis not reak eider"..haha

yup, she is a youngin alright.

yup, u could brew me lots of soup in that kettle..well Iwont leave the inmates completely..I will still fill in if I am needed. But the crazy house has a few full time openings, and hell its easy worlk..what more could ya ask for?

yes I dont get it..maybe everyone is morman..I dont know:)..Maybe u get into heaven if u have a bitch load of snot heads, I dont know..I am gonna read up on it:)

js said...

if i didnt kno better ida put you on being a conservative!!!!!!
im with you 1110% on your take on your sis and those like her!!
they should do snippings for free and tube tyings im thinking, theres a tax i'd be all for!
good pics

Kendra Lynn said...

Glad you got your card. LOL...Boo is a smart one, let me tell ya!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well paying for peoples kids just aint my cupa tea, no one is offering to pay for mine..and that sucks ass...I dont get a free ride so why should they? bodied people need to get thier as$es out and get a job if they need all that free shit and for me to pay for the baby formula...u know what I mean?..if u fall on hard times, thats one thing, dont have any kids...wait till ur hard times are over, plain and simple..can i get an amen crakcer:)

love ur dead stuff.

yup she is to smart for her own good somedays;)

Gette said...

I thought they pulled Norplant off the market?
Shots then?

Laura Elizabeth said...

Yay! More pictures!

Bossy, I don't want to scare you or anything... but I've got a 33 year old little sister who STILL announces to all and sundry:

I gotta pee

Every goddamn time she needs the bathroom.


If you love the Boo, teach her not to say that all the time 'cuz grownups (or her big sister) will laugh in her face when she's 33.

And that ain't nice.

Or so Mom says.

Jewl said...

Hope things work out with the job!!
I can't believe your sister...

I saw the pictures of you in your dress, you look good chick!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I think u may be right, the shot it is then;)

oh Lord, my sister picks her nose and eats it, puts her hands down her pants ala Al Bundy, and farts all the time...and I dont think she washes her hands after she pees..and she is 29.

I should know by weeks end if they need me to fill the job..I have mixed feelings but whatever happens, happens;)

The Blog Whore said...


Hell no. I totally agree...

People, stop spewing out kids you cannot afford!

Amen Sista said...

amen sista!!!
you bring it girlfriend
tell it to em!
dats right
atta girl!
yeeee haaaaawwww
i'm now feeling tingly allll over
next you'll be voting republican!!!!!
you shoulda been the preacher!!!!
get em girl!
im with you!
i gotcher back!
etc etc etc
Amen Cracker Man

~Deb said...

You're too funny! What a PACKED van that was! Wooowee, don't know how you do it girl! But it did look like a lot of fun. Those pictures are too much!

Glad you're back! :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Blog Hwore,
glad I am not the only one who feels this lets go have anohter kid shall we:)

well I wouldnt go as far as to say I would vote Elephant, but I do supposrt any kind of welfare reform..I dont know why able bodied people can get welfare ..the rest of us have to work..WTF?

next time I pack up the van I am comin to see u:)

you knew better said...

because bossy
we are understanding and loving and all that shit
charity is supposed to be voluntary (sp) (not like i don't misspell at least 2 each post anyway) because if you really want the absolute truth, the reason welfare and all the entitlement programs are FUBAR is because the self serving lawyers that are running for office have no, zero, nada new ideas so they buy the votes of the less ambitious, the sorry, the bad decision makers (and i will say that most of them that stump on free shit from the g'ment are Asses, both kinds jackasses and dems. They buy their votes, in the process they ensure that 95% of the people described above never get out of the vicious circle, their kids rarely do either, any idea why they don't want them out of that circle? Because if they did actually get a job and earn they would raise hell, puke, fart, spit up, crap and holler everytime they saw their check (paycheck not free g'ment cheack) and saw what Big Bro, Daddy Democrat is stealing from them. You wanna know why the reps dont do a *%%^@!$ thing about it? Because they suck rhino testes too and only give a damn about getting voted back in so they don't want to alieniate the scum suckers sorry assed turdheads!
now i just commented longer than ur original post
dammit bossy you knew better than to get me started!!!!
be damn careful who you vote for!
ole FOS cracker

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hmm...I was just thinking about kicking out the mexicans who are here illegally and letting our welfare peole work thier jobs..but at the least the damn mexicans will work for a living..

amreicans are lazy. we can get free baby formula and free food, and milk, and whatver, plus we can get a check in the mail to by our smokes and our pampres that the food stmaps dont cover..

I have seen some welfare folks in my town dress better then me...and how do i know they are on welfare u ask?..becuase I have stood in line at the grocery store with them in front of me...handing the lady thier welfare credit card or thier wic stamps...while thier kids are standing there with thier hair not brushed and dirty faces..

yeehaw bitches..

Peg said...

Thank Bob! Bossy's back!

That is a big freaking bear dude!

drainage sucks....or maybe thats the doesn't suck properly.

we went to see happy feet this weekend, I kept thinking about boo's penguin the whole time...

then I saw a blue penguin and blue polar bear at Targay...creepy if you ask me.

Of course I live in the sunshine state, commonly referred to as geriatric hell, so I showed be used to blue hairs...

js said...

well i wanna send them back too. I have experienced this, when they get here they do bust their asses but when they see the other sorry mofo's and they do get their papers after years of working (and not paying a &&&%^$#@ dime in they say hmmmmmm
why the hell am i busting my ass picking Darwin knows what when that fat sorry puta is drawing a check??
i swear i have seen it we used to work the mexicans in watermelons when i wasa farmboy (a goodlookin in shape one!) anyway they lay out too. the only way to deal with the lowest common denominator is to allow them to starve themselves the hell out of the gene pool or force them to take (dems hate this phrase because they don't believe in it) personal responsibility for themselves and theirs. Anddddddd get your 'ready to be a pissy bossy' britches on, Charlie Rangle did say that if the Dems took the house and senate they would definately raise taxes and repeal the tax cuts on the middle class, there ya go
be careful how you vote.....
im done now, please for the love of Darwin don't egg me on anymore
pissy j

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

the bees were gonna go see happy feet while in the homeland, but for the life of me I cant recall why they didnt go..damn..

and yes, I have draniage issues, both the sucking and non sucking kind;)

yes I say at least the Mexicnas and all other illgeal imigrants will bust thier ass for the 5.15 the govt pays for mim wage..which the dems have stated they will raise. and I hope they do, cuz that shit aint right..

I am thinkin of gettin me some welfare though, I have been thinking all day bout this..I wanna get paid for doing have I let this slip out from under me? Hell most days I sit here home with my Boo, and not get paid, but hell if i can do it AND get paid, holy shit its like winning the freakin lotto.

then I might as well pop out a few more crakcer babies;)..cuz I wont have to buy baby formula or any other item, cuz I can sue my welfare check for the pampers and a breast pump.

I got it all planned out now crakcer..u wanna piece of my pie?

Lazy people wont way aorund it..and us hard wroking..( and I use the term hard working loosely when referring to myself) will pay the way for the rest of em..

cuz its the Godly thing to do...right?...

JD's Rose said...

Boo is way too funny. At least you know that she will offer encouragement when you age and can no longer poop.


js said...

it absolutley is not the godly thing to do, it is the racist thing to do though. The racist are all for it, it keeps the poor folks down, the people they consider bad, poor blacks, mexicans, poor whites, they can't learn how to swim if they are never in the water. don't cry yourself to sleep over the poor mexicans, if their 5.50 per was so bad they wouldn't cross the border by the catrillions, you know why they do that? Because it beats the dog doo doo out of the .35 per they are making mexico. and don't cry for them when they get sick you wonder who pays? That'd me and you and all the job holders. when they breed do you know who pays?? that'd be the same folks cause their spud is a citizen. getcha some wic or whatever its called. when they crash into you go ahead guess who pays? your insurance, kno why? they have none. When they want to have educated children you know who pays? right again me and you. I'm glad they come to work, they need to make it easier to get here legally, they should have to be sponsord by a company and the company should be held accountable if they quit or whatever to inform the feds about shipping them back. I can break them up from coming here. think about this folks, they walk across the line, you know what worst case scenario is? we bus them back across the friggin line, wtf?????? they just walked here so bussing them back is going to keep them from coming back again tommorrow?????????
here's a crackers idea, fly them back, to antartica!!!! lets see how that walk treats them, or australia or brazil and just see how long it takes them then to get back. then the other folks say, sheeeeiiiitttt i aint f'in with the US they might ship me to antartica!!
and the lifetime welfare folks, I have a plan for them too (ofv course you knew I would) you can draw your lifetime check thats fine buttttttt you have to be at the courthouse (or other designated area at 8:00 am sharp, you are allowed 2 late days per year, and you can punch out at 12 for lunch punch back in 1 then at 5 then go home. if you aint there noooooooooo checkaroo!!!!!
that would wind that shit up in about 4 hours, they wouldn't come back from lunch, another stipulation is anyone who is paying can come by and pick you up, they pay you per hour for the time you work ( a wage higher than the welfare sit around wage) then bring you back.
there ya go
why do you insist on me getting riled up????????

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

u wait til jellybean starts announcing his bodly functions;)

hmm....did u take ur meds today?

I wont rile u know more crakcer, I am worried bout ur ticker!

js said...

i got it right tho
bad as it is i got it right

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I love u cracker:)