Friday, November 03, 2006

Billys got a gun...he's on the run

When you tell me your going to do something, and then it does not pan out, it pisses me off.

example one...Late last week I called our local dish-network provider to set up service..( I have went two long years without VH-1 Classic) I was told they would come this week. I called them Wednesday, they informed they would be here Thursday. I was giddy. I could not wait. I am only getting dish-network just so I can have the classic vh-1 channel. For those of you who don't know about this channel, its amazing..It plays videos and stuff when music was still good. Its all classic stuff, from the 70's 80's and whatnot...And when it really began to tick me off, is when I knew Def Leppard week was going on, and I had to freakin miss it..

So they were suppose to come yesterday. Then I get a call about 9am that indeed my equipment had not arrived, and that they would not be able to come until the following Tuesday. This mad me madder then a wet hen. I told then as much. I said to her.." so you must not of ordered this the DAY I requested it, because there is no reason why it would take over a week for such supplies to get to your store when indeed you ARE a satellite store..Am I right?"

All she would say is that she called the company and they said they could not track the shipment, so therefore she thought it had not been sent...yea whatever..

Then last Saturday I go and order Boo's bed. Everyday she asks me if its Fwyday yet because she knew it was coming Friday.

They call and tell me they will be here between 1-3. I wait. And wait and wait...I hate waiting. Finally 4 pm rolls around and still no damn bed. So I call. They are running late.

So this pisses me off.

But finally they came, finally Boo has her big girl bed

She picked the color of the walls. At the time I liked it, but when I put it on the walls, it kinda blew my mind. Its very bright, kinda like looking at a bottle of Pepto or something...I mean it is so bright I don't even need to turn the damn lights on.

That black stuff on the wall is her blackboards I made...I am going to move her bed to the other side of the room, so she has easy access to the chalk board..

So that's her bed, and the shitty paint job on her wall, with the color so bright u do need shades..

I did the most assnine thing..I agreed to work 12 hours on Saturday and 8 hours on Sunday. Why, I am not sure, but I am hoping to come down with a case of the bird flu or maybe scabies....I hate working 12 hours. Noon to midnight...That's me..That's how damn stupid I am...Who the hell says they will work noon to midnight on a Saturday?...Me that's who..The dumb shit here in the corner of the pepto dressed walls.

so I am here still, with no dish network. No VH-1 classic....Just regular VH-1 that only plays crappy shows with that ugly dude flava flav...Oh and great programming notes..Danny bonaducie is one crazy mo-fo...Who the hell exploits themselves like that?..Damn what an ass cracker he is..

Well I have crap to do..I need to go try and catch some diease, or get hit by a truck..Or something that will prevent me from working..

Bee Real


Neurotic1 said...

I'll call ya and breathe real heavy over the phone and just maybe you can catch the sickness we can't get rid of! I LOVE Vh-1 classic- music just isn't the same anymore! Love Boo's new bed- just make sure to get her some heavy duty shades for the paint!

js said...

just looking at the walla settled my stomach!!!!!

Choppzs said...

VH1 and MTV both suck now days!! They don't even play videos anymore, it's all reality shows and crap!! Sucks balls!

The room is very bright, but hey, you could save on the electric bill without having to turn on any lights!! lol And what can you say, she craps in the jon now right? She should get a medal to hang on those bright walls!! lol

OH and I read your last post too, and couldn't stop laughing at some of the comments. They gave me some good ideas!! lol Then low and behold, 1 shows up at my door this evening, with a pamplet that says something about false religion. All I could say was no thanks, and shut the door. What a wuss I am!! lol

Kelly said...

Oh the things we moms do for our kids! My daughter's room is also pink, but a lighter shade, and I HATE pink...always have. A big girl bed and potty trained all in a week, you go Boo!

Good luck on the getting out of work thing. I had strep throat, fever and looked like hell (worse than the usual hell) and still had to work all week!! Need me to come over and spread my germs?

Dish Network sucks ass! They really messed up our finished basement when they ran wires for our system. Said they'd come out and "make it right", no call and no show THREE damn times! We finally fixed it ourselves, but I was so pissed off!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes...ill give u my ASAP...vh-1 classis rocks..i miss it..we had it in ole sandtown thru my dish thru the cable we have every damn channel but that...pissers..

well i am glad it came in handy for something..maybe u need to come and lick it;)

yup thats the same pamplet I got, on false relgoin..this must be thier week to recruit us sinners to thier very odd world..

and MTV and vh-1 so suck ass..although I do love those 80 countdowns and stuff, I am a loser like that.

I had both direct tv and dishnetwork in MI, and I loved them both..although I did not encounter any troubles with the hook up..but that was there..they better not mess up my basment..I finally have a kick ass basment, and if they think there gonna mess with it, well they are sadly mistaken.

js said...

danged ole family blogs!!!!!!!!
im restrained now.
usually you tickle the shit outta me, this time I tickled me!!!!!!

The Kept Woman said...

Holy damn, I was thinking pepto before you said it. Know that that room needs? Some big ass green pola-dots...and no, I'm not kidding. My girls' bathroom is pink (albeit a lighter shade) with lime green polka dots and it really breaks up the pink giving it a fun and feminine look.

LOVE the bed! Every girl should have a canopy bed...except mine because their cribs convert and I ain't buyin' them new beds.

Kendra Lynn said...

I love the pepto room. its very bright and cheery.
please forgive my lowercase typing. my fingers hurt...i have a bad case of allergic reaction to colorsafe bleach. owwww!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

so ur saying I didnt tickle u tongiht..damnit all to bloodyhell

well mr shaky would not allow that, reaosn being when we lived in our old house in MI I painted Blondie Bees room neon greena nd neon purple..he still has not let me live that one this day I still hear about it.. bad paint job and i have to hear about it till the day I die.

dang, sorry bout ur allergy..dont worry, i dont use caps or correct spelling;)

Fantastagirl said...

You could sponge paint over it with a shade or two lighter or it's bright!

Like the new bed - I always wanted a canopy bed - maybe my next bedroom set will have a canopy bed...

Brandy said...

I hate when things dont happen when they are suppose to.

Love the bed. Take a lighter color and dry brush or do a sponge techinque on the walls. It will tone it down. At least it dont look like cake frosting dripping off the ceiling at you... Long story..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i always wanted a canopy sister wanted a day bed..

now Blondie has the most beutiful wooden daybed and Boo has a canopy..(with no canopy yet)..

my sin has one of them beds with the bookshelves at the head board and a dresser underneath..

and i dont even have a damn fair is that?

I had acctually thought about doing that..but really, its too much work for me...I am super lazy..

Jerry said...

I have a Pepto-Bismol pink bathroom (circa 1963) to match that bedroom. Original, no retro here.

Krystal said...

On the bright side you don't have to worry about missing Def Lep on VH-1 Classics while you're working those 12 and 8 hour shifts.

You're right, the pink looks like Pepto on the walls. But hey! Just think of the sealant and primer you'll have to use when you repaint so it doesn't bleed through. There's a cheery thought!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hmm, u need me to come and re-do the bathroom for u?...I still have paint left.

very true..

and I dont plan on EVER painting it again, the next home owners will have to deal with that one:-)

aatank said...

I love the Boo's room, And just think when she's sick she'll just go in her room and feel better.

We live out in the boonies, so we don't have a choice, we have to have direct tv. But I wouldn't go with out it. It's the best thing since sliced bread.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well even those pics dont even show how bright it it may make one ill looking at it too long..

even when i lived in town there, I had either direct tv or dish network..our cable here is good, but only channel i dont get is the one I want:)

Working Mom said...

Why do all my comments on your posts disappear?! Are you trying to tell me something? ;)

I like Boo's walls. Bug's is yellow and green, so yeah, we're pretty much blinded also.

I love me some VH1 Classic. Hop a plane and we can watch together in the warmth of the Florida sun :)

Hails said...

Man that is bright for a bedroom but hey at least its a happy colour!! The blackboard idea is great though!

hope you get the dish thing soon so you get the better channel!

js said...

well usually i aint funny unless I'm naked!
but this time in my mind i was making a funny!
and it tickled me
and i ate alot of J-lap-anoes today and my tummy is regretting it so I knew I had to see the pepto room!

Blazer1234 said...

Hope you get your VH-1 Classic soon. Damn satalite/cable/tv people drive me crazy. Oh, and so do delivery drivers that are late. If they know they are going to be late, then they should call you and let you know! Stupid!

I think the pepto-colored walls have gotten to you. A 12 hour shift? You are carzy. Hope no one tries to kill you.

Cliff Morrow said...

I don't want to catch you watching anything naughty after you get the dish....unless you invite me over.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

nope I am not tryin to tell u anything...I have been ahving the same troubles with other blogs, yours in one of them:)..i thought u were trying to tell me something;)

man, I am on my way..vh-1 classic here I come..

yes, it is really bright, but Boo loves it..haha

to tell you the truth, my stomcah as felt like crap all day..and to top it off I was locked inside a jail all damn day....damn can u top that?

yes a 12 hour shift, and I just got home..damn and I have to go back tommorw..damnit

u just gave me some bad ideas now cliff!

jess said...

Oh, how I hate bad customer service...

And I love those walls! Nice and bright and pink. :P

Hopefully you find some way to get out of work... yuck!

Badoozie said...

you get what you deserve when you let 3 yr olds pick out paint......maybe you'll come down with something more interesting than scabies...maybe hard core hangnails or something

Jewl said...

The color is a little too pink for me but hey, it's for a little girl so it looks like she would like it!I miss Dishnet... we had it in Texas and now we hav crappy ass Charter cable. Blah...
Hope you got sick? ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes they sure are bright arent they?..i am starting to like them in a strange odd way:)

well I did not get out of working my 12 hour shift, I still have an hour to come down with head lice or something so I can get out of working today...

I loved dish when we had it a few years back, I dont know why I did not have them hook it up here..I am a loser I guess.

vani said...

love the bed, and the walls are a tad bit bright indeed. :)

JD's Rose said...

How cute is her bed?! I want one!

keesh said...

That bed, and bedding and room is adorable! I love it! is the chalk board paint? I was thinking of putting some on my sons wall so he can practice writing.

The Blog Whore said...

I LOVE VH1 classic. Especially on Sunday mornings....

(I dunno when) ...but they do a Classic/Current thing too. Artists old song then their new song.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup, bright indeed..haha

not sure ur lil jelly bean would look good in that bed though!

i tell you that chalk board stuff is cool, if u put it in his room he would love it.

Blog whore,
oh yes I love classic/currnet...I miss it dearly..cant wait until i get it back.