Thursday, November 30, 2006

20th century boy

I have a few things pissing me off . First up I think I left Pat back in the homeland..He/she is missing. I thought I had him/her in one of my bags, and lo and behold she/he aint there. I think IT may be in the back of my new mommys car, but crap they are in Vegas doin it like rabbits so I have to wait till they get home to ask her to check. I cant run without my Ipod. I try turning on my Itunes and blaring it from the PC, but it just don't cut it....I hate u PAt and Applesucksasses, but damn I miss him/her.

I bought a new bag of dog food. I buy the kind for the small chicken size dogs, cuz hell, my dog is about the size of a rat...My one cat is bigger then she is...Anyway, why do they have to make cat and dog food for special breeds and sizes? The way I see it, my dog is gonna eat what she wants. If she were say a wolf, and out in Gods country, she would not look at a dead deer and say shit, I cant eat that, I just way to small to chew that...

And what's with the Indoor cat food formula? My two cats are indoor cats, but why do they need special indoor formula? Lets say they got outside, and lets say they found a mouse..Would they say hey wait, my kibble don't normally run..I need my indoor cat formula..I think not. Why do the dog and cat food makers think we are retards? I will tell you why...cuz we buy the shit and they are sitting in their offices laughing their as$es off at us.

My dog refuses to eat said dogfood. All she will eat is cat food. So I am no longer going to buy Dogchow for small breed dogs, instead I am buying Purina indoor cat formula for the mixed gender pussy cats....There has to be a brand for dog that thinks she a cat...

Its a site to behold, my two cats and one dog/cat sharing a bowl of kibble.

Another thing that is pissing me off. Its cold out. Tuesday it was 60 degrees and I wake up Wednesday and its 11 degrees. How does that happen? It did not get above 20 degrees yesterday. That is wrong..All wrong.

My Boo has decided she will only eat spaghetti and pancakes. I suspect she will die of starvation sometime around next Tuesday.

Blondie comes home and insist on trying some new foods. She wants me to make broccoli and stuffing with our dinner. Normally I make these items and she pretends to vomit in her mouth.

Oh Blondie wants to join wreslting...Who encourages kids to beat the shit out of eachother? And why does she insist on wanting to do so? Is it odd for first graders, and GIRL first graders to participate in wrestling?..I mean have U seen my blondie? She is a bean pole with the face of a blonde haired demon. She would so kick some major ass.

Butch tells her its way to dangerous to wrestle. Now I am not sure if he is worried about her well being, or his. Cause that girl can already open a can of whoop ass on that boy..

I need to think about all this...No one in my house is right in the head. They are all crazy..Every last one of them.

I hope Santa brings me a years supply of sleeping and anxiety pills along with a coupon for liposutction.

Bee Real


Peggy said...

Yippeeeeee I am first! LOL the indoor catfood has the stuff they get from eating grass and other outdoor stuff. My cats love it and they get to go outside. And don't you let my little boo bee go hungry!! tell her we are having red and green pancakes this weekend for a christmas get together.

cracker said...

damn and i thought i was the only one needing lipo!
u'll be skinny as a hoe handle if you get it
and yea my boy doesnt wanna haveta unleash the beast on sis so he's concerned for her.
my dogs eat grren beans, apples, orange peels, collard greens etc. well they didnt the first 2 weeks but they got where they like it pretty good it seems!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I think the colored cakes might freak her out..she is very purticular kinda Boo:)

my dog has been known to eat her own kitty litter..

well the boy is a bit of a wimp, I think he is worried bout gettin bruised up by a 6 year old..

js said...

you best watch your pie hole now!
dontcha be calling my boy a wimp!!!!!!
that sure aint in his genes!~

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

just callin it as I sees it:)

deni said...

I'd be happy if Santa brought me the winning lottery numbers.

And maybe a free boob job.

Now wait, lasik surgery would be good, now if I had to choose, which one?

Eyes or boobs.


Fantastagirl said...

I say let her wrestle - she'll kick some ass!

beth said...

i have a friend with 2 girls, they both wrestle and love it and are really good at it!!
welcome home, i saw that same MN sign on my way back!!

Badoozie said...

sounds like things are pretty normal around there? i would die without my ipod and i have not even named it yet. help me think of a name for my ipod...remember it's RED and it resembles target.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

if santa brings u the winning numbers, dont forget ole bossy mmkay?

oh she is gonna go, now the boy wants to do it too..I swear, he cant let her just go get ass whippin ready on her own;)

She took Ti-kwan-do last year and loved it...she is a brut;).where did u go? I need to get over to ur new blog...I need to see how its goin ur way..

yup things r right as rain here..

u dont need to name ur Ipod, just cuz I am a tard dont mean u gotta be...But I do have some good names if want them..

Kendra Lynn said...

Aww....your dog thinks its a sweet. My dog thinks she is a person. NOT on my watch, doggie! She refuses to sleep in her kennel unless its on a "people" pillow...and...she really prefers to sleep on my bed, inbetween me and Scott...OOOOH not happenin'!
I usually kick her smelly little hide off and make her sleep in her kennel with her "people" pillow.
Spoiled dog.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

shoot my dog sleeps in my bed, on the kids bed..wherever the heck she feels like it..and if u leave ur food on the tbale for more then a minute, she hops up there and eats it...she is a bad girl:)

Karin said...

SHouldn't you also be buying a seperate indoor kitten formula cat food as one of the aforementioned pets is but a wee one. I don't give my indoor cats the indoor formula because I tried it once and the cats said no way bring us our normal food. You have some weird eaters there, good luck to you on that. I hope you find Pat soon, that would be a terrible loss.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well if I was a good mommy Veronica would have gotten kitten food for more then a week. but I am a bad momma so she ears the senoir formula like the siamise and the dog:)

Wethyb said...

OMG it was over 60 and raining like hell here today, but I think we're supposed to get the shit that you're getting tomorrow. ICK!

And I had to laugh at the comment you left at my sissy's blog about MI......sooo true about saying "NAW", not "NAC"....say it right if you're gonna come to our state dammit! LOL!

The Kept Woman said...

Holy shit.

Thanks for reminding me why I don't need more kids.

Ummmmmmmm...broccoli and stuffing? Wrestling?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I swear all the retards here in MN call it AC, not AW..pisses me off to no end I tell, no end..

holy shit, no more ducklings missy..I am warning u!

Princess said...

You guys have inside cat formula? WTF is that???

I think you should let Blondie too wrestling! That would be so awesome. Those wrestlers are hot, have wicked bodies, and can kick ass! She would be sooo popular! :D lol

deni said...

9 degrees, LOL, a year ago I was suffering temps like that back home.

I don't miss that, I'll take the 70 anyday.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yup, here in America we are folls and will buy anything;)

accutally right now its 3...and our high for today is a mear balmy 15...go MN!

Peg said...

blondie would whoop that wrestling team into shape...

ask santa to get a two for one discount so you can share with your favorite fat girl in florida!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Blondie sure could whomp em a good one..

I will tell santa to send u a gift certficate too..I like to spread love all around, I am genours that way:)

and if u live in florida that means I hate you..sorry Peg:)

its freakin 3 degrees out right now..mother trucker its cold.

Gette said...

I'd just as soon have my girls wrestle or play hockey as be on the dance line. And my girls take dance, just not danceline. *shudder*

dakotablueeyes said...

dog food makers make me laugh. I buy pedigree adult for ellie cause she's an old woman, over weight so they suggest I use the weight maintainence. HELLO she doesn't over eat she gets the same amount every day and some days doesn't even eat it, She just never moves that much that's her problem so unless that bag o dog food comes with a tread mill inside I ain't buyin it lol.

Neurotic1 said...

The indoor formula for cats is so they don't get hair balls- you know cats that go outside can gracefully puke that crap up outside! When the vet wants our dogs on a diet I go buy the cheapest damn food I can find because I know they won't eat it! I figure if they get hungry enough that they will eventually eat! They always lose a few pounds first though. Dummies!

Blazer1234 said...

I just let my dog fend for herself. That's what their instinct is to do, right? Kidding. But when I first got my dog from the pound, all she would eat were hotdogs. I was ready to take her back to the pound because I couldn't afford that feeding habit. Thank goodness she learned to eat her kibbles. And she enhjoys the occassional cat-poop delicacy from the cat-box when she is over my parent's house.

I say let Blondie join wrestling. That would take care of any penis' trying to call her up. They'll be too damn scared.

I hope you find Pat.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well blonide would have nothing to do with dancing..thats for girls..haha

yup..they need to send a tiny treadmill in the boxes if they want the dogs to lose weight, or send a leash to thier owners;)

man when I had an indoor/outdoor cat she still puked on my elder cat has never threw out a hair ball..and so far the little dont either..but my dog pukes all the time..go lil retard dog..

speaking of the penis, he called her about 4 times while we were gone..damn.

she is going to the meeting tonight about wrestlering with mr we will see if she still wants to join after tonight.

Meow said...

You gotta show us a photo of the dog and cats eating their foot together ... how cute !!!
Anyway, I reckon you should let Blondie at least start wrestling ... who knows, she may not like it, or she may be very good at it !!!
Hope you find your ipod soon ... how tragic, you had to wait all that time to get it fixed, or whatever, and now you don't have it again. Good luck.
Take care, Meow

Cliff Morrow said...

Lipo sucks.
I hate it when my bride sends me to buy dog and cat food for the kennel. One brand should be enough.
A sophomore girl in our hometown made it to the state Championships in wrestling and won her first round. She wrestled against boys all year.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I did take a pic, but I could not get it to post..

how do u know lipo sucks cliff?

so u think Blondie has a chance then?

tough assed cracker said...

well you might be but if so that trait came from ur side!!