Saturday, June 10, 2006

Things that make ya go hmmm

So one of my best blogger friends d over at has tagged me for this little ditty. Now I don't mess with d.

The object of this one is d gave me a letter from the alphabet and I have to list 10 things starting with that letter that are about me, or things I like..Something like that..I am a retard, if I do it wrong..So what..

My letter is M...Yea M..Out of 26 freaking letters she sticks me with M..

ok here we go...Your going to enjoy this..Or not.

1. Michigan, this is the state that ole Bossy was born and raised in. Everything that went wrong with me, happened here. The fact I am a retard is because we had bad city water in Michigan and my mom and dad were to cheap to buy bottle water.

2. Minnesota, this is the God forsaken crap pit I call home now. This southern belle needs to be uprooted to where she belongs..To somewhere it does not get 50 below 0 . My delicate skin and soft features deserve better than that...Am I wrong? Me and Jaime Dawn are southern belles, and we deserve only the best living conditions..And this is not it..

3. Mr Shaky Pants first name starts with M..He may be a meatball..But he is my meat ball..

4. Music, I love music..Well as long as it was made before 1999..Anything after that is nothing but hooligan nonsense. You may not know this, but ole Bossy had thought about getting a degree in music..Yes I am a versitle artist, I can do many things..I still think I could win American Idol, Last Comic standing..And now..So you think you can dance...Oh yes, I have moves.

5. Math, now I don't like math. But math has been something I have tried avoiding my whole life..I was born with no math gene..What's 12 divided by 3..Hell if I know.

6. Mediocre job, that is what I just got rid of..No more mediocrity for Bossy..Suck it Target..Suck it..

7. Mittens, I love mittens, but when I cant buy them in the middle of winter in MN because they stopped selling them and replaced them with swim suits, it pisses me off..What kid goes thru one winter with the same pair of mittens..HELLO..They lose them..And HELLO..My kids spend every waking hour sledding in the winter and they wear thru them fast...Mittens..I need to write an ode to mittens..

8. Mascara, now I don't normally wear this unless I think I might leave the house. Mascara makes my eyes look like I am a streetwalker..And I like it..I really like it.

9.My bees..I know that is cheating..My bees are cute, lazy, retards, unstable, ruthless, trouble holding in bowel and bladder...But damnit..They are my bees..I will forever wipe up the piddle and remove the poop from the boo bees buttcrack until I am so unlazy and potty train her.

10. Married, yes I do enjoy being married. I have been married to Mr shaky for over 11 years now. He buys me things I don't need, says he will do weight watchers with me and then I find a stash of two bags of jelly beans in my van, he makes me things from scratch just cuz I say I like it, he lets me sleep in on the weekends, he will lay on my tummy hear it growling and offer to make me nachos..Not because he thinks I am getting to thin..But because he is hungry...

There ya go..I don't know who to tag for this..

I will tag aatank..( I went to highschool with her, she is new to the blogworld)

I will give her the letter W..

I will also tag Suzie...I cant remember if she did it or not..Crap, if you did it suzie do it again..mmaky, your letter is H.

Now if you missed my ode to Target, read on down...

Oh and I am pursuing another part time job, we will discuss this later..

Have a good weekend..C-ya Monday

I plan on drinking and eating, weight watchers isn't effective on the weekends right?..Nope didn't think so.

Bee Real


Princess said...

Looks fun!!! :D

M wasnt so bad wasnt it ;) (better then W :P) ;)


Jamie Dawn said...

We southern belles know what we need. Minnesota is too cold in the winter and Arkansas is too hick all the time. Actually, I like where I live now, but I'm still hoping for SC or GA one of these days.

I am allergic to math. I have taught general math, business math, algebra and geometry to both my kids, and I still hate it with every ounce of my being.

Peggy said...

aaawwww it was sweet of you to write how you like being married to the king bee. He sounds like a keeper. so go keep him happy LOL

Wethyb said...

You're so fricken hilarious. I did this one too--I think I had "K". My list wasn't nearly as good as yours though :)

d said...

LOL - good job! Look at you atill complaining about M - you gave some poor girl W - W? I can't wait to see that one.

I'm with you on the music, with few exceptions. And no, Weight watchers is totally not in effect on the weekends - or at least it wasn't for me when I tried it. MAybe that's why I gained 3 pounds. Nah, must have been water weight ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes m wasnt so bad..i could think of a few things anyway..haha

yes, south carolina is were we should be..when I get there I will save a spot on my porch for you:)

well..I was running out things to say/..hahaha

its not that i am hilarois..its just the way my life me, its always a fun time;)

yes it must be the water weight..I am totally with you on that one..and I wanted to see someone do W..I coulda done W..I have a whole list for W..but no, I got M..

pack of 2 said...

You did a great job with the letter "M".

I LOVE Tina....she rocks!


Marel Lecone said...

Funny list as usual. So, you're still pretty bent about those mittens, huh? You crack me up! Here in NY, I can find mittens being sold just about everywhere--I don't spend alot on them since they get lost and tore up so easily. The 7-11 has them, the dollar store, supermarket . . . just avoid Target, ok? :):) Have a great weekend.

Kelly said...

I am soooo glad I took a "blogger vacation" from my poor aatank gets W! :)

That is so cute that you and hubby are still so in love after all this time! We should all be so lucky!!

Britmum said...

Hi Bossey

I lived in Michigan for a time...

Hey I promise I haven't forgotten to email you but you know Scragend came home. Ya know what that means, wink, wink!!! LOL

Love the Ms.

Take care

The Blog Whore said...

I start my weekend eating on Thursdays


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you my dear..and she sure does rock..;)

dang and our state is colder and we cant get mittens after septmeber..something is wrong there..haha

well your lucky you are too cuz i was gonna tag you also..haha..oh and I got my nose ring:)

so where in Michgan did you live?..and yes..*wink* *wink* right back at ya missy;)

blog whore,
now thats my kinds diet girl..

~Deb said...

Street walker and drinking on the weekends has to be the best combo ever! I drank tons on Weight Watcher's. What? Did I lose weight? What? I can't hear you. What? What????

Enjoy your weekend! {{hugs}}