Friday, June 16, 2006

Take the long way home

Well this will more than likely be my last post till after I get back from my lil holiday. Which will be June 28 or so. I know you will all miss me. I will leave you a hanky to wipe your tears.

This is where I a going. I am driving. I have never driven this kind of distance before. This is not the way we normally drive when we go back. I am going this way so I don't have to drive thru Chicago. Driving thru that city is like having a limb cut off, while your awake.

This will be my route, if you are passing by this way honk your horn as your passing by..And I will flip you the bird.

That is roughly 800 miles and 17 hours and 34 minutes of driving and hearing " mom , I gotta pee" Or " mom , I am hungry"...Or " are we there yet"

Mr Shaky gets to stay in the confines of the hive..Lucky bastard..


My little boo bee has been scared lately of the train. We have a train that goes thru town about 20 times a day. At all hours. The last few days she hears it she finds a blanket and puts her head under and screams for help..This was her last night when the train came thru..

Blondie Bee came in from playing outside last night and asked if she could get some ice cream from Dairy Queen. Her reasoning was it was hot..She said " even feel my armpits"...That is a girl desperate for ice cream.


Ok Robin..The best thing about blogging is getting to be silly and share the stupid crap that is my life. The thing I don't like about it is worrying about someone taking something I say the wrong way..And worrying about people I don't want reading it, reading it..

If Prince came to my door I would not say anything to him, I would just greet him with a full open mouth tongue lashing...


Ok and the moment you have all been waiting for..My ugly earrings that I stole..What I am calling my five finger discount ghetto rings..

Ok your not going to beilve this..but it is not letting me post it..I will try come and check..

Blogger must not want me to increminate myself..

See you all when I get back, I am leaving Sunday morning..I will be spending the weekend doing laundry and packing..Hope I dont forget my underwear like I did last time..I had to go and buy all new underwear..But I packed the kids enough underwear to be covered durring a nuclear attack..

Have a great week.

Bee real


Gette said...

Have a great time. Those drives take me twice as long with the kids along as they do when I drive by myself. Good plan to do the yuper and bypass Chicago. Hopefully you're not so hurried that you can't make some playground stops, or stop to take pictures by large concrete animals and balls of twine.

Gette said...

I wonder why your timestamp is always goofy, at least by my Mac.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well we plan on stopping by places to have some picnics on the balls of twine though;)

well what does my time stamp say?..

Working Mom said...

Bug is the same way about trains. Every time one goes by she gets hysterical. She wasn't like that until she hit 2 1/2. She's starting to calm down about it now - a year later.

Hope you have an enjoyable, safe trip!

Britmum said...

Awwww I am gonna miss ya lovey.

Have a safe trip.

I will be gone on the 30th of June for 2 weeks.

I will try to blog though. See if they can stop me at prison Disney World.

Take care

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

wonder what it is about the will be three in august, and it just started a few days ago..damn babies

WAIT..u cant leave...only I can go away, u got it?

I might try to post once while I am gone, but I am not taking my laptop with me, so I am not sure how easy it will be..haha

u have a good time if i dont talk to you before you leave;)

Peggy said...

have fun and don't stop and set out any little bees along the way! LOL

aatank said...

Have a safe trip!!! I'll be traveling also, but just in the confines of Michigan. I think the 3 of us should get together while your home (you, kelly and myself). We can cause a ruckus in Sandtown.

Jerry said...

I've always wanted to go to Mackinac. Have fun on your trip. Eat some Wisconsin cheese on your way. Be safe!

Karin said...

so your car is equipped with scuba gear so you can drive through a great lake? I get it I finally come back and then you run away, it's a conspearacy damn it! WHatever, drive safe, have fun and see you soon.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i will make sure that are all counted for and not left behid, allough butch bee loves home alone and may think its funny if i forget him..haha

yes we must..both you girls have my numbers i someone call me..I dont know your numbers or kelly's..but i would love to get together..

I loath wisconssin,., but i di like the cheese;)

yes it is..the first of its kind..

my luck i will go over the brige with my van..that kida shit only happens to me, watching your news..I am sure it will be one there;)

Princess said...

Yay, a holiday!!

i hope you and your family have an awesome time together.

drive safe, try not to stir off while flipping people the bird! ;)


Granny said...

Blogspot uses the time when you started a post unless you manually change it (which is easy).

Have a great time and don't fall into Lake Michigan.

Gette said...

Well, I left my comment on Thursday night, but your post said it was Friday already.

mal said...

safe travels! one nice thing about having your children grown, you don't have to travel with them!! *L*

BTW, I think thats the same train that comes by our place...aaaarrrggghhhh

Cliff Morrow said...

Hey Bossy, are you going to watch Prince on Good Morning America this morning??
Too bad you're not passing thru Nebraska. You qualify for a free tour of a flatland farm.
Drive safely.
We will wait for you.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

but flippigng the bird is so much fun:)

yes, if I fall there I am in big trouble;)

ok yes..I write my post the night before for the following I wrote Fridays post Thursday its not your computer it me..I do it on purpose:)

i am looking forward to those days..

and I bet you it is the same train..this train is a pain in the ass;)

crap thanks for remdning me..I dont watch GMA but saw the promo for it..I hope it didnt miss it..

and if I was heading to nebraska I would bring my dog and let your bride give her a makeover;)

~Deb said...

I hope Bossy is really going on vacation------because I have this odd feeling she's being placed in the slammer for those earrings she stole. Hmm...

Bossy, you may come back a new woman. *wink wink* Call me. lol!

Wethyb said...

Have a great time! I'll wave at ya from the other side of the state :)

d said...

Look how close you will be to Canada! What's another 4 or 5 more hours?

So, let me get this straight. We have a confession and we have evidence (the pictures of your ghetto earings)- now here is where you say for legal purposes - "just kidding, just kidding, ha ha" ;)

Drive safe, flip some people off for me too.

Jamie Dawn said...

Since you said they were ugly ASS earrings, I thought they would be dangling asses.
Have a nice trip, and drive sanely and without any drugs or alcohol in your system.
Try not to beat the bees to death on your way there.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well so far its just a vaction..and u will be my first call should "that" arise..haha

I will be looking for ya;)

I swear one of these time I am gonna make a trip to toranto..we are gonna tear it up when I do;)

no asses haning from these ears..Not to worry, I dont drink or drive and have never tried an illegal drug, we should be safe:)

I cant not however gaunrtee the saftey of the bees.

Mrs. Diamond said...

so did the lil miss hot arm pits get her dairy queen ice cream? LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

she sure did:)

Kendra Lynn said...

Have a good time, and please drive safely.
If you come toward Detroit, look me up. :)