Monday, June 05, 2006

Now that we found love

My featured artist this week is going to be songs that remind me of summers of the past...Ok..Good..Moving along..

I worked all weekend, for peanuts. I might as well be damn circus elephant. But starting today I have 10 days off, my mom is gone away to Seattle with her sister, so I have no babysitter..Poor me..I do have a job interview Tuesday. But I am sure it wont pan out. I for some reason am caught in some sort of Twilight Zone time warp where I can not leave Target..Its like Target needs me..To suck the ever loving life from my mortal lungs..For peanuts..

I pick up my little Boo Bee and she smells of bug spray and sunblock. My two bestest smells, its the smell of summer.

I am just gonna share some pics with you...I am really tapped for writing a post..I have worked about 6 days straight..So I have not been witness to anything worth blogging about..I could tell you about more Mexicans I saw at Target..Like the family who brought their two year old daughter in the store in just a swimsuit..No clothes, no shoes...Just a swim suit...

then the girl took a crap in toy aisle....No joke, it was the talk of the store Thursday night...

Piss on it, it wont let me load anymore...Gawd I hate blogger most days..Target and Blogger are one in the same...They both suck donkey balls.

Oh, I may be a retard but damnit I have lost nearly 5 pounds on my weight watchers..Course I may be so much of a retard that I weighed myself wrong the first time..

I am writing this Sunday morning, because I have to close Sunday night..I believe I am closing with Scabby. I don't much care for scabby. When she bends over you can see her thong. Now I have said she has a cute little 21 year old body, but she has the face of a perpetual wolf hound and the personality of a vampire bat. Now I am all for tanning, Lord knows I spend a great deal of Mr shaky pants hard earned..( and I use the term hard earned very loosely..Anyone who sits at a desk and can have all the potty breaks they want, is not working at all..) money on tanning appointments..I like a little glow and bronzing on my person..Makes me feel better. But Scabby takes it to a whole new level. She looks like she is half American Indian and half Middle Eastern. Its very creepy looking on a white girl....Very creepy indeed. In fact I have a hard time looking her in the eye, for fear I cant keep a straight face. She is gonna think I am "into her" because I am looking at her shoulder or something....She might think I am looking at her tiny wee bit if a chest..Lord knows I am not..But to an innocent bystander it may look so... Has a person ever been so ugly and freakish looking that you could not look them in the face without pissing your pants?

If not, consider yourself lucky...Oh and she has a nose ring...Which magnifies her ugly horse fly face. You don't draw attention to your flaws..HELLO SCABBY>>YOUR UGLY...Lets try hiding that face under a nice Target bag shall we?

Bee Real


Kelly said...

Congrats on the job interview! Think positive thoughts, like NO MORE TARGET! :)

Krystal said...

I hope the interview goes well for you Tuesday!!!

Sorry, but I laughed about the girl crapping in your isle. It HAD to happen to you.

Kendra Lynn said...

Hey there.
You crack me up.
I must admit...seeing the thong above the pants is just gross to me. Of course, I am now of a different generation than those "thong-show-off-ers".
I feel so old.
But I understand what you mean bout the weird tanning. I hate tans that don't look natural.
If they are too dark, or too orange...its gross.

Hope you have fun closing tonight.


aatank said...

Good luck at the interview!!!!

You have me so confused... she has a face of a perpetual wolf hound and ugly horse fly face... I need a real picture to confirm the picture in my head of these two animals.

I take it the child was not potty trained.

Badoozie said...

uhhhhhhhhhh, you having some issues with "scabby"?
actually i felt really guilty yesterday, but as you said sometimes i look at people and if they are with kids, i think to myself " oh lord, they bred". i know, i know thats terrible. but i'm just being honest since it seems pretty much that you are doing that too, lol. i really hate when people bend over and show their thong. i HATE that.

Badoozie said...

or just show it to the world on blogger

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i may still work one night a week there..i like the discount..I am a Target whore ya know..

oh was not in my aisle..I dont work in hardlines..I work softlines..i just heard about it, I did not see it...or smell it..

yes thongs rub me the wrong the way..totally gross.amd oragane is not good at all..

well to tell you the truth i just think of any ugly animal I can think of...I have a whole list..n ot just the three or four I have mentioned:)

I am trying to think of someone we may that she looks like..but i am drawing a blank..she is that ugly..

well I worked with her tonight and it did not go too bad..I got along with her..but she is still ugly..and I am sure she will breed..

JD's Rose said...

All flexible body parts will be crossed.

Ummmm, Bossy... I was just wondering... are your Target bags plastic or paper? Coz our's are plastic.

Cliff Morrow said...

The crap in the store is uncalled for. I hate it when that happens.
Just remember there are starving kids in Africa who can't even afford thongs, so don't be making fun of ol horseface.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...


its just like you to worry about those poor kids in are a kind soul;)

Meow said...

Good luck with the job intereview ... I've got everything crossed for you. Take care, Meow

d said...

Good luck on the interview.

Some kid took a shit in the asile? OMG - didn't that happen to Shelly too? Crazy American children! ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you girl.

well amreican kids can not control their bowels...but i belive shelly acctually had to clean it..i did not even see it..haha

Choppzs said...

Oh what the hell?? I posted this huge long comment and it didn't post it. Son of a bitch!! Anyways, just said I also hate those really white girls that do those fake tans. Oh and that I am not blogging anymore because in the last post I mentioned hubby and he got ragged on. Now he is whining that I "make him out to be a bad husband, and everyone can kiss his ass!" lol So since acting like a big baby was the way of the day, I deleted the whole thing. lol But anyways, I wasn't blogging like I should. But I am still reading everyone's, and maybe I will make up a new blog and not let hubby know of it. Gosh I hope this stupid comment posts!!

Michele_3 said...

Wow- blogger has been such a pain today-I haven't been able to get my blog to work til just now..UGH!!
Anyway- funny post from a very funny girl as usual!
Good Luck with Job interview too!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok you cant let that hubby of yours make you feel guilty about blogging..i swear i nearly delted mine 2 wqeeks ago..but i said screw it..i cant belive you let him read it..start a new one and dont tell anyone..just us:)

blogger sucks most days honey..

really it was not that funny of a post, but thank you anyway..haha

Wethyb said...

I tried commenting earlier too and it didn't work. Stupid blogger!

For not having much to say you sure said a lot..haha :)

Bumbling Bav said...

Again you crack me up!

I have a lady that lives near me. she is a bit over weight, has poodle hair, a personality that would suck the life out of a dead stick and her face... oh boy. Well last month she told me she had an "HOUR GLASS SHAPE" what kind of friggen hour glass does she have!!!!!!

Good luck on the interview... and if the person interviewing you has a nasty face and a thong hiked up to her armpits.... LEAVE!

Greg said...

cheers... :)

Jamie Dawn said...

Scabby is gonna look like a raisin by age 30.

I hope your interview goes well. Try not to curse.