Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Girls just wanna have fun

So I get this email in my email that all my blog stuff goes too. It says its from Kelly. I know a few Kelly's so I open it..I briefly look at it and see it says something about lesbian site of naked woman or something or other...So I quickly delete it, knowing this is not from anyone I know.

I go back to my personal email and low and behold I have an email from Bossy Britches with that same damn email..I did not send it..Then to top it off..My very good friend The Blog Whore writes me to ask what was up with the lesbian email I sent her..And her husband..Her hubby is not even in my address book.

So I don't know how it got sent out, or who it even went too, but if for some reason you got one from me..My apologies to you and yours..I don't make it a practice to send out pornography..Unless I know you personally..


I may be going to a trip to the Homeland Sunday. I will be driving...Alone. With. 3. Bees.

I am going to drive thru the UP of Michigan and on the way back take the bees to Mackinaw Island. Shaky cant go, he is saving his vacation for my dear ole dads wedding at Thanksgiving time. My mom is going to go along for the ride as well.

Since my mind is elsewhere I am going to do a little something that I have seen on a few other blogs. This will be open question time. Anyone can leave me a question..Personal, weird, gross, funny..Whatever...

and my post for tomorrow I will answer all of them..

So in closing, if you received porn from me...Delete it..I don't know who it went to other than blog whore..But I am sure it went somewhere..

I hang my head in shame..I am a naughty girl.

Bee Real


Working Mom said...

Damn it, you didn't send me any porn! I feel like you don't love me now...LOL

So you're going on a roadtrip? I wish I could go. Anything but work would be nice :)

I'm gonna have to think up a really good question...so I'll have to get back with you on that!

Kelly said...

I got that email from you too. Said it was from "Bossy Britches". This "Kelly" is not responsible...not this time anyway.

Back to the homeland, huh? We are supposed to have a great weekend weather wise. Hope your Bees are good travelers. They are probably used to it by now. Just got home from seeing 'Cars', gotta head for bed! Until tomorrow.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

aww, sorry..maybe you will get it next time;)

ok, think of a good one;)

hmm, are you sure YOU didnt send it?..haha..if you opend it..it automaltclly was sent to people..

I dont know what that crazy shit is about..

the kids are pretty good..I have a dvd player for the van..so they are good..

its the thumb festval..are you going to come up for it?..maybe we can get toghter:)

pack of 2 said...

Wow...you NEVER send us porn...what's up with that?

kami send an email telling us not to open some email that came from her address...there must be some kind of virus or something going around.

I ask the same question on all the blogs when this game comes up....***Have you ever made out with a girl?***



Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well sorry it didnt go to you..I am not sure how it was sent..becuase you are in my address book..go figure..

great question too;)

Kendra Lynn said...

Hope you have a nice trip. :) We've been having perfect weather here. :)
which is good because Kelsey's party is this weekend...whew...I've invited 8 kids. What was I thinking??? It better be nice outside! LOL

just_tammy said...

No porn from Bossy at this address.

Hope your road trip goes well. Kait and I are leaving on our little one tomorrow no thanks to Map Quest. I decided to double check the crazy way to my friend's house once you get to her city. That was right, but it had me heading into Missouri to catch I-70 which I knew wasn't right. When Kansas and Colorado are side by side, why head into yet another state?! Yet I couldn't remember where I had seen the stupid interstate on the Kansas side. Hubby was like why it's on the way to your favourite (tired - Canadian education taking over) furniture store. Light bulb comes on so we will be fine. Just bored out of our minds - look, a corn field. Think we live in the only part with trees.

Sorry for the long ramble. Write lots of interesting things for me to read when I get home which will be while you're gone!

aatank said...

I got your email and when I tried to open the one from you it wouldn't work, so my smart hubby says you need to open the one from the orignal sender and when I did my virus checker said it was a virus and not to open. Thanks a lot!!!

I'm leaving town on Friday but will be back late Sunday. We should meet up, well never mind I don't want to see someone in person who gives me the letter "W". Ha HA

Give me a shout!!

Badoozie said...

hmmmmm. a question huh?
lets see.......
if you could have only one pair of shoes what would they be?

Granny said...

I've been left out of the porn loop too.

So how did you come up with the "bee" theme?

Granny said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Granny said...

I've been left out of the porn loop too.

So how did you come up with the "bee" theme?

Granny said...

That delete was me. Blogger stuttered.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sounds like the weather should be ok..thankfully..

I thought you were going to peru. you cant get there on the interstate can you?..where else are you going?..fill me in, I am nosey, you know this.

gosh you got one?..I have never evebn emailed you and your not even in my address book,that is some weird shit..i opend it cause it said it was fron Kelly..I blame her:)

yes we should really hook up..If I go I am leaving this Sunday and staying till at least the following monday or tuesday which is like the 23 or 24 I think..

If I DID have your email I could give me you cell number..

I thought for sure you would hit me with a doozy...but i can handle this one..

consider yourslef lucky bout the porn..

and good question too..

Peggy said...

I got not one but TWO from you.... thought it was a joke till I tried to open it and my virus protector kicked in.... shame on you LOL Where have you been visiting? Go to your room and I will deal with you later! LOL

Michele_3 said...

Wow-Sounds like your computer got a virus..
It will start sending it to everyone in your address book now..
Girl, don't you have a firewall? LOL :)

Trip sounds fun, let us know how it goes-gotta think of a good question for ya too..
take care!

Michele_3 said...

ok, I just got the email from you
but my computer cleaned the attachment..your spreading a virus girl-LOL! j/k

Britmum said...

I am constantly getting dodgy emails but there not from you Bossy. We have a Charity website and the same email address so they come from that. Those idiots will try and get spam to you however they can.

My questions::::::::-

Where are you from in Michigan and did you know me??? LOL

Take care

The Blog Whore said...

The porn woulda been okay if I coulda at least looked at it!


Oh, well, I been porned by the best...

No worries.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok what I dont get is none of you people are in my address book..

i dont have anyone in my address book on the account..only on my personal one..

I have firewall plus a shit load of internet securtiy..I dont know what the hell happned..aor how it is getting to people that i have never even eamiled..

I had 5 in my inbox, but only opend one, only because I thought I knew who it was from..

My plot to take over the internet has been foiled once again...dagnamit

ok, and wh isnt anyone asking me any questions..is it I spill too much and you know everything?..come on dudes..I have no post for tommorw if I dont get more..just humor me for God's sake

Jennifer said...

I keep getting emails about adult spankings. It's driving me nuts! So I block it. But still I get them, adult spankings every day in my freaking email. It's driving me nuts!!!

Britmum said...

Two more questions>????

How many boyfriends did you have before Mr Shaky Pants? and why is he called Mr Shaky Pants?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

adult spanking..hmm..I dont get that kinda good stuff..haha..just lesbian sites and how to make "your mans product work better"..

good questions...

~Deb said...

If you keep sending me "penis enlargment" emails-----I would like it if you would offer a strap with that!


Your lesbian friend,

Felecia said...

It's hard to think up a question for such an open-book kind of gal!

....okay, kinda lame but "What's the best thing about living in MN?"

(and don't be a smart ass and say "leaving it"...)

I'll check in tomorra!

Michele_3 said...

questions for ya!

Ok when did you start your blog & what was your main reason for starting a blog?(venting, personal etc?)

Also- where can I find cool templates like yours for my blog?

Hope it's not to lame..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

great questions..

and Deb, I am so sorry..I will see what I can do about the strap ons..I need to add you to "that" list:)

Cliff Morrow said...

I sent it BB. Okay, I admit it, I'm a lesbian, farmer, Grandfather.
Just don't hate because I'm beautiful. And don't tell the guys in golf league.

Bumbling Bav said...

If you could be a stripper what would your stage name be?

Meow said...

No porn to me, either, but I get heaps of it as spam, anyway. Thank goodness for my Mail Washer, where I can block any nasties directly on the server, before it comes to my computer. All for free, too !!
Hope all is going well.
Enjoy your road trip.
Take care, Meow

vani said...

this song is my ring tone!! lol its me and my girls' anthem. :)

now, let me go check my email...

J&J'sMom said...

don't you love them bugs?? Thanks for visiting...I'm back up for real now..I swear!! Life just got in the way.

michelle said...

Yeah, I got the email too. It's a worm that's going around Yahoo email accounts. I ALMOST opened it then I saw something about lesbians and decided you weren't THAT freaky. Then I can to your blog and you've got She-Bop playing. You know that song is about masterbation! LOL! Firat lesbo prn, now masterbation, I need to start visiting here more often! LOL! Seriously though, I haven't been here in a while. Guess I'll have to squeeze another blog into my computer time.