Thursday, June 08, 2006


Ok, so Blondie Bee had her trip to the dentist. She got her nitrice oxide, her numbing shot, a good twist and a good yank on two of her baby teeth, a balloon and a free milk shake. What more could a girl ask for? Poor girl had to suck on wet gauze all day...Even when we went to the petting zoo..My baby and her mouth fulla gauze. She was quiet though, the gauze kept her mouth shut..

this is her shortly after we got home from our "outing" at the dentist.

yes, she is sobbing her little blue eyes out...

and this one, you cant beat this one..This is my girl....Look at how sweet she is..She is one of those ugly criers..But I love her..

As you can see her tiny mouth is full of bloody gauze, a fat lip and two sockets where teeth use to be...

dentist said she needs to come back in September to have two more pulled..That should give her enough room for them to come in straight until she gets her braces.

With her heart condtion and everything I was worried, but they spoke to her heart doc and she told them she was A OK...

So we head out to the petting zoo...It was a nice balmy 92 degrees..Boo Bee was so excited I think she may have wet herself...But as soon as she saw the camel and the full grown goats, she cried and asked to leave.

I took her to the barn with the baby animals and her and I spent much our time picking up baby ducks, kittens, puppies, bunnies, piglets....

This was a church outing, so I had to take 3 other boys in my van..On the way home they all got giggling about something, I heard something about girls and a slumber party...

My son, 9 year old Butch Bee says.." You guys stop, I am gonna pee"...And he wasn't lyin...My boy used one of seats as his own personal porta potty.

Why not, the birds do.

Ok about my job...I am now a government employee of the great state of this one..I get paid holiday pay...I get paid more than Target..I get to download porn if I want..Sounds good huh?....

I still have not told target about the upcoming loss of an employee. I don't know how to break it to them..I was thinking of telling them I was dying.

I think I have decided on the nose ring. I might get it this weekend, the spa around the block does it.

Oh, and I suck at weight watchers. I might forgo it. I can not keep up with the point value of everything, and to measure out everything I eat..That is for fatties..I am just a chubby..I workout everyday. I am just no match for weight watchers..I am too retarded. That me..Retarded Bossy...Fat. Retarded. Ugly.Lazy.Smelly.

ok I am smelly right now cuz I just got in from mowing my lawn, I don't normally smell I don't think.

well I have rambled on just about long enough. I don't have much today I guess.

I need to go steam clean my van to sop the urine out of it, and then super wash the inside to get the remaining bird fecal matter out....

Bee Real


Britmum said...

Hey Bossy I am super impressed right now. OMG I can't beleive that you got the d p ing thing. Wow!!!!!! I have a huge smirk all over my face right now. I always, always call it a dp....!! You are just way to cool for me. LOL

I love your blog and have been secretly reading it for awhile now. You say all the things that we all want to say but haven't got the balls to. I love sarascim in a big way, only when it is funny though. If ya know what I mean.

I hope your Blondie Bee isn't feeling to sore. I had to have lots and lots of teeth out too. I had a bloody brace for four years. Oh my!!

I would love to be blogrolled and I will blogroll you too.

Take care

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well I am glad you like it over here..I always like to tell it like it is, otherwise i am lying..haha
you and me and can be the dp girls..haha

Choppzs said...

Oh, poor blondie!! I hope she feels better soon.

And it sounds like your trip to the zoo was loads of fun!! Especially the pee part! lol Sorry, gotta laugh when it's not your own vehicle or kid that pees!! Funny!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

not to worry, blondie bee is back in action already..

oh and a doneky wizzed right by me and the wind caught it and it landed on my sandle...

just_tammy said...

Sounds like some day. I had a whole comment ready to go this morning but your blog didn't want it. Let's see if I can just combine the two.

Glad to hear Blondie's doing okay. Make sure you put a towel over her pillow tonight. It protects from bloody drool. (Hey, you started all the gross stuff!)

You're not doing so well with anyone's or anything's bodily functions right now me thinks!

Now on to decorating your nose...everytime I see a nose ring or stud, the little song about don't put your finger up your nose comes to mind! My vote was I like you just the way you are!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i know blogger has been nasty today..

the dentist said the same thing about her pillow, you would know you use to work for one;)

ok, but i am still getting a nose ring, unless you phsycally come here and stop me..its gonna happen;)

just_tammy said...

Dang, now I have to use Map Quest so I can figure out if I can get there in time! I am directionally challenged so I need to make sure I don't head south instead of north. Like I didn't have enough to do!

Forgot to mention I feel better that Blondie isn't a cute tear drop running down her cheek crier. It makes yet another ugly crier feel better! At least she didn't have snot running down her face as well! Looking for a positive.

Once the car seat dries, you may want to sprinkle quite a bit of baking soda over the area for awhile. You'll have to vacuum it up eventually but in this heat...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I will get you those dirctons ASAP...see you saturday..haha

Cliff Morrow said...

I hate zoo's. and dentists. I guess as far as I'm concerned, you had a crappy day.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I must concur..crappy indeed..i dont mind the zoos or dentist, but I dont like pee or donkey pee on my ankle.

Jerry said...

That picture of Blondie Bee and all the gauze is just priceless. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I'll just laugh until I cry.

aatank said...

Poor Blondie!!Good luck getting her to go back for a second time. My kids think the dentist is awesome...they let them be in charge of the water/drool sucker when I get my teeth cleaned. Your pics are priceless!!

When do you start your new job anyway?

Granny said...

Stupid blogger.

Congratulations and hope your pretty girl feels better by now.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes laughing is the best, becuase she looks so darn sad its pathtic, you have to laugh..

she is all recovred now, so no worries;)

mine love the dentsit too, here they have plasma screen tv's on the ceiling and they can watch whatever movie they want..Blondie is not looking forward to going back, but she said she would do it.haha

thanks, she is feeling better already:)

Michele_3 said...

I have been trying to comment all day to you-
Blogger sux and my monitor is losing color too- what a day!
Anyway- I feel so bad for Blondie- I know how she felt..
Monkey M had to have 4 taken out at once & he was miserable!
Now- he is terrified of the dentist- can’t blame him..Even though he is dentist officed is very pimped out-I wish mine was!
Also- I agree with Boo Bee- Camels are scary & would make me cry too!
I’m not a fan of those ugly spitting animals one bit..
When were @ the zoo I will not stop for one minute to check them out- I had one spit on me when I was younger..
okay-good luck cleaning poop & pee in car today-LOL!
Take care!

Jamie Dawn said...

Blogger screwed me for two days, and it wasn't a good screwing!
I couldn't visit other blogs or anything.
Now, it is finally working!!!
Poor Blondie Bee. She looks so sad. I hope she won't be too afraid when she has to go back to the dentist again. I don't like the dentist either!

You have not updated us on Mr. Shaky Pants in awhile. Have those tests come back and I missed you posting about it? Just wondering...

pack of 2 said...

poor kid...I hate going to the dentist so I feel her pain!

She scored a bunch of free stuff parents didn't do that so she is one up on me.

Princess said...

POOR little thing!!
Better now then in a few years!

Hugs to her!! Hope she feels better