Thursday, October 02, 2008

sunshine, on my shoulders, makes me crabby


I have been sick the last few days. You know the type of sick where you pray for certain death, yet you don't want to miss the next episode of Nancy Grace or ER?

Yeah that kinda sick.

My head has been hurting bad. I'm sure my tumor and or aneurysm is about to implode.

I also have some sort of tumor or growth in my esophagus..When I swallow, it feels like there is something in there...Something bad..

It might be a jelly bean from last Easter, I can not entirely rule that shit out.

But between my head, my throat and my unruly hair, I am thinking my time is nearly up.

Plus Def Leppard is playing in Detroit next Thursday and I can not come up with a good enough excuse to drive there.

A friend of mine has the tickets and the hotel, I just need to get there.

Only I don't have the money to drive there right now.

Unless I take away Christmas from the tots...And they have been little bastards lately.

I don't know, I'm still thinking about it. I would have to take Boo with me and drop her off and some relatives house while I go slut around Detroit looking for my boys.

I have been so depressed lately. I have been thinking of going home for a visit anyway.

The job market in this county is making me a tad homicidal..

I have some prospects...very nice ones, working for some doctors and one is writing for a local newspaper.

but a of right now, everything looks pretty fucking bleak for this ole bitch.

I just need a get away.

Sure I traveled 12 states this summer, but none of it was for enjoyment purposes.

Either going to rescue the sister from the wandering pecker in Virgina Beach or going to spit on grannys grave in Lac Cruses..

Oh the joys of family get together's.

I am going to start a weight loss blog. And we are all invited.

Its going to be one where all the members can write in.

I have not set it up yet, but i will soon.

I am going to have it set to private so in case some of you don't want your weight business all over the world wide web, no one can see it but the members.

We can exchange recipes, tips, workouts, photos and things of that sort.

So if you want to join email at and when I get the blog started, I will send you invites to join and we can all post and just have a good ole fat time.

I must go now, I think my tumor is about to implode.

Good Day..


Jennybean said...

Hope you feel better soon... I know the kind of sick you speak of and it's a bitch!

~Jobthingy~ said...

sounds like sinus infection and or strep.. get to a dr woman! oh and advil cold and sinus.. that shit is miraculous. or nyquil if you just want to sleep and let the tots run rank. your pick

Flip Flop Momma said...

Jennybean, glad someone can relate.

I have no sore throat, sinus or anything...just a bad headache located in my eye sockets and travels down to the back of my skull...

its not a cold, just a headache..not to say that I wont partake in some nyquil, ya know, just in case;)

So Not The Bradys said...

Holy crap. I had that same bout of sick over the weekend. I thought my head was going to explode and they'd be picking bits of my brain off the walls for years to come. The headache radiated down the back of my skull and into my neck. I ran a slight fever, too.

I thought it was sinus related though because I guess you have sinus cavities in the back of your head, too...but don't quote me on that.

I seriously wanted to kill someone, if only I would have had the energy to do so.

Flip Flop Momma said...

Not the Bradys,
damn sounds like u had a tumor like mine..

mine is related to my TMJ and my vision I do belive..

i think your sinues go no farther then your forehead, this is just from my one year in Med School;)

Gette said...

That sucks. Get better.

So Not The Bradys said...

Because I have nothing better to do but go freeze my ass off at a football game, I looked it up.

"sphenoid sinuses are less frequently affected, infection in these sinuses can cause earaches, neck pain, and deep aching at the top of your head."

I know my jaws ached like a son of a bitch, too. I thought it was from chewing gum last week so I'd have fresh breath at work.

Maybe we both just need put out to pasture. Bring the vodka.

Flip Flop Momma said...

sure does..thanks..

I have had TMJ for about 8 years..I have big knots in my cheeks and near my jaw cause very bad headaches..

i cant chew gum..

i was suppose to have surgery a couple years ago, but i declined..


yes, we need to be put out to pasture with a good bottle of vodka..


just a kat said...

I fucking hate that sick feeling. You almost wish your tumor WOULD implode, explode - something!

Umm - I'll bring you & SNTB the vodka.

I SO hope you feel better!

Bee Repartee said...

I hope you feel better soon but you're probably sick from not being able to see your Lepps.

I'm in on the new bloggage.

Scarlet said...

You don't need to lose need to get to Detroit and work out in the arms of Rick Savage. ;)

Mrs. K said...

ok count me in on the blog- my email is on my blog and i think it is

Anyways, it's not a tumor- I JUST got rid of the feeling that whenever I swallowed, there was something stuck in my throat...I was convinced it was cancer, then a tumor, then a growth, but it was just snot. Gross. Allergies. Dr. put me on some nose spray and after using it religiously for a week, it went away- so it was confirmed, indeed I was swallowing my own snot. YUM!

And sorry you're sick but....have you lost any weight from it!?!?

metalmom said...

I'll join in the blog--if you think the sound of my thunderthighs won't deafen everyone!
You know where to find me!

Bella said...

Job searching sucks, I hate it.

Flip Flop Momma said...

Just a kat,
i know..i keep waiting 4 the big implosion, but...

did someone say vodka?

I think thats why too...them damn lepps, they will hear about this, trust me.

u know how to make me hot and bothered dontcha?

i will send u an invite when i get the blog started..

my lump just appeared last nite, like outta was like there was a sharp object lodged in there..

as of right now, it has subsided a bit, its just damn odd I tell ya.

ok, I will get u hooked up when i get it started..

i have thunder boobs, so ya..

4 sure sista...

Southern Sage said...

Include me on the fatty blog!
I started my diet whenever I toldja I did!

Maybe its a gut tumor I have and that is why I'm fluffy!!!

Good luck on the job search!
I need a couple new ones too, all the ones that hae called me though want me to work, f that!

Flip Flop Momma said...

ok your in on the fatty blog, we love the fluffy boys..

(and ur not fluffy)

yeah I hear ya, them ones that want us to do if..

Shannon said...

Feel better soon!

Flip Flop Momma said...


Fantastagirl said...

Feel better soon - and do me a favor - if the jelly bean doesn't move in the next few days - get it check out. Okay?

Flip Flop Momma said...

its pretty much gone now...but if it does keep up or get worse, I promise I will;)

DFTF said...

Sorry you're sick. :-( Cough up the damn jelly bean already and stay away from that crap from now on.

Tom said...

Us Guys invited too?

The Doozie said...

Would you like to promote my new book on your website? It's called Shit Yourself Thin; The art of contracting chronic diarhhea

Flip Flop Momma said...

acctually, I dont even eat jellybeans..hahaha

yup..i sent u an invite

I think you just did...


Monogram Queen said...

Awww I hope you feel better honey. I wondered where you been!

Flip Flop Momma said...

im Feeling better now , a little anyway..

do u want in on the other blog?..let me know..

JoeinVegas said...

Oh, what the heck, go. You are beautiful and you deserve it. Plus the relatives would love to have the kid for a few days. Hey - hotel and concert paid for? Wow

Rachel said...

You are funny girl, even when you are sick!

I hope you feel better soon and that a wonderful job comes along!

Sarah said...

Hey - we must have the same certain death illness. I too, have a baseball of sorts lodged in my throat and my breathing is ragged and my nose and sinusses...lets not even go there.

I take excedrin pm and sleep it off for as long as possible. Hope you feel better soon!

Yippeeskip said...

Not to seem too much like Mr. Rogers-I think your just fantastic just as you are size 12 and everything. I do however agree with the nasal spray thing-I love the stuff.
Hitchhike to Detroit and take Boo along. Break her in early

Yippeeskip said...

Not to seem too much like Mr. Rogers-I think your just fantastic just as you are size 12 and everything. I do however agree with the nasal spray thing-I love the stuff.
Hitchhike to Detroit and take Boo along. Break her in early

Aimee Peanut Girl UK said...

Cherry Pretzel - Pretzels aren't popular in Belgium so it's one of those treats that I treasure in almost any form. You know those peanut butter filled pretzel logs? Well just imagine them filled with peanut butter and wrapped with whole fresh cherries.