Saturday, August 02, 2008

Picture this

Sometimes shit just bugs me. Sure having a big fat juicy bug land on my windshield after I have paid 20 bucks for a car wash tends to get my knickers in a knot..but who wouldn't get steamed over that?

I have this Dishnetwork..Because well, the cable here sucks.

But I do have cable as well...I pay for cable I rarely use because my phone and Internet are cheaper this way..

I just live that kinda frivolous lifestyle where I like to pay thru my ass for things I don't use.

Anyway, the main reason I like Dishnetwork is because I love the channel VH-1 Classic, because its almost like I am back in my teen years skipping school to watch videos, only I'm not skipping school..

Lately my Dish has been giving me a throbbing case of roids.

It will tell me its searching for a signal when there is not a cloud in the southern sky.

This is starting to perturb me.

If there is a strong breeze blowing thru your hair, chances are my dish is taking a crap.

I'm damn near homicidal.


I'm writing this on Saturday because well, I have a life and wont be around much for the next couple of days...

Some people should get a life. Try it sometime..


I took my girl tots to the county fair Friday night. Want to hear something that has been troubling me since I was there?

There was a man there running a ride that was in jail for molesting a three year old girl. Wanna know how I know this?

Because I'm the one who booked his ass in the county jail.

That kinda shit just floors me.

And I see people who let their young tots run free at the fair..and it makes me sick.

Its a big enough place that anything could happen...

When the parents are off at the hill-billy demo derby and let the tots wander around the baby rapping carnies, it makes me wanna kick puppies. As well as put a bullet in their parents knee caps.

I took my camera to take pics of my cute tots runnin a muck at the county fair, but I never pulled the bastard out once..

It was just THAT much fun..

I was too busy making sure snot nose kids that don't belong to me stayed clear of this wanker runnin a ride..And I would not allow my girls on it, even though I was standing right with them. At.All.Times.

The Boy did not want to go.

I take that back, he did not want to go with us.

He is going with a buddy and his parents tonight.

Its OK to be seen with his parental units, just not his own..

He came in, asked for cash said he wouldn't buy too much crappy food, would try not to puke from the rides and he wouldn't hold hands or kiss any girls.

He is damn near responsible enough to move out.


I went out with Pale Girl and my pal we will call Special...

I know I'm wearing the same shirt as last weekend...It was so hot out, I just wore the same tank top again..I have that tank top in 3 damn colors...

Yet I chose to wear the black one again..

And I know, my hair probably looks the same as last week..I mean its short, its not like I can do much to change it ...

but trust me, its a different day...

So this was us Friday..

Don't ask any questions about what you see here...because frankly, I got no idea.


Two weeks from today is my concert.

I'm taking this time to prepare.

Anyone who knows anything, knows u got to prepare 4 this shit.

Good day.


just_tammy said...

Hmmm, seems to me we just had part of this conversation via e-mail! Check out the name of the town in the side bar this time. Soon we can gripe and complain about even more things...wait til my dish is up on the roof facing the woods where it won't be an eyesore...someone shot me or the historical society...

Too scary about the fair ground ride dude. This is one sick sad world.

Is special girl the one with the grandpa for her baby's father? Speaking of special, those are some special pictures...don't fill me in on what was going on...too much for my pure mind - HA - almost got through that without laughing!

Shannon said...

Oh lord, we just switched from DirecTV to Dish. Did we make a huge mistake?
Yikes, about the carnie. I am always amazed at the kids running loose at the fairs. Not my kiddos!

Flip Flop Momma said...

yup specail girl is the one dating grandpa..

I hope u get good recpetion with it pointed at the woods, mines pointed right to heaven and I still have issues.

my tots are not allowed to wander free either...I mean thats just wrong.

Why did u switch?

Yippeeskip said...

Who cares about the carnie, I want me some more of the girl on girl action!

Flip Flop Momma said...

I aim to please.

Southern Sage said...

Whats with the ta-ta biting??
I am all for it tho!
why when you are showing stellar cleavage do those 2 have their heads in the way?
looks like fun though
I'm gonna have to join one night i reckon

lol@ boy ready to move out!!

Haphazardkat said...

omg!! pale girl overload!!
*girl squeals*
*tugs my hair*

Girllll you need to be livin closer to me so we can hang!! And not just cuz you have Pale Girl access...

*looks left and right all shifty eyed*

As for Carnival ride givin' Peeps--yeah--I suspect all are pervs and wouldn't wanna be caught in the dark alone with anyone of them.

Strap pale one to your dish--I bet you'd get a biotch of a reception!

ha ha ha ha ha---bitch of a reception--

I laughed so hard I think I pee'd a lil...

Mrs. K said...

agree with you on carni folks...they are just creepy- maybe next time they come around your town- they should be used with that dart game instead of the balloons- know what i mean?

Tom said...

Bossy, are those photos meant to torture horny bachelors??
Love them!!!
Finally in Cleveland at the hotel.
I took just over 100 shots enroute.

Bella said...

Carnies are just creepy.

Flip Flop Momma said...

some people like ta ta biting.

i reckon u do;)

shit, did I overload u...out of everyone I thought 4 sure u would enjoy this..haha

Mrs K,

u dirty ole man..haha

4 sure.

Humincat said...

LOVE the pics. Now that is what 3 ladies drinking look like! And I absolutely love the picture, I think it is 2nd to last, with just you and Whitey McWhiteface, you look so relaxed and content and approachable. Love it.
My cable has been pulling the same crap lately about searching and errors and crap....really annoying when I'm trying to catch up on all the reality shows. Is kissing the girls something you brought up or the boy, lol!

MamaMichelsBabies said...

I have cable and I'm about ready to bring Monkey to their headquarters so they can explain to the child as to why their service went to hell when ComCrack took over TimeWarner. I think he's kick them all in the shin and tell em to get it togather.

And frickin scary about the carnie. And here I was more afraid to let the kids on them creaky rides because they all look like they are ready to collapse. Man was I off base.

Crazy shit.

Shannon said...

Dish offers a package with all HD channels, and has no commitment time period. We can cancel whenever we want to.

Gette said...

I have some pictures from party days I don't want my kids to see, but I don't think they involve any hot girl on girl action. Man was I square.

Flip Flop Momma said...

well, sad thing is, I was not drinking..I was the DD...

gosh, are u saying I dont look approachable otherwise?..haha

(cause im not..hehe)

I know, I was always worried bout the rides as well....but its the asshats running the rides u need to worry yourself with..

I have Dish.....I cant cancell or its gonna cost me 200 bucks..

thats how they get ya..

acctually my two years might be up soon, so Im thinking of getting Direct tv..

come out wiht us and u will have some picutres to brag about;)

JoeinVegas said...

My goodness (do I have any? oh well) that looks like an interesting group (as usual).

Monogram Queen said...

Too much fun!

I love love love Fairs but I don't like that parents let their kids run unsuperviesed and I sure as hell don't like the child molesting carnie..........

Flip Flop Momma said...

all I knkow are intersting groups;)

I am right there with ya on that one.

Gledwood said...

How come Americans seem to favour cable over satellite TV when, if the choice here in the UK's anything to go by you get literally TWICE as many channels on satellite for the same fee...

When my brother was in Los Angeles he was well into BBC America but had to abandon it after moving to a building with a crappo cable provider that wouldn't carry it...

Flip Flop Momma said...

Yeah, I dont know..I HATE cable..

They raise the rates like every 5 months, they dont offer as many channles.

I hate the dishes too because if it rains no signal or in my case, it doesnt even have to rain..

Southern Sage said...

Writes that in Trapper Keeper for later use

1 plus twins said...

how in the hell is that guy allowed to work where tons of kids are gonna be??

i don't get on here much at all anymore but my myspace and facebook i am on all the time. message me on those.

Janell said...

Ew that's pretty scary about the perv carney guy.

We have DirecTV and haven't had any trouble with it out here at the Edge of the World.

Our county fair starts this weekedn. I wish I could take my virtual grandchildren with me!

Uuuhhh... about those pictures... maybe you should post a warning if you're gonna do that again... Something like "Don't scroll down any farther if you can't take a friggin' joke...."

Flip Flop Momma said...

1 plus twins.
I have no fucking idea how that guy can work floors me.

well damn, I would need to do that on all the posts then;)

Slick said...

It's too bad that fairs aren't required to do background checks....

I mean, they pretty much hire scum anyway.

Have I ever told you that lesbians turn me on??!

Flip Flop Momma said...

daily.....(but u dont like to much cleavage)

Slyde said...

wow, thats wild about the carny ride guy.... as a parent of a little one, i think that would have really skeeved me out..

Flip Flop Momma said...

I know..right...

Callie said...

I told you about the CARNI fair! They are all from prison!

Gurl, you look good.*winks

doozie said...

I don't have any questions, you pretty much covered everything.

Are you going to grow you hair out? oops...I just had a question

Flip Flop Momma said...

carnies need to have their nut sacks removed..

and thanks girl..


why do u want me to?

doozie said...

Yes...Yes I do

Flip Flop Momma said...

I dont wanna...

CMB said...

OMG! The fair....know it all too well. I can not believe there is somewhere there that was arrested for child shit. That is just all sorts of wrong.