Sunday, August 24, 2008

Party all the time

I am having a BIG party Friday. Wanna come? No, I'm serious...I would invite my family but they would just ignore me like they did when I sent them all invitations to Thanksgiving.

And I asked them two months ago...and since this is such short notice, no sense in asking..Driving 16 hours for my baby's birthday is NO reason to come here...

My hubs family is the worst...

But since everyone and I mean EVERYONE I sent an email about Thanksgiving too ignored me, I say heck with them all...

Not even a

I'm working at the homeless shelter sorry..

I'm going to see Ma-maw at the nursing home..

i don't fucking wanna come..

So why bother inviting them to my babies 5th birthday party.

That's right folks, my BABY will be 5 years of age this coming Friday..

So if u wanna come...your more then welcome...

Just don't plan on me waiting on you, being polite, or even caring that your here..

Thats how I roll...

Look at my baby...

See, look at her....if this was your niece, or your grandkid, you would wanna come see this wouldn't u?

Sure, its a 16 hour drive, but its a 3 day weekend for Gods sake....take some time off 4 the family..

Thats what Jesus would do..

Look, how could u turn this down?

She went from a cute chubby baby, to a 5 year old girl who wants to be a rockstar..

just like her momma.

She wants to marry every Jonas Brother, plus Zac Efon. She has big plans.

She has posters of boys all over her bedroom walls. She always has to look nice. She will dress herself then asks me if I think she is pretty.

yes baby, your pretty, even if your clothes don't match, your face has jelly on it, and your underwear are showing..

This is her now..

See her mirror? She is always looking in a mirror. Wanna know why?

So she can see what she looks like, thats why...


Yes, yes, that is a High School Musical blanket she has on her bed.

She is all hard core that way...

My little girl is the kinda gal that would give you her last chicken nugget..

Well, no, no she wouldn't....

But she would give u a bite...a small one..

She loves her kitty. She loves the color pink, and she loves boys.

When her and I are driving in the car she always asks me to turn on a Def Leppard cd, and she always says..

can we wisten to it woud momma..

she has trouble with her L's...get off her damn back before I drop kick you.

This is the last kid that will live in the confines of my uterine walls for 9 months.

And damn it, I'm having a big party.

We are going to cookout on the grill, have some Mikes Hard Lemonade, have a bonfire and roast some marshmallows.

Since she is only 5, she is not allowed to drink a whole bottle of Mikes...maybe next year..

Guess I better break out the Country Time lemonade..

So if u wanna come on by....I'll see ya here...

I will even let me use my shitter while you're here..

Dont steal anything...

and I might even let u touch my guitar..

On second thought, I am not a big fan of people, entertaining, or just being happy in general..

Maybe next year...


Bradley's Mom said...

She sure is a cutie!!!

If we were able to, we'd be there, to celebrate with you!

We have Sammy's birthday party this weekend too! He will be two!

Hope you get a good turnout, of good friends, and have a GREAT time!


Southern Sage said...

I would come but I have to work at the homeless shelter, well that isn't entirely true but I do hang out down there to pick up chicks!

she tickles me, she looks like she smells something bad in the pic in the chair!!

Happy B-day week lil one!

Flip Flop Momma said...

oh gosh, sammy and boo have birthdays on the same weekend?

now thats pure fate:)

oh dont be silly..I know u will be here...u can turn down liqour, and smores.

Humincat said...

16 hours!! I don't even drive 5 to see my favorite sister and her brats! I suck, I know. And your kid is awfully cute, though I can see the problems comin' your way....mainly in the form of teenage boys. I have my own chidlets 9th to celebrate anyway, though this year, homemade cake and Grandma is about all she's expecting after she picked Six Flags instead of a bash. Have fun, and Happy 5th B-day Boo!

sweets said...

she is too cute! she's 5 and she's already into boys???... oh my you are going to love her as a teenager :)

have a party and f#ck those who don't want to come... hmmmm it's a bit far for me... and due to the fact that your damn us dollar is about 7/1 exchange rate... well you do the maths :)~

enjoy the party!!!!

Lisa said...

You had me at Zac Efron...I'm in.

So Not The Bradys said...

Aww, how cute. Pictures like that make me wish I had a daughter.

But then, I continue reading, and things like liking boys at 5 make me somewhat satisfied that I have two boy children.

metalmom said...

yes baby, your pretty, even if your clothes don't match, your face has jelly on it, and your underwear are showing..

That has to be the sweetest thing I've ever heard. You're a good mama!

Flip Flop Momma said...

5 hours aint nothing...dont be such a party pooper...

beings u live in South Africa, im willing to not bust your balls;)

be here around 5;)

Not the Brady,
my son who is going into 6th grade has posters of chicks, but NOT on his walls, he has them inside his closet so his buddies catn see them..

what a dork..

he gives me more trouble then both my girls slapped togehter.

Metal Mom,
aww, thanks;)

So Not The Bradys said...

My oldest boy has been girl crazy since kindergarten when he and a girl named Sarah got married on the bus.

The youngest, who is now 15 and a freshman, has said, "Why do I want a girlfriend to boss me around and tell me what I can do?"

But, Friday night, when we were getting ready to go to the Varsity football game (my oldest plays), he said he was going to the dance afterwards.

AND he got his new polo to take along. The same polo he threw a fit about me buying for him. He grabbed bodyspray and deodorant and put it in his brother's truck so he could freshen up and change before the dance. (It was miserably hot.)

I could be wrong, but I'm guessing he's smitten with someone.

catscratch said...

I was getting a fucking bag ready, you tease.

Tell the beauty queen happy birthday from Blogging Auntie Diva.

Flip Flop Momma said...

Not the Brady's,
oh gosh, your in some deep shit there...sounds like love 2 me.

I will make an exception 4 u;)

Karin said...

I am really sorry we will be unable to attend your event. It seems as though we are overbooked on birthday parties this weekend. But hey at least I rsvp'ed

She is such a cutie though. You are in so much trouble if she is already boy crazy at 5. I hope you guys have the moat and tower construction underway.

Shannon said...

Can't believe your baby is turning five!!!

Flip Flop Momma said...

thank u 4 your momma raised u with manners;)

me so old...

Janell said...

Happy birthday, Boo! I wish I could come - it sounds like it's going to be a great shindig. I'll bet you know how to throw a great party. I wish I lived across the road from you instead of half way to Texas. Wanna move to Nebraska? :)

just_tammy said...

Way to lead us on! Makes us feel all warm and fuzzy and wanted and then... WHAM!!!

Have we really been communicating so long that I remember Boo from those pictures but they were current?! Man, time sure flies!

Tell Boo happy 5th for me and I be thinking of her unlike her blood relatives!

just_tammy said...

Way to lead us on! Makes us feel all warm and fuzzy and wanted and then... WHAM!!!

Have we really been communicating so long that I remember Boo from those pictures but they were current?! Man, time sure flies!

Tell Boo happy 5th for me and I be thinking of her unlike her blood relatives!

Haphazardkat said...

Awww happy birthday to the mini flipflop!!! i'd so be there but thats a hell of a commute man. Helluva commute!!!

Plus--I'm sorta scared of you and your ass kickin ways.

You might be able to lure me with enough Mikes hard lemonade though...

I'm easy like that.

Flip Flop Momma said...

whats in Nebrsksa? well besides u?

those were from her 2nd birthday, time sure flies..its not that long a drive 4 u...come on...i will even let u sleep INSIDE..

nonsense, its not a commute at all..your just making excuses like everyone else..

I am buyng 2 or 3 CASES of Mikes..

U know u wanna....

Tom said...

Miss Boo...I hope this next year brings you so much fun and adventure, that you wake up excited everyday. I hope you get to explore your expanding world and I hope you get to start to understand things you think are mystery....go dance outside in a rain storm, do lot's of stuff you haven't tried yet. Don't be afraid to get a few band aids along the way. Make the most of being 5, it's your only chance at 5.

Flip Flop Momma said...

she might get struck by lightening if she dances in the rain..

Scarlet said...

Too late...I'm on my way. Mike's Hard Lemonade you say? You got it! Make room for Elvis!! ;)

Yarn Tails said...

I would so love to be at this party, but seeing as how it is the same weekend as Harleys 105th. Yea pretty sure I am headed to the Harley Party! Wishing I could go to it on Thursday night for Kid Rock and Sugarland, but still some great bands Saturday.

Hope you baby has a wonderful birthday!

Monogram Queen said...

I don't know how they can NOT want to come!

I sure would if I lived closer!

Happy Birthday Boo!

IamDerby said...

Happy Birthday to your baby! She sure is cute