Monday, April 21, 2008

Out of tears

So I am back home now from my rocking good Def Leppard show..


I need to stop being so bitter. BUT when all day Tuesday I am calling the arena, and talking to the person who runs Def Leppards website and ALL tell me the show is a go, I guess I assume the show is a go. I mean they did not even post on the site it was postponed until I was already in Michigan.

What a fucking tragic turn of events.

The train ride there was about 17 hours. Nearly the whole way I kept hearing these gay guys talking about semen, insemination, and samples..

I kept having to wash my hands every few minutes..

Then the last time they were talking about it, they were talking about horse sperm.

Thats when I just started banging my head on the window.

Finally around midnight we get to our hotel, where I go right for my bed. And of course I cant sleep, because, I can never sleep.

I lay awake tossing and thinking all night, about what a damn waste this whole trip is and if they would of informed me about this even 12 hours sooner, I could of avoided this whole thing and been able to go back in August which is when they re-scheduled it.

But, NO, they don't roll that way...

My dad told me I need to follow a more depandable band...

What does he know anyway?

Thursday night a friend I know strictly thru Def Leppard came to pick us up..She was going to the show as well, but she lives in Grand Rapids, so it was not much of a loss for her.

So we went to a local bar, drank, sang, drank, then did our own Def Leppard show for the great people of this tiny smoke filled bar.

I am not sure they thoroughly enjoyed it as much as we did...but at this point, does it really matter anyway?

Here we are..

This is mom and I, we always take pics of us before any Def Leppard event.

If the show would of went on, I would of been WAY more slutty looking, hell maybe topless, whose to say....But since it was not, it was just me wearing a sweat shirt, 3 sizes to big and lots of eyeliner, cause thats how I was rolling that night..

Here is me and my Leppard pal..

Here are all of us....

Here we are doing our own Lep show, cause ya no, someone had to put on a damn show..

So then that takes us to Friday, when I was up in my room stewing about how I wanted to go on some sort of shooting up things rampage..

I then decided to go sit outside because it was like 80 degrees out and hell, I had not a thing better to do.

As I am sitting on the bench, these gray buses pull in...Now me with my keen sense of knowing whose damn buses these are, I nearly pee myself..

So them I'm wondering why Def Leppard buses are pulling in, when there is NO show. Then hundreds of people come walking out of hotel..and toward the buses.

It was ALL the road crew....

So I start making nice with one of them, telling him how I came all this way for this piece of shit show and blah blah blah...

He then tells me he is going to go get me something from the bus...

And this is what he brings me..

No, not the cell phone..
These are three very worn, very used guitar pics that some of the guys use while on the bus...
That was nice of him to shower me with gifts of this sort...
I gave one of the pics to my Lepp pal who was in mourning just like I was..
Made us feel a little better, but not enough to not sit and talk about how pissed off and disappointed we still were.
So now I am getting a refund on my tickets, because I am not going back.
Then if all this wasn't bad enough, hubs calls me to inform me that my finical aide for school went thru, BUT they are not giving me the full amount, because they think we make to much money and somehow I can bleed out 5 grand of my own money..
Mind u I start Monday, 21st...TODAY..
So I am suppose to go chat with the gal and she has other options I can look into for the remaining balance I am going to owe.
My life gets cheerier by the freaking mili0second.
I don't feel much like talking anymore about the shit I saw and did on my trip, I'm still very depressed.
And to top all that off, I was 3 hours away from family and friends I have not seen in months, and no one wanted/could come see me. After a 17 hour treck on the rails, it woulda been nice to see a familiar face if even for a few hours.
Kinda makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
I was as close to suicidal tendencies that weekend then I have in my whole life.
No show, and then no one wanted to come see me..
Hell yeah bitches..
I am however planning a trip to Iowa to the state fair in August, because they are playing there....and if they don't show up, there will be puppy kicking.
I wont be around much, I will be gone 60 hours a week for this schooling monkey business and then I suppose with the remaining hours of the days I should take shower, cook and beat the kids.
So right now its Iowa or bust...
I am trying to block this whole entire trip out of my mind. The more I think about it, the more depressed I get.


Tom said...

Bossy, meeting 2 friends was a good thing, and you made the best of a shitty situation. I'm with your Dad, enjoy some other bands too who put on a good live show. My cousin Char was at the Who concert in Boston when Keith Moon collapsed after 2 songs and there was a damn riot almost. That's Rock.
I was at an Allman Brothers show when Gregg yacked on his keyboards. It surprises me an "old school" band like Def Lepard would let a cold stop a bunch of shows....somethin' ain't right.

Michael Manning said...

I would be SOO pissed. Glad you made the best of it. Loved the photos.YOU ROCK Flip Flop!!!:D

Katie said...

I hope you get the financial aid stuff figured out.

That totally sucks about the show.

Shannon said...

Sorry about the show, but hopefully school will rock. You are great at doing hair from the pics I have seen.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm so sorry that the concert did not go on.
You DO realize that your posts are funnier the more pissed off you are, don't you?
For the sake of puppies, I hope the band shows up in Iowa.
Good luck with beauty school!!!
I'm sure there will be some funny stuff to tell about it.
Try not to burn anyone's hair off.

Jamie Dawn said...

Hey... look on the bright side...
at least the train didn't derail.

Flip Flop Momma said...

to me, there is no other band worth following, I been following them for 21 years...

I went 2 places 2 c these guys my parents dont even know about..

The whole thing sucked ass...I mean I cant even begin to tell u how bad.

Thanks, I am hoping it will be fun..I went years I kinda know what im doin..hehe

I tried not to use many curse words, arent u impressed?

Well, true, the train didnt derail..what am I complaining about?..haha

IamDerby said...

Well you did get gifts, and you got to see your friend...but yeah I can totally understand your need to kick something.

Flip Flop Momma said...

shit I didnt see u there..

thanks..everything just sucks now..I mean everything..

true, gifts r nice and seeing my freind was nice, but being hugged by sweaty smelly rockers, and having my ears buzzing for days because I was sitting right by the amps, woulda been better;)

Janell said...

Oh, Gurlfrend.
I know how disappointed you must be - but just think - now you get to go to IOWA. You know that's where Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper died, don't you? Okay, maybe that's not such a good thing... anyway, I hope the Def L. concert goes on for you. They surely owe you one, even if you did get some guitar picks outta this deal.

Humincat said...

Well, look on the bright side......HAHAHAHA! Sorry, I tried.

1 plus twins said...

hey those pics are cool! when i saw the first picture of you and your mom the first thing that went thru my head was "man that isn't slutty looking at all!!" lol what will you be studying when you go back to school? i must have missed that post.

Bradley's Mom said...

Hi Flip Flop:

Well, I am so glad you are home, safe and sound, and that you made it through your horrendous disappointment.

I know you are so let down, but somehow you will get over it. Maybe it's a good thing that you are starting school tomorrow.......that will give you something new to concentrate on!

I hope things will continue to get better for you!

Lots of love,

Gette said...

Have fun at your first day of school!

Dame Wonder said...

reading this post, my stomach was in knots for you! oh i would have been pissed to tears about the show being canceled after 17 hours of riding a train and listening to assholes talk shit. good things must be coming your way cuz it can't possibly get worse.

Patti said...

Go stroke your guitar picks and it will be all-ll-ll-ll better honey!

JoeInVegas said...

OH, sorry, go ahead and scream all you want (especially since I can't hear you from way over here).

Choppzs said...

Love and Hate Collide Huh???

lol sorry, bad joke!

So Not The Bradys said...

Wow, 60 hours? Maybe I should sign up for some sort of schooling. Then I'd have a really good excuse for not getting everything done that needs done.

I hope you're able to sleep once you start school. Otherwise, someone might be pulling thinning shears and curling irons out of various orifices.

Simply Scarlet said...

Well, the boys have some explaining to do the next time you get their hands on them...and you WILL get your hands on them, right??

I'm glad you'll be busy w/ school, but I'll miss your posts. I feel the same way w/ the new job. Once the videos start rolling in, it's work, work, work and the rest of the time I suppose I should be a wife and mom. I hear ya.

I'm glad you made it back safe and sound w/out derailing.

CMB said...

WOW WOW WOW. I can not believe it! You poor girl. The pics are nice, but no show? Damn!!! Sounds like you at least had an adventure.

Bee Repartee said...

I am so behind on reading but school! Good for you chicka. I just applied to go in the fall, it's do or die. What kind of degree, major..details, details.