Friday, April 11, 2008


Two tickets to Def Leppard show..(4th row):$300.00

Two train tickets to Michigan: $400.00

Three nights at fancy hotel where my boys stay: $400.00

Postponing show due to lead singer being ILL: not cool!

This has not yet been officially confirmed...

but if it happens, I will be drooling in the coroner of a padded cell somewhere by daybreak.

oh and my son pissed in the litter box today...

see what kind of barnacles goes on when they cancel school..

Im going to drink heavily..

Good BYE


MamaMichelsBabies said...

Oh no! Holy chit that sucks!

Geez.. the sex talk then peeing in the cat box? What possessed him? Although Boogs was peeing in my garbage can in the middle of the night. The one in my room. When asked he informed me he just couldn't make it to the bathroom.

I hope they don't confirm that... that sucks so bad.

Patti said...

Girl I am sorry but I was commiserating until you wrote your son pissed in the litterbox. Dude, he has issues.

Simply Scarlet said...

Whaaat?? Joe Elliott can not do that to you!!

Flip Flop Momma said...

I am about to blow a gasket..u have NO idea.

well my stupid crapping daughters dared him...He can never turn down a fucking challenge...But now he is paying..haha

I KNOW....As IF...damnit...

Wethyb said...

WTF?? No way!!!! That totally sucks if that's what's going to happen!!!! Can you get refunds on anything??? And what is wrong with Joe??? Doesn't he know the show must go on?

And, your boy pissin' in the catbox. Now that's the way to end a post.

Humincat said...

OMG!!! One more reason I don't buy concert tickets or have boys in my house. But dang, them girls sure know how to get him in least he's learning good aim early.

1 plus twins said...

ha ha ha ha ha your son pissed in the litter box, now that is priceless!!! ha ha

i so hope they don't postpone the show, can you change the train ticket and hotel ticket?? boy that would suck if you can't. hope lead singer is better by then.

by the way how did you know your son pissed in the litter box???

Cliff said...

So you've already got him 'house broken.' Good for you.
I hope this show thing doesn't make you crazy.
You're right. Too late for that.

lo said...

Flip Flop Momma said...

yes u I can get refunds for the show and stuff, its just my worry is I will leave wed, and they will cancell it like they day b4..

well if this show gets postponed, it will be my first show ever to have been postponed...and I have been a concert goer since nearly 21 years now:-)

yes I will be able to get refunds at least 4 the show...

as of right now, the show is back on...but I guess two of the guys are really ill and the drummer threw his back out..

keeo your fingers crossed..

and the girls tattled on him..haha

yup, im good at breaking things..ha

this better be good news...

im gonna go read it now.

dakotablueeyes said...

oh that sucks

Flip Flop Momma said...

yup..donkey sucks donkey balls

and LO, your on my shit list now..haha

I have quesioned some folks, they seem to think its a typo, because they didnt even type the name of thier single right..haha

But occurding the their Offical site, this show is on..4 now anyway.

Tom said...

Well at least it was #1 in the litter box and not #2 and what the hey, it IS a litter box...
How in the heck did his sisters actually know he did it?
If only Canadian shows were cancelled, could be an "immigration" issue disguised as a cold....or a way to trim expenses with gas and all (expensive up there) or it could be a cold...anyway it sucks..

Flip Flop Momma said...

The girls stood by the door of the laundry room and heard it all go down..

Well three nites ago the played in New Hampshire or somewhere..and the singer I guess was coughing threw the show and sang like crap..after the show when people were meeting him, I guess he was hacking pretty bad and then excused himself to go lay down..

So Im pretty sure it is some sort of illness..

They just better make up their minds soon, because I need to know by tuesday, because I am leaving at 5am wed morning..

1 plus twins said...

hey i was thinking we need to get together and celebrate our birthdays together. we should sit around and drink and drunk text, email or instant message!! lol

Groovy Mom said...

oh that would suck. Of course, then you'd be in town when I'm there. ;-)

Shannon said...

Oh goodness...peeing in the litter box? Sorry, I just had to snicker a little bit, lol.

Flip Flop Momma said...

I dont text on my phone...But i can text via email if u can do that..haha..thats how I text all my a loser that way..

Or u can fly here and we can go our 4 karaoke and booze..

think about it..hehe


yup...I deal with lots of shit huh?

just_tammy said...

Hope the show happens for your sake. You need your fix and you need it now!

Ummm, the litterbox...hmmm...okay!
You've got problems and need the show to go on for sure.

IamDerby said...

I remember me and my best friend dared her cousin to whiz in the litter box. and he did. boys are so stupid that way.

Anonymous said...

did you son poop in the refridgerator? did he eat an entire wheel of cheese? how can you even be mad? I'd be impressed If I was you

ps, over here the coroner is also my ex's attorney

Karin said...

Well I am hoping the boy enjoys his year of litter box duty cause there is no way in hell I would clean that out. I hope your show isn't cancelled. I also hope that it isn't complete crap because they should have cancelled and didn't. See I come here to glimpse at my future, needless to say I am scared.

aatank said...

In case you didn't notice your life seems to be a train wreck lately.

Hope they still play, he has a few more days to get better.

Flip Flop Momma said...

oh if only u knew the half of it..haha

very very stupid..

it that is a dig on my spelling, thats the only thing spell check came up with...I knew what it said, but figured, what the hell..

its one of his chores anyway, all in a days work i suppose..ha

yup,yup...speaking of wrecks, my sister is convinced our train is gonna derail...

it only gets better...

CMB said...

NO NO NO! That is just plain horrible. I sure hope he gets better soon. Your poor heart can't take much more.

The litter box? HUH?

Anonymous said...

are ya gonna beat me up for diggin on yer spellin? ok then, make it snappy i'm in the mood

catscratch diva said...

Actually, it's not as bad as say going into a closet or the pantry... not that that helps.

All will be well with Joe hottie rocker boy, it just must. I'm thinking healing thoughts for him on your behalf right now!