Monday, December 03, 2007


Well I been going through the treatment for weeks now, and am finally recovering from my surgery. I am still bald and Mike still thinks I am sexy, or so he says:) So life is good. I am not sure how I would have gotten through these last few weeks without him. This guy has now seem me at my worst and he still comes back begging for more. The man is gluten for punishment I guess.

I have hit many rough patches as far as being in enormous amounts of pain and spedning my days curled around the shitter not being able to keep even water down. But Mike has been a trooper and I do love him for sticking with me through this.

He asked me if I wanted to marry him when we are done with this nightmare. I told him I will die before that happens. What we have isn't broke so why fix it. Lets face it, this man has not the best track record when it comes to saying "i do" and really that would only bring me shit I don't need to deal with. I very much like things the way they are. I can still have a life, I can still go out and people have not a clue who I am. And this is how I like it best. I am not one to like to have a spotlight shown on me.

Mike has held my hand through this whole nightmare and I have seen a side of him I have never seen before and this has made me fall more deeply in love with him, if that is even possible.

I thank God everyday for him. I am truly blessed.Lets face it, not many women can claim that someone like Mike has cleaned up their vomit. Not many women have had their man write songs about them. ( I have been listening to Invincible alot lately for some reason, I never listen to his music,for some reason I need to hear some of those songs, to just re-affirm things in my own mind I guess)

I am lucky and I know that.I feel blessed everyday and the fact I am still alive right now is a miracle in itself.

To be alive and to be in love are two of the greatest gifts. I still have a long road as far as treatment goes, but what is left of the tumor after surgery is shrinking fast and they are pretty sure it will continue to shrink. If it does not ever come back I will be as good as gold. So lets pray it is leaving for good.

Thank you all for your prayers through this shitty time and I love and miss you all.


Katie said...

Have a safe trip.

I think we ended up with 6 inches or so. I have no idea. I just stood at the window and cursed all weekend long.

Bradley's Mom said...

Hi FF!

Well, I will surely miss your posts all this week, but I DO wish you a very safe and happy trip!! Have fun!

The Magazine covers are wonderful!! I am very impressed that your whole family made the covers! WOW! And very cool!!

Take care and hurry back to us!!

The Egel Nest will miss you so much!


Flip Flop Momma said...

yup...I was cursing too..sonofabitch.

aww..thanks...I will hurry back..

Dont be jelous, u could be on the cover too, u just have 2 know the right people;)

Hope The Egel nest gets along fine in my absense;)

Swizzle said...

Long time no see. I moved blogs...had some wicked folks from the CIA chasing me down. Have a great trip!

Fantastagirl said...

Have an awesome trip!

We have ice - not snow... I feel cheated...

Love the magazine covers - very creative!

Cliff said...

I am ALWAYS impressed with your mothering abilities. How about teaming up with Micheal Jackson to write a book on what kids like?

Flip Flop Momma said...

those dam CIA bastards.

Gosh I hate the safe..

so your saying I should of let her get new hands?..damn..I always get it wrong..ALWAYS.

Scarlet said...

I love it! You all made the front cover...that's something to brag about!

I hope you have a great time on the road!

Flip Flop Momma said...

thanks, its not easy to make the cover u know;)

1 plus twins said...

i love those mag. covers!! hope you have a safe trip and take some video blogs while gone on your trip to post. i am sure your kids will come up with some funny shit in the car. i thought of you this weekend, we were at target and i turned the corner and what did i see. yep that is right your guitar! 10 of them!!! 10!! i just started laughing and my hubby asked what was so funny and i pointed to the guitars and all i could get out was flip flop momma! seeing as though he doesn't read these blogs i think he thinks i have lost it for sure!! ha but once i told him you know the girl with the shirt you wore every day while growing up, he got it. ha ha

Flip Flop Momma said...

The kids are NOT going...just me and a freind..a kid free zone..

10 of them?..or Target was only getting 10..u should buy him one for xmas..hahahahahahahahaha

patti_cake said...

Have a safe and fun trip and I Love the magazine pics! Thanks for checking up on me too :)

Nap Warden said...

Travel safe...Love the magazine pics, you are so famous!

Flip Flop Momma said...

thanks..and thanks..and no probelmo..hope your doing ok..

Nap Warden,
I know, I bet u didnt know I was so famous huh?

Rachel said...

You're too cute!!
Have a great time!

david mcmahon said...

Have a wonderful time. But come back in time to take delivery of your beachfront, clifftop holiday property here in Victoria.

Have sent you the ownership papers .....


lo said...

Safe trip!
Gosh darn winter! We are in a huge storm here in the 'great' white north. No buses or all today-snow day. Still in my jammies from this morning!!!!!
Safe trip!
Rock on!

lo said...

Safe trip!
Gosh darn winter! We are in a huge storm here in the 'great' white north. No buses or all today-snow day. Still in my jammies from this morning!!!!!
Safe trip!
Rock on!
BTW we got over a foot of snow!

Humincat said...

have fun!!

KrazyMom said...

Have a safe trip! If I head that way, I'll give you a call...but I really need to keep my ass at home and get some things accomplished while the little ones are gone!!

I love the magazines. Small town girl living large! :)

Flip Flop Momma said...

thanks, and thanks;)

well my beachfront estate better have @ least 3 bathrooms, I have three kids ya no;)

well that sucks...we are getting more snow 2day only about 5 inches, but thats plenty in my eyes.

thanks, we will try.

well if the weather keeps being a pisser, I wont be coming anyway...we are getting more snow today..

but I am thinking it should be all clear by tommorow night..

too bad ur not gonna make it down...maybe nextt ime..

(if i ever come back after that..haha)

Tutu said...

Every time I read your blog I am entertained. Have a safe trip.

Flip Flop Momma said...

well I suppose that can B a good thing right?..haha

Heidi Hyde said...

"i gotta git my picture on the cover!"

Have a lovely trip. Maybe sometime you'll pass through these parts and we can drop some mad 'roke skills down together.


Flip Flop Momma said...

oh heavens yes...if I ever roll thru your parts..(not sure which parts are yours..haha) we can go show off our made roke skilles..I would love it;)

Cheeky said...

We got around 6 over the weekend but we are getting hammered now.....

doozie said...

still waiting for you to come karaoke with me......patiently waiting....

Kendra Lynn said...

Hello...haven't been by in awhile...hope you are all well.
Miss our emails back and forth.

Love ya.

Wendy said...

I think your snow is heading my way. We are excited about it though...that will probably only last and hour or two though. I hope Jayke doesn't decide he needs new hands. I'm a single mom now, I can't afford to be buying new body parts!

Jamie Dawn said...

A good mommy would have gotten her four year old some new hands.

Keep the snow AWAY from AR... please!!
We don't get much at all. Last year, we had one, light snow which melted away by noon. I can't complain too much about that.

Those mag covers are cool. Mr. Shaky looks extra smart in that photo. I see you sported some hanging booby cleavage in that last photo. I'd say you have quite a bit more boob mass than I do.

Enjoy your trip!!!
Don't drink and drive!!
Eat well and be merry!!

Neurotic1 said...

I love the mag pics. Damn, I didn't know I knew a famous lady :) Oh, how I don't miss the snow. I hope the kids enjoy it! If you don't make it to the homeland you could come down for my party. It's suppose to be almost 70 here this weekend!

IamDerby said...

Have a great trip! I love your magazine covers!

Slick said...

WooHooo...liked the Cosmo mag ;)

Should we get you a mic, pronto??! lol

Jessica Foster said...

Have a great trip! I hate the snow. I was talking to a kid about the snow and she said she liked to eat it. I jokingly told her not to eat the yellow snow. She laughed and said she knew, she tried it before and it was really gross!

The Kept Woman said...

Drive safely chickie.

flea said...

damn girl i didn't know u were on cosmo! HOT!!

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The Egel Nest said...

Are you back was your trip...??

You and your family of magazine cover models lol

Miss you...


The Egel Nest