Monday, December 17, 2007

Give me three steps

I was having trouble finishing up the Xmas shopping for The Boy, as he is kinda like buying a gift for Our Lord and Savior..I just don't know what to get..nothing seems good enough.

I mean he is at the age where he is very particular.

I made a purchase I swore to God I would never buy my baby boy. This is an item that can cause great distress for me as I know what boys keep in these things.

Yes, I bought my son a wallet.

I know he is only going on 11, I know he still thinks girls are growdy, and I know his hair cut is so unflattering that he would never need to use one...

But I still no what boys keep in there besides there allowance and lunch tickets..

I have seen many a wallets loaded with a plenty of these items starting at, um, an early age...

May God place His hand on my boy and keep Trojans outta of his wallet..

Along with Mary Jane and fake ID's.


The children need to take gifts into to school with a five dollar limit. Just one gift. The Boy brings a boy toy, Blondie brings a girl toy..Simple is as simple does.

I head to Walmart WAY over dressed as I am in my church clothes, and I look real fancy in church clothes, and I feel outta place...I was half tempted to head back home nad put on my flannel pj bottoms and a mint julep face mask.

Anyhoo....I easily find toys for both kids...under 5 bucks..which is hard as hell.

I come home with them and my son says..

" now I don't mean to be rude, but I am going to get made fun of if i take this to school"

I bet your thinking I bought him lip gloss or a My Little Pony.

Nah, I got a deck of cards, two decks in one...with star wars on it...One deck is hero's, one deck is villans.

Now mind you, this child and ALL his cohorts play with Star Wars dolls, i mean action figures, on a daily basis.

So I make mention to him that he plays with Star Wars crap all the time.

This is when he informs me this is a secert life he lives and that he keeps his love for Star Wars a secert from his classmates.

I had no idea he was covert spy star wars action figure playing dude.

He is undercover.


I think he is telling me this because he wants to keep the cards....

But damn, I hate to blow his cover..

Whats a mother to do?

Well, tonight I am wrapping them playing cards and slapping a bow on it.

I wanna thank Emmasometimes for my template...she has now single handedly gave me a template for all seasons...Next up will be my spring/summer one from last year. Gawd I miss that one..

Go to my sidebar and tell her she is awesome, I would link , but um, I am retard.



Katie said...

Secret identity, love it. What's his spy name?

Yarn Tails said...

I know what you are talking about. Buying presents for teenage boys is a pain in the ass! I have no idea what to get my son and the one thing he wants I can't find at the stores. Nintendo Wii.

Love the new look!

just_tammy said...

Love the new look but I'll be happy to see the spring/summer look as well. Can't imagine why!

Holy crap about the cards. I thought you had scored. Tell Butch I will miss him since he will be dying of embarrassment tomorrow. At least you will be able to return the wallet.

Scarlet said...

I liked your idea; it's really hard to get creative with a $5 max! Teach him how to play Poker and he'll wow the kiddies!

1 plus twins said...

your background is really cute. she did a good job. i agree, i think it is the age. my oldest is that age and it is so so hard to buy for him plus they are confused at that age. they still like playing with what they call little kid things but want to be so adult at the same time. they are just struggling with who they are and what age they want to be. i know my oldest does the same thing, there are many things he does at home on the down low from his friends. ha ha i really hope your son doesn't put trojans in his wallet, at least not yet!! ha ha

Flip Flop Momma said...

I need to ask him...

Yarn Tails,
I know...and he isnt even a teen yet...

I know, I cant wait to break out the summer one too..

Well, I have a feeling he is gonna hide the gift in a snowbank on the way to school.

Its very hard to be creative, I hate buying shbit for kids I dont like..ha

Boys are just plain hard to shop for...girls are so much easier to wise anyway.

Doozie said...

I think it would have been more appropriate to buy some anti itch cream

Flip Flop Momma said...

for me of him?..ha

Fantastagirl said...

My son was invited to a birthday party - and wasn't able to go with me to pick out the gift - I picked out three items and was told that they all "sucked". yep.

So this time I drag his but with me to the store and he picks out a $30 set of legos...nope, not happening... we settled on a cheaper lego thing...

patti_cake said...

I have got to make friends with someone who can pimp my template. My canned blogger one is so lame.

Your son kills me!

Flip Flop Momma said...

the kids tend to pick crap out THEY want, u ever notice that?.ha

well go see Emma, she loves doing this shit and she is awesome at it, she has done ALL my flip flop momma ones..

Heidi Hyde said...

I really love the new template! Very festive.

I don't know what would be wrong with Star Wars playing cards. Sounds fun to me. Better than that poke-crap.


Jamie Dawn said...

Emma did a GREAT job on your new template.
She is one talented chickadee!!!

Now that the boy will have a wallet, he will want a steady flow of cash to fill it. I know this because my boy is always in need of a cash refill.

Whenever you go into Walmart in an overdressed state, just mess your hair up and take off your bra.
That will make you fit in better.

Rachel said...

Your template is Gawgeous! I puffy heart it!! Too cool!
That cracks me up that he has a secret identity at school.
So cute.
You're such a riot.

Flip Flop Momma said...

yeah, I dont know what is wrong with the cards either, I think he wanted to keep them...little pisser.

well if he wants to keep a good cash flow, he needs to start doing his job..haha

thanks for the card, i got it today..

yes, it must be hard having to live a double life in 5th grade;)

Kendra Lynn said...

Hey's it kickin'? We are busy as can be usual...miss chatting with you.


Humincat said...

better sitting in his wallet then on his....HAHAHAHAHA~!!!

MOMMY said...

ROTFL. This blog just gets better and better. I was going to comment on the coolness of your layout but now I will tell Emma. ;)

JoeInVegas said...

Were you nice to him, and put a $1 bill in there along with a Trojan so he can start on having that circle imprinted on it?