Friday, December 14, 2007

New kid in town

My son totally sucks nuts at math, but he totally kicks peanuts in science. He must of just been taught the human body and all the finer aspects of such a well oiled machine.

He informed me today that he had to um, urinate, a few times at his house of learning, so therefore he must have a kidney problem.

Then he tells me his thyroid gland hurts. He was all super impressed one day when I told him I had no thyroid gland, so this musta sparked his interest in the gland in general.

I asked him why he thought his thyroid hurt. He said it hurts when he talks and swallows.

Um, you mean you have a sore throat?

well, I guess so..


Still no takers on Lynn and Dylan....For the love of God..who the hell are you and why do you send me Christmas wishes?

I have a card made out to send back...

This outta be good.


You know your good and lazy when all three of your tots are no where near the television, yet your still watching The Fairly Odd Parents and thinking to yourself you have seen this one at least 675 times..

Yet you keep watching.

the remote is a stones throw away, yet its way too far.

You would call one of the tots in here to retrieve your remote, but then they might stay in here and want to...disrupt your no kid zone.

So you continue to watch the Fairly Odd Parents..

and your hoping Drake and Josh is on next because you kinda fancy Josh..

Gawd I hate Nickelodeon.

This is when you know you have hit rock bottom.


just_tammy said...

Your son is something else. You know enough medical stuff to mess with him a bit! Good times...

Some times I realize there are cartoons on and I no longer have any cartoon watching's what happens when I get interrupted while channel surfing. That's how I learned about Hannah Montana. Didn't really need to know about her. There's more than enough senseless info running around in my brain.

I may take you up on your offer since we have a snow storm rolling in tomorrow that's supposed to hang out for the weekend. Lucky!

Flip Flop Momma said...

gosh Boo LOVES Hannah MOntanna, u and her would get along great.

Well I will turn the heat up down there and put clean sheets on the bed..

Yarn Tails said...

Ok are you ready for a laugh....

I wasn't feeling so good one day and laying on the couch. I couldn't find the remote, so I asked the daughter to come find it for me. Well she never answered me.

Now ya ready for the hearty laugh.....

So I picked up my cell right next to me and called her on hers in the next room. She said... "Geez mom you are lazy!" My hubby was laughing the whole time.

You know its fun messing around with the kids! LOL

The Egel Nest said...

Sammy loves the show Hi-5...thank god it has hot chicks on it or it would get really annoying...

Makes my thyroid hurt...


The Egel Nest

Miss 1999 said...

Hey, don't be dissin' on nick! I love Spongebob! ;0)

Katie said...

My friend used to work in a drug store, and they had an informational poster about diabetes, yeah, she was convinced that she had it. She doesn't.

Choppzs said...

Holy shit, I almost pissed my pants at yarn tails comment, that is Soooo something i would do to Girly! lol

And yes, I to have sat and watched stupid nick because I am to lazy to turn it, or get the remote. When the kids aren't in the room and I turn it, it seems they immediately congregate back into the room bitching and moaning that i turned their station. So...I can't risk that now can i?

Scarlet said...

I totally get you w/ the Totally Odd Parents thing. Totally. I've sipped wine to Drake and Josh many times.

We mix play dates w/ the kids with Happy Hour for the moms. (It's not as bad as it sounds.)

PS - Are you obsessed with Tiffany or what?? :)~

Jessica Foster said...

he he he
Dontch just hate it when remotes get up and walk away?
I like yarn tails idea. It's not lazy to use her phone, girl was being resourceful, that's all! :)

Flip Flop Momma said...

gosh, but I woulda had to ask them to bring me the phone too;)

whats Hi-5?..I never heard of it..does it have hot dudes on it?

Gawd not Spnognebob..

sounds like every memebr of my family..

yes, if it keepts them out of the room leaving it on, its worthit.

isnt Josh a cutie?..Most like Drake, I find him repulivse..he is not good looking at all..

Not obbessed, u just look like her twin and it makes me giggle.

1 plus twins said...

that is too funny, i have found myself in the same boat watching something for the kids cuz i am too lazy to roll to the other end of the couch to get the remote. and i don't dare ask them to come get it cuz then they are in the room with me. ha ha you know since your son has this great knowledge for science he will be playing doctor soon!!! lol

aatank said...

Maybe he will be a doctor and make millions to share with his Mom.

I love at times that my computer is in a different room than the T.V. that way I don't have to watch cartoons. All though my kids love Ace on Cake on food network.

patti_cake said...

I love cartoons but NOT the Fairly Oddparents OR Danny Phanton. How sad I even know these exist!
If you find out who those peeps are you must share with us. I still say Shaky probably knows them. (when in doubt - blame the husband ALWAYS)

Flip Flop Momma said...

so your a lazy cartoon watching mom too huh?..ha

well, not sure if he has the smarts to be a doc that makes millions..ha

My computer is whereever I put it...right now we are in front of Noggin watching Jacks Big Music Show..yeehaw..

nope, he has no clue, and everything was addressed to me...he is mad cause I obvoiusly gave my address and name out to someone I dont know..

oh well..

Bradley's Mom said...

Flip Flop;

If you are going to send a card back to Lynn and Dylan.......why don't you stick a note in there and politely ask them to remind you HOW you know them!

You are outgoing enough to do that, aren't ya??

Come will bother you forever if you don't find out!!

Meanwhile, hope you are enjoying all the holiday stuff!!


Avery Gray said...

Hey, Josh is cute, in a goofball sorta way. No shame in that.

Flip Flop Momma said...

yup, I am gonna ask them who the sam bloody hell they are..I have no quips bout doing that;)

since Josh lost all that weight he is a hottie;)

MamaMichelsBabies said...

That happens to me.. only it always seems to be that dumb show Biily and Mandy Grimm Adventure... and it's always dumb.

Awesome on the unknown card though.. you know your loved when people you dont know send out some wishes.

Bah Humbug and all that jazz ;)

Cliff said...

Just stay outta the way when Sponge B is on.
I like the photo on your last post of you getting the lap dance. How Much did that cost?

Doozie said...

Yours and my son sound alike, mine hates math and loves science as well. AND he told me to use some common sense last week when I wore my snowy shoes through the house. Dammit bossy, what are we gonna do?

Michael Manning said...

Your son is so funny, I wouldn't be able to keepa straight face. He is sharp-mimded just like Momma!!:)

Wendy said...

My kiddo doesn't watch tv anymore. Just quit one day and now has no interest. Good thing too, cuase I was gettin real sick of Scooby Doo!

Humincat said...

That wasn't ROCK BOTTOM, that was ME!! HAHAHAHA