Thursday, December 27, 2007

gonna make u sweat

Since this will be the last post of the year I thought I would take a look back at the year gone by and make goals for the next year.

Then I decided that idea sucked. I did have a semi good year...some good things that happened..

* I didn't die
* I was fired from one job and quit the other one
*My kids are still alive and bugging the shit outta me
* hubby is going to sew me some curtains and a pretty sundress

some shitty things that went down

* The Prince show I went to in July started two hours late
* I broke my ankle but did get some nice drugs
*my grandpa died.

yes, that sums it all up for you hoodlums.

If you missed my tail of Christmas and how my house nearly caught on fire and how I witnessed a suicide...well scroll down cause your in for a treat.

In the meantime I am going to share a few mishaps from last week.

Last Wednesday as I preparing for karaoke night, I run down to throw my best black sweat pants in the dryer, they are my WED night karaoke pants for Gods sake..

I toss them in and start the dryer...only my dryer refuses to start...

So I do what any desperate gal in need of dry trousers does..

I dry em with my hair dryer.

As of today our dryer has officially kicked the bucket, luckily our laundry room came equipped with clothes lines installed, so now we are making use of them...Nothing like a nice stiff towel to rub your delicate wet spots..

Then my nice ole Holy Christmas tree...

I put 106 strands of lights on it, half white, half blue..

Seems only blue are working for the last 5 days my tree that started out with a nice holiday glow, now sort of looks like a smurf puked on it..

I am taking all reminders of the holiday down ASAP. I have about about enough holiday cheer...


I went today and bought a game for the hubby's new Xbox 360. I bought Dance Dance Revaluation..Oh its so awesome..It took me a while to get the hang of it, but holy butt nuts, its pretty swell. I started playing it and the next thing I know 2 hours have went by, the kids are sleeping and hubby is upstairs watching the telly..

So that makes two addictions for me...I wonder if I can hold a mic and dance at the same time..I could kill two birds with one stone.

I was reading the warning on this game. I have never seen a video game come equip with warnings..

* u must use your bare feet, or your stupid
* if you have any medical conditions in which prohibit you from normal exercise, don't use it...or your stupid.
* don't use this if your under the influence of drugs and or booze....

although that would be a kick ass time...

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year...

here were my goals last year...this is right from my blog post last year..

*watch more tv

I don't think I succeeded in this goal...there are no good shows on anymore

* stalk def leapprd thru 3 states instead of 2

I did this, I did this...yeah me

*find Pat

Yup, found Pat...he/she was hiding in my suitcase if you recall
*buy a new PAt should I not find the old one

didn't need to....

*spend at least $2000 on concert tickets and stalking equipment...this is scaled back from 2006, i realize I don't need as much as I thought, cuz I am cool like that.

yup yup...nailed it

*Lose 80 pounds. I am trying to get down to my orignal weight..7lbs 13 onces

almost....if I keep dancing I will be at my starting weight of 7lbs 13 oz...

*sell shit on ebay....and start collecting welfare.

well, I started getting unemployment..does that count?

*write a screenplay....for the funniest movie u will never see.

i have started one...................yeah..
*learn how to write said screenplay

nailed that one too
*quit 2 of my day jobs....

i did that and then some...
*keep the house "liveable" need to keep it me I know.

who needs it liveable anyway?
*buy some stocks and bonds

ok, i what

*shave my legs daily..not bi-monthly

*join a cult

damnit, I knew there was something I forgot..

*learn to play the violin......or get a violin....

double crap...forgot about this one too....
that about sums it up I guess.

so, no sense in making anymore goals, because we all see I cant be trusted with that again.

Happy New Year peeps....C-ya in 08...


1 plus twins said...

ha ha you might not have gotten the violin but you did get the coolest guitar. ok i have wanted to try that dance dance revolution for so long now. is it hard. i mean i have no rhythm at all none!! ha ha i have heard it is good to loose weight which is why i want it. ha ha but i do know you so don't need to loose that much weight. you don't need to loose any. have a great new year!!!

Anonymous said...

We "almost" had a turtle death on Christmas Eve. Luckily, the little shit was just a tad frozen and once he thawed out "Santa" was able to deliver him alive and on time. Hope you have a great new year!

Katie said...

I joined a cult, you can have a vicarious membership through me.

metalmom said...

My dry cleaner laughs at me because I cannot even hem a pair of pants! Can I borrow your hubby to give me sewing lessons? Believe me, I don't want to molester him or anything!

Flip Flop Momma said...

no, its not hard, it takes a bit to get use to it, but its pretty fun..go buy one;)

OMG, a frozen thats funny.

I run a turtle resuce in the summer..hahahaha

oh please oh please sign me up..

we dont have to drink blood or shit like that do we?

Well I am not sure he even knows how to use the damn thing, but if it turns out he does, sure thing, u can borrow him;)

patti_cake said...

Happy New Year to you too! Hey you accomplished some goals so you are ahead of some of us!

Laura said...

Oh I must go find the dance revolution! We have been busy have a blast with the rock band one!!! Oh and I'm so jealous that you were able to stalk def leppard! Can I come join you this year for that??

just_tammy said...

Trying again since blogger ate my oh so witty comment...keep dancing two hours a day and you will achieve your goal weight of 7lbs 13oz!

Happy New Year, to one and all!!!

Flip Flop Momma said...

well if u notice I only accopmlished the Lepp releated ones;)

You can come stalk with me, sure...There is always room for another one;)

Is rockband fun?...I SOOOO want that..I am a rockstar in waiting;)

I got your card..loved the picutre..

I am gonna have to dabce 5 hrs a day and get to my goal sooner..

Working Mom said...

I so want a dance, dance revolution. Figured I could lose some weight with it.

Lucy Stern said...

It's not too late to get a violin.

Avery Gray said...

You give me a happy heart! My resolution this year--kick Zelda's butt on the Wii, kick Mario's butt on the Wii, and drink more water. That last one is the token resolution I make every year.

Have a great hiatus!

Jamie Dawn said...

Happy Nude Year.. I mean New Year to you too!!
You've had quite an eventful year, and I have NO doubt that 2008 will be just as interesting.
I think 7 lbs. 13 oz. is a bit too thin.

Flip Flop Momma said...

Working MOm,
I have heard people losing weight with it, but they must be really good at it, cause I barley break a sweat..ha

thats what I was thinking toooo..

sounds like your kicking some major video game ass..u go girl.

how on Earthdid u know I was nude?

Bradley's Mom said...

Ah Flip Flop,

I just knew if I came over here today, I would be entertained big time! You are so funny!!

You really have quite a comedic talent, my dear! I am so sorry that Bradley is missing all this good material!!

I wish you and your family the very best of health and happiness in the New Year!

And don't stay away from here too long.......I miss you already!

Love ya,

Tom said...

Fiddle players are a dime a dozen...I still say the accordian is's a dying art...
Hope your Christmas was better than this-(not Bee friendly)

Fantastagirl said...

You crack me up...

Sucks that the dryer decided to take a break... hope you get a new one soon, cause rough towels are not fun.

Flip Flop Momma said...

who said anything bout fiddles, I wanted a violin..hehe

yup, it sure sucks having stiff crap...but what can ya do?

Melinda Zook said...

I started sweating after reading your post! #1, sounds like you do have a lot to be thankful for; I mean, OMG, your hubby sews? You lucky woman!

Sorry to hear you broke your ankle though, that double sucks! I have had some ankle troubles today...should have known better trying to run 2 days ago just because the weather was nice.

And I am laughing hysterically here because you have pants just for karoke!

Flip Flop Momma said...

I have karaoke attire for week days and weekends, I tend 2 look more stampy or adultish when I meander on weekends, on Wed, its my black sweatpants;)

I sing in style;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you (wanting to get down to your orignl weight) I sprayed diet coke all over my rug. (at least i turned away from the moniter in time)Let me know when you sell your screenplay, in fact i would LOVE an invite to the fancy premeire!!

kladd27 said...

you crack my ass up! You should do an infomercial for dance dance revolution! ha ha!

Flip Flop Momma said...

I hope u dont expect me to pay tp have your rug cleaned;)

Gawd, no one would buy it me;)

IamDerby said...

Happy New Year FFM! Sorry to hear about your dryer... I hate stiff towels (and pants and sweaters)

JoeInVegas said...

Well, we can start a cult of our own or I can send over those two guys in short sleeved white shirts and skinny black ties, backpacks and bikes that show up rather regularly. They are always trying to save me from something. (at least I call it a cult)

Flip Flop Momma said...

HappyNew Year 2 u too...I am wearing a stiff towel on my head as we speak..

YES YES....send them right away...I wanna be saved from soemthing too;)

Vani said...

i've wanted to try that dance game, does one need to have any type of coordination?? or does it teach you to get some?

Cliff said...

Dead fish eh. I always say you're never too young to learn how to kill a fish. The kids will soon learn. You'll be able to officiate at the funerals.
Funny stuff C. You're the best. New Dryer yet??

Foster Communications said...

If you write that screenplay I will so go see that movie! It would be hilarious!

flea said...

hahahaha glad to see you survived the holiday season! Thank god it's over for another year

Miss 1999 said...

"I didn't die"-- I'm glad ya didn't-- I'd miss your crazy ass if you did! :0) Anyway, on a serious note, I hope that you have a safe and happy new year with many blessings! *hugs*

Kelly said...

Happy New Year!

1 plus twins said...

hope you and your family have a save and happy new year!

Wendy said...

I will be dancing tomorrow night on that damn thing while using drugs and alcohol...okay, just alcohol but the other sounded better. Hopefully I won't break MY ankle!

I think we should all join Katie's cult. My sister was in one once...deprogramming was a bitch!

Happy New Year to you too!

Anonymous said...

so the suicide you witnessed was of the fish in the previous post?

I appreciate that you accomplished at least 3/4 of your goals. I don't have goals. I'm a loser.

No_Newz said...

You really need to catchup. All the cool kids joined cults the year the punch was passed out. :P

Happy new year sweet cheeks!

nora said...

Happy New Year!
Stop by Chez Pez for a NYE party. You can sing for us.

Rachel said...

Sorry the poor fish overboard died anyway. It happens.

Glad you had a good Christmas.

The dead dryer is not a good thing. Hope you got it replaced. Those fluffy towels are much nicer!

You achieved many of your goals this year. I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

Great work.