Thursday, December 13, 2007

what ya gonna do

I am trying to feverishly get my X-mas cards wrote out, so i can send some to someone and totally trick them...

Still any takers on Lynn and Dylan?...anyone? anyone?

I still can not figure out who they are. Has anyone ever gotten a Christmas card from someone you don't know?

Yea, I didn't think so.

So I am trying to print out pics from my photo printer to stuff in my cards, my ink runs out. I pull the cartridge out and get ink ALL over my hands, my face, my clothes.

I am a dumb ass. I big big dumb ass.

So now instead of feverishly trying to get cards done, I am trying to get the ink off my person.


Again...Lynn, Dylan O'niel...are u out there?...Please let me know who u are before I get a restraining order on your asses...shoot..


Ok, I now have more pics ..yes including the lesbian ones..I will start with that, as I know your waiting with baited breath for it..

There ya go....see....My pal is the one closest to me, the other is her sheman..

no, i don't like her..and trust me, the feeling is ever so mutual..but she is like a pair of underwear, my pal cant leave the house without her.

OCG had never heard of Big Boy, nor ever seen one....I guess I did not know it was just a Michigan she needed to feel him up.

This is us in front of the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron...That is Canada across the river...She had never been that close to the boarder...

she don't get out much..

Here we are at the local pub...its my lesbian pal, her sheman, my dad, and us two..

So there ya go peeps.

Ok, I need to go feverishly wash this crap off me before I get ink poisoning...and its starting to stain my damn keyboard.

again...last call for Lynn and Dylan....

Is anybody out there?

Crap...I feel shitty for not knowing whom it is..

But damn it, they are getting a card back. Cause I am awesome that way

I mean they know my first name, my last name, my home address..

I don't just give that shit out to anyone...


lo said...

I was going to say to send them one back-with a family photo. This could turn into a long and meaningful penpal friendship......

Gette said...

Maybe they are karaoke groupies.

Flip Flop Momma said...

shoot, I dont have time for penpals..haha

Flip Flop Momma said...

hmm...but they are from Hershey,PA..they would have to travel a long ways;)

Humincat said...

Um, why is OCG always in your face or squeezing the crap out of you? Either she is continually drunk, or secretly madly in love with you!! That would explain why she's always talking about how all the men want her, so as to make you jealous. I'm friendly and love hugs, but dang! And that is one ugly sheman. Bob's Big Boys are in California too, btw.

Flip Flop Momma said...

I know...she is always ALL over this bitch...I wonder sometimes..

Tom said...

Bossy, if they live in Hershey they have money....I lived next door in Harrisburg and Hershey is pretty hoity toity!
That sheman...yeesh! Now I'm gonna have a nightmare tonight of her wearing nothing but a strap-on, and chasing me through a sewer!

Katie said...

I haven't been to a Big Boy in years. It must be a MI thing. I don't think I've ever seen them here.

Neurotic1 said...

Who is that she-man~I've seen her before? I hope you got the ink off of ya~I mean I know how the dirt and you don't get along very well!

No idea on the Christmas card~wonder if you secretly serenaded them some night, hmmmm?

Jamie Dawn said...

That sheman looks like a heman. I don't see anything she there at all, and I don't care to look any closer.

Looks like you and OCG had some fun times!!

Computer, Printer, & Camera problems are all hitonious. That's why I have a tech-minded hubby and gave birth to two computer whiz kids.
All I do now is whine until they help me with tech-related problems.
In a perfect world, ink cartridges would last forever.

Fantastagirl said...

Looks like fun times!

jsull said...

sugar I get dozens of cards and letters from chicks nation-wide. Matter of fact this year I have received 3 from over seas. I haven't a clue why. Damn it got me in bad trouble with the bride.
I think I member one of thier names. I gues soe folks make an impression.

Flip Flop Momma said...

damn...that is a bad picutre..

nope, I have never seen em here either..

I doubt u seen her, I am not even sure where she is from or where she came from..

and I try to block it out..

yup, heman is more like it..and trust me, u did get close enough;)

yup..pretty fun;)

damn...u da man..

Yarn Tails said...

I got my cards done last week. Those are all some great pics. I have never been that far north before. I really need to get out more.

Working Mom said...

All I keep thinking is maybe they'll send you some chocolate. They are definately keepers.

Hope you find out who your friends are! :)

Flip Flop Momma said...

seroiusly, u aint missin much..

Working Mom,
I am hoping someone will come forward...Cause its bugging the shite outta me.

Scarlet said...

I remember Big Boy in upstate NY. I loved to go there when I was a kid! We called it TJ's.

Anyway, that looks like a cozy, OCG, the lesbian couple and dad.

I think it's cool that you get Christmas card fan mail, and that you answer back. ;)

Jessica Foster said...

Curiosity driving you crazy? I say you Google their asses, get the nitty gritty on 'em. :)

Flip Flop Momma said...

well its starting to freak me out..cause I dont remeber anyone with that name...

I bet its u freaking me out..hahahahaha

it is bugging me to know end..

I need to get a private dick on the case..

Choppzs said...

We have Big Boys out here in stupid cali too! And yah....we don't eat there cause the food sucks, just like everything else in this godforesaken state! lol

As you can tell, I am not in the best of moods tonight!

Avery Gray said...

Are you absolutely certain that's a woman? I mean, not just a guy who tangled with a wheat thrasher and got the good bits chopped off, but an honest to God woman?! Fffuuudge!


Oh, and I don't know who Lynn and Dylan O'Neil are, but they sound like nice people. Send them a fruitcake!

1 plus twins said...

maybe they are fans of your karroke!!! ok why don't you get along with your friends girlfriend? and i can't imagine why she wouldn't like you either? what is the deal with that. big boy isn't just michigan cuz they had them in ohio too.

aatank said...

Cards? Who has time for cards...I'm still trying to catch up on laundry from my vacation.

Maybe it was a random act of kindness and they just picked someones name out of the phone book. You should try that it would be fun.

Flip Flop Momma said...

the big boy in the homneland is pretty damn tastey, your gonna have to go there;)

well........I can not say for sure, but your not the only one to question whether she was caught in wheat thrasher;)

I dont think anyone from Hershey,PA has came to shitsville MN to hear me sing..hahahahahaha

I dont think my number isin the Hershey PA book, or my own cities for that matter..haha

I am writing out cards laundry for me..hahahahaha

Wendy said...

We used to have Big Boy here in Indiana but it's been a while since I've seen one. Used to love me some big boy when I was little!

I have to agree that sheman is scary! I get to meet my sister's new sheman at Christmas...can't wait.

patti_cake said...

If they know your name & home addy they might be peeps Mr. Shaky knows? Ask him. I just finished my cards. The sheer number was staggering but I love Christmas Cards!

Flip Flop Momma said...

Big Boys are good, especailly the desserts;)

yes sheman is scary.

no, he is clueless and the card was ONLY addressed to me, on the inside it says "and family"

very puzzleing..

Heidi Hyde said...

ALRIGHT! You broke me already!! I am LYNN!...


It was me all along.

Oh, it wasn't.

Sorry, I don't know who the hell is stalking you. Good luck with that.:)


Flip Flop Momma said...

U cant fool me, your just Dylan.

themuttprincess said...

I wonder how you know them! That is super frusterating!

Hope you don't die from the damn ink!!! That would really suck! Then again, you probably wouldn't care who the O'Neils are......

Flip Flop Momma said...

VERY frustrating...

Im at my wits end here.

just_tammy said...

Are they from your previous when you were famous life? Guess you would have already gotten a card from them if that was the case.

Glad someone else mentioned the fact that chick is always hanging all over you. She's creeping me out. Not as much as the sheman did.

You are closer to getting your cards out than I am. Nothing like an ice storm to mess up plans. My darling daughter will be home for the fourth day in a row since the high school still doesn't have power. We were one of the lucky ones to have ours back on before food spoiled and we all lost our minds slowly freezing to death.

Michael Manning said...

Now that I'm living in Arizona I laugh at the thought hat Cincinnati people think Big Boy started there. I'll have to Wikpedia it now!!!

Flip Flop Momma said...

well dang...u can come here and bunk in the basement..hehe

I dont know why she is always hanging on me, I must have that effect on people..

but it bugs the crap ouuta me.

It was started in Ohio?..hmm, I never heard that before..

I didnt know u were living in Az out for those killer scorpians;)

lo said...

I know you are a busy gal......but just think, this couple could live somewhere good? or move somewhere warm, where you good vacation ALL winter........

Granny said...

Big Boy isn't just a Michigan thing. I haven't seen one around here but we used to go to one when I lived in Arkansas. They made the best strawberry pie I've ever eaten.

Merry Christmas if I don't get back before then.

Granny said...

Here you go in case you're ever traveling and hungry.

Rachel said...