Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jukebox Hero

Sorry for all the video's I have been shoving down your Internet throat, but if u don't like it, then get the hell off my, thanks in advance..

Moving on..

I found out the other day that a girl I went to school with, she is younger then me and we played some, but never were friends, won 2 million smacka-ros in the lotto. She lives right near my house I am wishing would be invaded by arsonist....Makes me wish I woulda been nicer to her..


I was asking Blondie about the boy who said loved her. She told me her little friend told request of her that she did not love him. He then told her friend it was ok, she did not have to love him, but he would continue loving her.

You just don't see that kind of commitment anymore people...

I have big plans for the weekend. There are some Halloween parties at the establishments I frequent..

no, I will NOT call them bars...only skanks and wino's hang out at bars..


There are some live bands playing and I fancy rock stars...and I fancy beer...and I fancy dancing with rock bands whilst drinking beer in these fine "establishments"

so its a win win win situation.

I am going out with one of my best friends, my only thing is, she is always one her phone texting or talking...and talking about how hot she is...

Now I am not a lesbian, nor have I had any lesbian tendencies, but I don't find her attractive at all...But that's not the point...I don't care what she looks like, she is a very good pal...but it kind of gets annoying hearing her talking about how hot she thinks she is and about all these men that hit on her...I have never really seen this happen, but I guess it happens every weekend we go out....must be when I am in the potty.

I am also going out with my other good friend who kissed a tweeker last month..Nothing like seeing your friend french kissing another chick..thats when u know u have had enough and its time to pack up and go home...

I am not hot, and even if I were I would not proclaim it from the roof tops, I don't don't kiss females unless they were pushed forth from my vagina..

And people call me the weird one.

My 4 year old Boo just informed me she is going on a date.

I ask her with who...she tells me Handy Manny.

For those of u who are not familiar with Handy Manny, this is him..

He is cute, I will give her that. He is bi-lingual, which is a plus..And he has a job.

Go get em Boo..

Oh and Blondie told me she can not wait until Hanukkah.

Thats my good Christian girl, not prejudiced against any holiday where she may get gifts.


Neurotic1 said...

I heard about the lotto thing too. Should've been me! But I guess I should've bought a ticket when I was up there!

I would love to go to a bar. I wouldn't care if only skanks called it that! The thing I've noticed about beer- is the more you drink- the prettier ya are! I guess that's why I keep on sluggin' em' down ;)

Flip Flop Momma said...

shit, u really need to come pay me a visit, we need to get pitchers of beer, dance and do some kareoke..

come on..I know ya wanna......

we will be the hottest bitches there after 3 or 4 pitchers.

Gette said...

You ol' barfly. Move over and make room.

Flip Flop Momma said...

care 2 join us this weekend?

Jessica Foster said...

I can relate. My oldest friend once told me "It's so hard to be beautiful." Like, um, thanks for letting me know.... I hear it a lot, about how guys flirt with her, about how she's smokin, ya da ya da.
She's not all that
I'm just sayin'.........

Anonymous said...

dates with the name "handy" can't be good.

as for the fine establishments, I wonder...what was I going to say?

who knows. pass me a kokannee...oh yea I was going to say that you like karaoke and I like pool, so there you go.

Katie said...

Seriously your kids crack me the hell up.

Tom said...

Howdy from my sister's house in the Berkshires! Hey when I visit, I'm 47 and beyond having a "hottie" bat her eyes and making me jump like a trained monkey..and you will love or hate my thick Boston accent. Oh yeah, big blog update on mine when I get home...I'm only 1/2 way through vacation and have over 300 photos to go through and post!

Flip Flop Momma said...

its almost like we live in the same world..

u were saying u want to acompany me to the fine establishments where u can shoot pool and I will saranade u..

seroiusly, they are tards, thats why.

I have ALWAYS said a man with an accent turns me on;)

1 plus twins said...

wow i so wish i could win the lotto like that. man life would be so much easier. i would get my pool and my boobs!! man life would be good. lol

i have no clue who handy manny is. that must be a new kids show. i am so glad my kids are older and don't watch those dumb ass shows anymore.

well have fun at the establishments!! i haven't been to one in you so long. none since i moved out here but when i go back home to visit i hit those fine establishments up. lots to catch up with. lol

you tell blondie if that kid waits for her he is a keeper when she gets older! commitment is so important. lol

have a great day!

Packof2 said...

I used to know a girl that thought everyone was hitting on her & she was U-G-L-Y! I also never saw these masses of peeps hitting on her...whatever:)

LOL...that boo is a thinker. Get her something for Hanukkah.

metalmom said...

Be careful of Handy Manny-- I hear he's a cunning linguist! And Bi-lingual!!! Swinging both ways!

Have fun in your bars....I mean classy liquor serving establishments!

Michael Manning said...

YAY Boo! Nothing to shock your Mom like a date. Flip Flop Momma, try issuing a challenge to your friend to leave her cell phone in the car. Nah, it'll never happen. Enjoy!

Jamie Dawn said...

I love how Blondie is angling for more gifts. She'll celebrate ANY holiday if it means presents. Smart girl.

Boo's boyfriend is cute. I bet he's handy around the house too. :-)

I can't wait to scroll down and see those videos!!!

Jamie Dawn said...

I love how Blondie is angling for more gifts. She'll celebrate ANY holiday if it means presents. Smart girl.

Boo's boyfriend is cute. I bet he's handy around the house too. :-)

I can't wait to scroll down and see those videos!!!

Jamie Dawn said...

I love how Blondie is angling for more gifts. She'll celebrate ANY holiday if it means presents. Smart girl.

Boo's boyfriend is cute. I bet he's handy around the house too. :-)

I can't wait to scroll down and see those videos!!!

Jamie Dawn said...

I love how Blondie is angling for more gifts. She'll celebrate ANY holiday if it means presents. Smart girl.

Boo's boyfriend is cute. I bet he's handy around the house too. :-)

I can't wait to scroll down and see those videos!!!

KrazyMom said...

Hey, you should have heard my hubby doing kareoke on the party boat in Mexico...I didn't know he had it in him! LOL

Too bad you weren't still up our way. Aatank and I are going out this weekend, we'll miss ya!

So who won the 2 mill? Apparently they weren't a friend of mine either since I didn't get a call...or a check in the mail. Damn, so my luck!

patti_cake said...

I can't stand chicks who think so highly of themselves either. Ugh.
I hate that lotto girl. Hate her.

Flip Flop Momma said...

consider yourself lucky..although Handy Manny is cute and employed, his tools talk and its kinda creepy.

I dont think ugly people can tell they are ugly...Kinda like parents cant tell when they have ugly kids..

u sure got the dirt oh Manny dont ya!

Thats right, "classy" estabishments;)

I have said that to her b4, but she claims she might miss an important call...damn cell phones.

yes, we are not bias when it comes to gift giving;)

the vidoes arent nuttin specail but go knock yourself out.

her intials are HC..I dont wanna say her name her, so I will email u the goods..

and if u and tank were such good pals, u would come here and party with us:)

especially when they are ugly.

and I hate her too;)

themuttprincess said...

Sounds like you have a fantabulous weekend planned!

Have fun!

Anonymous said...
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Miss 1999 said...

Damn-- I wish I could win the lotto-- or at least have someone I know win-- maybe it's not too late to suck up to her-- ya know?

And the friend who thinks she's all that, doesn't it get on your last nerve? I mean, seriously-- even if she is decent, she needs to chill!

just_tammy said...

Well, I don't have looks or money so you have no reason to hate me or do you...oh, the text message thing is too much work in my you must like me...

Handy Manny and extra gifts...I think your bees are very smart!

Have a great weekend doing what we all know you'll be doing!

deni said...

I'm not hot either, but I am sick and tired of being called 'cute'. Yuck, who wants to be cute? Babies are cute, puppies are cute, I don't want to be cute.

Flip Flop Momma said...

Miss 1999,
I would be willing to befreind a mafia person if they won the lotto, I am not picky or chosey;)

indeed..too bad u didnt live closer, we could party hardy;)

yes, I have no looks, nor I guess we are two peas in a pod huh?

u need to come visit me..

although in the spring me and this "hot" freind of mine are going to Kansas...thats where she is from and her dad and shit lives we will be going for a visit..

yes, being called cute is ok when your two...or an animal..crap are they calling s animals?..shoot.

JoeinVegas said...

Go Booo!!!!!!

The Egel Nest said...

I love the Blondie Hanukkah go aspiring Jew girl :)

Also...the "pushed forth from my vagina" comment...that is so Flip Flip speak! :)

The Egel Nest

Flip Flop Momma said...

u bethca;)

I might need to send her to your place if she wants to learn how to spin a draddle;)

and your right, that is flip flop speak, thats why I said it..hehe

Humincat said...

I would love to go anywhere with anyone for anything. I don't desperate do I????

Krystal said...

Have some fun for me, will you? I live in a dry county.

Scarlet said...

Handy Manny is hot!

There's nothing wrong with a li'l fun at the establishments. I'm trying to go other places now, too. I hate to be a "regular" anywhere.

Yippeeskip said...

Now that you're getting proficient making videos, can you post one of you kareoking? I Think We're Alone Now or Achy Breaky Heart would be nice.

Flip Flop Momma said...

nope not desparate, just a mom who needs to go out for a girls night out;)

dry country?..for real?..damn..

I know, becoming a regular is NEVER a good thing...I dont wanna be Norm or Cliff:)

Maybe Wed I can sneak my camera in...But I DO NOT do any of them songs, I always do the same 20..hehe

Angie said...

who the heck won the lotto, do I know her? shoot, now I'm wondering :)

have great fun at your "establishments"'re friend is probably fun of crappola, especially if you haven't seen these droves of men hitting on her.

Hubs hates Handy Manny, both of my kids love him. Hubs thinks he should shup up already and speak English. He's just prejudice like that. I like the show.....

does ur hubs go to these fine establishments with you?

Flip Flop Momma said...

well, hubs comes when I song sometimes, but he is our "sober cab" for when we are boozing it up..But mostly he stays home and tends to the youngins;)

Handy Manny is very,well handy...and is kinda cute...Tell your hubby to stop dissing on him..


just_tammy said...

So where in Kansas are you and your hot friend heading? Just let me know where and when and I'll meet up with you so we can be poor and homely together!

Flip Flop Momma said...

I think *ar is that *rom u?

Beth said...

Hey! i found you again! not that you went anywhere, i guess i did!
just catching up! that video is hysterical!! i'm pretty sure they will never put salt in your applesauce again!!

Flip Flop Momma said...

well how the heck r u?...yes, applesauce should always remain salt free;)

No_Newz said...

He is pretty hot. Beats the hell out of mackin' on one of your gal pals too! :P

Krystal said...

So how many of us can we fit in one bar? I'd like a pitcher or two of my own.