Monday, October 15, 2007

Never say goodbye

I have an observation. Now I am by no means saying that this is an intelligent observation nor an observation made with clear sound thinking...As most of my observations occur, there is none of the above ever involved.

Just so we are all on the same page, I by no means mean any disrespect in saying this observation.

Why is it that any time I see two men eating out alone, I automatically assume they are on a date?

When I see two ladies out for lunch or dinner I do not assume anything...other then they are out to get away from their men or most of us do.

But when I see two dudes, they are gay.

Now I have a very good friend who is gay and she tells me I am not only mentally retarded for thinking this, but that I also am lacking gray matter that was once where my brain was.

So thinking this does indeed give me a galloping case of the stupids..(stolen from TKW)...

I don't like looking like a complete asshat in front of everyone on the world wide web, but please tell me I am not the only chick who thinks that.

Please, Please...anyone...anyone...anyone..

Ok, I am the only asshhat who thinks that.

disclaimer...if your from the GLADD organization, don't comment, I am not a bigot, In fact I am just the opposite...Its just seeing two men out on a dinner date looks suspicious so me..they don't pull it off...I am a God loving church going Christian gal who also thinks that gay marriage should be don't leave me no hate comments...for Christ sake.


A few months ago I made a decision to move our furniture around in our main floor living room.

We moved our little entertainment unit in front of our big window which is also in front of our heater. Our heating in this house is electric.

Now, being of sound and clear mind, I was thinking more short term then long...I figured when the time came I would need to turn the heater on, that I would remember to make sure all cords and whatnots were out of reach of the heating unit.

Well, I think I have single handed-ly broke nearly all electrical appliances in my living room.

The cord which runs my Dish network was caught inside the heating outfit and nearly burning...nearly flaming.

So I am thinking I am gonna have some splainin to do to the Dish people when I call them in the early AM to request a new unit.

The bitch of this is, I run the dish on three different tv's in this house, and that is the main box...So I am safely assuming I have befuddled with every one's day/evening/afternoon and whatever by this move....

The kids are like gonna wanna talk and like play board games and like want me to read them books and shit.

curse the damn electric heat who has brought my family to its preferable knees.



I have this family of Japanese bugs living on my ceiling..They all congregate to one area. I don't know if they have meetings there, or if it is the generalized mating area.

But look...see..

I cant tell which one is the leader, but I am thinking its the at the bottom..It looks like he may be talking to the group..

They have been there for about two weeks now. And I know your thinking..

well flip flop momma, why don't you terminate there welcome or evict them from said quarters...

Well, I was going to, then I thought..

What Would Jesus Do.

He would leave them there, take there pic and post it on the Internet.

Thats what Jesus would do. Because He is cool like dat.

So, I am boarding a few bugs until Jesus gives me the signal.


Look, here are my little flippers..

I will be the first to admit that my son looks like a big goon in this photo..And my photoshop does not have a goon remover it is what it is..

Here is the goon and my baby girl....


Hey, how do u like my new fall template? Ole Emmers did it for me, if you want to visit her head over to my sidebar and go see her and tell her she did a bang up job.

I don't know how to link here in the post or I would..I am lacking gray matter, remember, it never works when I do it..

Crap, there is a kid up here wanting to bond...

Maybe I should teach the kid its colors or how to ride a bike or drive a car..

whatever it is parents do whom have busted their only means of not having to talk to their kids.



Karin said...

Well I am glad you didn't burn down your house when you remodeled. Maybe you should remember this fire starting method to help you out with the other house.

Flip Flop Momma said...

well, good point..BUT the other house has a furnace, so no cords can be gotten caught in the eletric heater...but Kudos for the thought:)

Please post..I wanna see more pics of the baby...damn.

Jamie Dawn said...

Your new template is SO AUTUMN!
It's very nice indeed.

Great pics of your kiddos. Your son does not look like a goon. He may act like one, but he does not look like one. All three of your kids are ungoonlike.
Be thankful. They could all have been butt ugly.

Burning up the cords to your dish network was not a cool move. My kids would be pretty mad at me for something like that. My son would miss his recordings of Scarred and Dog the Bounty Hunter. My daughter would miss America's Next Top Model and Ugly Betty. I would be totally in the dog house.

I bet you wished you'd left your derned furniture where it was!!

Happy Autumn!! Enjoy the cool weather, because where you live, it's for sure gonna get COLD very soon!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another nice, mild winter. We had only ONE snow last year and it was burned away by the sun by noon.

Flip Flop Momma said...

yes, my kids could of been butt ugly, have u seen what their parents look like?..Good was a close one for sure..

And is already getting cold, only in the low 50's today...not good flip flop weather.

Granny said...

I think that was all one long post.

I'm a member of PFLAG, I have a gay son who I love more than life, and I'm a supporter of gay rights including marriage.

That being said, I think women can hide better than guys (or at least could in the past).

Women roommates? Nobody thinks twice.

Guys? A raised eyebrow.

It's changing of course.

If I can find your email address again, I'll send you linking instructions that even I could figure out.

I can't do it here because it will turn itself into a link. The same code work on blogspot for both posts and comments.

lo said...

son of a bitch you make me laugh!

MamaMichelsBabies said...

Nice template chick.

And no.. I too think the same thing when I see two guys out, but my opinion is skewed due to the industry I worked in. It is bad true, but it is my first reaction.

Now if I saw two guys out at a bar I wouldn't think that, and when I think it, it isn't a bad reaction to the idea of a gay couple, it's just that. They might be gay.

Oh and burnin the house down is best done when it's warm... then you can camp out.

Flip Flop Momma said...

I too am a suppoerter of gay marriage..

yes show me how granny, show me.


yes, if they are in a bar, I dont think twice...but out at a restraunt, opps, must be gay..and I always think..

oh look, how sweet, thay are on a date..

*lame i know*

badoozer said...

bonding is for glue sniffers....I too am retarded so I can't comment here on anything other than that

Halfmexican Mama said...

OH how I miss your chillun, I think they look fine in those pics...goto my recent post Ive been hit by the loonie! the same one on chels puddle jumper...

Scarlet said...

Guys don't usually go to MOVIES together, but hey, they gotta eat. When I see two guys going to see a chick flick together, then I'm suspicious.

What's up with those grapes growing on your ceiling? (That's what they look like!)

BTW, great template! I love the words, too.

Another thing, you have two very cute kids. That boy is going to grow up to look better than Rick Savage and you're going to have to eat your words!!

Flip Flop Momma said...

shoot...retards dont belong here.

they are everywhere...not my chillins, but spammers.

I have three kids..not two, unless your saying only two are cute..

shit, now I am stressing as to which one is the ugly one..

hmm Rick Savage u think? granny always says he looks like Brad Pitt..but rick savage is way hotter;)

Jessica Foster said...

It's funny you mention the guys in the restaurant thing. I was just thinking, how come when I see two well dressed men out to eat I assume they're there on business but when I see two women I assume they're having a girls day out and gossiping. It really bugs me that I think this.

BTW, you always crack me right up!

just_tammy said...

Very autumnal looking blog. Love it, but you know how I love the season especially since pumpkins are involved.

Way back when I was in college (dark age), I worked at an Air Force movie theater. The guys would come in in groups and always did the every other seat thing. No way would they sit next to each other. Who knows if any of them were on a date?!

Glad you didn't burn down the house! Hope DISH comes through for you. If they do, they definitely like you better than me!

So what are the bugs' names?

Yeah, which two kids are the cute ones?! The third one must have a face only a mother could love...

aatank said...

At least your kids are adorable goons!

I try burning down my house daily w/the flat iron being left on. I think I would have a really bad day not being able to watch TV, so I may not have a house but I will find a way to watch TV.

Love your Fall page...It looks Great!!

Slick said...

Get your head checked girl!

I eat out with my buddies all the time and I'm the manliest sumbich in the world.

Cute goons :)

Flip Flop Momma said...

See, now I have never thought that about women out..but I will now..haha

the every other seat thing is pretty dang funny...of course if any were on a date, they sure as shit couldnt announce it now could they..haha

well, my tv is working, we just dont leave it plugged in at night, as bare wire is showing thru, because well the dang thing was on fire yesterday..hehe

Flip Flop Momma said...

hmm....maybe it was u I saw the other night;)

Katie said...

I think the same thing when 2 men are out to eat. Unless I can clearly tell it's a business meeting or something. We have that debate many times a night.

patti_cake said...

I love the new template, I will never get a cool template *sniffle*

Glad the heater didn't do any more damamge!

themuttprincess said...

I hope you learned your lesson. (It is better to just leave shit alone and be lazy!!!)

I guess I don't think that with all men that are eating or drinking together, but I have thought it before so you are not the only one.....

Flip Flop Momma said...

thank you..I was thinking it was just me;)

go se Emma...she will do one for u..I think I paid her like 30 bucks..

being lazy is over rated, unless your starting little fires in your house..HEHE

Haphazardkat said...

Good lord woman. If you're gonna burn something, burn a bra--not the TV GOD!

Love the congregating bugs. You do know they live off of grey matter...right? *snaps my fingers* hello? You there?? I suspected....

Cute flippers :)

Rachel said...

Those look like ladybugs to me. They often get in our house and meet as well. If you touch them they stink and your fingers will stink, so it's best to vacuum them or let them crawl on a piece of paper and take them outside, which is what I try to do when they have their meetings here.

When I see 2 men eating out alone I don't think they are gay unless they look kinda gay, know what I mean? But some don't, so who knows? The same applies to females.

Your little flippers are cute!

Raggedy said...

I like your new template.
Glad the fireman didn't have to make a visit to your place.
We have the same lady bugs holding a meeting on the ceiling in a high corner in the kitchen.
The pictures of the kids are adorable.
Sorry I haven't been around as much as I would like. I am back at work full time and we are doing the help thy neighbor thing because the cold weather is here and the town is still not recovered from the tornado. We still have many houses with only tarps to keep the cold away.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Flip Flop Momma said...

im all for bra burning, trust me..haha, not my beloved Dishnetwork;)

yes, they look like lady bugs, but they are not..these lil bastards bite...these are Japense beetels...we get them every damn fall..and I hate them.

so why are they holding meets on the ceiling anyway?..what the heck is up with that?

Tom said...

Bossy, I do like the new look! Boo and Butch really look like they get along, you can read it in their faces. I agree with gay marriage, and two guys in a restaurant....if it's Bob Evans or Applebees then I don't think "gay" but if it's a very formal place then maybe. Getting cool here too! Lake Placid just up the road had 2inches of snow yesterday.

Packof2 said...

coming from a reastaurant person...I can tell you that as often as not they are on a date.

Last night Ang waited on a transexual at my downtown restaurant. He looked like a woman except...
1. WAY to much makeup
2. adam's apple
3. 6'7" least!

Flip Flop Momma said...

well, it doesnt matter what restraunt I see them at, I just think it..I am a big fat loser.

see, I knew u would get it;)

and thats too funny about the trasnsexaul, we dont get them in these parts, but boy I wish we did;)

Gette said...

Jesus would get out the hoover and suck those invasive little critters off the ceiling.