Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Born to be my baby

OK, so I have a somewhat update on my unemployment saga. My new appeal hearing is set for Oct9th at 8:15am. My very good Friend ,who still works there, said she overheard them talking today in the office.

She heard them actually concocting their stories. She heard them say something about telling the judge that they were just going to suspend me..for what reason I have no idea, but then I told her to stop fucking her with and then I hung up on her.

Part of that is true, I did tell her to stop fucking with me, but it was not in the sense you think.

I just hope these lying asslickers get whats coming to them.

They are totally denying the fact they even fired me.

But since I am sure this company has some money hungry attorney, I have a feeling I am going to lose my case. If that happens, shit will fly.

I only hope the God Himself has a room reserved for these lying poop eaters in hell.

I hope Karma turns out to be a bitch for these pieces of shit.


My son told me today a girl asked to be his girlfriend but he turned her down because, and I quote

"I don't think she is the girl for me, I just don't need that sort of headache"

I am guessing he sees what his dear father goes thru with me, and thinks he may turn out to be celibate, which I am cool with that.


I think I have mono.

Or else I am just really,really,really,really lazy.

I mean it could be either one.

Good Day


Tom said...

I'm first!
I think whoever is judging your case probably has heard bullshit before. I guess this is a time to trust the labor judge. I would ask to see ALL of their documentation, if only to be a painus in the anus. If they can't provide it, it's in your favor. It's a *ucking shame what's happened to labor in this country...not just corporate power, but less people have the balls or boobs to stand up. I have relatives who walked picket lines so I could live better as a kid..Nobody does that anymore (got to watch American Idol).
I'm 47, and can tell you that karma certainly does exist. If they are dirty players, they will eventually pick on someone who will damage them.

Scarlet said...

I say fight it out. You should get some good money coming to you if they fired you w/out good cause.

You could be a full-time karaoke queen if all else fails. Three times a week...damn, you must be good!

metalmom said...

I don't know jack about appeal except they are on ananas. Good luck.

I hope you don't have mono.But if you do , it's better than duo.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

I am sure hoping that the juge can see thr thier line o* bullshit..

I am gonna *ight as long and hard as I can...(gosh that sounded dirty)

Mono sucks ass, I have had it be*ore....

I am gonna kick some ass i* these *uckers get away with all this shit, u just wait and see;)

Halfmexican Mama said...

Its not laziness...its not mono...its called I need a job that makes me feel like i am making a difference in the world syandrome...I suffer too..only Im not medicated only heavily intoxicated!

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

Good luck at the hearing! I so hope Karma bites them in the ass, too! You deserve your money!

And good for The Boy. He's right, he really doesn't need a headache-induced-by-girlfriend quite yet.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

what have I told u about blogging and drinking?

thanks, I sure hope they get whats comin to em..bastards!

Katie said...

Smart boy!

I hope you get a positive result from your meeting.

The Egel Nest said...


I think "lying asslickers" might be the most disgusting phrase I have heard this year...possibly this decade... :)

The Egel Nest

MamaMichelsBabies said...

Hehe... doesn't need the headache huh? That's awesome!

Hrm.. if you lose your case I will personally mail Koda's massive amounts of Purina already chewed to their front lawn. Daily. That way they gotta fork out some dough for something. And it is a lot of Purina I tell you.

Cimpanies suck, Karma will get them, look at the ENron guys.

Neurotic1 said...

It's not mono- it just exhaustion coming from your new party life ;) Or maybe just a sore throat from too much singing ;)

Fight those bastards!

patti_cake said...

Your son is so funny (and wise)

I hope you WIN. dammit!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

u and me both!

oh heck, that isnt nothing dude!!

you should of heard some of the things I heard when I worked at the Sheriff's dept..

that stuff may come in handy, I will let u know;)

new party life?..shoot I been doing this since I was about 17...haha

Patti cake,
I hope I win too, or bad things will happen for these people.

oppps, did I say that out loud?

KrazyMom said...

What crooked SOB's!

Mono huh? Now we know who your friend was kissing at the bar!

Slick said...

Shoot girl, I hope it pans out to your advantage. I'll keep my fangers crossed anyways.

Yeah, if they do win....don't worry, that bitch karma will surely get them, one day.

Geeezus, so lazy people get mono? I'm in deep shit then....

Flip Flop Goddess said...

damn....maybe that does explain it;)

If they win I am in deep doo doo, cause this means I may have to re-pay what money I have gotten, and this will make flip flop momma very upset.

Choppzs said...

I hope those assholes rot in employment hell for what they did to you! Asslickers anyways! lol

Ba Doozer said...

karma has a way of trapping people under it's tires. but then what do I know. I"m just a fat dancing man who is dead

1 plus twins said...

i so hope you don't have mono but if you do milk it to get waited on and stay in bed. lol shit even if you don't have it say you do so you can be left in peace to sleep and be waited on. lol oh my god your son is too damn funny.

Jamie Dawn said...

Your son's comment is SO funny.
He sounds like a young version of my son who recently told me that he's not interested in having an official girlfriend right now because they are too expensive. He likes spending his money on himself.

I'm sending a plague on your former work people.
If my spell works, they will soon be covered with oozing warts and all their hair is gonna fall out.
My witch skills are rusty, so I hope this works.
Abra Cadabra Gualla Loydzee!!