Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cum on feel the noize

Ok, I think my hearing went pretty well. At one point the nice judge, he will remain a nice judge until I get the final word on his decision, asked my former bosses what their whole point was as he could see no grounds for an appeal.

they scrambled, told a few lies, and we were under oath, so I know for certain the guy in the red suit has a nice shiny picker bush to shove up their asses, and I was able to rebuttal their lies, then the judge would ask them if they had any comments about what I had just said..

They always said "no"

Of course you say no, because holy shit, what else can you say?

The nice judge did have to tell me a few times to stop interrupting..Because when they would start lying, I would start opening my mouth. He told me I would have a chance to talk when they were done.

And I did...and I gave em hell goll darn it all to heck.

So, as soon as I hear anything, I will let you know how it went for sure...

bastards have it coming though...



I know the government tries to control everything, and I realize they control more then what we even realize. For example..

*news, they control all news, all news comes from ONE organization..they only tell us what they want us to know...u don't believe me, your a damn fool.

*weather...yes, they control the weather, just ask Al Gore...don't believe me, your a damn fool.

*phone calls/email....the have every line in the US of A wire tapped, don't believe me, your a damn fool...Email, same thing, it is filtered thru a government office, I am assuming the CIA or some shit...don't believe me, your a damn fool.

*food...yes, they control our food , and yes, we still get spinach laced with e-coli and lettuce tainted with cow turds...God Bless Us Everyone..

*Importing and Exporting of good...yes...and your tiny tot is chewing on a Dora Doll right now laced with enough lead to kill a sow..

Here in my state they have as of October 1st banned smoking in ALL business's...for example, the bars..No smoking anymore.

Now me being a non-smoker, I am thrilled with this..Nowhere in the state of MN can u light up and pollute the air I breath. I can sing Karaoke with not a worry anymore.

Thank you and God Bless us everyone..

Now lets take a gander at the fast food..

They want them to put labels on our food purchases that indicate how many calories we are consuming in our lunch.

I use to be coolwith that. Down with it if you will.

But some days I just don't like to turn over my Chicken Nugget box and see I just ate about 26 grams of fat.

They don't understand that when I am stressed, I don't want to know what I am eating.

if I am eating three gallons of lard, fine, but don't u dare tell me, you son of a gun, this lady don't wanna hear it.

Control things , that's your job government, because this is a Democracy..*chokes*

and your only out for OUR protection and well being, and I love you for that..((BIG HUGS TO YOU))...thanks!

I am sure some of the CIA fellas have eavesdropped on some of my phone calls..and I am sure they chuckle or even piddle a bit on their blue pants, and I like that feeling. And hell, if they have read my emails, that is even more entertaining to say the least.

I bet they print them off and hand them out as shitter materiel at work. Ya no, kinda like the Sunday Funnies, you roll it up and carry it into the john with u while u unload your nuggets, probably into our fresh water supply...

But its all good, because no matter where I go in this state, I don't, nor do my kids have to breath in second hand smoke..and this makes me smile and puts a good 80 years on life...My insurance company thanks u.

And stop putting that crap on my fast food wrappers. Sometimes we just don't need to know shit...

Let me eat my nuggets loaded with 26 grams of fat in private.

Fat people like to eat in private, and so do cannibals.
and on a brighter note..
This is just a pic of the corn maze our local pumpkin patch people put on this year..It took us a while to go thru it, but isnt it cute? They have a website where they post all thier maze pics, I did not climb a tree or fly a 747 to get this shot.
Although I would of.


Haphazardkat said...

OH! I was wondering all morning how your phone conference went! Sounds like it went well :)
I await anxiously to hear the final outcome. between game battles that is....hehehe
See?? IF you WERE a gamer you could kick the snot outta bad guys and get all that stress out, criminally free! :D

Neurotic1 said...

Well, I bet the government folks at least download your blog and use that for bathroom reading ;) Give em' hell!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

well I may need to take up a hobby that I can "legally" kill things with;)

yes...I am sure they do, prolly wipe their asses with it;)

Halfmexican Mama said...

I hope you win your case, my intuition tells me you will...good ole TC tried that shit on me too...That corn maze is my dream come true, I mean I worship all things W.O.Oz...ever notice Judy Garland on my Myspace page? She and I go way back, way back to when I never knew her. No im not drinking, just very tired...Babystep to bed soon.

Tom said...

Did you at least get to yell "OBJECTION!!"? If there's a next time, slyly expose your ---dare I say---bosom---to any male on their side who take the stand. Just to rattle.
I actually trust the gov. more than any private corporation, but that's Socialist pinko me talkin'

1 plus twins said...

i can't wait to hear the outcome of your court thing. it sounds like you did a wonderful job. they made a law here too that you can't smoke within 20 feet of business. being that i am a smoker it is hell!! i can't stand not being able to light up when i drink cuz it makes me look much cooler when i do that. lol i do have to say the bars are much less crowded since they banned smoking though.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

I am taking big girl steps to very sweepy.

I coulda yelled it, he told me I could, but..I didnt..shit, Iforgot all about it.

I dont trust any private corp, any govt agency..nothing..I am very odd that way.

I will let u know as soon as I know..and it better be good, or the kitty dies....

Jamie Dawn said...

That maze is aMAZing!!

I sure hope the judge's decsion goes YOUR way.
I also hope you didn't cuss like a sailor during your hearing or the judge may think poorly of you.

Your state is behind the times. If you can believe it, AR already has that no smoking law.
We hicks ROCK!!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

you would be SOOO proud o* me, I behaved mysel* and used no curse words:)

Well dang, I told u this state sucks;)

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

Glad the hearing seemed like it went well.

Don't even get me started on the government and how they have way too much money, power, and control. And all of that money is our hard earned dollars.

That is a really coold maze, but, it really doesn't look much like a maze. More like a bog ol' trail. Have you traveled it?

Flip Flop Goddess said...

yup we went thru it two weeks ago...its not a very complicated, because its *or kids...but its pretty cool to look at..right?

Fantastagirl said...

Good luck - I was sending good thoughts - hate those phone calls.

The Egel Nest said...


Well..thank g-d this post didn't have any ranting or rambling going on...that totally would have ruined your points...


Love ya girl...


The Egel Nest

Katie said...

Cool corn maze or whatever it is.

I hope you get a positive result from the hearing.

Scarlet said...

Reading about what's happening to you at work really pissed me off. I want you to win!! I hate injustice.

The Wizard of Oz maze is just about the coolest things I've ever seen from the air. That's a great shot.

Cliff said...

Your credibility was right up there with the hearing deal and then you went and ruined it. Wandering around in a cornfield is something I do often. But I don't have to pay for it.
When you come down in July I'll let you wander around for free.

patti_cake said...

Good luck on your hearing. My fingers are crossed for ya! It sounds like it went good though.

I wouldn't mind if they banned smoking either (never been a smoker and it KILLS me in a smoky bar). NOT that I hang out in smoky bars all the time, mind you.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

sorry...I just got home..a freind of mine had her hearing this morning and she wanted me there for moral support;)

i gotta do some dishes now.

Tom said...

Bossy, life is easier if you live like a bachelor... (I am one so I know)...go with plastic and styrofoam. No cleaning up at all just toss in the bin! Just stock up at a Family Dollar or similar for the year...just think no dishes! Wah Bub!!

Tee said...

Now THAT is a fancy maze!

I understand the mixed feelings about Nutrition Information... I'm too curious for my own good and will read nearly any package I'm eating out of. Very depressing sometimes - but necessary, too.

You're right about the government. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to turn into those paranoid mountain hermits. LOL.

Cheeky said...

I love unemployment judges - in my experience they tend to side with the terminated employee before even getting on the phone.....the employer has to work extra hard and most don't cut it - not that I have been unemployed a lot....just sayin...

I went out for wings last night and it was so nice coming home and not smelling like an ashtray - I LOVE IT!

MamaMichelsBabies said...

That pumpkin patch maze is pretty neat.. although I'd have never found my way out.

And way to go on giving them hell, they deserve that and so much more.. *srosses fingers* It seems like it went in your favor. Here's to hoping.

1 plus twins said...

well did you hear anything yet??

Jessica Foster said...

It is SO hard to stay quiet when someone is talking complete crap and lies. Best of luck!!

jsull said...

could be the best post ever!!!!!
tell em girl!
The damn fool is right!
The g'ment has control! The fuckin Idiocrats get any power it will be worser than that, there is your damn fools right there! For the love of god did ou know that every short buser voted that way? Not only do they want bigger g'ment they want to raise your taxes to pay for it, and every one of them has said that! For the love of God, or Darwin if your an idiot, or democrat, I just can't see how anyone could allow it much less vote for it.

Hop you bat them in court!!!!!!!!

Flip Flop Goddess said...

sorry, been gone all day, and just got back *rom Kareoke...yeehaw..

thanks *or your comments, I will be a better blogger tommorw.

Rachel said...

Well, I sure hope the outcome comes out great! Sounds like it went pretty well. I hope he remains a "nice judge," for his sake!!! :)

Love that corn maze. So creative the things they think of.