Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Swinging good time

Some of you heathens have asked to see what the gardens look like, because well, your nosey..

So being the giver that I am, I will show you some things..

Its by no means the prettiest garden, but hell, like I said, no one is digging holes in my yard unless I'm burying a body.




This is my pumpkins and such....

This would be The Boys lethal piece of footwear.....

This would be my Herb Garden....

and no, there is no wacky to -baccy...damn people..



NOT Mary Jane.....its, well...hell if I know..

So anyway, there ya go you nosey heathens..
The other day I sent a nice invitation...by email...that's how I roll..to a Thanksgiving harvest at my dwelling.
I sent one to my sister in law, my dad and the just about everyone but the father in law, because frankly I think he is about as worthless as a polished turd..
I have 3,000 sqaure feet in this house, plenty of room for a big gathering to feast on a gamey bird..
EVERYONE, has ignored me. For Christ sake, just say no way Jose'...or tell me how much you would rather get your toes run over by a mack truck..something.
Don't just damn dis on me..
I wont extend an invite ever again....unless its to kiss my bottom..
OK, really i wouldn't invite them to do that...
OK maybe i would..
Not sure why no one has just told me no. I knew right when I came up with the bright idea that no one would come here...
It was more for shits and giggles to see if anyone would actually WANT to come here for a holiday.
Guess the shit and giggle is on me.
Any of you wanna come?
yup. thought not.
My son had his last baseball game tonight...
Now my boy is no, well, athlete by any means..But he has been gung ho all season about this. Normally he starts something and then quits.
Not this, he went all the way thru.
Now he never had a hit, but he did walk a lot of times this season...so that's OK..
But tonight, the night at which it all boiled down too......the night of the championship.
He is up to bat...does he hit it?...does he?...does he?
but ya no what...he was the only kid to make it to second base.
I.SHit.YOu. Not.
and he only got to second base because the little sucker STOLE his first base.
Now there was no one in front, or behind him...but he thought it would be a good time to slide.
He has not worked all the kinks out in his slide, so it was more of a leap and a bounce.
But dang it, he did it...
They lost, not a single run...
The sad and amusing thing is the boy was the only one to make it to second base.
This is a day that will live in Infamy.


just_tammy said...

The Mary Jane is growing at my niece's MIL's house. She decided to cut out the middle man. True chick of the 60's and 70's. You have a very nice garden that seems to be thriving now that it has a magic sneaker protecting it from hungry bunnies.

Heck, who wouldn't want to try a piece of your famous pumpkin pie and all the rest. What losers! You already knew that didn't you?!

Congrats on having such a sporty guy. Make sure you hang onto his cleats for next year's garden! Not only will they keep the bunnies away, you can use them to keep the soil de-clumped and for weed removal.

Flip Flop Momma said...

well at least your neice is gettin her mary jane 4 cost;)

I know..I make damn good pumpkin pie too...damn it..

Janell said...

Way to go, BoyChild!!

You guys can come to my house for Thanksgiving. I always have all the outlaws... I mean inlaws over. You'd be a delightful addition and heck, it's only about 8 hours away isn't it?

Janell said...

And I can't believe the shoe actually works as bunny repellent. You're a genius.

Tom said...

I'd love to come to your house for Thanksgiving, but I usually work holidays.
You know walking alot in a baseball context means the lad has patience and a good eye. Not a bad thing. Any update on Pale girl? I'm the only one who thinks she's kinda hot...

Mrs. K said...

don't be offended- for some reason people don't want to think about thanksgiving now- i brought it up with my family too and you could hear the crickets from another state chiming in. i decided they were all stupid for not wanting to pre-plan so I said fuck it and decided to go on my merry way to planning.

Scarlet said...

Maybe they're not responding to your invitation because it's months away. If you don't hear from them by Sept, I'd call the whole thing off and make it a bloggers Thanksgiving at your place. I'll make the salad (with the leaves from your garden) and sing some Tiffany while I'm there. Just for you. ;)

Slick said...

That big ol' garden???

You'll use all your veggies in one bowl of salad! ;)


Flip Flop Momma said...

me and outlaws, I mean inlaws dont mix well..haha

No updates..If U ever see her 4 real, u will see what I mean.

Well, the reason I ask so soon is because they live in another state and I want them to have time to save to get here..


well, lets make it a blogger thanksgivin then..u bring the karaoke machine.

OWE...that hurts dude...that cuts deep;)

Haphazardkat said...

awesome garden, Chickie!! hilarious bunny shoe-er..*snort*

Hey...maybe the shoe is working so well its keeping the relatives away??

They'd be all "Oh hey! We got an invitation for Thanksgiving from our beloved FlipFlop--Saweet!...wait...good lord...what is that smell wafting forth from this invite? Oh sweet jesus...the horror...the horror...

The Woman said...

Hey I'm gonna run this by the hubster and see what he has to say lol

Rachel said...

Your garden isn't big but it's growing well! I see nothing is growing real close to that shoe!! It must be a real stinker!!

Your son did well with the game!!

Flip Flop Momma said...

yup..I guess the shoe is keeping all things away huh?

Maybe I will get two.

The Woman,
u do that hun;)

Nope they are small, I only grow what I know 4 sure I will eat..Its less wasteful that way..haha

Shannon said...

Ahhh, Sketchers Airaters. The baseball story is great!!! Our boys practiced sliding allot. They had to slide when the base coaches told them to in the games. These kids would slide just to slide. You know... slide while walking out to the bases, slide before walking into the dugout, it was hilarious.
I'll come over for a turkey dinner, screw the family.

Flip Flop Momma said...

well come on over then..

Yeah my boy will use any excuse to slide..

he is specail that way..

Humincat said...

WOO WOO to Boychild for being stealthy (that is a word right? like a B-52 bomber? Stealth...y.)

Anyway, not missing your ugly friend pics, though as long as she's a friend, it doesn't matter that I cringe with each pic. I'm probably just jealous.

I want a garden, but with the dumb Mastiff outside that eats and craps on ANYTHING, including my little palm trees (she has crapped on the tops TWICE! and eaten two others) I doubt it would be very effective.

I think the inlaws would LOVE to come, but don't have any money, like the rest of us, and aren't thinking about Hot Turkey in the Hot Summer. That is just my lazy self speaking for them, but don't let them get you down, you knew they wouldn't come anyway. You have to invite people who would follow you off a cliff, like Clinger and her kid.

Monogram Queen said...

Okay now I see what a raised garden looks like! Cool! So sorry the boys team lost. That sucks... but it builds character!!!