Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Parents just dont understand.

I will be the first to admit I'm a shitty mother. I mean have u seen my kids? I mean what mom lets the tots go to the beach when the sun is on vacation?

Today my 4 year old...pictured here..

She is the small one, and I'm pretty sure she will be a short bus rider, but thats beside the point..

She was getting a pencil from the pencil jar because her and her sister, pictured above in blue, were making blue prints for a tree house, that well, I'm not buildin..

Anyhoo...she grabbed said pencil and was running downstairs. Being a good mom I said, Hey Boo, don't run with that pencil.

she then informed me it was a pen..

I said..carry on then, carry on..


Pale Girl and I went to have dinner with our rather "special friend" old man lover..she is the other one in the pics of us from yesterday's post.

Anyway, she has some issues..

We tell her where we are, she says she is on her way in. Ten minutes go by and she is nowhere to be seen.

A bit later she comes wandering in the backdoor because she couldn't find the front..

When we went to leave we saw she had parked nearly right in front of the door.

She brought her daughter who is 3 and her baby daddy other baby with her. Did I mention baby daddy is on the dark side?

So she has these two little girls in there, being all wild and such...The 6 year old girl, whom is not hers, was full of piss and vinegar.

She says to me..how old is you?

I'm like excuse me? No kid talks to me this way....

When my pal had to use the bathroom, this girl hid under the table to hide from her. She told me to tell her she was outside smoking?


I was like, um I don't think so...

She said.."what, u don't think I can smoke, my daddy lets me all the time"

I wanted to die.

Then while making conversation I asked said girl how many siblings she had.

She looks puzzled, and shrugs her shoulders and says..." honey, I don't know, u acts my daddy"

I asked her what grade she was in, she informed me she was in Kindergarten..

for the second time..

cause she misses a lot of school I guess..

Pale girl and I decided that the wait we endured for her to get there, was well worth it..

ten fold..

But I did tell the friend that this girl needs to learn manners, cause well...when she started threatening people that she was going to..pop their hands..I knew we were dealing with a future me.

only more tan.


Groovy Mom said...

Yikes. Scary kid, and yet. You gotta admire her at the same time. Spunky little thing. lol

Humincat said...

Kids are awesome. Parents, not so much. Was this her Step-ish kid or just a friends kid or her kids sister or what? Cause if she was family, she would get the same rotten treatment my kids get when they act up.

Shannon said...

Look out when she turns 13!!!!

Slick said...

Dang, that kid sounds like a winner...

Smoking already? Too cool...

As for your little girl running with a pen? Everyone knows lead is more dangerous than ink so I'm not frowning on ya ;)

Flip Flop Momma said...

thats what I said..

it was her baby daddy other kid...he is 65 and has like 11 kids..


and he is really gross, its one thing to date a HOT old man, but this guy makes Bill Cosby look good.

no kiddin,

Flip Flop Momma said...

I know, smoking at 6 means she a hard ass..

Yes, your right...that lead is a bitch, but ink just stains;)

Haphazardkat said...

very disturbing child...keep her away from corn fields.
*whispers* "children of the corn material"
foh sho!

just_tammy said...

What the heck possessed pale girl to even dream of sleeping with such a guy?! Where do you find these people?! Oh yeah, the same place I find mine...

Flip Flop Momma said...

thats another thing I was saying last nite too..shes that creepy and shit..

no no..this is not pale girl..this is a friend of ours...Pale Girl is shallow enough to not look at the likes of him..haha

Southern Sage said...

you better be glad she didn't pop a cap in your ass G!!

just_tammy said...

I'm so glad it was just me not paying close enough attention to the storyline! That's why I headed over to your other blog which still has nothing about the other issues...

Forgot to mention that if Boo knows the difference between a pen and a pencil, she probably won't be riding the short bus. She's also figured out it's safer to grab a pen and run than getting a pencil and walking. Smart kid!

IamDerby said...

Gawd I love kids... the parents not so much. The baby daddy is 65???? As in six five???? ok... I will be back after I find a way to pick my mouth up off the floor.

Flip Flop Momma said...

well, it takes a child only seconds to know im not to be fucked with.

well i have not wrote anything over there...I can never find the time...thats how.."busy" I am..haha

yes, as in close to 100..

he is black, he is old and he has the diabetes..

and he has a litter of kids by much younger women...and he is ugly..

I mean if he looked like Billie Dee Williams, or Denzel Washington or some shit, thats one thing..

but he is icky.

Its the age and the diabtes that gets me everytime...

Tom said...

Bossy, I'm 48 and diabetes (under strict control) and if they 65 year old can get himself some, it gives me hope!!

So Not The Bradys said...

He's got the diabetes. I don't know why that made me laugh out loud.

Don't worry about your tot. She's not short bus material until she somehow manages to get pencil lead lodged into her inner ear canal.

My oldest kidlet did that. 20 below zero, blizzard-like conditions. A Saturday night. The husband was in another state on business.

God knows why he put that orange colored pencil in his ear. And it was those cheap colored pencils. The ones you can sharpen and an inch of lead will just fall out of the pencil.

That was the longest, most humiliating, ER visit in my parenting history. I think he was in kindergarten when he did it.

It's no wonder I drink.

Flip Flop Momma said...

well...the chicks he gets aint nuttin to look at...(my pal is cute though, and they ended up 2gether basically because he is a dirty old man..long story)

so dont be a dirty ole man tom..

OMG....I just know thats coming..somoene is gonna stick something in an orface and im gonna need a medical professional to help me..

I just hope to God its an ear or the nose, instead of other places..

good heavens.

catscratch said...

Sounds like my disrespectful asshat of a stepson.

Two words: duct tape.

Tom said...

No, no dirty old man here....nobody under 35 for me. I'd look ridiculous otherwise.
Though if some college cheerleaders invited me into a hot tub....

Flip Flop Momma said...

some kids need more then duct tape huh?

well.....I mean if they asked nicely it would be just rude to say no..

Scarlet said...

Freaky child.

Yours are saints!!

Kendra Lynn said...

Meredith's preschool teacher told us that she was strong-willed. I totally freaked, then she went on to say that when molded properly, a strong-willed child can grow up to be a great leader. Maybe like Hitler in that little girl's case!

Monogram Queen said...

Oh I need that bumper sticker.
I don't like illiterate children. No excuse in my book. There are schools......

Sandy said...

Those kind of kids (baby daddy kid..not yours) totally PISS me off. I would not have been able to keep my not so humble opinion to myself!

Flip Flop Momma said...

4 sure.

yup..that sounds about right;)

well, from the sounds of it, this gal aint much 4 learnin;)

I know what u mean...I was just in shock and appreicating the fact my kids dont act like that:)

Jamie Dawn said...

Kindergarten smokers. Yep, that's what we need more of in this world of ours.
I wonder why your friend couldn't find the front door?
I bet the door wasn't there when she parked. It just appeared later.
A cloudy day at the beach. You are a mean mom.
I bet you didn't put sunscreen on them either. Sun DOES come through the clouds and burn skin. I bet you didn't feed your kids either. I bet they were starving and thirsty all day long.
Are your kids smokers too, also, as well???
Next time, take the pen from Boo and give her scissors to run with instead.





Foster Communications said...

Holy crap! Sounds like one of the skalawags from my playground! Out for a smokebreak?! Too dang funny!

Janell said...

Well the "Csrry on, then" with the pen response made me laugh out loud.

On the scary kid; it makes me glad my parents stayed married to each other. I never had to learn how to deal with phrases like "Dad's new girlfriend" or "Mom's ex-husband" etc and so on.... I hope she finds her place in this owrld.

Vani said...

LOL, sounds like a little girl i was watching part time, needless to say that didnt' last long!

sweets said...

straaaaaaaaaaange kid!!

JoeinVegas said...

What, no tree house? Even with blue prints and everything? Oh, such a mean momma.

CMB said...

You have the greatest stories. Sounds like that little girl has so much info for you to dig out!