Friday, February 29, 2008

too much time on my hands

I was going to show u a karaoke video of pale girl and I's favortie karaoke cowboy...But alas, he did not show up last night...SO what u get is me..

In the video u will hear a medly of songs I sang last night, it runs a good nine minutes, and there are no full songs in it, I just kinda took bits a pieces from songs and added them...

I have a part 2 of this, but will show that later..

The camera was kept in my purse so u get a good view of the ceilings and such...

Durring a few songs u can hear Pale girl and her boytoy chatting it up..because the stupid asses were talking over my singing..damn..

So...hope u enjoy it...and there will be a part 2.



Oh and a very very very good freind of mine just told me recently she was gonna pop out a baby..

She has told me her baby factory was closed, as its been a good long while since she birthed a kid...But I guess the factory is up and running...

I keep trying to talk the Mr. into having another one so her baby has a buddy to beat up.

He claims he is too old, and says my eggs are probably no good.

Yeah, he prolly has a point...


It sucks getting old and feable...Trust me, I know.

My good birthing tots days are far behind me, along with my stripper body.

*double sigh*


Anyway, here is the video, most of u have been buggin and buggin to hear further ado..


here is the link bitches..

u will hear

Hotel California

Leather and LAce, a duet with the dj

Bad Medcine

I hate myself for loving you

Sad Songs

I cant rememeber what else..

In the next session we will hear

I love Rock and ROll


Lovin every Minute of it


Yee haw Bitches


Gette said...

Y'know, when you say "video" I kinda expect a picture... Oh well, the audio is fun. So now we can cross subway off the list, but add in a tripod... Think of some good duets...;)

Flip Flop Momma said...

yeah, I had it in my purse I forgot to shut it off when the cowboy wasnt there;)

U know what I look like anyway:)

1 plus twins said...

oh my god i love it, thanks for sharing!!!! can't wait to hear part 2!

True_Floridian Momma said...

That's awesome!! I wanna go sometime with ya :)

What the heck was boytoy talking about wanting to be unleashed? What the heck and over top of one of the best songs ever "hate myself for loving you" what the heck, he ruined it :(

Thanks for sharing, you rock!! :)

Flip Flop Momma said...

1 plus twins,
part two will be posted on myspace later;)

True Floridan,
well that yahoo was the friend of pale girls boyfriend..Mikey is his name..hehe

u need to come out and hit the karaoke with me..we could have loads of fun, and I dont even drink:)
Thanks though:)

metalmom said...

I wanted to listen....really I did...but the poor puppy was rolling on the floor whining so loudly, I couldn't hear it!

just_tammy said...

I completely forgot to ask who the heck was ruining my enjoyment with such odd comments. Now I know. Too strange - them not you!

If not a stripper, why not a beauty queen! Still a thought...

I want the whole thing cause I know you were really into it and want to see!

Groovy Mom said...

That was so cool! You have a beautiful voice. Man, you get to sing a lot at your joint. Some nights I'm lucky if I get to sing 4 times.

MamaMichelsBabies said...

You got a great voice lady. Perconally I sound like a cross between Fran Dresser and a cat in heat that's getting choked.

Not pretty.

On the baby note.. just come over here for a day or so, these kids will have you runnin the hubby in to get him clipped in 2 seconds flat.

My kids make for excellent birth control, for others, not for me. Cause I like torture ;)

Flip Flop Momma said...

damn pups;)

it was my friend Mikey...He is the pal of pale girls boyfriend...we drag them to karaoke all the time;)

they didnt know it was being taped, hell I didnt even know;)

well, there wernt many people therelast nite, because the roads were icey and snowy...thats why I got to sing so much;)



my kids are great birth control too, but then i walk down the baby aisle at Target and im a goner.


Patti said...

I am in catch-22 here, I don't have speakers hooked up at home and i'm not sure if I can access it from work DAMMIT.

Your days of birthin' babies are not over Miss Scarlett, not if you don't want them to be!

Scarlet said...

"Sad Songs" was my favorite, but you know how to rock them all.

I wanted a VIDEO, like Gette mentioned earlier. Couldn't that guy stop talking and do some video taping??

Thanks for sharing...finally. Maybe I'll sing "I Think We're Alone Now" for you now. Just for giggles. :)

catscratch diva said...

Yah, it's official... a road trip is in order!!!!!!

We would be having wayyy to much fun, girl!

1 plus twins said...

you need to check my hubby out on my blog too damn funny! i will go check your myspace!

Flip Flop Momma said...

well get some speakers, or maybe its better u dont;)

I sooo need to hear I think we're alone would make me so happy!

hell yeah!

ok, im gonna head over and see..

Tom said...

very cool Bossy! I might just rip the sound from the video and put it on my Mp3 player...easy to do!
Your voice a bit deeper than I thought....when I get around to making the mp3, just shoot me an email if you want it...

Shannon said...

I'm impressed! You have a great voice.
I'm sure you could change the hubby's mind about another tot. Four isn't so bad.

Flip Flop Momma said...

yes, I do not have a high sqeeky voice at all...Thank God..


Well, he seems hell bent on not wanting to give a sperm sample for that;)

Bradley's Mom said...

Hi FF!


More, more, more! You sound great!


Janell said...

Wow, FlipFlop! You can really belt those tunes!
And my virtual grandchildren are adorable in the Thanksgiving video - totally SWEET!

The Egel Nest said...

I am glad we FINALLY got to hear you sing...

I really don't like Karaoke..mostly because I like playing music live and singing...but I really enjoyed this..because it is YOU sis!

You actually sound palatable..which is more than can be said for most karaoke singers...

Your mid register is stronger than your low and high register..I am starting to sound like an american idol judge :)

Keep Rockin'

The Egel Nest

gina said...

Rock on.

I tied my tubes so when I have that baby urge (frequently) it doesn't metter- I have no choice. :)

Flip Flop Momma said...

there will be one more, stay tuned;)


Yeah those darn grandkids of yours are somthing else;)

I never get to play anything live, because the only thing I can play is the piano, and I can only do classical on that...and no one wfants to hear that:)

Yes, whenever my mom and I go karaokeing, she writes out a review of each song, so I hear it all the time, your not the first one;)

Well, after my next one, I am SOOO ting the tubes;)

Southern Sage said...

ive never seen you sing topless, damn i thought today was the day!
but noooooooooooooooooo

Foster Communications said...

Dang girl you got skillz! :)

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm gonna head over to You Tube and hear your singing. This is gonna be FUN!!!!

My baby producing days are over. I may still be producing eggs, but they are NOT gonna be turned into babies. I'll just have to wait for grandkids now.