Thursday, February 07, 2008

rock and roll never 4gets

Well, im still not feeling the best, I am almost nearly positive I must have a brain tumor in my sinus cavity...its the only explaination I can come up with thats based on pure shit.

No matter what I take, it does not make the torture of my sinus headache leave the throws of my facial structure.

Now I have one side of my throat that feels like I swollowed a hornets

I also have one ear that feels like I might of shoved a pumpkin in my ear canal just 4 shits and giggles.

and its not even the same side as my throat. So its not like all my pain is just localized to one side, its not discrimatory, its taken over the whole body.

My Boo has a temp of 103.7.....she has wanted to watch High School Musical all day, so I can not complain...Even in the throws of death, we both still fancy us some Zac Efron.

Oh and I have become additcted to Pop Rocks....Its almost like I am reverting back to my childhood days..

I think its normal when your terminal.


Darrin said...

Hope you get to feeling better.
Me: at home from work because I caught what my 6 yr old had when she was sick and had to come home from school Friday.

I swear though.. there must be an epidemic of sick bloggers! Almost all of my blogger buddies have been or are currently sick!

Flip Flop Momma said...

its the damn kids contaminating us..

lets get rid a them;)

I know a lot of bloggers who are down too...maybe its catchey over the WWW...damn..

Humincat said...
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Humincat said...

How do you eat those?? They freak me out. I don't want anything in my mouth moving or popping or anything else. That goes for well, anything! So yeah, you must be dying, might want to let the hubby know...

Flip Flop Momma said...

I like to put a pile on my tongue and just let em rip..

or put some on my tongue and take a swig a dt soda...

good shit honey.

Groovy Mom said...

Have you seen a doctor yet? Sounds like a sinus infection. My husband was sick like that and it didn't clear up until he got some antibiotics. Get it checked out.

Tom said...

Bossy, A glass of water with 1/4 cup of Apple Cider vingegar...not the cheap stuff, but unpasteurized, raw stuff with "the mother of vinegar" in it (seriously it's a real thing) Bragg's is the most popular brand. Any healthy store or big market will carry it. It will clear the that throat up and generally cures what ails you.

Flip Flop Momma said...

Groovy MOm,
Well, im gonna head back if this crap dont on the verge I tell ya.

ok, gross.....but i will keep it in mind as a last resort;)

Neurotic1 said...

Sorry still gotta catch up! My lovely mom was here this past weekend and I tried a neti pot for the first time. Basically you pour warm water with salt up your nasal cavity and it comes out the other nostril. It damn sure got my junk a runnin'!

Flip Flop Momma said...

i have seen them on Oprah...did it work?

Groovy Mom said...

I bought one after seeing it. I can't really say how well it works, except that I haven't been sick since I got it, and some of my family has. I don't use it everyday, though.

Scarlet said...

I'm feeling it, too. The foggy head, sore throat and sinus pain. I think I'm allergic to my job. Seriously. I think there's mold in the building.

I hope you feel better by the weekend!

Jamie Dawn said...

Pop Rocks!
YUMMY and fun too!!
Put them in your mouth, followed by a carbonated drink. FUN!!

Sounds like you may need a steroid shot. It might reduce inflammation in your sinuses and throat.

I hope you feel better soon!!
Quite shoving pumpkins in your ear!!!

Cliff said...

I have an idea and this may seem off of the wall but how about trying a DOCTOR!?

Katie said...

Ooohhh, pop rocks.

Feel better!

The Egel Nest said...

You and your "terminal" illness...

You can't die...I have not learned enough cuss words from you yet!

Pop rocks...that is funny...

The Egel Nest

Tom said...

Bossy, Scoff if you will, but the vinegar does work...remember, the raw stuff with the "mother" in it.

1 plus twins said...

oh man i am so sorry you are still sick. i hate that sinus shit, it just lingers and lingers. you need to go to the doc and get on some strong antibotics to knock it out. people are sick everywhere and we moms seem to always get it and worse and it just lingers on and on. it is bullshit. hope you and boo are feeling better soon. and i hope you get to watch zac today. lol

Flip Flop Momma said...

Groovy ,
those things just look plain neato...I want one.

well I would get workmans comp over that then;)

I sure as heck need a shot a sumptin, cause this aint a good time;)

that is way 2 off the wall 4 this chick;)

im trying..

when I pass, I will leave u my "big book of curse words"

u wont miss a thing.

hmm, we will scared.

well, I had taking antibotics...I hate taking anything I guess...

I think I might make some sort ofappt tommorow if this non sence keeps up.

CMB said...

I can not believe you are still under the weather. And Boo too! I hope some HSM 2 cures you.

Scarlet said...

Good one, Flip Flop! You're always thinking...that's what I like about you.

Stop by my blog for Spanish 101 today. I bet you can do this! :)

Anonymous said...

Take off your clothes lay down here and let Dr. Sage check you out.
Just like i figured, it so obvious, you have onsideites.

There ya go, I would tell you the remedy but this is a family site!

Janell said...

Horses on the birthday cake - this is a girl after my own heart! And teh mood swing - just getting an early start on PMS maybe?

Geez, Flipflop, get thee to a doctor! Sounds like you've got a bad infection going on there somewhere! Hope you're feeling better next time you post.

Bradley's Mom said...

Hi Flip:

I sure wish you would get to the doctor. All of the things you are describing can be helped!! And this winter, there has been TONS of these kinds of illnesses going around.

If you have a sinus infection, you may need an antibiotic and it would help!!! My daughter JUST had one, and after starting the antibiotics she felt better within 2 days!

PLEASE don't be so stubborn.....go to the doc!!!

Feel better!!


Foster Communications said...

What happened to going to see a quack? A doctor might give you some good drugs that will induce haliculinations of Zac Efron.

btw, stop over at my blog. You have an award! :)

Patti said...

I hope you both get to feeling better. Don't you have karaoke this week-end! Priorities dear girl, priorities!